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  2. Talking about trial of EFB2? https://www.aivlasoft.com/download.html#a1530 You need to download both Server And Client
  3. suite essai Efb 2 v2.1.119 (p3dv5) je n'aie pas EFB CLIENT. comment faire svp, merci à vous.
  4. Please read the announcement here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/4655-mfs-fs2020-integration/
  5. 2020-09-21 Status of MFS integration In the meantime we have achieved a good understanding of the data structures of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (MFS). The Database-Builder is already capable of building the EFBv2 database and also the connection to the running simulator is already working. However, we must clearly point out that in the currently available version of the SDK, some of the necessary functions are not yet available and also larger parts of the SDK documentation are still pending. For these reasons we have no other choice than to wait for th
  6. Last week
  7. I too am offering myself as a beta tester if need be. I am really looking forward to using EFB2 with MSFS. Regards, Hilkiah
  8. I offer myself as Beta-Tester (if needed) I think there is a big community waiting for EFB...
  9. I tried all the solutions mentioned there, I got no luck unfortunately.
  10. Hello ??? (according to the forum rules, please sign your post with your real first name. Thanks). This error has been discussed in the past already. Here are the results of the 'Search function' which I did: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/search/?q=readprocessmemory&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=17
  11. Hello, I know this issue have been discussed several times but I got no luck fixing it, I have latest build of windows 10 pro, I run the server as admin, and I tried a reinstall but nothing worked, any idea how to fix this? thank you.
  12. Just wanted to take the opportunity to send you good thoughts, kudos and love for doing this. Best of luck and stay awesome Simon
  13. Hi ??? (Please sign your post with your real name according to our Forum Rules) ...and under Airfile names pmdg boeing 737-800 wl... What did you enter EXACTLY as File Name ??? As far as I know the AIR file is named: "b737-800wl.air", so your entry should be ""b737-800wl". Make sure that there are neither any additional empty spaces nor any other letters. As per description the File Name entry must consist of the AIR file name without the extension ".air"
  14. I create the profile of my PMDG 737-800 in the profile editor (it is listed in the profile editor). Under "Properties" I enter *Show as B737-800 under Equipment Air Berlin (Liverie) and under Airfile names pmdg boeing 737-800 wl. Although I confirm with "Apply" the following message appears when I load the flight simulator with the PMDG: There is no profile available yet for the currently running aircraft "Boeing 737-800NGX" Please create a profil for this aircraft using the profil editor Using the default profile now What am I doing wrong or what have I forgotte
  15. Earlier
  16. Hi Mark, EFB Client must have the focus (active program in Windows) to detect a key press because key presses in EFB are not system wide. Therefore you would have to click into the Client window first, before you can press the key which results in two user actions. Once the window is minimized it would also require to get the focus first which would open the window anyway. I guess this is not the way you would like. Why do you like to minimize the window instead of just switching to another application using ALT+TAB (Windows standard keys).
  17. Hi Orest, slightly different but now it reads like 'information bravo' or 'information november'. Refresh rate is 2 minutes like all the other online data.
  18. Hi! Probably a pretty odd request, BUT, I'm running P3DV5 on 1.5 27" screens, side-by-side with the remaining .5 dedicated to EFB. I have to locate the '-' sign on the window, far right to minimize. I'd like to hit a key or press a button to do this. Wishful thinking probably but I thought I'd ask. BTW, love SimpleCam. It's so simple! Cheers, Mark
  19. Hi Lonewulf, Thanks for the detailed description. It was my own fault; I am so used to this not being an issue that I didn't even check the sidebar active waypoint ;-) I was too busy hand flying the SID to notice. I even have a sound reminder when a waypoint is passed but for some reason did not hear that either ;-) At least I now know how to remedy, thanks for your help. Brgds Ken
  20. Hi Kenneth, Yes, this is possible. There is always a - remote - chance, that a waypoint passage is becoming missing if the passage is outside of EFB2's passage detection criteria, especially in procedures with large track changes. In this specific case It may well be that the A/C accelerated to a somewhat higher speed after LUKEP, which may cause too much "shortening" when climbing out via BLV towards AMTOS. If the "shortening" during the left turn causes passage of the waypoint (in this case BLV) too far away (not sure anymore about the required minimum distance), EFB2 will be stuck (and
  21. Hi Urs, I hope all is well. I rarely post on here as I rarely have any issues However, today I noticed that if the aircraft misses a waypoint in the EFB flightplan, the EFB does not continue to populate the data even if the aircraft follows the remainder of the EFB flightplan. E.e. I departed LEBB on the AMTO4B SID, However, this differed slightly from the track per the FMC procedure in the QW787 (using same AIRAC from Navigraph). As a result, the EFB waypoint BLV was missed and all the subsequent waypoints, even although the aircraft followed the routing after BLV
  22. Hi Orest, I will check the source code and let you know. Thanks.
  23. just wondering if there has been any changes to allow support yet.....?
  24. First of all, thanks for the great app! Not sure how often you update the data in the ATC ribbon strip, but if you scan for INFO x in the text that you would show in the "i" link, that is a pretty reliable way of catching the ATIS sequence designator. If that could be continually shown on the square info graphic in the ATC Ribbon, that would be great. Let's you know when to have another look. Something like the graphic below, showing Info K. Thank you for considering it. * Orest
  25. @mleuck as per the forum rules, please sign your post with your first name. Thanks. Regarding your post, please also read this one from the FAQs: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/4264-why-are-ils-approaches-not-showing/ As for the name of the BGL file, just select the airport in EFB, then open the airport information dialog. There you will see the full path and name of the file.
  26. Alternatively you could post the AFCAD bgl of your airport and I will do the changes for you. I do not know however the name of this specific bgl as I do not have this airport installed. Must be something around 10-100 KB in size with the code LMML in its name.
  27. Thank you for your reply. My first airport is LMML by JUSTSIM. I have others, but I will need to do some research. Thank you for your help.
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