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  2. wolkenschieber

    Move EFB to a new PC

    Hi Urs, the message showed up just for a short moment and disappeared. So I do not have a screenshot, unless I would properly delete the EFB and install again (?). As far as I remeber it was telling that there is a second installation on a second PC and I should check the licenze agreement ? But I am not sure. If this was the message, would it mean, that I have to delete the EFB on the old PC, although it stays in my privat network and will not be used for FS activities ? Regards Bernd
  3. aivlasoft

    data for v4.2

    Please read the manuals. This post from the FAQ might help too.
  4. aivlasoft

    Move EFB to a new PC

    Hi Bernd, I don't know this message. Can you provide a screenshot? Thanks.
  5. vikelu215

    data for v4.2

    Good day all, after i installed all my new scenery and stuff i ran data provider and cross reference the charts. coming up with this issue at various airports ..... the data provider cant find the runways and this is what happens. iv been in the simulator and verified the runways are there. any help would be appreciated.
  6. wolkenschieber

    Move EFB to a new PC

    Hi, I am about installing my simulator step by step (changing from FSX to P3D V 4.2) on a new Server PC. Just installed the EFB and got the message, that there is EFB still installed on the old Server PC. This PC will either not be used for FS purposes or (have not made up my mind finally) as Client PC, replacing the present client with the "old" EFB displa unit. What are the propper steps that I will not have a licence key conflict ? Best regards Bernd
  7. Hello Urs Thank you for the quick response. And here is the translate (by google) Hello Although I've turned on the moving map and the plane is displayed correctly, the direction of the Departure, Enroute, Approach and Arrival maps is always North and not Heading. For the departure and arrival flight tickets, the card is turned according to the heading. What did I set wrong? Thanks for the feedback Stephan Zaugg
  8. aivlasoft

    help with reactivation

    Please see your email.
  9. Orientation "HDG up" is only available on the ground chart. On all other charts (Departure, Enroute, Arrival, Approach) is always "North". Please also read the forum rules, especially rule #1.
  10. Please update to the latest version 1.6.16 first, then try again.
  11. Last week
  12. I keep getting " The number of systems on witch this product key can be use has been exceeded" How ever i uninstalled it before doing a clean wipe and install of my new computer. Please help asap in this matter. thanks Ive sent two emails to support and no response yet, ive uninstalled it off my back up laptop and it should have relased the license but i dont know what the issue is.
  13. Hallo Obschon ich die Moving Map eingeschaltet hab und das Flugzeug auch richtig angezeigt wird, ist die Ausrichtung der Departure, Enroute, Approach und Arrival-Karte immer nach Norden und nicht in Richtung Heading. Bei den Abflug- und Ankunftsflughafenkarten wird die Karte gemäss dem Heading gedreht. Was habe ich falsch eingestellt? Danke für die Rückmeldung Stephan Zaugg
  14. Robert

    Starting again

    Thanks, I believe I have this sorted out now. Robert
  15. Robert

    Activating STAR

    Thanks for the support. I was a bit puzzled to begin with because I followed through the steps in your reply and got a perfect flight plan. Yet I thought I had been taking exactly the same steps myself and getting random omissions of the Activate request. But eventually I spotted my error – occasionally I was going directly to the blue ‘airport’ box to select the procedure without first clicking the phase in the menu along the top of the map. I must have been doing this rather randomly. A silly error, so thanks for putting me straight! Robert
  16. I've had this problem on and off a few times now, but this is the only time it has actually been 100% repeating and reproducible. Today I installed some Drzwiecki Design demo airports, and as such I ran the scenery data update from the menu in the DataProvider. The DisplayUnit was not running at this time. It started fine, I could see it scanning through the folders, then it just suddenly stopped and closed. DataProviderLogfile.txt show nothing that I can use to piece out the error, but I have attached it anyhow. I have also attached the second log file from today, which is a bit bigger. Any help is appreciated. DataProviderLogfile.txt DataProviderLogfile-1.txt Edit: Event viewer shows this:
  17. aivlasoft

