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  1. I have ORBX YSCB airport installed. This airport has two bgls - one is YSCB which covers the main runway and the terminal area and the other is ZSCB which looks after the crosswind runway and the military and small aircraft parking. When I land at YSCB the EFB shows me on YSCB them suddenly switches to ZSCB in the moving map. Not sure what I can do to prevent this.
  2. It was only a problem if updating one put the other out of action. In the past there have been instances where updating the server meant the client wouldn't work unless it too was updated. Perhaps if one is updated and the other must be also updated the update should inform the user of the fact and also the waiting time if they don' or maybe a way to update the client by an option on the settings interface as exists on the server interface.
  3. Just edited my previous post with a solution.
  4. Thanks for that but sadly there is no EXE file in that folder. Fixed it by changing the date in the ClientSettings.TXT file in the Client/Settings folder from 20181204 to 20181203 and updated. I guess it would have presented the option tomorrow and it did work with the new server version so nothing was lost.
  5. Over the last couple of days I have been prompted to update both the server and the client but due to times constraints have ignored the prompt. Earlier I updated the server to V.60 after checking for available updates. I have tried to update the client to the latest version but I no longer get the prompt on loading and cannot find how to update from within the client program. I currently have v.77 of the client loaded. How do I trigger the update?
  6. This may help, then again it may inflame if taken the wrong way. It is intended to help. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_flight_bag Effectively pilots at a commercial level do not create flight plans. That is the job of a Flight Dispatcher or Flight Operations Officer and is delivered to a pilot complete, either on paper or electronically, with the exception that SIDS and STARS and Runways are applied to the flight by the pilot at the appropriate time and are determined by notified to the pilot by ATC. That is why EFB2 has an import function from stand alone planners.
  7. In the manual titled 'Flightplan' there are instructions for how to do this. See image below
  8. I had similar issues but I have persevered. Make sure you are starting in Administrator mode (sure you are but just in case). My trial expires in a couple of days and I intend to purchase. I too have the freeware software you are suggesting as an alternative and find EFB grows on you. the 'time server' issues are not issues with the full license but I can understand you wanting to have a good look. I did for sure.
  9. The first image shows the cursor position after pressing the Select .... button for the Destination Airport The next image shows what happens if I type the destination ICAO without first deleting NZWN. I would have thought the ICAO code box should be cleared each time it is recalled. Sorry for the confusion. It was late when I noticed the error and it had been a looooong day. Andy b
  10. On the FPL Create Flightplan screen when after entering the Origin ICAO details the airport is displayed and pressing Select transfers the information to the display. Upon pressing the Select ... button to identify the Destination airport the ICAO data from the origin airport is still displayed and needs to be manually removed. I would expect that the ICAO box is cleared automatically when the Select .... button is pressed. Is this a reasonable expectation?
  11. Make sure you have Run this program as an administrator checked for both server and client as shown above.
  12. Mine was the opposite. I got the client update and then accidentally passed over the server update. When it didn't work I shutdown the server and restarted and still no connection to the client. I tried the update the server through the tab on the server and it told me I had the latest version which I knew to be wrong. So I uninstalled and installed a re-downloaded upgrade version of the server.
  13. If people really want to keep it alive without paying they will find one. Hacks will appear online eventually. Just a matter of time (not limited by an online time server).
  14. Despite my intentions to stay logged in somebody who shall remain nameless and will be unlikely to read this thought I had left the computer switched on by accident and generously logged out on my behalf. Haven't been able to get back in since so I will sit back until after my upcoming vacation and think about my next step when I return.
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