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  2. Hi Joan, Sorry, we have to limit our conversation to one language, and this is - as mentioned in the Forum Rules - English. I can however answer your question as follows: there is no direct conversion within the various Flight Plan formats. Usually if you use a Flight Planning tool like PFPX or SimBrief, various export formats are available. If you solely use Aerosoft's CORTE tool, there is a simple possibility to use the CORTE's routing string: Open CORTE and copy the routing string into the clipboard (Ctrl+C). Make sure that you have selected the option without SID and STARs - Now open the FPL window in EFB2 and copy (Ctrl+V) the routing string in to that window - add the departure ICAO code into first position - add the arrival ICAO into last position - make sure that there is always 1 space between the mentioned entries - complete the EFB routing the usual way That's it. Happy flying 😀
  3. Bonjour à tous , je viens d'acheté l'Airbus extended A318/319 et mon soucie est le suivant . Pour faire un plan de vol avec Aivlasoft V2 celui-ci est en " .pln " , hors A318/319 sont en " flp " via Axe Compagny route editor . Comment convertir les fichiers flp de Axe Compagny route editor fourni avec l'achat du 318 extended et Aivlasoft V2. Est il possible de les convertir ? cordialement
  4. Hi Chris, Yes, we are aware of that. So far we haven't come across too many airports that have the same Parking Position numbers used on more than one Parking Stand. In most cases they are all defined by a unique number with a prefix-letter. Sometimes they are also just numbered through, e.g. like in EDDM Munich. If however there are double numbers, we unfortunately do not have any means to distinguish between them, as information concerning terminals are not contained in the respective airport BGL. Sometimes the list in the Airport Information can provide additional information, like in the attached example of EDDS.
  5. Hi aivlasoft community, I am half way through the demo and that tool has been so helpful, especially with Vatsim with last minute changes etc... Anyways one thing that I can not figure out yet is the last part of my flight: Is there a way to have the Terminal numbers indicated on the airport map? Without having to look it up online. I got all the gates but don't seem to see in which Terminal they belong to? Thanks Chris
  6. Anyone tried this scenery in EFB? I get double 24L runways instead of a 24L and 24C. This causes EFB to crash with an Unhandled Exception. It scans fine in the new PMDG's EFB map but Aivlasoft just yaks.
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  9. Still doing basic research ... It's too early to say anything. Please be patient, we will announce any news concerning FS2020 here in this forum (-> Announcements).
  10. Hi Claus, As you might have noticed, we had to move your misplaced contribution to the EFB v2 forum. To answer your question: Normally it's the airport designer's duty to properly assign parking positions regarding position and A/C size (required radius). it is however also possible to change the parkings with the help of the freeware tool ADE (Airport Design Editor), but it needs some skills and thorough knowledge of the airport layout BGLs to achieve a useable result.
  11. Good afternoon, everyone, I have recently started using EFB 2 and am very satisfied with the tool. My question today: can I change the size of the individual parking positions, e.g. at airports Hamburg (EDDH), Cologne (EDDK) etc., so that I have more options for parking at these airports with PMDG 777 or PMDG 747 ? If so, how does it work ? Many thanks in advance. Best regards Claus Moved to proper thread by Admin
  12. Anyone been able to connect it to FS2020 yet?
  13. Yes, it sometimes may happen that you leave the Settings-Page without confirming the changes made by pressing the "Apply" key
  14. I guess I need to pay attention. Originally, I chose VATSIM, but in some way the online network went to "none". Thank you very much for your help! Michael
  15. Did you select the proper Online-Nework under "settings"?
  16. Thank you. To date, I have never seen the regions active. I will follow your instructions and post.
  17. Hi Michael, as soon as an ATC region (aka FIR) becomes active, it will be depicted on the map in EFB v2. Inactive FIR boundaries will not be depicted. "Active" means, a controller has logged in to one of the ATC services assigned to this region, the region is properly defined in the definitions file and the controller is using a callsign which is also properly defined in the definitions file, and the region has a boundary assigned. You see, a lot of points which must be fulfilled and unfortunately this is not always given. If such happens again, immediately take a copy of the file "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\downloadVatsim.tmp" (which is the latest downloaded data). Then upload this file here and let me know which ATC region / FIR was not active. Please also check whether your EFB installation is up-to-date (build #114).
