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  1. tkemp66

    ATC option

    Yes and I really like it as it is. I use ProATC/X for ATC which I enjoy. But an all-in-one product would be superb, rather than having so many different apps running at once. You say "ATC is presented" already. Are you talking about other 3rd party, like ProATC/X etc.? Troy
  2. tkemp66

    ATC option

    This is such an awesome product. Have you guys considered incorporating ATC into it? Troy
  3. You are right, but this only happened after the second update
  4. Hey Brian have you figured out how to configure the network? I am having the same issues. Troy
  5. I have the same problem and is struggling with this. My client machine is currently communicating with the server, but when I share the folder routes folder from the client, my server is not picking it up. DO you have a suggestion? Troy
  6. tkemp66

    Database Builder - Errors

    Daniel, Thank you very much. That worked. I did have to add the comservices.bin file directly into the Server\DbBuilder\Base\P3D4 folder for it to work properly without errors. Thanks again. Troy
  7. tkemp66

    Database Builder - Errors

    I am just reporting this for now and do not have the opportunity or time to troubleshoot. The error in the image below is sporadic. Sometimes I get in and sometimes I cannot. Even with the server up and running, the client cannot connect. Thanks Troy