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  2. Please disregard. The Online Network was set to none instead of VATSIM. 😒
  3. Since updating to v2.2 Build #128, I am no longer showing as being on VATSIM in EFB no do I have the ATC Ribbon or soft buttons. I review the various documentation and I did not find anything that may point to what the problem is. I know the VATSIM data server is correctly configured with the right address and I do see other VATSIM aircraft in EFB. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  4. @ToniGsxr600 Please create a set of support files and upload them here. Thanks.
  5. No problems here, use it almost every day....
  6. Hi how are things. Sorry for writing here. Maybe this is not the place. What happens to me is that the client disconnects from the server many times and I have to put the output data and arrive all the time again. I have TCP ports set and it doesn't seem to work for me. Can somebody help me..? Thank you very much and forgive the inconvenience. A greeting.
  7. Earlier
  8. George, Could it be that your stored Flight Plans were created with an earlier, outdated Nav-Database? To ensure Flight Plan Compatibility it is of utmost importance that the stored Flight Plan uses the same Nav-Database (AIRAC-Cycle) installed in EFB, which was used for Flight Plan creation.
  9. EFB depiction and naming of the taxiways is defined by the ground layout bgl. if the latter is not correct, the taxiway naming can't be correct either. Just putting new taxiway names into the visible part of the scenery does not change a thing. How could it anyway? EFB does not read taxiway signs...
  10. I have always had problems with wrong taxiway names in MSFS when using Avlasoft EFB, but now updated and corrected them in the sim with JustFlight Real Taxiways. However, EFB is still not correct. Any comments on this from other users ??
  11. No problem here. I've already flown the 787, 320 TBM and BE58. I updated the SIM database for the WU6.
  12. Hi Geroge, Not sure what you refer to by stating about flight plans. I am presently on a flight from LSZR to LSGG with the TBM930 without any problems and I have done a few flights with the A320neo before, all with no different handling compared to the pre-WU6 MSFS version. We might need to know more details about your use of flightplans within MSFS and the NAV databases used.
  13. I am experiencing lots of difficulties after I upgrade MSFS2020 with Update 6. For one thing I cannot create a new flight plan any longer. An any existing flight plans do not properly load into the simulator like before. Is there a fix for this or perhaps a new update coming soon for both the Server and the Client? Thank you George
  14. From what I see, I looks like a simple priority issue. I would expect the scenery bgl being the highest priority, which it seems not to be for some reason. Did you a proper update of the EFB database after making adjustements to the scenery entries?
  15. Hi Jean-Louis, Yes. of course the provided AIRAC Cycle is outdated. Its only purpose is to serve as an exampe for proper use of EFB2. For legal reasons we are not allowed to provide an actual AIRAC Cycle with our Basic Installation. AIRAC Cycles are published in a 28 day rhytm, which gives an average of 13 Cycles/Year. always starting on a Thursday at 00:00. Next AIRAC Cycle 2109 is starting on Thursday, September 9th. For more information please see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aeronautical_Information_Publication Complete AIRAC Cycles for EFB2 are available by either Navigraph(Jeppesen) or NavDataPro(Lufthansa LIDO). Both are commercial databases used in real life aviation. There is no alternative way to legally get recent cycles other than subscribing to NavDataPro or Navigraph.
  16. Thanks very much. Airac cycle 1802. I should know about that but does 18 mean 2018 ? and 02 February ? If yes, it's outdated Except subscribing to Navigraph or similar provider, is there a way to get a more recent cycle ?
  17. Hi J. Louis welcome back to flight simulation. The AIRAC cycle you have asked for is 1802.
  18. Hi, Back again in the Sim World. Just hope you're doing fine ! Congratulations for the "new" EFB v2 I've just discovered Which AIRAC cycle is provided with EFB v2 I'm planning to buy ? I did not find that kind of info in the installation manual The AIRAC Cycle supplied with the basic installation is not the most recent one, however it is included to provide full functionality of EFB J.Louis EFB v1 customer since a long time P3D v1, v2, v3
  19. Hi Don, I will have a look at this file and report back. It will take some time because of other work which has to be done first.
  20. Hello Oskar, thank you very much for your help. Now the system works. Claus
  21. Claus, For any reason that I cannot explain your IcaoUrlData is not correct. Unfortunately this went by unnoticed in t he previous discussion. It should have been automatically adjusted in one of the previous updates. However in your Server Settings.txt still the old IvaoUrlData is set. it should read: IvaoUrlData = https://api.ivao.aero/v2/tracker/whazzup Please change it accordingly in your serverSettings.txt and all should be ok thereafter.
  22. Hi All, Like to have a Profile of the Embraer E190/195 Thanks on Geert Burgstra
  23. Hello Lonewulf47, I have installed the FSUIPC Vers. 6.03. Unfortunately this did not bring success; so installed again Vers. 5.153. Furthermore, I have made all the settings (as described in your post). Even with this, the problem has not been solved. Do you have another idea ? Thank you. Claus
  24. Hi Urs. @aivlasoft I'll certainly do that. I posted a support file with my original post at the beginning of this thread. Don't know whether that would tell you anything while I wait for it to happen again. Many thanks ...... Don.
  25. Hi Don, when an error happens it pops up by design to not oversee any important information from the Server. It is assumed that the Server runs without errors so If an error is logged it is treated as abnormal situation which has to be managed. So let's focus on the error which seems to be raised due to a data inconsistency in the VATSIM download. When it happens next time please create a support file from the Server and upload it here. The support file will contain the latest data download from VATSIM and I can check it. Thanks.
  26. @lonewulf47 Hi Oskar. Unfortunately I'm still getting these persistent error messages popping up in the sim. As you can see from the screenshots I've tried "suppressing Active Sky WebApi calls" but it's made no difference. The system icon sits in the tray normally so I can't understand why it suddenly pops up on screen when it sees an error. It seems to be working fine otherwise but ideally I'd like to eliminate these popups somehow as it's ruining the immersion. Appreciate any further advice / suggestions. Many thanks ...... Don.
  27. Haven't try it myself, but you could try spacedesk https://www.spacedesk.net
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