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  2. Evening Folks, Been a bad day for flight summing. I was using P3Dv4.5 and EFB2 worked great. I switched to XPlane 11 and lost the network. I'm sending the client info. Thanks Paul McCullough pwtbrn@gmail.com Client_202007111729.txt.zip
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  4. Hi, reinstalled EFB Client didnt solve issue, so I did same with EFB server and that solve my issue, Please close this "ticket" Brgds S.O
  5. Hi, After upgrade server to build 119 it seems client is not able to access server anymore, normally efb client will also ask if it can upgrade but has not displayed a msg to do so , Please advise how to manual update client ? current status: p3d v4.5 hf1 EFB Server v2.1 build 119 EFB Client v2.1 build 118 Brgds Søren Olsen
  6. Last week
  7. Hallo Oskar, I get the identical display as you. Since the gate selection criteria occurs in P3D, I would assume -as you stated- that this information is generated by the 3rd party developer, in this case FSDT. So I will post this question in the FSDT forum. Thanks for quick response
  8. Juergen, EFB2 can only display what the Add-On Developer is providing in his Ground Layout BGL file. In the case of KIAH I see the radius for each gate. See attached screenshot. As the present A/C is an A32, all parkings not suitable for this A/C are greyed out. If you see something different, then it must be another version of the airport. I have the FSDT too.
  9. Hi, When I select my 3rd party airport KIAH from FSDreamTeam and go to the "Change Airport" selection in P3Dv4, I have all the Gates / Ramps available, but no size. It's either a "Ramp GA, Ramp Cargo, Ramp GA Large or Ramp GA Small". It usually displays the gate sizes as small, medium or heavy. Anything different in Houston? Thanks for clarification
  10. Probleme solved, thank you! Shoulrd of read the manual again!
  11. Hi Michael, as long as I cannot see these warnings, it is difficult to advise ... Can you provide some more details? Maybe a screenshot, or even better a support file from the Server and one from the Client.
  12. Hi Christopher, Yes, there is already a way to prevent this. As described in the manual "5 EN Client.pdf", chapter 13, you have to enter your callsign when you create your EFB flight plan (Create flight plan, step 2). As soon as EFB "knows" your callsign, it can filter your own AI-Aircraft symbol.
  13. Thanks again for your time and the detailed explanation. I think (think!) I understand the concept of relative paths. I checked the "0602", in C:\Prepar3D v5\Scenery\0602\scenery and indeed it's full of .bgl files. I shamefully admit that I sent the DatabaseBuilder in the wrong direction: "C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5" instead of "C:\Prepar3D v5". Strange enough I have 2 "installations": C:\Prepar3D v5 (where the Prepar3d.exe is) and C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5, both containing scenery directories, one with .bgl files the other one with .bgl.p3ini files. So I think something went wrong with the last HF istallation of P3Dv5. I have to work on it!
  14. What a great update.. many thanks for your hard works... everying working fine.. I be happy best regards Ruedi
  15. Hi, I have three warnings in the log. How can I solve it? Best Michael (2.1 build 119)
  16. Hi, I have just updated the new update for EFB v2. You have read my mind, I always wished Vatsim and UT live (or any other traffic) would be color separated. However, this means I can now see myself twice on the map: the Default Aircraft (pink) and my online Aircraft (red) slightly delayed behind. For now this doesn't cause any trouble. but in the future, during group flights or during peaks, it could be confusing. I know this can be tricky as you import the Network info, but would there be any option or work around this? Thank you! Sim: P3D v4.5 Network: Vatsim EFB: v2 current Christopher Windust
  17. The paths in the scenery.cfg are 'relative' paths which have to be appended to the 'installation folder' of the simulator. If your simulator would be installed in "C:\Simulator" then the following relative path "Local = Scenery\World" would result in the full path "C:\Simulator\Scenery\World". Finally you have to append the folder name "Scenery", if not yet available and then you have the entire path to the BGL-Files. e.g. "C:\Simulator\Scenery\World\Scenery" You can randomly check some of the folders, like "0602" or similar. There you should see a lot of files beginning with "APX....bgl". Please also check whether there are some leftovers from the fsAerodata Installation. Maybe you can take a screenshot of the content of such a folder and post it here.
  18. Thank you! I deinstalled FSAerodata when I switched to P3Dv5. I don't remember which way. "Could you please also check whether the paths in the scenery.cfg really point to a folder with the stock scenery files (*.bgl files)." How do I do it? All entries in scenery.cfg have this form: [Area.001] Title=Default Terrain Local=Scenery\World Layer=1 Active=TRUE Required=TRUE . . . [Area.131] Title=Randolph_AFB Local=Scenery\Cities\KRND_Randolph_AFB Layer=131 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE
  19. Hi Andreas, in one of the files included in the Server-Support-File I have seen some leftovers from an fsAerodata installation. Is this installation still active or did you run the fsAerodata uninstaller or did you uninstall it manually? Could you please also check whether the paths in the scenery.cfg really point to a folder with the stock scenery files (*.bgl files).
  20. After DBbuilder has finished without error and after having run EFBserver the client "sees" only my 10 add-on airports. What am I doing wrong? Server_202007081034.txt.zip Client_202007081034.txt.zip airportFiles_P3D5.txt dbBuilderLogfile.txt
  21. Hi Ruedi, thanks for your information. Let's hope they will fix it.
  22. Hi Kevin, This sounds like a corrupt installer. Did you download the latest installers? https://www.aivlasoft.com/download.html#a1530
  23. Hello all - I had to re-install EFB tonight and ran into an error message when attempting to install the server. The message reads "Error opening file for writing. C:/Program files\AivlaSoft.Common.dll Any solutions would be greatly appreciated. Kevin MacDonald
  24. Dear EFB users we are planning to release build #119 of version 2.1 on Wednesday, 08 July 2020. Apart from a few minor bugfixes this update is mainly dedicated to the ONLINE pilots with VATSIM and/or IVAO. Several new features have been developed in the last few weeks which will assist you and give you additional and detailed information when flying online. Those features were developed in close cooperation with dedicated Online-Pilots and -Controllers to ensure optimum use. Most likely the most awaited feature is the so called "ATC-Ribbon" which automatically lists all the active COM-frequencies along your route from the departure airport to the destination airport. Along with all the new, updated and enhanced functionality of EFB, also the Client manual has been updated. It is highly recommended to carefully read "Chapter 13" of the manual "5 EN Client.pdf" (English) or "5 DE Client.pdf" (German), which covers the entire topic "Flying ONLINE". All new features are described in detail in this chapter. Further improvements: Traffic label assignments, additional arguments for field 'Altitude'. Detailed description see the "Client" manual, chapter "Map options > 7.1.5 Traffic", then "Configuration of the Altitude value". Default transponder codes can now be re-assigned in file 'xpndr.txt' Map option buttons: grouping improved Procedure selection, grid heights optimized Added GLS reference path identifier for GLS approaches Added callsign from FPL to the sidebar
  25. Hi Everybody and so... Also.. i found the mystery.. With the new pilot client, I only see airport traffic when the pilot sets the XPDR to active. I found that out ... then I see him on the gate. i hope this will correctet in a next version from ivao regards Ruedi
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