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  1. NEWSFLASH!!! Navigraph have cancelled the proposed forced change to subscriptions and will continue to a offer the FMS Data service. Details here... https://forum.navigraph.com/viewtopic.php?p=36185#p36185
  2. Hi Oskar, I see others have joined the discussion so it's probably best each person asks for the data they require. No doubt Aerosoft might see this as an opportunity to increase the price but it's still a massive saving.
  3. I've just checked what NavDataPro supports and everything I have is okay apart from Hi-Fi Active Sky and Concorde Performance System(x). I'll post on Navigraph pointing people to NavDataPro which is available for 31 Euros. That's a massive saving.
  4. I have subscribed to Navigraph’s FMS Data for many years. The annual cost for a monthly update is around 30 Euros. Today I have received an email advising the FMS Data subscription is being phased out and users will be switched to Navigraph Ultimate. This service includes FMS data but also their Charts which EFB users generally don’t need. The price is tripling to around 90 Euros per annum. What are my alternatives if, as seems probable, I do not continue my subscription? Aerosoft’s NavDataPro?
  5. They get away with shoddy AFDs because their scenery in all fairness does look very good. And I suspect that unless you are an enthusiast or don’t use software like EFB you’d be none the wiser about the quality or lack of it in the AFDs. Do you have a source for the best way to learn? Mine are still a bit hit and miss.
  6. Hi Oskar, understood. I think in fairness to Nick he's not really the designer but knocked something together because I was getting fed up waiting. Hopefully the designer will do a better job although AFD accuracy does not appear to be a high priority for them. 😟
  7. Oskar, Not sure if you're referring to my effort or ORBX's. I hold my hand up and admit I added DME to 30 because it was just for me. I didn't open the ones ORBX provided so can't comment.
  8. Hi Oskar. Yes, the ORBX one. I’ll check tomorrow and report back.
  9. Oskar, I think ESSA has a similar problem. I imagine you've probab;y fixed that too. I'll look at it tomorrow. AFDs seem to be the least important aspect of scenery. So many faults in all of them!
  10. If anyone has LYBE - Nichola Tesla Airport, Belgrade the attached AFD file will correct the ILS for 12/30 not being detected by EFB's scanning process. My discussion with ORBX is here and they have provided an 'official' fix for anyone that wants it. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/178769-lybe-ils-issue/?tab=comments#comment-1587795 LYBE_ADEP4_RAY.bgl
  11. That appears to have fixed it, thanks Oskar. LATER: It hasn't fixed LYBE but that AFD doesn't conform to the SDK with navaids placed at the North Pole. I have raised it on the ORBX forum a few months ago but they haven't fixed it.
  12. There appears to be a general problem with ILSs not showing with the latest builds. I imagine Urs will reply tomorrow.
  13. The problem appears more widespread than I initially thought. Inbound to UK2000 Manchester (EGCC) no ILS is shown for 05L when I know for a fact it is available.
  14. Gents, Running Server v2.1 #113 and Client v2.1 #113 but the following 3rd party AFDs which have ILS do not show in EFB. LatinVFR KMSY, ORBX LYBE and ESSA. I'm attaching the BGLs but please note they are modified versions because I have custom jetways by Cartayna and have edited out some errors but left navaids alone. Is it a problem with how EFB is reading the AFDs? RAY.zip
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