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  1. Hi Oscar thank you very much for the correct URL. No Restore/Datasave or similar Apps running. I did nothing special just update and rebuild Data Base and restart both components Server and Client. Now all is working properly with your indefatigable help! Paul
  2. Hi after update to v2.2.128 still no IVAO traffic. Is the URL in Server settings correct? http://www.ivao.aero/whazzup/status.txt Thx for a solution, Paul
  3. Additional information about my previous question. Everything seems to be normal again, you see it on the picture. I changed nothing. I suppose this information should come from the IVAO server and perhaps this information was out of service for some time. I got suddenly back the red label with all IVAO information about my flight. Bevor I had only the magenta a/c symbol and I was not sure, if I am correctly connected to the IVAO server. Of course I had also the IVAO Pilot Client ALTITUDE to check the IVAO connection. Regards, Paul
  4. Thank you very much for your answers Jonas and Urs. Regards, Paul
  5. Hi Urs on the enclosed picture you can see, that my a/c (only the red symbol) has no label, but other traffic does. Perhaps I changed something, but what? Regards, Paul
  6. Hi Urs it'sok now? Paul Client_202010311247.txt.zip Server_202010311247.txt.zip
  7. Hi Urs here are the requested files. I hope you can find out something. Many thanks, Paul clientLogfile.txt serverLogfile.txt downloadIvao.tmp
  8. Hi Urs I import the FPL ex Simbrief and crosscheck in the flightplan dialog box about my callsign and it is there correctly. When started the EFPv2 first time it was all correct after upgrading to MSFS2020 version, my call sign label disappeared! Regards, Paul
  9. P3Dv5 with FSLabs A320 on IVAO network. I can see others a/c labels on IVAO network, but my own label is missing, I see only the red a/c on the client. How I can I make visible my own label? Thanks for an advice Paul
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