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  3. Hello, Thanks for the answer. But i always start EFB server before starting p3d. serverLogfile-4.txt
  4. Yes, I agree, however this depends on the scenery which has been unsed to create the database. Could you please check on the (i) Information page, which BGL is being used to display this scenery? And then of course please also submit the Support File of the Server. There must be a mismatch in your scenery build up.
  5. Good day Certainly EHGG is Eelde and not Kuala Lumpur?
  6. Hello ??? (according to the forum rules, please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks). Did you already search the forum for "ReadProcessMemory"? Here are the results: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/search/?q=readprocessmemory EDIT: Possible workaround: Start EFB Server BEFORE you start the simulator.
  7. Hello everyone, I always get this error message when I start EFBV2 server. See pic(Dutch) I start EFBV2 server as admin, see picture(Dutch) I use Windows 10 P3DV4.5
  8. No, I can't find it. Thank's for the info. Now I understand. P3D should have installed it by default in V4. Best regards, Jacques
  9. Hi Stephe(n?) The logfile contains a lot of 'Windows Event Log' entries. That means that something is not (or no longer) properly installed/configured on your system, but it's beyond EFB. I have no idea what all these Windows messages mean, but it looks not as this would be a very stable system. I can only recommend to do a clean installation of the .NET-Framework, or even better, a clean installation of the OS. Because Win 7 is no longer supported by MS , maybe this is the right moment to upgrade to Win 10.
  10. Hi Jacques, It seems that you are not completely familiar with the way EFB2 works. Airports are depicted according to the data available from AF (AFCAD) BGLs in your Simulator. It your airport, be it default or AddOn does not incorporate the required RWY, EFB cannot use it. The default variant of CYYC does not incorporate the requested RWY 17L/35R. See the attached screenshot. A remedy would be if someonce could create a AF BGL that incoprorates the missing RWY or if any AddOn with all RWYs avaiable would be installed.. As soon as EFB2 recognizes the RWY in question, all procedures are available also for this RWY, provided of course that this AF BGL also contains - in this case - both ILSs for RWY 35R and 17L. BTW, were you able to find RWY 17L/35R in your Simulator Installation??
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  12. Hi, I run EFB V2 and the other day I was at Calgary airport (CYYC) and the ATC instructed me to depart from runway 35R. Surprisingly, this runway is not on the Aivlasoft plate, all the other rnwys are there. This runway exist since many years. Is there a reason why it's not showing up on the screen? Is it possible this situation occurs on other airports? Is it possible to update the program in order to be able to see the rnwy 17L/35R? Regards, Jacques
  13. im running the client remotely and it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting every minute?, is there a remedy for this, attached is my log file support. Thanks, Stephe avery Client_202001181249.txt.zip
  14. Hi Michel, Thank you for your offer. We will soon reorganize our contributions section for Profiles and will include your profiles into our collection. Anyway thank you very much for your contributions.
  15. Hi John, To add to what Urs has written, so far I have only seen a Freeware Add-On published in AVSIM: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=208350 but only for FSX and without any information on neither quality nor usefulness. Once a AFCAD BGL with basic ground layout is available, at least all procedures could be flown. Maybe someone frem the community can help?
  16. Hello ??? (according to the forum rules, pleas sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks) EFB has basically no limitation regarding the number of AI aircraft. However there is a filter in the Client settings which allows for filtering vertically (aircraft which are too low or too high regarding the current altitude of the own aircraft). Did you already have a look into the logfile from the Client and/or Server? Maybe there is something logged which helps. Generally it can be said, the more AI aircraft are created (by the simulator or any external software) the more time is required until the data is listed in the Traffic Monitor. I don't know whether there is a limitation from FSUIPC, or FSUIPCClient.dll which is used by EFB. I recommend to reduce the number of AI aircraft until they are properly listed and depicted on the map.
  17. Hi John, as you might have read, the database in EFB is built from two sources: 1) Scenery data from your current installation 2) AIRAC Data provided either by Aerosoft, or Navigraph If a new airport exists in real world, you have to install a corresponding scenery (aka AFCAD file, aka BGL file), but I doubt that there will be one already.