    Activating STAR

    Where did you select the STAR? - via RouteSetup, then Modify - on the Arrival segment (selected from the top of the map), then select the STAR from the 'blue' button 'EGGP Arrival' on the left I created a new route via the RouteSetup page, as follows: - Press Select - Enter the ATS route into the text box "EGGW OLNEY T420 WELIN UN57 SAPCO Y53 PEDIG EGGP" - Press OK - Back on the RouteSetup page, enter the cruise altitude 190 and press Activate - Then select (from the top of the map) "Departure" and click the blue button "EGGW Departure" - Select the SID and press OK - On the map, press Activate - Select Arrival (from the top of the map), then click on the blue button "EGGP Arrival" - Select the STAR and press OK - On the map, press Activate - Select Approach (from the top of the map), then click on the blue button "EGGP Approach" - Select the approach procedure, the press OK - On the map, press Activate Can you create a route this way? As for the proper installation of the AIRAC cycle please read this post from the FAQs:
  18. Robert

    Activating STAR

    Thanks for the help. The problem is not confined to one flight, but here's an example, a short flight EGGW to EGGP at FL190. Departure SID: OLNE1B when activated the route is modified Arrival STAR TIPO1J selected - no 'activate' box So to answer your questions: - which airport EGGP Liverpool - which STAR TIPO1J - navdata provider (Aerosoft or Navigraph) Navigraph - which cycle, here's a problem: I've downloaded the latest but not sure where Navigraph FMS Data Manager has put it. EFB is showing 1305, exactly a year old. Might this be the source of the problem? When I installed EFB I let it choose all its default file locations. I can find where EFB is installed - not under C:\FSX but deep down in Apps files. I wonder if I should uninstall and reinstall, choosing file locations myself? Even so, is this a separate problem from the one I reported? - flight plan which you have created : not sure how to show this without attaching a flp file, but here is the route as shown in EFB - EGGW OLNE1B OLNEY T420 WELIN UN57 SAPCO Y53 PEDIG EGGP Ah, I see below I can attached the flightplan EGGWEGGP01.flp
  19. aivlasoft

    Activating STAR

    Hi Robert, could you please describe in more detail: - which airport - which STAR - navdata provider (Aerosoft or Navigraph) - which cycle - flight plan which you have created Thanks.
  20. aivlasoft

    Carenado Extension Pack and EFB

    Hello Amauri, I guess, the plan is still sent to the simulator, but EFB can only support the default GPS system, not any add-on GPS system.
  21. I can activate a SID, which is then added to the flight plan in the normal way. When I find the approrpriate STAR there is no invitation to activate it - so, of course, it is not included in the flight plan. Have looked through FAQs and posts but these all seem to be about either both or neither SID/STARs. My problem is with the STAR only (and then the approach, because no STAR, no approach) Any hints on this odd problem - which has only occured recently? Robert
  22. Hello everyone, I use Aivlasoft EFB for some time with P3D V4, it's a fantastic addon! I like to fly with the Carenado Phenom 300 aircraft, and recently I acquired the NAVIGRAPH EMB505 PHENOM 300 EXTENSION PACK, it is an extension for arrival and departure procedures, weather radar, TCAS, etc. Before installing the Extension Pack, I would assemble the flight plan in EFB and send it to the Simulator with a click on ACTIVATE in the Display Unit. Now I set up the flight plan and when I click ACTIVATE, the flight plan is not sent to the aircraft in the simulator. Can this be changed? I would like to be able to continue making the flight plans through EFB and send it to the Simulator (aircraft) as I did before, and only use the extension pack in the radar and TCAS function. Thanks for being able to respond. Amauri Penze (from Brazil using Google translate).
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  24. aivlasoft

    Problem with activation

    Server is up and running again. Thanks for the info.
  25. After reinstalling P3D - I get the "activation server seems to be temporarily unavailable"? Is this the case or is there a problem at my end. My FW allows EFB flows on all ports so it is not a FW issue. Regards, Mario PS - forgive me if this is mentioned somewhere but I cannot find any recent info on this.
  26. I have the same problem. Server name not accepted. Just the IP address. Ad
  27. Please see the manual, section 7 page 13, "moving map"
  28. aivlasoft

    New and mysterious network behaviour

    Thanks for your information.
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