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    Error "No Vatsim URL available"

    Looks like the VATSIM URL is deleted somehow. Maybe you have some anti virus software installed that is changing the file this URL is saved in? The servers settings file is Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\Settings\serverSettings.txt If the problem returns, can you check this file or the respective dialog of the EFB Server and let us know, what the VATSIM URL field shows?
  2. KiloJuliett

    EFB2 Server doesn't start after installation

    I may be wrong, but I thought the TCP Listener is part of the .NET Framework used for EFB. Usually, a reboot of the computer clears such issues. Did you reboot after installation or when this issue happened?
  3. Happy to hear it worked. However, we have to be aware that this is not a permanent solution and the issue will most probably return once you change sceneries or update the nav data set and as a consequence re-run the database DBbuilder. Hopefully we can find some other ideas how to fix this issue permanently until then.
  4. Mike, you shall NOT remove the file in the server folder. Otherwise the client has no file to compare with and won't complete the file database synchronisation. The idea of the work instruction I gave you is to overcome the issue on your system of the unzip process of your client. The desired outcome is that the client recognizes the manually extracted file as already available and won't try again to extract it from the server location (because he recognizes they are the same version). If you delete the server file, this won't work.
  5. Yes. Those file are copied into the client folder by the client application. According to the log, there is an issue while unzipping that file. So I thought you might at least temporarily bypass this by unzipping the file yourself. Can you post again the latest support files?
  6. Ok. Try this: Close EFB Server and Client Navigate to Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\DbBuilder\Ready\FSXSENG\ Open the file airports.bin.zip and extract the file inside (airports.bin) to Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\Database Run EFB Server and Client Any success?
  7. Hi Mike There seems to be an issue with the zipped airports database. This can have different reasons. Can you first try to recreate the database in the DBbuilder again? Best delete all existing databases and start creating a new one again. Is the result still the same?
  8. KiloJuliett

    Very Confusing error messaging

    Hi Jirka Thanks for reporting. The port 13 issue is limited to the demo version.
  9. KiloJuliett

    Very Confusing error messaging

    Can you try once to start EFB Server and Client before you run the simulator?
  10. KiloJuliett

    Very Confusing error messaging

    Hello Jirka Where do you get this message from? EFB Client or Server? I can't find traces in the log files that you run Server and Client in parallel after you re-created the database yesterday. Upon launching the Client the first time after a new database has been created, the client will update its local databases, which also should be logged in the Server log. There is no trace of this either.
  11. KiloJuliett

    unhandled error message - vatsim connection

    Hi Chris What about the options TRFC and T/LBL? Are they activated? Did you check the traffic monitor of EFB Server?
  12. KiloJuliett

    unhandled error message - vatsim connection

    Is there any traffic in your area at all? Check the traffic monitor of the EFB server if there is any traffic (ref. Manual 5, $7.1.4). Are you connected to VATSIM? Maybe it is out of range (filtered)?
  13. KiloJuliett

    unhandled error message - vatsim connection

    To me, it looks there are two different kind of issues. The error you get seems related to the weather information received. When exactly do you get these kind of error message? What is your interaction with the application right before? Still can't find a reason why VATSIM data should work. Do you have TRFC, T/LBL and O/BND activated?
  14. KiloJuliett

    unhandled error message - vatsim connection

    Hello Volker What is the error you get? Eventually, we require also the support file of your client to better understand what is going on. But from the server file, I can't see that there is an issue with the VATSIM file. Make sure you have the relevant display options TRFC, T/LBL and O/BND activated according your preferences.
  15. KiloJuliett

    X-Plane 11 not detected.

    Hi Jake X-Plane is currently not supported. Thanks for reading the specifications: http://aivlasoft.com/specifications/index.html. You can subscribe to the Announcements forum to get a notification when news (such as X-Plane compatibility) are posted: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/forum/18-announcements/.
  16. KiloJuliett


    Hi John No need for a new profile. Follow the manual instructions in 5 Client, ยง12.2 Profiles Editor, especially the subsection about Airfile names.
  17. KiloJuliett

    Loaded Flight Plan has ** before waypoints

    Michael, then you saved the route accidentially with the SID/STAR waypoints included. Revise the route so it doesn't include SID/STAR waypoints and you will be able to use it with successive AIRACs (if the routes and waypoints remain the same).
  18. KiloJuliett

    AI Traffic Not Seen

    Maybe an issue of zoom? Do other traffic show a label? Did you check your settings for the label?
  19. KiloJuliett

    Missing in Airports

    The V2 from aerosoft: https://www.aerosoft.com/de/flugsimulation/flight-simulator-x/szenerien/909/mega-airport-oslo-v2.0?number=AS12892
  20. KiloJuliett

    Missing in Airports

    ENGM looks fine on my installation with the latest Oslo scenery installed. It's as Oski said, it only depends on the sceneries you have installed. So if you have done this properly, everything is fine.
  21. Happy you got it working. FSX:SE sometimes has it's small differences from the "original" FSX. As far as I know, EFB is looking into the registry to determine the main sim and cfg file folder. Do you remember if you set the scenery.cfg in the EFB DBbuilder yourself or was it detected automatically? The latter would actually point to an issue in the installer of FSX:SE (writing not the actual used scenery.cfg folder to the registry), which I hope does not exist. Just out of interest, what is the folder your actual scenery.cfg is saved now?
  22. Hey Dave As you have found the log file, why didn't you have a look into it to notice that every single scenery listed in your fsx.cfg generates the warning: FOLDER DOESN'T EXIST!. The paths given for the scenery indeed don't look the way they normally do. Or do you have all sceneries in your documents folder? A significant issue is the missing magdec.bgl in the folder base\scenery. Please check your folder structure. Can you confirm that your FSX is actually using the file C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX\scenery.cfg for saving/changing your scenery list? You might check this by adding a new scenery and check whether it is listed in this file afterwards. Does your FSX run fine? No issues with sceneries?
  23. KiloJuliett

    EFB Server error

    Traffic display via EFB is not dependent on any account from one of the networks. You always can select one of the ressources to turn EFB into a traffic map. So you can easily also test VATSIM as I can test IVAO, even though I have no account there. The client you are connected to the network is responsible only to feed the traffic from around your area.
  24. KiloJuliett

    IVAP and EFB

    Henk I can't see anything unusual from EFB beeing done. Maybe there was an issue hidden already in your IVAP installation? Unfortunately, I'm not that familiar with this client. Do you know if IVAP also uses FSUIPC? I would anyway recommend to update FSUIPC to the latest version available for FSX. It looks like you don't have that one yet. Can you confirm and try after the latest FSUIPC version installed?
  25. KiloJuliett

    IVAP and EFB

    Hi Henk Can you please create a set of support files (https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3046-how-to-create-a-support-file/) and upload them here, or alternatively send them to support(at)aivlasoft(dot)com.