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  1. Not sure if this is relevant, but I ran latest EFB ( server and client) update this morning. Shooting approach to KMSY, MY ATC program ( PFE) had the correct wind 070 at 9mph, and so did AS 16. The wind indicated in EFB was showing 270 at 12 knots. I have never had this happen before. Any ideas ?
  2. You are a genius ( applause) That was the problem. Even though I disabled the add on scenery for KMSP, which is problematic apparently, it was still being read by EFB, whbich was listed on the "info" page ( took me awhile to find that) I removed the add on scenery from the folder, totally, reran the DB builder, and now everything is working. Thanks. Great support for EFB.
  3. Only this airport has this problem. I always use the Q400. I have scan all sceneries checked. I disabled add on scenery by deselecting it in P3D scenery menu. I disabled My Traffic scenery with that airport by naming the bgl. passive. So the only scenery that should be active now is P3D default for KMSP. Only thing that has me confused is I can't locate the default bgl for KMSP.
  4. I had an add on scenery for KMSP. I disabled it, ran DB builder again, and now have just stock P3D v 3.4 KMSP scenery. Prfl filter on/off no difference. P3D sees all the airline Gates, A though G. PF3 assigns correct Gates when landing. Moving map shows all gates, with AI aircraft parked at some. It is just the Taxi list, that only shows general Aviation Ramp numbers. Client_201902101604.txt.zipServer_201902101604.txt.zip
  5. At KSMP airport, the moving map shows all the parking places and gates from A to G. When I go to the Taxi menu and check Taxi in, all I see is GA ramp parking places. Any solution. I have rebuilt the data base in P3D .
  6. I fixed it. Turned out that something must have happened to my default KPIT Afcad. When I launched KPIT from the P3D menu, it was using My Traffic 6 KPIT BGL. I guess that EFB doesn't like that, so the airport and all teh taxiways etc. never showed up in EFB, just the aircraft and the AI . I downloaded a new version of KPIT, and now everything works.
  7. Fly EFB all the time with P3D version 3.4. Tried a flight from KDCA to KPIT, and EFB says it cannot find the destination airport. I rebuilt database, and still no luck. I can go to KPIT in P3D with no problem, so the KPIT scenery is correct. I can also load up Plan G3 moving map, and it shows KPIT and my aircraft at the proper place. I just updated Navigraph to the latest version, and I am wondering, could this problem of EFB not seeing KPIT, even if I search for it in the EFB airport menu, be caused by a Airac issue? Not sure how to troubleshoot this problem. Just seems like EFB cannot see this airport.
  8. Took me 0.3 seconds to find this using Google. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-exclude-files-and-folders-windows-defender-antivirus-scans https://www.technipages.com/bypass-download-failed-virus-detected-messages
  9. Just to see, I downloaded server with Windows 7 and Webroot total protection and scanned the file after. Comes up clean, and Webroot is an excellent Antivirus.
  10. Get Simbrief. It is a flight planner, free, and exports to just about any addon including EFB V2 https://www.simbrief.com/home/index.php
  11. If you use Simbrief for your flight plan, you can export the plan with one click into both EFB V2 and PMDG as well as a couple of dozen other aircraft using the simbrief downloader . https://www.simbrief.com/home/index.php
  12. Yes, I m going to test this for a couple of days to make sure it works. What I added in the file exclude section is these two lines, since all the My Traffic BGL files share these two prefixes. If my logic is correct, this will allow EFB to use the updated Afcads from Herve Sorves without being overwritten by the non updated MT6 bgls. file:AF2_* file:BR2_*
  13. Yes, AF2_ and BR2_ Now I can figure it out . Thanks.
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