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  1. Hey Dave As you have found the log file, why didn't you have a look into it to notice that every single scenery listed in your fsx.cfg generates the warning: FOLDER DOESN'T EXIST!. The paths given for the scenery indeed don't look the way they normally do. Or do you have all sceneries in your documents folder? A significant issue is the missing magdec.bgl in the folder base\scenery. Please check your folder structure. Can you confirm that your FSX is actually using the file C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX\scenery.cfg for saving/changing your scenery list? You might check this by adding a new scenery and check whether it is listed in this file afterwards. Does your FSX run fine? No issues with sceneries?
  2. KiloJuliett

    EFB Server error

    Traffic display via EFB is not dependent on any account from one of the networks. You always can select one of the ressources to turn EFB into a traffic map. So you can easily also test VATSIM as I can test IVAO, even though I have no account there. The client you are connected to the network is responsible only to feed the traffic from around your area.
  3. KiloJuliett

    IVAP and EFB

    Henk I can't see anything unusual from EFB beeing done. Maybe there was an issue hidden already in your IVAP installation? Unfortunately, I'm not that familiar with this client. Do you know if IVAP also uses FSUIPC? I would anyway recommend to update FSUIPC to the latest version available for FSX. It looks like you don't have that one yet. Can you confirm and try after the latest FSUIPC version installed?
  4. KiloJuliett

    IVAP and EFB

    Hi Henk Can you please create a set of support files (https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3046-how-to-create-a-support-file/) and upload them here, or alternatively send them to support(at)aivlasoft(dot)com.
  5. KiloJuliett

    IVAP and EFB

    Hi Henk What exactly means "start flying"? Running the sim, moving the aircraft, becoming airborne? Did you try a flight or two with EFB no running to verify it's really an issue linked to EFB?
  6. KiloJuliett

    How to set OBS

    Why do you need the pedestal to set the CRS? Isn't this done in the MCP? Just connect it and use EFB to set the NAV frequencies (so to help you out with the missing pedestal). Wouldn't this work? We are talking about an EFB here. It certainly never claimed to replace any instruments in the cockpit. Where helpful for the majority of the users, certain functions may be implemented. But your issue is rather related to your current transition of panels. As soon as you have the MCP running together with a pedestal, you won't need the requested feature anymore. I think, this doesn't justify any development effort in this matter.
  7. KiloJuliett

    How to set OBS

    Don't you have an MCP?
  8. KiloJuliett

    How to set OBS

    Are you talking about the course for an instrument like a CDI or for an ILS approach? Then the answer is: in your cockpit.
  9. KiloJuliett

    Update EFB 2.0 Client 78, Server 61

    Hey Norman You should be able to update from #59 directly to #61 now as this is the latest version. Can you check that there is no exe file in the folder Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\Updates? What version does the latestVersions.txt in the very same folder show?
  10. KiloJuliett

    Flightplan from FS

    I'm not denying this. But there is no change required as the desired output (= final result) can already be achieved as of today. We are talking here basically about the order of which data is transfered. You want to keep your FS GPS updated with the current flight plan. Until now, you required a customised solution. Now, you integrate EFB to your system landscape. You tried to do it the way you felt it is right. But it's designed to work slightly different. I explained you in my answers how you can properly integrate EFB into your environment. There is not even a software change required. Instead, EFB will take over the "distribution" function which your own program did so far. This way, you get all systems served with data as you intend, right?
  11. KiloJuliett

    Flightplan from FS

    Matthias You have to be a little bit open minded for new approaches. This software won't be redesigned just to fit your setup. It will all work, if you take EFB to "feed" your FS GPS, which it does if the "forward to default GPS" is activated. So you should use PFPX to send PLN to the uplink of EFB or EFB itself to create a new flight plan (your scenario 2). Thank to the forward function, EFB will immediately and independend, whether it received a flight plan from PFPX or if it was created directly on EFB, forward this to the FS GPS and so ASN will also be updated. I think, then you can even in ProSim load data from the FS GPS. And then you have all systems updated. The only bit you have to change is acknowledge that EFB will from now on forward any received or created flight plan to the FS GPS. Everything else stays as it is.
  12. KiloJuliett

    Flightplan from FS

    Well, I was really mixing up some things. Or I forgot one point. I think in AS16, the direct file read is possible, but this is not possible in ASN. You need EFB to do the transfer of the pln to the FS GPS. This is why you need to ensure that in the EFB aircraft profile you use, the corresponding option is activated. Then EFB will continuously update your FS GPS. And ASN will read those updates as well.
  13. KiloJuliett

    Flightplan from FS

    That's why you need to change this so ASN does track the changes made with EFB. Otherwise, it won't. It's as simple as that. True. But if you want ASN to follow the changes made in EFB, you will need to.
  14. KiloJuliett

    Flightplan from FS

    Then tell your program to copy the plan also to the EFB uplink again. No need to omit this step. I basically says, it doesn't matter which *.pln is changed in the mentioned folder. ASN will, if you enable the function explained in my previous thread, which I highly suggest, read the latest *.pln file. At the moment an EFB flight plan is generated, EFB creates the EFB_current_gps.pln, which is then the latest file. And ASN will consequently read the EFB*.pln file from then on.
  15. KiloJuliett

    EFB2 and P3Dv4.3

    Make sure you close all EFB applications first. Then click right on EFB Server and select "run as administrator". Do you still get the same message?