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  1. Hi Juergen I think this is not what I'm looking for. Can you please create a full set of support file?
  2. Hi Juergen Did you check the details by any chance? There is a bunch of log information that would be valuable for analyzing the error. Also, what actions did you do (in EFB, or any other application) right before this exception occured?
  3. Hi lalandem Did you launch EFB Server/Database Builder with admin rights? Please report the steps you take before this message is displayed.
  4. Hi guys Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I discussed the topic with Urs in the meantime. The main issue is that different FSD server networks use different formats for their whazzup files. More specifically the data fields are at different positions. As there is no generic network traffic format supported, whazzup files from other networks only work if the relevant data fields are at the same position. So to check this, you need to compare VATSIM and IVAO files with the ones generated from your network. If any of them fits, you can change the url in the EFB server to poin
  5. Yep, the traffic monitor is what I meant. This could be helpful if you spot another case. However, E17S seems to be a fantasy designator. Maybe this is part of the problem. I don't know if there is any cross check with the ICAO database. Urs will be able to clarify.
  6. Hi Ken What is the source of your AI traffic? Please let us know what are the entries for this flight in the traffic list of the EFB Server.
  7. @PCPiloot Sorry Jacob, my bad. Should work now.
  8. @martyp187 @PCPiloot Please share the URL for your whazzup (may be via PM), so I can check the options and coordinate with Urs afterwards.
  9. That looks already promising. Do you also have a public URL where the current file is available? If you do not want this made public here, please send it to my by PM.
  10. There is currently no such option, indeed. But I think it could be added easily if the format matches. In order to do some verifications, can you please upload some example whazzup files from your network. Thanks.
  11. Just resize the Ribbon window ... ?!
  12. What application is saying this? Have you loaded the flight plan in EFB? What aircraft (default, specific addon) are you using?
  13. When your route is expected to go from an uncovered sector (UNICOM) into a covered one (ATC FREQ) and then back to an uncovered one (UNICOM), this is the correct behaviour. The stations presented in the ATC Freq Ribbon represent your route (from left to right).
  14. Well, were you able to succeed? A properly installed version of FSUIPC is required for EFB to connect.
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