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  2. works now in xplane perfectly
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  4. Thanks for info. I'm basically using LIDO/NavDataPro data exclusively. That's why my database was (obvioulsy) not affected.
  5. 2106 rev3 has been released and fixes the missing SID/STAR, tested in P3D.
  6. oki then i be wait for the fix. thx Srcooke
  7. @DGF222 the rev2 of 2106 incorrectly identifies as rev1. Rev2 has problems as posted and needs a fix from NG.
  8. REV2 of NG 2106 has introduced the issue as posted on the Navigraph forum.
  9. Hi Urs... Currently on EDDH but on every Airport missing the SID and Stars.. i restore from FMC Manager the old one and functionaly 100 % but anyway i wil try again maybee when the coffee in the blood are working.. the efb will also work again br Ruedi
  10. Hi Ruedi, please be a bit more precisely, which Navdata provider do you use? Which SIDs and which STARs at which airports?
  11. Hi Ruedi, Soyy, I can't confirm the issue. I see all procedures published normally for X-Plane. Did you run the "Update Navdata" tab after installing the new AIRAC Cycle? When you open the DbBuilder, what does it show at the place shown below...? And BTW, you didn't by coincidence try to open EDDT Berlin Tegel with the AIRAC Cycle 2106? Those data are removed by now.
  12. O/K, many thanks, I realized that to ask for a 650nm radius was probably not possible and yes I also guessed that EFB was not useable as a Controller Radar but anyway I just thought it was worth a shot. Still using the EFB as it is a super tool. Kevin.
  13. Hi Urs and all other who working hard In the newest version from Navdata the SID and Stars do not published in the EFB? XPlane11. In the FMC they are published.. what can i do ? If i make a restore from older.. everythings are ok. Thanks for you replay Ruedi
  14. Kevin, I don't know your server nor your other software so I cannot say whether some settings on that side could be altered. On EFB's side you can check the FSUIPC settings if you have the registered version. If you are running the free version of FSUIPC then the radius for traffic is fix (approx. 40 to 50NM). In EFB you have the settings for flying online ("5 EN Client.pdf", chapter 13 'Online with VATSIM or IVAO') as I already mentioned here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/5191-connecting-to-private-server/ In the Client settings you will find an additional filter for the vertical separation which is related to both flying offline and online. But overall I can say that visualizing traffic for a radius of 650Nm is simply not possible. Please keep in mind that this is an EFB and not any Radar Surveillance program.
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  16. Bill, you are reporting four different issues, none of which is related to each other. Handling of EFB is clearly described in the manuals. It is simply not possible to find out where your problem is.
  17. I appreciate your support for something that I was clearly having trouble with. Admin: Inadequate contribution deleted
  18. This is the profile editor and it has nothing to do with profile selection. It might be helpful if you read all manuals throroughly.
  19. I go to this screen but can't select a profile. When I select one and click ok it just goes back to the default profile.
  20. P3Dv3.4 / Server v2.2 build #126 - Client 2.2 build #126 / Network / Custom / Licensed. I fly online with my German Flight Sim Club using a private server. I see my companions aircraft when flying however only within a radius of aprx 20nm. Our flights usually concern ca. 20 pilots some of which, myself included, act as on route controllers. Is there any way at all that the visibility radius can be extended. I am looking at a radius of 650nm. Kevin
  21. Profile Filter in the Airport Selection Window: Waypoint deletion: Reading the manuals is also very helpful
  22. This may be related (?) but I also can't delete a waypoint from my flightplans. There is no option to delete the waypoint and I know I've done this before. I've messed something up. Bill
  23. I have checklists for a number of PMDG aircraft and I want to use the same checklist in a 737-800 but can't find a way to use the 737-700 checklist. The CHKL button is greyed out and I have a yellow message saying "A/C is not located at nearest suitable airpor. Switch Profile-Filter OFF". When I go into the profile filters there is no way that I can see to turn it off. When I go into settings and choose an aircraft that has the checklist I want it seems to accept it but then reverts to default and the CHKL button is still greyed out.
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  25. This is unknown to me, I can only tell you that the specification ARINC 424-21 (from which the above screenshot has been taken) was published in July 2016. This would have to be done by Jeppesen but we do not have any information about this.
  26. Hi Oskar, Urs, I know the minima data has been provided by volunteers and are maintained by volunteer Oskar, for which I am very grateful. Thanks for the information, but this raises 2 questions for me: 1. Can you tell me since when the changed Arinc specifications are in effect? 2. Do you have information from Navigraph that they will implement the changed specifications (to use H instead of R for RNP approaches) and if so when will this implementation take effect? For now, I'm using the NavDataPro database, so there's no need for me to modify the minimal files but as long as Navigraph uses the R instead of the H, (other) Navigraph users may use my suggestion to modify the minima files. Regards, Jaap
  27. Additionally to what Oskar already mentioned, I would like to emphasize that providing and maintaining all these minima files is a FREE service from AivlaSoft.
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