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  1. Hi Urs, I haven’t investigated all the keyboard shortcuts so wasn’t aware there were quite a few. I’ll seek out a easy to remember one for that command.
  2. On the subject of buttons could you please include one that highlights parking positions and their alignment? I know there is a key combo but I keep forgetting it. Getting old I guess. 😄
  3. Thanks Urs, it's fine at the moment so now I know what controls it I should be okay. That would explain why it came on yesterday when I loaded a scenarion in P3D v3 which was created before the current AIRAC cycle.
  4. HI Urs, It's not a warning message as such. It's the yellow notice that appears right at the top of the right column on the Client where the red warning appears when not connected to the server. Hope that's clear. PC not turned on at present.
  5. A question about the AIRAC warning on the Client. I definitely updated to 0202 a few days ago so was surprised to see the warning when I loaded a saved P3D v3 scenario. But then I checked the time and date in P3D and it was a couple of months ago. Ah, that’s why I saw the warning. But after changing to current time the warning didn’t disappear. Does it check AIRAC cycle with a change of P3D time and date? I would have expected the warning to disappear once the date in the sim matched the AIRAC period.
  6. Hi Oskar, it's a default airport so no fix seems likely. Turning off the FSGlobal layer is easy and once I depart tomorrow I can enable it again. I don't have Vectors. I will check my destination airport tomorrow to ensure there is no repeat. We'll have these problems for eternity I suspect.
  7. Those files sorted the problem so thanks again Oskar. I flew north to Cali but had to deactivate the FS Global layer for Sth America as the airfield was in a rectangular chasm several hundred feet deep! 😂
  8. Oskar, that’s very kind of you, thanks. I’m parked at Lima overnight before the next leg tomorrow. Those files will come in handy and I’ll report back how the planning and departure went.
  9. Hi Oskar, Given this is a world tour so once I depart Lima tomorrow I'll probably never land there again I'll just cope with the clashing ICAOs. Does EFB get the airport data from the user's data or from Navigraph-supplied data? I guess the former otherwise there wouldn't be this anomaly. I had a look on SimMarket for Lima scenery but the only recent package has the old ICAO so that wouldn't help and I believe you can only modify ICAOs in AFDs with the paid version of ADE.
  10. This is a new one for me. As part of my world tour I setup a flight to Lima, Peru this morning. PFPX reports the ICAO as SPJC but when I tried to import the route into EFB it said that ICAO didn't exist. A check of the airport name revealed it as SPIM. I modified the plan and it was loaded okay. PFPX reports it as JORGE CHAVEZ INTL. I subscribe to Navigraph and both sets of data are running 2001-R1. Why would this mismatch happen?
  11. Hi again Urs, I'm struggling to see how a flight plan can be saved as a CSV file. I've searched several pdf fles for CSV but nothing was returned.
  12. Hi Urs, I did some digging and it seems GE can read a CSV file. https://support.google.com/earth/answer/176685?hl=en From what I can see a KMZ file is zipped and can contain multiple files including images. But all I'm looking for is the ability to draw a line connecting all waypoints in a flight plan. Maybe a KML file is the answer but I'm sure you know more than me. 👍
  13. Hi Urs, I didn’t know GE could read a CSV file, thanks. I shall experiment. Hope you enjoy your Christmas. 👍
  14. I’m currently flying an around the world tour in a B738. Concorde would have been better but there’s no 64-bit version. 😞 I have been investigating whether I can draw a line between airports visited in Google Earth. Add Path in GE does allow the user to draw a line but it’s freehand, not a straight one. So that’s a non-starter. I was wondering if a KMZ file could be generated from the flight plan in EFB using the Lat/Lon of the airports and waypoints? A happy Christmas to Urs and Oskar and best wishes for 2020. 👍😁
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