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  1. Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened. It just so happens that after this build, I could not get the client to connect. After previous builds and updates, I completed a rebuild of the scenery and re-ran Airac from server. After this, sometimes the client works and sometimes times it doesn't. For instance, before this last build, I had just completed a 5hr flight while using EFB client, and that worked flawlessly. But as soon as I created another flight, EFB client lost connection to EFB server. Restarting both EFB server and client did not resolve this problem. I think I had to restart the computer or rebuild scenery/Airac again for it to work. This was the case even though I still had access to the internet and to folders on my server machine. By the way, both machines pinged each other successfully with 4 replies. Sometimes restarting both server and client fixed the issue, or sometimes just re-running the scenery build again and Airac resolved the issue. This is the first time that I cannot. Just for the record, all routes are built in PFPX and exported. Server build#56 Client build #73 Networked Client IP address :192.168.10.*** Subnet: Windows 10 home 64 Webroot Antivirus disabled Webroot firewall disabled Windows firewall and antivirus are disabled Server IP address :192.168.10.*** subnet: Windows 10 Professional 64 Webroot Antivirus disabled Webroot firewall disabled Windows firewall and antivirus are disabled Port 13 enabled on server for both incoming and out going Using IP (DHCP) instead of server name serverLogfile.txt serverLogfile-1.txt serverLogfile-2.txt
  2. Since upgrading to the latest build #73, EFB client no longer connects.I had this window running for almost an hour without any other activity. When it works, it works well. But there seems to be more connectivity problems than actual functionality. I have at least 2 days remaining for the DEMO and fear I won't get to use it. For this reason I'm opting out of the purchase. Too speedy and too many problems. Troy
  3. Appreciate it. Thank you. Troy
  4. See image: If I am seeing this often in the DEMO, will I expect to see this also in the purchased version? Troy
  5. Jonas, I followed the link below and figured it out. I wasn't aware that if you didn't end a previous flight without landing, then you would see these problems. The flight before with the CRJ 700 was having erratic behavior in mid flight, so I ended the flight prematurely. Obviously doing this made EFB client to think I was still airborne.
  6. Occasionally after creating a flight plan from PFPX and exporting it to the designated folders, EFB client has difficulty finding the folder For instance , after I click FPL, the option for copy/paste becomes available. When I clear or cancel it in an attempt to create a flight plan, I am unable to select to select company routes or anything from the internet. Nothing happens. It acts like it is grayed out, and happens at least every other few flights. When I check my network connections, it looks fine and my settings shows the correct mapped folder for the routes. I have my virus and firewall turned off. Any thoughts as to why this happens? Log file included. Client version is 72; EFB server is 55 Troy clientLogfile.txt
  7. Yes and I really like it as it is. I use ProATC/X for ATC which I enjoy. But an all-in-one product would be superb, rather than having so many different apps running at once. You say "ATC is presented" already. Are you talking about other 3rd party, like ProATC/X etc.? Troy
  8. This is such an awesome product. Have you guys considered incorporating ATC into it? Troy
  9. You are right, but this only happened after the second update
  10. Hey Brian have you figured out how to configure the network? I am having the same issues. Troy
  11. I have the same problem and is struggling with this. My client machine is currently communicating with the server, but when I share the folder routes folder from the client, my server is not picking it up. DO you have a suggestion? Troy
  12. Daniel, Thank you very much. That worked. I did have to add the comservices.bin file directly into the Server\DbBuilder\Base\P3D4 folder for it to work properly without errors. Thanks again. Troy
  13. I am just reporting this for now and do not have the opportunity or time to troubleshoot. The error in the image below is sporadic. Sometimes I get in and sometimes I cannot. Even with the server up and running, the client cannot connect. Thanks Troy
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