  18. that said if someone wants these profiles, I will gladly make them available to the community! Bombardier Challenger 300.profile.xml DO228.profile.xml FJS Q400 Legacy.profile.xml Fokker F50.profile.xml
  19. Good news ! Everything is working good now ! ;))) 1 : Dash 8 Q400 : I entered wrong OACI code : I used to enter DHD8 instead of DH8D 2 / Fokker F50 ; I don't know what was wrong but it works now ! never the less very thank you for your support and help. I can now fully enjoy Aivlasof Client with all the informations I entered about the aircrafts to plan my flights ! ( MTOW / FOB / Runways limitations and so on ! ) Have a good evening ! Michel
  20. Hi Ionewulf ! Tnx for reply one more time ! Of course, that's really strange. I'm running lastest version of Xplane 11.41 on Windows 10. For all the other aircrafts I have everything is ok... When I created a profile for Do228, no problem. At this time, I wonder wether I will make a new install of Xplane and aircafts. I don't know. I remembered that just before purchasing Aivlasof, I tried the soft in demo mode. Then I 've bought a license, entered serialkey. Do you think this would have a impact ? Never the less I join in attachment some infos if this will help you... Otherwise I will resign myself to using the client without an established profile for these two aircraft. Best regards, Michel. Client_202001161634.txt.zip Server_202001161634.txt.zip
  21. This new airport has now taken over from Murcia (San Javier) in Murcia Spain. there is no data yet in Aivlasoft yet, I wonder when this will be updated. All info is available from ENAIRE and the link to their airport details is: https://ais.enaire.es/AIP/AIPS/AMDT_323_2020_AIRAC_16_2019/AIP.html tanks in advance John
  22. Hi Michel, I must admit that I have no idea what is going on on your system. Inorder to trace an error we of course need to be able to reproduce the error on our side. Unfortunately this is not the case. Whatever aircraft I load in X-Plane, its profile is properly identified and loaded. As I understand your problem description you are saying that every other A/C in X-Plane loads its profile properly, just not these two, right? This is something I have never seen before and I'm definitively out of ideas what is causing this. Just as an idea about any programs running under Windows, it is heavily recommended to run every program as admin. I personally have activated the respective checkmark in the compatibility tab of every *.exe file. No idea whether this could be of any help, just one more shot in the dark... And one more thing, just to confirm: we are talking about X-Plane 11.30 and higher and Windows 10, right?
  23. Good morning Ionewulf47 ! Tnx for reply ! I don't really know if I can find a solution to fix this issue...never the less, the most strange thing is the profile are well saved in data base. Yesterday You tried the file I sent and that was ok ; What is really amazing : the files are properly saved ; but when I launch EFB client, the profile is on...and as soon as I connect Xplane, it sets to default profile with a message saying " "No profile yet available for current xxxx aircraft. Default profile ground will be loaded. Please see profile editor and create a profile." I'm like a dog going around in circles trying to bite its tail !! ;))
  24. Hi guys, I have somes problems with AI traffic (offline traffic created with Alpha India Group - AI Manager). Let's say I plan a flight and load the aircraft, it could take a while before the traffic is listed in the Traffic monitor. Sometimes it works, sometime not. But if it works, once the aircraft lift off, all the traffic disappear. And it's only when I land the aircraft that all the traffic is coming back. So my question is : do EFB v2 have a limit of traffic that it can handle or show ? Is it a bug, or is it normal ? For your information, I can have like 40 Ai aircrafts on ground and airborn sometimes.
  25. Hi Michel, Well that's very strange indeed. I quickly installed the Fokker 50 into my X-Plane and copied your F50 profile into my EFB2's profiles folder. It shows up normally as you can see in the screenshot attached. I have no explanation as to why the profile is not showing up in your installation. Just one hint: Could it be that you are also using a FSX/P3D database and you have selected the wrong database?
  26. Good evening Ionewulf, even after restarded the Client after the profile, the probems still remains the same. In attachment logs file if you can check something. Tnx for helping me ! Fokker F50.profile.xml Dash 8 Q 400.profile.xml
  27. Hi Oskar, it's a default airport so no fix seems likely. Turning off the FSGlobal layer is easy and once I depart tomorrow I can enable it again. I don't have Vectors. I will check my destination airport tomorrow to ensure there is no repeat. We'll have these problems for eternity I suspect.
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