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  2. I have not purchased EFB because it dose not work properly if you don't have the right scenery in p3d, what I mean by that is if you go to a airport that you have not purchased then there is no taxi ways to got it only works with uk2oo0 airports that is on p3d I have EGBB EGLL EGKK EGGP EGCC IF I DID A FLIGHT TO EFPG then I would not have the scenery for that so it would not taxi me to the gates ok david Haynes email me dh.55haynes@gmail.com moved to correct forum by admin
  3. Hello ??? Please comply with forum rules, espcially items 2) and 3)! Well, the "Waiting for Server" is not even a warning or error message, it is just a system message during startup amd to be more precise - it is a message on the Client. This thead however is about Server Errors of any kind. So, please open a own thread for your problem and supply as much background information as possible. Refer also to the Forum Rules for this.
  4. Thank you for the guidance. I changed nothing!
  5. Hello ??? Please comply with forum rules! This thread is about Server Error. Your entry is about a Client message "waiting for Server". This is completely different and points to a connection problen of the Client. It if was fine on Saturday then you have changed something in the meantime.
  6. Same issue for me. EFB says "Waiting for server". All was fine an Saturday. Help please
  7. Ok, disregard the part about changing the storing path for Flightplans in the "ServerSettings.txt" files. This path is alyway read from FSUIPC and and thus not alterable. I wasn't aware of that anymore. In a newer build this path is not accessible anymore either. The point is that something with your installation seems to be wrong as FSX:SE is obvioulsy using the FSX Default Data path although in the registry the FSX:SE Data path is available. ATM I don't see any possibility to change this. Did you in the past change the FSX:SE installation in any way?
  8. Die you check in BOTH directories and did you check the timestamp(s) of the "EFB_current_gps.pln" ? Could you please attach the SupportFiles?
  9. Yesterday
  10. Thanks for the reply. Its still the same.Any ideas please. The old EFB runs no problem. I used EFB2 on Saturday morning , no problem,then this morning i got the error as above. Thanks Andy
  11. hi i did as instructed. but the EFB current GPS file still appears in the previous directory. shall i delete it ? or move it to the Flight Simulator X Files path ?
  12. Hi Andy, according to the Server's manual, always start the Server with administrator rights.
  13. Please comply with the forum rules.
  14. Getting this error when trying to connect to server (attached) Any help appreciated .Thanks Andy
  15. Last week
  16. That's ok then. Those are the most recent builds. I assume that you have standar installation paths. Then go to C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\Settings and look for the file "serverSettings.txt" - Make a backup copy of that file then open the original file with a text editor - Look for the section [SimulatorFsxSe] - Within that section look for the line - FlightplanFolder = C:\Users\User\Documents\ Flight Simulator X - Steam Edition Files - Here you should replace this entry with Flight Simulator X Files - Do not change anything else nor add any lines and save the file. - This should replace the Flight Plan path.
  17. server is version 2.0 build 61 client is version 2.0 build 78
  18. Ok, but first we need to sort out a few things about your installation. Please repot the build # of both Server and Client.
  19. yeah i play with cfg files sometimes … not too geeky but should be able to change Something
  20. To me it seems that for whatever reason I don't know - FSX:SE is accessing and using the FSX default Documents path. I muyt admit that I'm not familiar with the what's and whereabouts of FSX Steam Edition. When and why it is using the default FSX path is completely unknown to me. As a first remedy you can try to change the Flight Plan path manually. Do you have enough knowledge to manually edit a textfile?
  21. hi it goes here, in the steam edition path. not in the other one. but indeed in the other path is where fsx opens to file a fp. Currently there i see this below thanks
  22. Please let's take one after the other. We need to know which folder your FSX:SE is accessing for a *.pln type Flightplan. According to specs FSX:SE reads Flightplans from <Documents> "Flight Simulator X - Steam Edition Files". If EFB detects (correctly) an FSX:SE installation then this would be the correct path for any *.pln type Flightplan. Unfortunately not every FSX.SE installation uses this path as default, the reason for it is unknown to me. Now the first thing you need to look at is where the transfer-file for the GPS is located. The name would be: "EFB_current_gps.pln". Please check in which of the two documtens paths you see this file. Make sure that you use an A/C which has this automatic transfer enabled.
  23. hi no i installed SE only on a new SSD. surprisingly both paths showed. i think issue is that fsx SE goes to get FP by default from FLIGHT SIMULATOR X while EFB detectes FSX SE and points to the FLIGHT SIMULATOR X - STEAM EDTION FILES path. what i noticed is that when i load FP in EFB and changes SID for example, in FSX it totally loses the flight plan loaded. it becomes blank. thanks
  24. This documents path to the "Flight Simulator X - Steam Edition Files"is in fact (AFAIK) the correct default location for Flight Plans in FSX:SE. Did you change this folder earlier or did you have a double installation with "normal" FSX before?
  25. hi i have changed it now but it still points to here while i want it to point here C:\Users\nagme\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files thanks
  26. Hello Oskar, I consulted the Aerosoft forum and it turns out that EFB2 was actually right all along. After some further digging, I realized that my other addons were wrong because my makerunways.exe installation in P3D v4 was not correct. I fixed this and now all addons seem to agree on the gates. Congratulations to Urs and the rest of the team that EFB2 was the only addon that got things right Cheers, Peter
  27. I see that you have your documents path set to a Cloud Drive (oneDrive). Can you confirm that also the EFB documents ase using this cloud path? EFB is not designed to work on any cloud, only within the computer's own (physical) drives. Virtual drives are not supported.
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