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  1. A ha. Now I understand what is happening. Thanks for your time and explanation. Still learning.....
  2. I looked at the waypoints that were in the map of Route 1 BVL BVL2 prior to loading it with the simbrief downloader These waypoints shown in the map on Simbrief when hitting analyze route #1 are BVL KNOLE WAATS So I just added WAATS as a waypoint after BVL. MY ATC program works better if the waypoints are not too far apart, and not too far from arrival airport, as long as they are valid waypoints. AS16 registers these waypoints correctly , as well as PF3 and Flight 1 GTN 650. Only EFB fails to record the last waypoint, Enclose below is the original FP I made again this morning and it looks like WAATS is missing in the Routing there. But it is listed as Waypoint 3.... Shouldn't the Routeing say BVL KNOLE WAATS ? I also checked the Flight 1 GTN flightplan from simbrief, which I have included KENV-KSLC.GFP and you can see all the waypoint including WAATS are there. I also checked the P3D flightplan from simbrief, and all the waypoints are there too. KENVKSLC01.efbr KENV-KSLC.gfp
  3. Well did another flight plan with version 2 selected in Simbrief downloader KENV=KSLC Same exact problem Last waypoint, WAATS not in flight plan in EFB. Here is flight plan shown in EFB KENV DCT BVL DCT KSLC KENVKSLC01.efbr
  4. Thanks, glad you found it. I had the wrong one selected, think I did that a few months ago when I switched to windows 10. That fixed my problem.
  5. I just did a flight plan now from KBLI to KOLM. All waypoints show up in AS 16. They are also in the enclosed EFBR file. They always show up in the Flight 1 GTN 650 and PF3 ( my ATC program) . Now here is what I just copied from the Flight plan page in EFB KBLI DCT KIENO DCT CVV DCT ARPEE DCT KOLM As you can see, the last waypoint is missing again as usual, CEBOD . To correct this I have to select KOLM, select Insert, type in CEBOD, press select, and now I see this in EFB Flight Plan Page. KBLI DCT KIENO DCT CVV DCT ARPEE DCT CEBOD DCT KOLM. KBLIKOLM01.efbr
  6. I use Simbrief downloader to install simbrief flight plans into active sky, Flight 1 GTN 650, and EFB. A problem that occurs almost every time, is that the EFB flight plan is always missing the last waypoint. For instance, I just downloaded PAKT to CYZP. The waypoints are ICK -BOKMA -MAVUT- When I select the flighptlan in EFB, MAVUT is not there. I always just use Insert to insert that waypoint, which is not difficult, but I am wondering why this always happens with the last waypoint before the destination airport. I have included the EFBR file for this route, if that helps. PAKTCYZP01.efbr
  7. I noticed this on a short flight from EDDW to EDHL this morning. Under Status, it says ARPT auto inhibit. What does that mean?
  8. Downloaded latest update this morning, problem solved.
  9. OK. After checking it seems that this issue just just the airports in the Bahamas area, and I have a feeling that it is due to hurricane damage to the weather stations there. Have no problem with airports outside of the Bahamas.
  10. One more issue and I don't know if this is related or not. I am current;y flying into many airports in the Bahamas, due to a Tour in the VA I fly for. I see the weather perfectly in AS 16 for all the airports, but when I go to the ARR or DEP menu in EFB it shows no weather at all. Just the procedure and Performance. Here is a list of the airports I have run into this already. MYMM MYGF MYAT MYSM MYEH I am using AS16 and live weather.
  11. Yes the problem for me started on the first flight I did after the update.
  12. Found it, thanks. Doorbell is much nicer/ 😀
  13. Same here, the last update is where this issue started for me.
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