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  1. If people really want to keep it alive without paying they will find one. Hacks will appear online eventually. Just a matter of time (not limited by an online time server).
  2. Despite my intentions to stay logged in somebody who shall remain nameless and will be unlikely to read this thought I had left the computer switched on by accident and generously logged out on my behalf. Haven't been able to get back in since so I will sit back until after my upcoming vacation and think about my next step when I return.
  3. Thanks for your comments Urs. I apologise for my harsh words but I have really been frustrated by this issue. I have it running now and I think I may leave the computer running until the next power failure, an unfortunate and all too frequent problem at this time of the year where I live due to high winds and exposed terrain.
  4. Appreciate your comment and from what I have read already buying it will resolve the issue. However, that doesn't solve the issue as to why this occurs. There are many other applications with a 'try before you buy' offer and they seem to manage the countdown without this amount of fiddling around. I am a v1 user and when I get the software to operate - 6 fails last evening - it is quite stable and looks good but that is not the point. It should work as advertised in Demo mode and it doesn't so either I have done something wrong in the setup or there is something wrong with the coding. The fact it works eventually, after much cursing, suggests to me that my setup is OK and that leaves the other option. Disappointing that Urs is nowhere to be seen on this issue. At the present rate of progress my DEMO time will expire and if I'm not happy, and there could be any number of reasons for that, then I won't be a purchaser.
  5. I am using the Demo mode of EFBv2 I have configured a rule for Outgoing Traffic through Port 13. Whenever EFBv2 is started the pop-up appears on the screen indicated the License is being verified followed by a further message that TCP Port 13 must be open. I click OK and am presented with a Screen telling me to install DEMO. I dismiss this screen and try again and more likely than not once more the same path is repeated. The most tries to date is five before I am able to progress to the server actually loading. This is frustrating the heck out of me. What more can I do other than buy the full license which I don't want to do without being able to fully utilise the DEMO? Thanks Andy b
  6. chumley

    Startup Order

    Hey Ray - long time since the days of Radar Contact . Hope you are well too. Good comment re - FSUIPC. I think that may be something I did with an earlier version or the weather or something. must look into it once more. Thanks for the pointer/reminder. My simming has taken a back seat of recent times due to numerous visits to Europe since I retired six years ago - almost annually for one reason or another. Getting back into it now and looking at ways to dispense with the keyboard and mouse or at least send them into semi-retirement.
  7. chumley

    Startup Order

    I thought I did have the Server starting as Administrator but it turns out the Icon pinned to the taskbar was not whilst the shortcut on the Desktop had been changed but obviously after I copied it to the taskbar. The message which had the word 'boolean' in it did not get in the way today but I still need two (at least) shots to get to the point where the program tells me how many days are left of the trial mode. Regardless the main issue is resolved so I can now get on with checking out EFB2 which looks very good thus far. Thanks
  8. chumley

    Startup Order

    Is it mandatory to start EFB before P3D or is the error box I keep getting when starting after P3D a bug?
  9. chumley

    Server cannot be reached

    That's because the program is no longer in Demo mode and not checking a time server to make sure it hasn't expired. I used to wonder how applications kept track of elapsed time. Now I know.
  10. In my Sim I have traffic labels revealing Airline, Flight Plan and Airline Flight number - none of which show in EFB despite the T/LBL button being switched on Is there a solution to this? BTW, I'm currently looking at the DEMO version and like what I see. just want to play a bit more before committing.
  11. chumley

    Access denied

    I got this message as well but only when trying to start EFB in DEMO mode after P3Dv4.3 was running. Is it necessary to start the Server before starting the Sim?
  12. chumley

    EFB version 2.0 status

    Looking forward to it Urs. It has been a long road. Screenshots will be good.
  13. I fell into the same hole. So used to everything being set after upgrading to the latest version I failed to press the TRFC button. Duh!!!!
  14. chumley

    P3D v4 compatibility

    Version 2 may not be unless Pete Dowson upgrades FSUIPC or Urs decides to follow the SimConnect route. A lot of simmers will be in a quandary as to which direction to take - me being one of them. I suspect I will purchase v4 and install alongside v3 and gradually transition across as i did from FSX only getting on board P3D at v3.3.
  15. How do I get the Airport data source to show on the Airport Information Screen? This screen used to show the path to the scenery .bgl but I cannot recall where the setting is to allow this to occur. Thanks