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  1. Thank you; forgot to push the spacebar between the AC model and the type of winglets. Working now. Regards Roland
  2. Thank you for this Brian, but it is not working for me. Do I have to activate it somewhere else? I added the two lines and applied them. Regards Roland
  3. Hi Urs, I have fired up my sim (P3Dv4.5 HF1) several times today and SimpleCam was always launched automatically as well. I think you can check this post as solved. Thanks for your quick help. Best Regards Roland
  4. Good evening Urs Thank you; it seems to work now. Will make some tests during the next days and report to you. Regards Roland
  5. Hi Urs, thank you for your assistance. Unfortunately both solutions did not perform. I get still this message.
  6. Since updating Windows 10 to version 1903, I often get the above message. Furthermore, I have to start simplecam manually eventhought I have marked the box to autostart in the configurator. Before Windows version 1903 I never had this. Are you aware of this or what could cause this behaviour? Any help much appreciated. Best Roland
  7. I have noticed that my monitor on which p3dv4 is running, has started flickering in any other viewmode than cockpit view since EFB client build # 77 and windows 1809 were installed / updated. As soon as I hide EFB client screen (i.e. if i change to another app on the same screen where i have the client running) the flickering is gone. Anyone else who has this phenomenon? Regards Roland
  8. Hi Urs, folder excluded and problem solved. Thank you for your assistance. Rgds Roland
  9. I had contact with José from fsaerodata and after running the BGL Facility Scanner from Hervé Sors, I reported to Joseé back as follows: Quote Thank you José. The culprit is Switzerland Pro scenery from FlyLogic. I saw in the log file of the EFB V2 Server that some of the Switzerland Pro sceneries are excluded but not all. In this case all of the duplicates are in the CHPROX_apts folder which seems not to be excluded. I have to investigate with Urs and his team. Many thanks to you for your help. Rgds Roland Unquote Can I exclude the above mentioned folder
  10. I have to correct my above answer. I forgot to uncheck the box "san all sceneries regardless..." and I deactivated FSAerodata and the double entries for Basel and Saronno have gone. Sorry for that. I will report into FSAerodata Forum.
  11. I deactivated all FSAerodata scenery entries as well as my sceneries for Milano Linate and Malpensa respectively. I still have the double entries for Basel and Saronno. I have also installed Genoa and Turin but I think those airports are too far away to interfere with Saronno. I also use Switzerland Pro but I am not sure if they have Navaids in their scenery at all.
  12. Urs, after updating FSAerodata with AIRAC 1808 and disabling and enabling it again, I got a clean DB build. The double entries of DME's in Rhodes and Dalaman have also gone. But...I noticed some other DME's with double entries as Basel BLM 117.45 and Saronno SRN 113.7. Maybe there are a few more around the globe but as EFB is running without problems, I think we can leave it as it is. Thank you and all others for your help. Rgds Roland
  13. Urs, I will try it in the next days and let you know about the outcome. Rgds Roland
  14. Thank you all for your investigations and that this issue will be corrected. Rgds Roland
  15. Here we go Client_201807152003.txt.zip Server_201807152003.txt.zip
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