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  1. Took me 0.3 seconds to find this using Google. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-exclude-files-and-folders-windows-defender-antivirus-scans https://www.technipages.com/bypass-download-failed-virus-detected-messages
  2. Just to see, I downloaded server with Windows 7 and Webroot total protection and scanned the file after. Comes up clean, and Webroot is an excellent Antivirus.
  3. bobsk8

    No PMDG flightplan export anymore? REALLY?

    Get Simbrief. It is a flight planner, free, and exports to just about any addon including EFB V2 https://www.simbrief.com/home/index.php
  4. If you use Simbrief for your flight plan, you can export the plan with one click into both EFB V2 and PMDG as well as a couple of dozen other aircraft using the simbrief downloader . https://www.simbrief.com/home/index.php
  5. bobsk8

    Wrong ILS Frequencies in EFB

    Yes, I m going to test this for a couple of days to make sure it works. What I added in the file exclude section is these two lines, since all the My Traffic BGL files share these two prefixes. If my logic is correct, this will allow EFB to use the updated Afcads from Herve Sorves without being overwritten by the non updated MT6 bgls. file:AF2_* file:BR2_*
  6. bobsk8

    Wrong ILS Frequencies in EFB

    Yes, AF2_ and BR2_ Now I can figure it out . Thanks.
  7. bobsk8

    Wrong ILS Frequencies in EFB

    Great idea. I will do that. The My Traffic Bgls are located in C:\My Traffic Professional\My Traffic\scenery Not clear on how I should enter that in the exclude file.
  8. bobsk8

    Wrong ILS Frequencies in EFB

    Yes MT6 does provide it's own BGLs, and the problem occurs because the bgls for My Traffic are higher in the scenery priority listing than all the default airports, so the things like ILS freq are then controlled by the My Traffic BGL, and are not updated, when running the Sors ILS updates, because Sors doesn't update the MT6 bgls are any other add on scenery bgls. . So anything other than the default is stuck on the old frequency. So if the initial default for an airport in the sim for ILS rwy 10 is 110.0, then MT6 will be 110.0 , If you run Sors Navaid update and it updates the ILS freq for that airport runway 10 to 120.2, only the default is changed to 120.2, but the MT6 is not updated, it is still on 110.0, and 110.0 is what EFB reads as the ILS freq. because MT6 BGL has priority. Since the default has been changed to 120.2, by Sors, if you tune your Nav receiver, to 110.0, ( the old freq listed in MT6) you don't get the ILS. Hope that makes sense. Two solutions, edit the MT6 BGL and change ILS freq to the new freq, or disable the MT6 BGL for that airport, and the updated new ILS will take over. You have to update the EFB database when you do that so it reads the new ILS freq.
  9. bobsk8

    Wrong ILS Frequencies in EFB

    Yes don't normally disable BGL's, but My Traffic 6 since it is mainly for AI tgraffic on the specific airport, really doesn't cause any problems. When I have time I will fix the MT6 ngl for the airport and enable it.
  10. Just discovered something today, when flying into EETN airport. The ILS frequency was incorrect on both end of runway, even showed up on the P3D map as incorrect. I then found out that the frequency had been updated to 108.3 and 109.3, but the frequency listed in EFB was the old frequency. Since I use Herve Sors ILS update, I couldn't figure out why P3D and EFB was listing the old frequency which no longer functioned. Then I found a post, regarding someone that had a similar problem about a year ago and it turned out that the Sors update only updates default Frequencies. If you have any add on airports or programs like My Traffic 6 ( which I have), these will not be updated. I looked at the My Traffic 6 BGL for EETN, and sure enough, the old frequencies were listed. Since MT6 is higher in the scenery listings, than the default airports, when running Make Runways and the EFB DB rebuilder, it took the MT6 ILS frequency for EETN rather than the new updated one which is the one that worked. You can either edit the MT6 BGL for EETN, changing the ILS Freq to the new ones, or what I did, was just mark the MT6 EETN as passive to disable it. Then I ran make runways, and then the EFB DB rebuilder, and now the correct ILS frequencies are listed in EFB for EETN. Just thought this might help anyone running into this issue.
  11. bobsk8

    No PMDG flightplan export anymore? REALLY?

    I don't think you and the OP get the point.
  12. bobsk8

    No PMDG flightplan export anymore? REALLY?

    I use Sids and Stars on almost every flight in EFB 2. Why are you just trying to make up problems with the new version?
  13. bobsk8

    exception error after update

    That's similar to what I got. Did you try shutting EFB down and restarting it?