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  2. PhillyD1973

    X-Plane next please

    Hey Guys Just wanted to drop a quick "attaboy"! So very happy to see you are working on EFB working with X-Plane. I fly both XP and P3D. Mainly due to the quality aircraft in both, however I am rapidly finding EFP is an addon I don't want to live without. Thank you for an exceptional product and thank you for considering your community and bringing it to xplane! Phil
  3. Last week
  4. Remove the scenery entry pointed out by Urs from your scenery.cfg Open the DBbuilder Remove any existing databases Create a new database Select the new database for use Upload the latest support files
  5. aivlasoft

    Göteborg Landvetter

    Could you please upload the currently selected aircraft profile? I assume that the filter criteria do not allow ESGG to be displayed.
  6. I don't know. Maybe you are using any third party tool to maintain the scenery.cfg? Apart from that, another question: The scenery.cfg which is listed in the latest server logfile does not agree with the scenery.cfg which you sent in your last post? I don't believe so. The path contains illegal characters and therefore the program aborts. If it worked before, then only without this erroneous path.
  7. leodirk

    Göteborg Landvetter

    For the third time I renewed the database. When I Load a saved scenario Landvetter than EFB 2 will show me the map of ESGB Goteborg. Now I found out When I click on Airports and fill in ESGG it doesn't exist. I see that PFRL filter is green so I clicked that out., than it I can see ESGG and select it. but I get a blanc map screen with the north sign an in the middle a little cross, but no airport map. So I try to select the airport for making a flight plan but I get the message in a window: it is not recommended to select a non suitable airport neither as origin nor as destination airport.
  8. okay? how comes? could this affect the behavior of efb ? I dont think so it worked before with the same scenery.cfg
  9. Hello, thank you for the file. Please have a look at the entry "Area.516": The path contains illegal characters such as [ ], { }. Please also check for further invalid paths. [Area.516] Active=FALSE Title=(MMMD) Marida Local=L:\Addon-Szenerien\[MMMD] Marida [FSX]\{simroot}\Addon Scenery\(MMMD) Marida Required=FALSE Layer=516
  10. leodirk

    Göteborg Landvetter

    I am using Prepar 3d v4.4 I did rebuild the database. Still have the same result.
  11. If you don't mind, please send me the scenery.cfg to 'support@aivlasoft.com'. Maybe I can see something therein. The file can be located here: C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\scenery.cfg
  12. I just tried with no processes else than aivlasoft, still getting the same error message.
  13. Hi Emanuel, it's very strange ... The Database-Builder suddenly quits without any error message, neither in the EFB log nor in the Windows Event log. So I'm just guessing ... In the logfile I can see that the database builder has not yet started to analyze the content of the BGL files. It was still listing the content of the scenery.cfg. In your first post you mentioned the error message when you tried to start the EFB Server. That means that the Database-Builder was unexpectedly aborted but still available in memory. Is it possible that the Database-Builder was aborted by an external program? Maybe the Antivirus program? Are you running many more programs on that computer when you are trying to build a database? Have you already tried to build the database while no other programs on that computer are running?
  14. Yes, I see that the DBuilder does not complete its task. For any reason the scenery.cfg is not completed. I will have Urs looking into this.
  15. I did download the most recent version from ur website - still the same error messages - I think the Failure is that the Builder does not accomplish ... see attached log file.. Server_201901211747.txt.zip
  16. BTW, I see that you use an outdated version of EFB v2. Please download the newest release from our server and un- und reinstall EFB v2. We cannot give any support on outdated versions.
  17. yes seems like that I dont have these in my....\Ready Folder I got a folder called P3DV4NG but this one is empty & text file called databases with the following content : 5|2|1802|1|NG-1802/R1|636836858821568994
  18. Please check the following path: C:\Users\<yourname>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\DbBuilder\Ready\P3Dv4AS for the presence of the follwing files: If not all files are present, then something went wrong with the database bild.
  19. First thing is: when the DatabaseBuilder was finished, did you the select the database? (the button "select" at the lower right corner is active). So, after the database builder has finished the firs time, you need to select the required database. I propose to run the DatabaseBuilder again and then not just close it but SELECT the required database. This will automatically start the EFB Server.
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