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  1. I'm using MSFS. Interestingly, when centre told me to 'contact them' - they gave me a frequency which didn't match the vPilot side bar or the frequency from the API (as used by EFB). It was .xx5 off. Couldn't communicate until I manually corrected. It seems something isn't joining up. If VATSIM doesn't 'care' about .xx0 vs .xx5.... what gives?
  2. Hi Jonas, If I didn't manually correct to .xx5 from .xx0, I couldn't hear the controller (or any other traffic) and the controller couldn't hear me. I had centre contact me to ask me to 'contact him' and I got no response until I changed to .xx5. So something isn't working which coincides with the EFB update to use the new JSON API from VATSIM.
  3. Thanks Urs. I have raised the issue. Would the speed of the fix carry more weight if Aivlasoft raised it as an issue as the consumer of this data? https://forums.vatsim.net/topic/31100-frequency-inaccuracies-in-vatsim-api/
  4. Thanks Urs, It always seems to be the last digit which was 5 out.
  5. I did two flights today. EGCC -> ELLX and EGCC -> EGLL Both flights I found that some of the frequencies listed in the ATC ribbon didn't match the VATSIM frequencies per the screen shots attached. I had to manually retune on several occasions . Is this a EFB issue, I've done something wrong or VATSIM issue?
  6. I have the same issue too. Airframe is blank, but only for the CRJ.
  7. Hi Urs, Well, I feel like a complete idiot. Updating to the latest FSUIPC7 resolved it. I was keeping an eye on this page. https://www.aivlasoft.com/msfs-limitations.html Many Thanks
  8. Last year in the general MSFS thread (linked) we had a small discussion around changing frequencies from within the EFB. One of the blockers I understand to EFB changing frequencies are the limitations of the SIM SDK, there are examples of other developers changing frequencies but how wasn't clear. I wanted to draw your attention to this publically available GIT HUB project which is changing frequencies in sim from an external tool. https://github.com/mracko/MSFS-Mobile-Companion-App Of course I have no idea how EFB works or if this even a valid exam
  9. Would you consider a feature in a future release to allow users to annotate notes (which are persistent) on top of the airport views?
  10. Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to see / expose or even annotate taxiway holding areas on the airport maps. It's a shame I need to open up a PDF with 99% of the same information on just to see where the holding point is that VATSIM ATC is referencing.
  11. Hi Urs, Thank you for the quick response. To my knowledge P2ATC also uses FSUIPC, however I have no further insight to offer on how exactly that achieve it.
  12. What are thoughts on implementing the radio functionality? Pilot2ATC can change frequencies in MSFS, is there some issue with the way EFB does it making it (currently) not compatible? This is the only thing stopping me from returning to VATSIM, the radio functionality in EFB is fantastic... i miss it.
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