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  1. KJ, thanks, but you have missed the point. the shot is of the navigraph revision 2, not the updating of the database in Aivlasoft. I have to have the new revision downloaded before I can update the database rgds John
  2. Gents, the latest Navigraph (2102R2) has been issued recently. I have tried, through the Navigraph data manager to update Aivlasoft EFB2, but I cannot get it to download and update. All other aircraft and addons update to R2. any assistance is welcome ;) See screenshot also. rgds John.
  3. Hi Oskar, I have P3dv4.5 and have attached the server database report. I have also re-run the database, but it still shows the same runway numbers.Thanx for the reply rgds Carey Server_202012111819.txt.zip Server_202012111815.txt.zip
  4. In the client, build 2.1#119 it shows the two runways as 07L and 07L as well as 25R and 25R, at te new airport EDDB. can you change the runway numbers please ? rgds Carey
  5. This new airport has now taken over from Murcia (San Javier) in Murcia Spain. there is no data yet in Aivlasoft yet, I wonder when this will be updated. All info is available from ENAIRE and the link to their airport details is: https://ais.enaire.es/AIP/AIPS/AMDT_323_2020_AIRAC_16_2019/AIP.html tanks in advance John
  6. https://prnt.sc/q8xf4k what should I have in these fields ? rgds John
  7. Gents, have we an aircraft profile for the Aerosoft A330-343 to enter in the Client ? rgds John ;)
  8. Gents, I am flying into RJFR (Japan), in EFB2 I go to "arrival" but no procedures are available. I then look at the runway setup there and find that the sim (P3Dv4) shows Rwys 11/29 while the Aerosoft A319 Pro shows 18/36. This could be an interesting arrival ?? Is there a cure for this Pls ? rgds John
  9. Lonewulf47, tuvm, that worked with the BA319 IAE version of the Aerosoft Pro. Many thanks again; loving the new version 2 EFB, am on 30 day trial but will be purchasing this, as I have the version 1, but this seems a good step up !! rgds John
  10. Gentlemen, does anyone have a profile for the A319 Professional (Aerosoft) that they would like to share ? Failing that can you point me in the direction of where they might be pls ? rgds John ;)
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