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  2. Hi dear, np at all thx a lot for your support this is what I need, super good! Unfortunately my issues with weather is not solved yet. To avoid that wind become very massive (up to 200 knots) I need to select WX as real weather in EFB client and not ActiveSky. I have already contacted HiFi support and seems that issue is not related to ActiveSky but from some other plugin. For the moment I ll keep Real weather selection in EFB client. Hope to solve this with a future updates. thx br
  3. Due to the download page Simplecam is not longer sold. Is it usable for non-buyers? There is still a license key required. Hano
  4. Hi Oskar, I don't want to hijack this post from Frank, but I was wondering if you'd investigated this issue any further? I am having the same problem as the op Frank, and am frustrated at purchasing the same airport. I'd only wish I'd seen this post beforehand 😏 Have you managed to find any workaround to this issue? Anyway, in the mean time, I've put a request in through zendesk, to see if a simple airport BGL file couldn't be included with the airport packages they sell through the marketplace. I'm assuming this is all that would be needed to make it right. Kind Regards
  5. Hi Umberto, I'm really sorry for not properly reading your question. Of course my suggestion above will not help ... What you are looking for is in the Server settings, where you can suppress the WebAPI calls to ActiveSky. This does not affect reading weather data from ActiveSky, it does only suppress loading the flight plan into ActiveSky, but also getting interpolated METARs for airports which are not listed in the data file "current_wx_snapshot.txt". Please give it a try and let me know whether it helps to solve the issue on your system.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hi Urs, one interesting fact to add... The FlyByWire A320N for MSFS does not allow to set .x20 or .x70 via the user interface (dial knobs in the cockpit). It jumps from .x15 to .x25. But you can set them via a programmatic interface like SIMCONNECT. I tested this with the EFB and could see that the plane accepts the .x20 and .x70 in this case. As you will fix this in EFB this is might then be not an issue for EFB any longer. I will also raise a ticket in the FlyByWire github for this. Thanks Frank
  8. Hi Urs, thx for your answer. my quyestion was related to automatic upload of flightplan in ActiveSky XP. None of your suggestion seems good for my issue, even deactivation of this funcion in A/C profile. May it s better to show you a little video of what happen. https://youtu.be/jYCogAoXfcM thx a lot
  9. Thanks! Can't believe I didn't spot that 😀
  10. Hi Steve, The buttons are greyed out, if the zoom level is beyond the setting in the "Setting/Miscellaneous" tab.
  11. It's an even more general problem as this discussion in theVATSIM forum shows: Frequency inaccuracies in VATSIM API - General - VATSIM Community Not sure if this is a problem with different planes in MSFS - do the planes usually really take care of this? Should they?
  12. Hi all, I enabled Terrain Mode yesterday but can't figure out how to turn it off? Most of the other buttons are now greyed out. I check the settings menu and couldn't find anything there either. The manual seems to suggest you can toggle it on or off but it's also greyed out. Thanks Steve
  13. Hello ??? (according to the forum rules, please sign your post with your real first name. Thanks) There are two parts to distinguish: 1) automatically saving of the flight plan to <X-plane>\Output\FMS plans\EFB_current_gps.fms 2) automatically load this flight plan into the default GPS #1 can be activated/deactivated in the A/C profile (see Profile Editor, tab "Options") #2 this function is NOT available for X-Plane (the flight plan must be loaded manually from within the cockpit)
  14. Same here, various aicrafts in msfs. Always the last digit is 0 instead of 5. I think its vatsim Data related.
  15. Last week
  16. @ApocalypsePlease0 I don't believe that you already have updated, because the screenshot is from an older version than 2.2.125. Please update both Server and Client to this latest version. @otshelnik The new data format (JSON) has been implemented with 2.2.125. So it might be worth to check whether you already have updated to this latest version.
  17. Maybe this is due to the transition of VATSIM to a new plot form?
  18. I just checked and IVAO also works fine for me. So it seems it's not my reinstalling of xPilot the problem. It seems EFB stopped showing VATSIM for a more universal reason?
  19. Hi, there are some feature to avoid automatic upload of flightplan in ActiveSky XP? Seems that function create some bugs on my XP weather. Wind become very intense, up to 200 knots and sometimes I get CTD of ActiveSky. This not happen if FP is not auto-loaded in ASXP . thx
  20. I have a similar problem. True, I did not rearrange anything, it started 3 days ago. Everything works fine in IVAO
  21. Yes, but I don't believe it has to do with that anyways. The issue began after I reinstalled xPilot
  22. Thank you for reporting. I can confirm the missing ATIS frequencies here. I have to check this and let you know.
  23. For conditions to see and use the Vertical Profile see Manual "5 Client, Chapter 8.3 Vertical Guidance" or Manual "6 Flightplan Chapter 7 Vertical Guidance"
  24. Did you update to the latest version 2.2.125 already for the Client and the Server?
  25. Hi Ed, EFB is a .NET-Application which is a completely different technical 'world' than the flight simulator. As to my knowledge there is no way to bring it into the sim.
  26. Hi , since few days i don't see the TOD on the route! maybe i disconnect something but i tried eveything i can't re active it, Thank you for your help Laurant Edit: Moved to proper forum by Admin
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