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  1. normal the remote is via cable (LAN)in a network. since 10 days the remote is via wifi (WLAN) connected. It works great until yesterday. I have not changed anything. Now I closed all antivirus and windows defender /firewall on the remote. I found the weakest link. Using tp-link wifi extender in my room, it seems to be that it slowing down the wifi or interrupting the network. without tp-link the client loads in seconds the database. So sugestion something slowing down the connection was a bright idea .
  2. I start fsx than server than the client on the remote. in the server, I can see it finds the client. the client starts to synchronize but it never ends. try to start after fsx start on a different airport, no luck. enclosed server and client support file. i removed client settings txt in remote pc/documents/aivlasoft/efb2/client/settings , no luck . Server_201811101948.txt.zip Client_201811102008.txt.zip
  3. normally with computers i start the easy way to resolve a error , shut down the pc and restart. why i did not this time , I don`t know .:-( but the solution was this simple , shut down an d restart , problem solved . remains one question why this error never saw this kind off error. wil
  4. idid a uninstall and new install server result still a socket-error regards wil
  5. yesterday efb server works fine . to day it comes with error. And not able to start up. see image
  6. jason google how to share the appdata folder.. I use efb already fore a long time on remote pc and have no problems with fsxPC with as16 . appdata is shared and efb weather is pointed to 'current_wx_snapshot.txt and works fine. fsx on a w7 and remote on a w10 regards wil
  7. i have topcat on remote pc the same as the client
  8. see the answer above but when not succeed try firewall off. i did the same way between a w7 and w10 pc. install clientas remote and tell the sever ipadress.
  9. i told navirgraph datamanager to put the fms data in c:\users\NAME\documents\aivlasoft\efb2\server\airac\navigraph fms data. it makes to subfolders nav data and sid stars but no update with database builder its still cycle 1802 is the above map the correct one to put the new cycle in?????? v2 works very good , smooth and easy to to use , very good job and the client on remote also an very easy job to install and connecting with the server. the refund with the purchase also simpel and smooth regards wil
  10. Ok thats fine . Reading the Manuel Ï see it works together with topcat , it would be nice when implement the dash
  11. will the new efb using the same format xxxxxxx .efbr to store flightplan . This because i use simbrief to export the flightplan files to addons included efb regards wil
  12. totally my fault mixing two programs. i did not get efb from simmarket ( ) the rest off the answer is clear . thx very much to clarify my questions. i cannot wait till it comes out kind regards wil
  13. one thing is not really clear with v2 always using efb in a network environment . do i have to buy the server v2 or the client v2 ???? or will it be server v2 and the client comes with v2 download???? Or the server v2 and download the client if needed for network andis free of charge ????? how will it works for users v1 i have efb v1 via simmarket??? kind regards
  14. looks very good , cannot wait for the release. Using efb since 2012 with joy and never regret the buying. and than in july the long expect v2 . congratulations it must be a happy day for you the birth of v2? regards wil
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