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  1. Urs, Thanks again. I'll delete the Navdata and SidStar folders which are from the old version. So am I right in saying that the SidStars , fixes is part of the procedures.bin file. Regards Jason
  2. Urs, Thanks for your reply. I've enclosed a picture of the Database Builder showing the Data folder and the cycle information , also a picture for my setup for Navigraph which it installs the AIRAC cycle automatically. I'm confused as to what you mean? As I thought the cycle was for version 2 I was using? Or is my setup wrong somewhere. I'll await your reply. Many Thanks Jason
  3. Hi, I've got Navigraph setup correctly to update the AIRAC cycle but I have a question. With the Navdata & SidStars Folders being in two separate folder, does it read those files aswell when I Update the AIRAC Cylcle ? EFB does show the current Nav cycle but I was unsure. Again apologises for asking this question.Maybe I should read the Manual aswell to learn some more of the using of EFB. Many Thanks Jason
  4. Oskar, Thanks for that, I'll follow your instructions and then reinstall the relevant airport. Can I ask which log file you looked at for you to know it was PKSIM-Barranquilla? Then maybe I maybe able to learn what I need to look for If I encounter issues like this again. Many Thanks Jason
  5. Hi, When you run the Database Builder after you've added scenery to P3Dv4, and you get the warnings with the log files, I've looked through them but have no idea what the information means ? Or what I'm supposed to look at so I can locate the relevant error. I've included the 4 files that where produced but had to put them into a Zip File. Apologises if my post is quite vague but I generally don't know what I'm supposed to be looking for or changing if needed? Thanks Jason New folder.zip
  6. Hi Paul. Thank you very much for those instructions, I'll go through them and get it sorted. Jason
  7. Hi Paul, I use Bullguard and had to do exactly same as you, I'm not that familiar with sorting the issue of the firewall out, so not sure if you more familair with it. Thanks Jason
  8. Hiya. Oskar I followed your advice but was using my FSX computer due to connecting that up and done a restart of the computer but this didn't work, then after reading the reply from Paul regarding Bullguard I disabled my fire wall and I never got that message. So I'm pretty sure it's to do with Bullguard Firewall which I'll try once I connect P3D back up. Thanks Again Jason
  9. Hi, Just went to start Aivlasoft on my P3D pc and got the following error message above. This is first time it's happened, and I have no understanding of what it means? I've included the log file incase this is required. Thanks Jason serverLogfile.txt
  10. Oskar, I might not have typed my reply correctly. I've got both Servers on each computer . but with the client when I load that up for the P3D computer then it won't connect and says it can't find my FSX pc but I want to use it for the P3d computer aswell. I hope I'm not confusing you? Thanks Jason
  11. I've got Avivlasoft on my P3D computer but can't get the Client to work on it, which I presume I'd need to set up another location exactly the same as my FSX computer? Or will I have to install have 2 client software on the same computer, but one with the location for FSX and then another for location of P3D. Thanks Jason
  12. Hi, Can you tell me how I go about setting another server location so I can use EFBv2 for P3D? Again it will be networked? I wasn't to sure if I need to remopve the current location for my FSX pc and add the server location for my P3D? and vice-versa? Thanks Jason
  13. Hi Jonas, Can you confirm which files I need to submit? Thanks Jason
  14. Hi I've installed the scenery from Aerosoft and ran the update simulator program but it's not showing on client map, I did find something in the manual about add airports is that what I'll have to do? Thanks Jason
  15. Well I decided to purchase the license as I notice you don't have to change port 13, so thanks all for the help. Jason
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