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  2. Hi Volker, Please check your firewall settings. See this thread.: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3586-cant-start-server/
  3. First let me say that I have never been disappointed with AivlaSoft EFB-2 I use it all the time and would not fly without it. Having said that I am just curious if any thought was ever given to incorporating either OpenStreetMap or the map source that SkyVector uses. Your current map source is very good but it would also be advantageous if when planning a route you could see ground terrain objects, etc as well as airspace designation areas.
  4. Hello I get an error message after starting the server app. " Art of a readprocess memory of writeProcess Memory ... I hope you can help best regards Volker Schwarz
  5. Last week
  6. Hi Oskar, Thanks very much or that! Silly me - I think I might be going blind! Thanks again! Jay
  7. Hi Jay, We do not display the Airline Codes in the Taxi Selection page but on the Information Page, Tab "Parking".
  8. Hi Erdal, Not sure what you are referring to. The procedures are not dependent on the scenery but on the database used. That's why we require the Support Files.Taxiway depiction OTOH is DIRECTLY dependent on the scenery used. There are AFAIK two sceneries for LSGG, one Payware (actually for XP10) by PilotPlus and the Gateway scenery. Both have taxiways, however the Gateway Scenery is more accurate and complete. the Payware is very basic.
  9. Hi there everyone, I've been using EFB V2 now for quite some time. I currently have everything updated and running great, however one thing I noticed is the missing section on the "TAXI IN" page for Airline Codes? I'm not sure if this was here before but has since been removed, or whether I need to enable it somewhere, but is there a way in V2 to display the Airline Codes for the gates at a chosen airport? Thanks in advance! Regards, Jay
  10. Hi Oskar, thx a lot for the approach procedures. I don't get the same btw. Maybe my scenery is not right, will check again. For the forum rules. I thought Erdi was pronouncing automatically. So I have changed my to real name: Erdal. Cheers..
  11. Hi ??? (according to the forum rules, you have to sign your posts with your first name). if you can tell me your email address and your name which you have used when you installed the demo license I can have a look in the database to see why you are getting this message.
  12. Hi ??? (please observe the forum rules: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2522-forum-rules-read-before-post/ ) Those are two separate issues. I do have all relevant procedures in LSGG displayed as you can see in dthe screenshot attachend The issue about the "Sync Pos" we might need to investigate. It would be very helpful if you could supply more information. Please make a set of Support Files and attach them to your next post.
  13. Hi to all, on LSGG many things are missing. There are no ILS Approaches neither for both. Means: RWY 22 and 04. No Taxi ways and markings. Well this is the second biggest Airport of Switzerland. I don't get it. It is on the attached. And today, I was making Kiah to Kjax. When I have select Sync Pos button. Client window was freeze, obviously I had to stop my Flight. I am on PC, Windows 10 X-Plane 11.34 I'll put the both problems on the attached. Thanks for the reply..
  14. I'm using xplane and I would like to try this before buy but I can't. Every time when I'm trying to start EFB there is screen to put license key and advise for Demo leave this blank put your name and e-mail and push demo. After while when it is conecting to server there is information about trial period expired. I have not used it before. I have license for EFB 1 but I don't remember that I was trying EFB 2 because I switch to xplane a few years ago and EFB haven't had support till now. I was trying several e-mails but didn't work. Please let me know what can I do? don't tell BUY LICENSE please
  15. George, We still do not know your exact configuration and installation. Please submit the Support Files, so we can at least try to figure this out.
  16. No update on Client?? Please submit Support Files.
  17. Further if I may, took advice to uninstall and reinstall but did it the way that I got it to work, I now have the prog on my left screen (full screen) but now with the required icons I can now close it down or send to tray but can not resize by sides or corner BUT I can live with this. What I suspect happened is that I clicked the ( - middle icon X) which sent program across all three screens and hid the top right icons ---- NO intention of proving this. What are your thoughts on using teamviewer 14 to assist us auld yins Kind Regards George
  18. Hello And I have the exact same issue as mention by RRVyper above I was prompted by MS to do an update and reboot on windows 10. This morning an update on EFB. Server part went ok Client is now waiting for server
  19. Sorry to have bothered you at 75 it takes me a bit longer to understand what is required re computers I have spent all day yesterday trying to get this to work and then THIS tried different screen sizes THE DEFAULT PATHS DID NOT WORK ========= Hi George, you have to set the paths properly, according to your current installation. Unfortunately for FSX-SE this cannot be done automatically. The selected database has to be in accordance with the running simulator, otherwise it will not work. WHAT I THEN DID MADE IT WORK --- BUT WITH THIS PROBLEM IF NOT RESOLVEABLE WILL AS FOR MONEY BACK
  20. Sorry George, You did not even answer ONE of my above questions. I am unable to help you this way. Please uninstall EFB v2 (using the standard Uninstallers) and make a complete re-install using the default installation paths. Then proceed to the setup as per Manual and when finished provide all necessary information as per Forum Rules, section 3. https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2522-forum-rules-read-before-post/
  21. they did not work ie client sat waiting for server cant seem to send pics file size to large could you send email addy
  22. Hi George, Sorry, I have no explanation for that as I have never seen it. To me it sounds as if the Client Window is larger than the display screen. What is the size of the screen you are using for EFB display? Is it a scond screen? Does it fulfill the size requirements of minimum 1280 x 960Pixels? It would be really helpful if you could provide a bit more details on your installation. This way we have to go back and forth to find out basics on the what's and whereabouts of your installation... A question though: why did you not use the default installation paths for EFB v2?
  23. what you show is not there which is the problem and I can not grab a side or corner to shrink as for installation path E:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)STEAM\STEAMAPPS\COMMON\FSX C:\PROGRAMDATA\MICROSOFT\FSX Regards George
  24. Do you have the standard window symbols in the top right corner? What installation path did you use for EFB v2? Did you try the Windows Standard Resizing Command by double-clicking the top bar?
  25. well that took a bit of doing installing for FSX STEAM. Finally have what looks like a working copy BUT its FULL screen and I cant grab a corner to resize or even close as you normally would in right top corner . have tried ESC. ANY SUGGESTIONS apreachiated
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