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  3. Hi Rolf, Thank you for the update. Most important thing is that it works for you now. It must be said that - unfortunately - with FSX:SE we sometimes encounter problems that are not present on other basic FSX Installations. the reason for that is completely unknown for us and it is very difficult to trace such problems, as I personally do not have Steam on my Computer and I do not have any plans to change this as Steam has quite a "life of its own", so to speak. Thanks again!
  4. Hello! I made a fresh installation both Server and Client (un-installed both first) but same problem occured so I desided to change my start order - > 1. Active Sky next 2. FSX SE 3. EFB2 Server 4. EFB2 Client and this solved the problem. I have no idea about what cause this but before I haven't any problem although I started FSX SE last. Never mind - main thing is that EFB2 works. It's very, very good addon! Rolf
  5. Hello Problem solved, I simply reboot in network-free mode and reboot in normal mode and sync will work cordially Claudius
  6. Hi Oskar I would like to come back on this issue. When I start my homecockpit (remember? B737NGX with motion), I have to call quite a lot of functions. So I try to avoid every unnecessary key stroke. IMHO sending the EFB server manually to tray is not really a smart solution. Please, please have again a look to that. The rest of the program is simply perfect and I like it most... LG Urs
  7. Good morning Oski I just had the same problem with missing ILS frequencies at Fiuminicino LIRF. I just found your investigation and help within this threads here. I also corrected the airport layout .bgl as instructed here and it works now perfect. Thanks for your outstanding help and support. regards Roger
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  9. Hi Wayne, I'm sorry to hear this. To make sure our installers are working as designed I did the following on one of my Test Systems: - downloaded the original installers from our website (Build #112) - uninstalled both EFB2 Server and Client using regular uninstaller - checked for remaining files, no files found - rebooted computer - installed Server and Client as per instructions - rebuilt 2 databases, 1 for P3DV4 and 1 for X-Plane11 - started EFB2, P3Dv4 and ActiveSky Everything worked as normal. The whole process including database building and starting the Simlator took less than 20 min. I'm simply not able to understand what happens on your system. In any case the installes are working as designed and no flaw in the whole installing process could be detected.
  10. I re-downloaded both, ran install server as admin, ran db builder, ran client as admin. still having the issue. This PC is a Dell xps win 10 64. Been using XPS PC's for years and no problems. Nothing unique about the PC. I can do process all again and screen shot every error. Wayne Veale
  11. Hi Wayne, Well, this is very strange. It's about the same warning(s) that appear if your try to install when EFB2 is already running... I have never seen that and I also have never heard about such behaviour on a new system. Just to make sure I understood everything right: according to the first screenshots you seem to have installed the DbBuilder, but neither Server nor Client? Have you tried re-downloading the installers?
  12. Jerry, No need to be annoyed. You don't need to backup your profiles and minima folders. This is done automatically. You might have missed the fact that after each install/update a copy of the folders \profiles and \minima with the extension *.bak is made. Just copy the contents of the *.bak folder into your original folder and everything is as before. For the profiles folder you may also delete the new "profiles" folder and rename the "profles.bak" folder to "profiles". No harm done.
  13. I have stopped antivirus, firewall,etc. I also run as admin. I keep getting a error on what seeme like every file the install touches. ??? Wayne Veale
  14. Build 112. Starting Server and Client notify me of an update. Updater runs from here, not as a separate download. Could you please change the upgrade installer so it doesn't trash the Profiles folder and any user made profiles. I know it's going to do this and I make a backup of that folder, but, still, it's getting annoying.
  15. Ok - thanks! i'll check updates but I updated the latest version to #112 both client and server. Mayby I should be re- install the server. AVG (a virus program) is sometimes too exact... I am going to Faro now but check this after I landing and report back tomorrow. Rolf
  16. Rolf, Sorry, the only such error I can locate in your logfiles is from serverLogfile-5, which contains data produced with the old builds #111.
  17. Problem solved I think. I updated the EFB2 yestarday to version 2.1 (build #112) and tested it today and everything seems to be Ok now. Thank You for this update. Rolf I spoke too early. The same problem continue. Here is those files You asked Client_201909161419.txt.zip Server_201909161421.txt.zip
  18. Hi ??? (please observe our Forum Ruls and sign your post with your real name) As this is obviously a brand new computer, it looks as if there are problems with proper access rights. In any case do not run the installers by doubleclicking, but by right.clicking and using the tab "run as administrator". Use his on both installers. Later on you need need to tun EFB Server as Admin too. See here how to do that: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3621-how-to-run-efb-server-as-admin/ This is just one hint ot overcome your installations problems. Another might be that you deactivate your AntiVirus Software for the installations process. It is very dificult do do a proper diagnosis on a new system from a distance.
  19. Got new computer, win10. Installed everything from Aivlasoft, but I get server db builder error and server does not install at all. Have fsx-se on the new pc in their common files. I have attached print screens. This continues on, so I quit the process. Thanks wwveale@gmil.com Moved to proper thread by Admin
  20. Problem solved I think. I updated the EFB2 yestarday to version 2.1 (build #112) and tested it today and everything seems to be Ok now. Thank You for this update. Rolf
  21. Hi David, I would not name it "FMC", but with the default GPS system it is possible. Whenever you change your flight plan in EFB, the GPS system will be updated and the aircraft is flying according to the flight plan. But it is not possible to control any FMCs from outside because they are all more or less 'closed systems'.
  22. Oscar, I just installed the new update and the problem is also solved. Thanks for your hard work and most excellent support! Regards, Mario
  23. Hi, Is it p[ossible to use EFB 2 as a FMC for planes. There is a connection between EFB and FS via FSUIPC. Can I make a route and let the plane fly it and alter the flightplan mid flight and let the plane change course directly?
  24. Downloaded latest update this morning, problem solved.
  25. Hi Rolf, as Oskar already was asking for, we need a set of Support-Files, one from the Server, one from the Client (not just the server logfile). Here you can read how to create a support file: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3046-how-to-create-a-support-file/ Thanks.
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