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  1. I forgot that I had downloaded one update of Navigraph data months ago. I guess that is where EFB is getting the frequencies from.
  2. I am using PF3 for ATC. I am now at EDDW ready for takeoff on rwy 27. EFB tells me the ATIS Freq is 132.800 and sets my radio at that frequency. The actual freq is 132.375 so I have to manually tune the radio to that. Same with the Tower, EFB says tower is 120.330 Actual frequency is 120.325. If I try and enter the correct frequencies in the radio panel of EFB, it won't accept them. Not a big deal, but wondering what the cause of this is. Happens on PMDG DC6, Carenado Seminole and JF Arrow 3.
  3. Many times , especially in Europe, I get the frequency at say 120.90, and the actual freq turns out to be 120.85. Is that an issue with MSFS?
  4. I notice that in the menu for weather in EFB, mine is set to Real weather. When I move the setting to Simulator, I don't get any weather shown in EFB. Is this normal? Disregard question. I found this after I posted it. https://www.aivlasoft.com/msfs-limitations.html
  5. Derek at Simbrief fixed the problem. Thanks for your help.
  6. I don't see that direct download option in Simbrief?
  7. OK , I see where the problem is. I will contact Simbrief... Thanks.
  8. Here is another one that I am getting ready to fly now. The last Waypoint, Baslo is missing in EFB, and I had to insert it. EKODEKCH01.efbr
  9. The Flightplan I sent you is the one that simbrief created with all the waypoints in it. It was sent to MSFS and that program reads all the waypoints. It was also sent to EFB, and all the way points are there as I pointed out. EFB is leaving out the waypoint Lavba, and it has been doing that to me for over 2 years, with 2 different PCs, and 2 different flight sims.
  10. Here is a perfect example which is a flight I am going to do right now. . I use the simbrief downloader which loads the FPL into both EFB and Msfs2020. Downloader is set for EFB V2. Then I select it in EFB. The waypoint LAVBA ( the last one) is missing. You can see that this waypoint( wp #3) is in the plan. EDXWEKOD01.efbr
  11. I have had this problem since I first got EFB V2, and reported it back then ( maybe a couple of years ago) . After awhile I just got used to it figuring it was something in my setup. Now I am no longer flying P3D V3.5, I now am on MSFS 2020 on a brand new PC, and having the exact same problem. If I Have a flight plan that has say 5 waypoints in it, W1,W2, W3, W4 and W5, when I look at the flight plan after it loads into EFB, I will only see the first 4. I then after to use Insert to insert W5 into the plan. Now if I have a couple of waypoints, and then an airway, followed by the last waypoint, the last waypoint is always there. Since everything is new in the last two months, new install of EFB, new Sim, new PC, it has to be something in EFB that is causing this. I always load my FP from Simbrief downloader, MSFS 2020 reads the FP with no problem, my ATC program , PF3, also reads it with no problem, the GPS unit in the aircraft has all the waypoints, but not EFB. Now this is not a major problem, as I have gotten used to looking at the FP after I select it in EFB, an if I see the last waypoint is missing, I just insert it. But It would be nice if I didn't have to do that. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  12. That worked , now I see what I need to look for. Thanks/
  13. Here I go again Same problem with another MSFS 2020 air craft. Trying to use profile editor and no matter what I put in for the new Just Flight Arrow 3, it keeps using the default profile. What are the exact steps that are need to create a proper profile for a aircraft. I must be doing something wrong, although this shouldn't be that complicated. I get this message. " There is no profile available yet for the currently running aircraft "Piper PA28" Please Create a Profile for this aircraft using the profile editor.
  14. Had the same exact thing happen to me this morning. Had me very confused until I read this post, and that fixed it.
  15. I copied exactly what you had in the profile and it now works. Maybe I am doing something wrong when I set it up. I was trying to modify the Mooney profile that was already in EFB, the Mooney Acclaim. I guess that is the wrong way to do it. Thanks.
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