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  1. KiloJuliett

    client keeps synchronizing database

    Hello ??? (https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2522-forum-rules-read-before-post/) It looks like your connection is not stable enough. As a result, the connection is removed after a certain time because the answers are not received quick enough. How are your server and client machine connected to the network? LAN, WLAN? Maybe a anti-virus software is slowing down the connection?
  2. KiloJuliett

    XP11 Support

    No, just subscribe for the Annoncement thread and you will be the first to get the news. https://forum.aivlasoft.com/forum/18-announcements/
  3. KiloJuliett

    Opening the Impossible Client on V2

    Hi ??? (please observe the forum rules) It seems there is an issue while unzipping the airports file on your client. I suggest you to go to the DbBuilder, remove any existing database entry and create a new one from scratch. Also, the "Number group separator" listed in the client and server log seems to be an exceptional character. At least on my computer, this character cannot be displayed properly. Can you post a screenshot of your format options from Windows. You find them via the control panel, search for region, then click the link for additional date, time and country settings, then open the advanced settings page. It should like this:
  4. KiloJuliett

    No traffic with IVAO

    Do you see traffic in the simulator in this case or on an info tool of the network? I assume you did, but just to be sure, check to be have the IVAO client connected.
  5. KiloJuliett

    Continuing frustrations of Port 13

    It is required for the demo only because this port is used for time check in order to prevent abuse of the demo licence.
  6. KiloJuliett

    Quick update request/suggestion.

    The are ordered according your planned flight route. Or do you refer to any other sequence?
  7. KiloJuliett

    Vatsim Air Traffic

    You can't see more traffic than the VATSIM clients feeds you with. This is typically a limited radius around your position. This is not different from EFB v1.
  8. KiloJuliett

    Vatsim Air Traffic

    Chris, vPilot is working as an injection engine for AI traffic. It has it's own limiters for good reasons. So has FSUIPC. As not both programs share the same available range to be entered, there is no chance for any kind of synchronisation. Just consider vPilot as another AI engine. You could also reduce the number of AI traffic in the default sim engine (usually a value in percentage). This is not synchronised with FSUIPC either. And there is also no reason for this. The limiter in FSUIPC allows you to chose the number of traffic shared via applications working with FSUIPC, a feature which allows you performance balancing and is certainly very clever. If you wish to make vPilot your "master" in terms of what number of traffic is used via FSUIPC, just set the limiter in FSUIPC to 0 (= unlimited) and you can immediately control the AI traffic limits via vPilot.
  9. KiloJuliett

    Missing NAV WTP (DEM 116.30)

    Oh well, I was looking for WTP. Not suprising I didn't find it.
  10. KiloJuliett

    Missing NAV WTP (DEM 116.30)

    Not so uncommon anymore since more and more VORs are decomissioned and only the DMEs remain. I've checked the irish AIP, but couldn't find WTP anywhere. Hence, I assume it is no longer operational and therefore no longer part of the AIRAC database, which is the relevant source for flight route validation. So why can you still see it on your EFB map? I would guess because it's in your sim database (by default or through an add-on). But this alone doesn't it enable to be used for your flight plan.
  11. KiloJuliett

    Vatsim Air Traffic

    Michael, the difference to v1 of EFB is that SimConnect was used, where now in v2 it's FSUIPC to connect EFB to the simulator. Hence the limitation imposed by the free version of FSUIPC.
  12. KiloJuliett

    Cannot see AC symbol On EFB

    Hello freshman (please sign your post according the rules https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2522-forum-rules-read-before-post/) Please confirm you are running EFB Server with admin rights. Did you recently install/deinstall flight sim software? Maybe FSUIPC? Can you update FSUIPC to the latest version (again) to check if that solves the issue? Does the EFB Server recognize your simulator (detect an FSUIPC connection)? Please provide support files according the FAQ.
  13. KiloJuliett

    EFB and XP11

  14. KiloJuliett

    Metar from Active Sky

    Peter, internet connection should be only required if you have the trial version. Did you set the AS folder in the EFB server correctly?
  15. KiloJuliett

    Runway 17/35 Missing at LPPT

    Hi Vincent This is most probably due to missuse of certain AFCAD definitions by the scenery developer. I think you are using an add-on scenery, right? Which one is it. Can you find the associated AFCAD file (in the airport info dialog)?