  18. Is there a way to show the VATSIM ATC control regions on v2 AM I missing something or is it not possible to show the ATC control regions? A controller got after me for not knowing I was in his control region. Thank you Michael
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  20. Hi David, on the screenshot I see the IP-number of the Server is whereas the Client seems to have an IP-address of They are not in the same logical network. According to the manual, the Client and the Server must be in the same logical network. Try to change the Clients IP-address to an address like 192.168.1.nnn where nnn is the number within the logical network. Be aware of that this is only valid if the subnet-mask on both Server and Client is This subnet mask means that the first three groups of numbers (192.168.1) are the network address, and the fourth number (nnn) is the number within the network.
  21. I don't have any more ideas of what the issues can be, Firewall is all OFF both windows and router ping response on both machines are 100% Main PC where server is installed checking if the post is (open and listening) checking is client machine is response to ping through network tried with ISP IP, machine name nothing I just can't let server work and connect to client. Hopefully somebody can come with a solution. Regards David
  22. HI Jacques, if your using the default P3D scenery of CYYC, perhaps downloading and installing this freeware version of CYYC scenery from AVSIM Library will fix your problem. Here is the link: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=197529&CatID=p3dscen You will have to register if your not already a member of AVSIM. Its free. Regards, Mario Richard
  23. Hello ??? (according to the Forum Rules, please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks) Maybe one of the latest Windows Updates has changed your system. Maybe its something with the UAC, or permissions in general?
  24. SocketException: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted Please read this article: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3464-error-tcplistener/?do=findComment&comment=23704
  25. This all looks like a port-number conflict between EFB and other programs. Unfortunately this cannot be prevented in all situations, as long as port-numbers can be used by each software at its own discretion. If you experience such a conflict you can try to change the port-numbers. Most programs will allow for such. In EFB you can change it as follows: Quit EFB Server and EFB Client(s) Locate the file "serverSettings.txt" which is in (standard installation) "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFBv2\Server\Settings". Open this file using Notepad.exe (or any other text editor). Search for "[Network]" Change "TcpPortNumber" to a value between 49152 and 65535. Save the file. Now do the same (points 2 to 6) for each of the Clients. The file "clientSettings.txt" is usually located in "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFBv2\Client\Settings". Important: 1) It is important to set the port-number to the identical number for the Server and for each of the Clients. If the numbers are not identical, there will be NO connection possible between the Server and the Client(s). 2) Changing a port-number might lead into new troubles with other programs. Sometimes it's kind of 'trial and error' to find a port-number which does not result in a conflict with other running programs. As mentioned above, it is not specified WHICH port-number a program shall use, except from the range between 49152 and 65535 (which are "free" numbers according to RFC6335). A helpful program to get an overview about port-numbers in use (and by which program) is TCPView from Microsoft/Sysinternals.
  26. Though there was no major problem installing my Aivla Soft EFB v2 last year, for some reason I'm currently unable to reinstall now. Simply stated the issue is that my "Run as Administrator" has somehow escaped and for the life of me I've been unable (or I'm not wise enough) to replace it. My concern is that should I continue to find a solution online I may be opening myself to some form of corruption/malware. Question: So now my issue is that I'm totally unable to effectively reinstall the system. Is there some way I can avoid this problem? I would greatly appreciate any and all suggestions on how to resolve this problem.
  27. HI Guys, I just want to say that I had the exact same problem and the CYUL_FT.bgl that you posted Oskar as a fix, really did fixed it for me. Thanks again! Mario Richard Windows 10 P3D v3.4 EFB2
  28. Hi ??? (please sign you posts with your real name according to our Forum Rules) EFB2 is for several reasons a bit more "picky" on the navaid information gathered through the respective airport BGL. It is of utmost importance that the ILS data contained in the respective BGL is identical to the one used in the currently installed AIRAC. Several airports had some changes on their ILSes. This is the way things are worldwide. Currently the following data are valid for the mentioned aiports: For EHRD: ILS06 109.10 ROS ILS24: 109.90 RSV For EHGG: ILS23: 109.90 GRO You might need to update your airports. If you are using default airports you may consider the excellend freeware of Hervé Sors' "World Navaid Package": https://aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html If Add-Ons are used for an airport you need to check with the Add-On developer or make the changes using ADE.
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