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  1. Interesting will be especially if only one of the EFB components (client, server) or any of them leads to the freeze. Just make sure you have the latest FSUIPC version. Maybe try to run again this installer just to make sure everything is setup correctly for EFB to interact with it. Did you have freezes of your computer on other occasions (not necessarily linked to flight sim programs)? A system freeze usually points to an issue in the core system like the operating system or even parts of the hardware.
  2. So you should ask why PRO-ATC X can't do an export directly for your payware aircraft. Probably because of the same reason EFB doesn't. They are not flight planning tools. Converting flight plans should stay with the software where the plans are prepared. Or even better, payware aircraft should accept standard formats and not require a special format. Just because everyone is inventing an own flight plan format, it cannot be the job of other developers to feed that format.
  3. What weather source to you have selected in the client settings?
  4. Check the system requirements are fullfilled: Manual 1 Installation - Chapter 1.2. Also discussed partly here: .
  5. I wouldn't say so. It also largely depends on the user groups using this service and maintaining valid routes. But you can find routes there from all continents.
  6. I assume this is while you are connected to the network, so using the pilot clients engine to generate AI traffic. There is a different filtering for the two types of map. In ground mode, "static" traffic (traffic not moving and therefore determined to be on ground) is shown as well. In the world mode, this static traffic is no longer shown (because it will be most probably irrelevant). But you should still see any other airborne traffic in your area. However, what traffic you see depends on your pilot client settings and those of FSUIPC. If you can't see any traffic in a situation where you expect to, please check the traffic monitor of the EFB server and verify if the list is empty or not. Thanks for your reports on this.
  7. I wouldn't support this statement looking at Europe where the initial climb altitude often is below the transition altitude. If you are flying in a network, just confirm the initial climb altitude with the IFR clearance. Then you can already setup your MCP correctly and all the virtual controllers will be happy.
  8. I agree that Simbrief is a very good briefing tool. However the routes provided are just what any user before proposed as his routing (I confirmed that from the platform provider). So in fact, any routing. You will always need to run the NMOC validation (which was called CFMU before and is still in Simbrief). This might make route finding rather a challenge sometimes. But at least, you have then a valid route. And this is exactly what vroute provides. If no valid routing is known for a certain origin/destination pair, someone has to find one and can add it to the vroute database so everybody can profit from it. Therefore, I also would vroute give a try.
  9. Once you select the network, you need the client some time to download the latest data dump of the network. I didn't really understand your second part of your last post. Maybe just follow my request and list the mentioned parameters. So everyone is aware what you are talking about. If you have different use cases, name them and distinguish clearly between them.
  10. Are you looking for the time setting in Manual 5 - Chapter 12.3.1?
  11. In fact, network traffic is AI traffic in your simulator. The network client is working in a way as AI engine. Please describe the situations when you see traffic and when you don't including at least: The network selected (global settings) Your simulator (type and version) Your network client
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