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  1. KiloJuliett

    EFB v2 server unable to start

    I have also the server running on 1809, either with a client on the same machine or remote. Works perfectly. So I guess it's not really the version, but more what may be changed during the upgrade process.
  2. KiloJuliett

    EFB2 server

    Welcome to the AivlaSoft forum. May I ask you to comply with the forum rules and To activate the license, select the navigate to the respective menu in the EFB Server and choose to activate your license.
  3. Bob, please provide some more details so we can analyze this issue. A start would be a set of support files. Do you use an add-on scenery? If yes, which one? What aircraft profile was used? Did you change it? Have you tried to disable the PRFL filter (to be found in the airport selector)?
  4. Remove the scenery entry pointed out by Urs from your scenery.cfg Open the DBbuilder Remove any existing databases Create a new database Select the new database for use Upload the latest support files
  5. KiloJuliett

    EFB v2 Server Error

    Frans, did you launch the application with admin rights?
  6. KiloJuliett

    Error "No Vatsim URL available"

    Looks like the VATSIM URL is deleted somehow. Maybe you have some anti virus software installed that is changing the file this URL is saved in? The servers settings file is Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\Settings\serverSettings.txt If the problem returns, can you check this file or the respective dialog of the EFB Server and let us know, what the VATSIM URL field shows?
  7. KiloJuliett

    EFB2 Server doesn't start after installation

    I may be wrong, but I thought the TCP Listener is part of the .NET Framework used for EFB. Usually, a reboot of the computer clears such issues. Did you reboot after installation or when this issue happened?
  8. Happy to hear it worked. However, we have to be aware that this is not a permanent solution and the issue will most probably return once you change sceneries or update the nav data set and as a consequence re-run the database DBbuilder. Hopefully we can find some other ideas how to fix this issue permanently until then.
  9. Mike, you shall NOT remove the file in the server folder. Otherwise the client has no file to compare with and won't complete the file database synchronisation. The idea of the work instruction I gave you is to overcome the issue on your system of the unzip process of your client. The desired outcome is that the client recognizes the manually extracted file as already available and won't try again to extract it from the server location (because he recognizes they are the same version). If you delete the server file, this won't work.
  10. Yes. Those file are copied into the client folder by the client application. According to the log, there is an issue while unzipping that file. So I thought you might at least temporarily bypass this by unzipping the file yourself. Can you post again the latest support files?
  11. Ok. Try this: Close EFB Server and Client Navigate to Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\DbBuilder\Ready\FSXSENG\ Open the file airports.bin.zip and extract the file inside (airports.bin) to Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\Database Run EFB Server and Client Any success?
  12. Hi Mike There seems to be an issue with the zipped airports database. This can have different reasons. Can you first try to recreate the database in the DBbuilder again? Best delete all existing databases and start creating a new one again. Is the result still the same?
  13. KiloJuliett

    Very Confusing error messaging

    Hi Jirka Thanks for reporting. The port 13 issue is limited to the demo version.
  14. KiloJuliett

    Very Confusing error messaging

    Can you try once to start EFB Server and Client before you run the simulator?
  15. KiloJuliett

    Very Confusing error messaging

    Hello Jirka Where do you get this message from? EFB Client or Server? I can't find traces in the log files that you run Server and Client in parallel after you re-created the database yesterday. Upon launching the Client the first time after a new database has been created, the client will update its local databases, which also should be logged in the Server log. There is no trace of this either.