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  2. Hi Jรผrgen, Did you re-run the DbBuilder after updating the default scenery by SORS' ? My default ILS/LOC for EINN show all correct values:
  3. Hi again Oskar, So i went to aero.sors website and downloaded the Worldupdate, which is to correct data for Europe. I checked EINN (Shannon) again and the same message appeared (LOC outdated). Now obviously there is a discrepancy between Navigraphs 2006 AIRAC and the now updated? P3Dv4.5 data. Is there a way I can check/compare both datasets/files to determine which database produces the error/message? I don't know if this is a EFB2 issue or if I should go to aero.sors website. Thanks for reply
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  5. Hi Michael, That's very simple to answer. We do not have the complete worldwide Holding Database available in the dataset provided by Jeppesen or LIDO. Therefore we can only use the Holding information provided for a specific waypoint. In most of all cases there is just a flag set to indicate the presence of a holding, but no information on the layout. Our policy is to use a standard right turn reversal holding if no other information is provided. To draw each holding correctly (possibly even more than one holding procedure may be available on one single waypoint) it would require access to the worldwide Holding Database. Of course Jeppesen and LIDO do have this, we (unfortunately) don't...
  6. Hello. Why are their differences between the AivlaSoft EFB and Jepperson arrivals for KSLC (Salt Lake City) in the holding patterns at points in red boxes (AIRAC 2006)? I have noted in another post a similar difference at another airport TTPP (Piarco, Trinidad & Tobago) for the MA for runway 10. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Oskar I now understand
  8. Please read here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/4264-why-are-ils-approaches-not-showing/
  9. Hi, I am getting several localizer warning messages at standard (not payware) airports, e.g. LOWG (Graz): NO LOC available EINN (Shannon): LOC outdated (ILS 24) I have the newest AIRAC (2006) cycle from Navigraph in P3Dv4.5 as well as EFB2. How can I correct these airports? Thanks for help
  10. Just flew into NZQN in the NGXu using the RNAV-Y 23 approach which is in the NGXu FMC and as stated above in LittleNavmap. So I take it that if we if we want to complain about this omission in EFB 2 we should take it up with Navigraph? Bruceb
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  13. Understood, but that does not give me enough room to run VPilot below EFB. I'm not being argumentive. Just stating that with the 1280 x 960 it leaves no room for viewable VPilot to run below EFB. I've tried every "resizing" option I know of. EFB will not shrink to allow another program. Its right in the math. 1080 - 960 only leave 120. That is not usable. As much as I like your product I can not buy something I can not use. Especially when other similar products do fit and are usable within the viewable area of my monitor. The problem I have is I really don't like the other products as much as yours. And I will not add a third monitor.
  14. The error message did not reappear after a reboot of the computer. All is well.
  15. because TCPListener throws an exeption. See logfile" This is the error I get when I start the server. Cannot upload huge server-logfile (6,521 kb). Offending line is: 2020-05-25 14:30:55.804 Error : SocketException (Start TCP listener): Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted Is this enough information?
  16. See above. We have absolutely no influence on the content of the ARINC datasets prepared for EFB2 by Navigraph or NavDataPro. It's a pure sink or swim situation...๐Ÿ™„
  17. The first error is due an illegal path character in Area.328, see the lines which start with Title= and Local= The second error is a subsequent error because the DB was not built before.
  18. Well the RNAV for NZQN approaches are available on LittleNavmap I just checked and in the past with the PMDG NGX including the spectacular RNAV-Y 23 which I have flown (as pax) in real life. Bruceb
  19. When it happens again Urs I will try.
  20. Hi Chris, could you please provide the following file: C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\scenery.cfg
  21. Heya. Couple of days ago i updated Aivlasoft server and client too the newest build which is 118 and version 2.1. Had too update the server due too new airac, started the update process and suddenly it stops way faster then what it normally takes when doing a update or rebuild of the DB. https://i.imgur.com/yxsKbpw.jpg <-- this is the error i get, first one too translate from Norwegian it says "Invalid character in the path" 2nd says "can't find the file" Topic will have server and client support files attached so you folks can find out what is causing this, i dont know what has happened. I worked fine, but after the update it went XXXXXXXXX ๐Ÿ˜• words deleted by Admin. Please refrain from using this kind of language in our forum - Chris Client_202005242052.txt.zip Server_202005242053.txt.zip
  22. Yes, that's basically it. The "normal" navaids (VORs, NDBs TACANs etc) are in the default scenery BGLs with the Prefix APX*** (airport layouts, ILS) and NVX*** (all other navaids). You can only tune a navaid if it is defined within a BGL file. In the case of the ILS usually the Aiport AddOn Designers include the most recent ILS in their airport layout BGL. This will then kinda "oversteer" the default ILS (if wrong in the default BGL) and replace it with the correct data. Most of it is described in the linked article to our Q&A section. Unfortunately this is the way all FSX/P3D (so-called MS-based simulators) work with with navaids. EFB2 of course uses the most recent (if regularly updated) ARINC data, but this is only used for display within EFB2. You can never tune a navaid that is only used in EFB2. Just as a sidenote: X-Plane is much more straightforward in this respect. there is only ONE database used throughout the entire simulator and this database is updateable within the 4-weeks AIRAC Cycle. So in fact there cannot be any conflict with any navaids, if both EFB2 and S-Plane use the same AIRAC Cycle, because all navaids within the same cycle are identical.
  23. @lonewulf47 thanks for the reply. so if i understand that correctly: the maker of the scenery has to update the ILS/VOR frq and everything? if yes then the question is answered and my scenery is outdated
  24. In EFBv2 a new feature called 'Measure' was introduced which is much more flexible and therefore the v1-option is no longer required.
  25. Well, I value EFB2 more than fsaerodata so, after years of using both, I have reverted to Herve's approach. P3D actually loads faster now that I've discontinued fsaerodata. However, I agree with Marc that the fsaerodata was a bit more complete. That said, since 95% of my flightsim time is spent in top-end airliner addons that use Navigraph, the adjustment won't be as bad as I had hoped. I have Herve's 2006 cycle installed and EFB2 is happy now. I've been simming since the late 1980s, so I have learned that this is the way things go sometimes. I appreciate both developers, but I am forced to choose: I chose Aivlasoft. Take care.
  26. How can I enable the waypoint labels distance / geographical position in v2? I apologize if this topic has been discussed before, but I have searched the forum and I haven't been able to find any information about it. Thank you, PS: The attached screenshot is from v1 and shows the option I am need to enable in v2.
  27. Thanks Marc, for this additional information/explanation.
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