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  1. Firewall causes the issue. Problem solved for this Moment as Firewall turned off. Will see how to handle finally. Thank you guys for helping to solve it. Have a great day.
  2. Don't get me wrong I'm wondering myself how to understand what is mentioned in the EFB2 Installation handbook regarding Network and IP adress. I will try your recommendations and see how it comes to work.
  3. Hello, I raise this topic here as I also send support ticket yesterday, but anyway maybe some expertise is within the forum to help. I'm a former user of EFB1 and when Microsoft came with spring creator update onto build 1803 I had huge issues to setup the network (no homegroup anymore) to work again properly. But I succeed and EFB1 has worked fine without any issue. I installed EFB2 according to instructions and server works as it should be. When I start the client on the other PC, there is no connection to the Server PC. I checked the IP adress and it is OK. Client never come up to work without connection to server. In the instructions I can read somthing like all PC's in privat network should have same IP adress, but from my understanding each machine is with it's own IP adress. I know from discussion that within MS Win 10 network the folders must be seperatly approved for access by another network computer. But I have no idea which certain folder EFB2 client is aiming to connect. Any ideas? Thank you. BR Andreas Hövel
  4. Guys, thanks for watching. Avast was the rootcause. Now connection works as before. Problem solved. BR Andreas
  5. Hello, after release of Win 10 1803 the homenetwork function is deleted. Now the remote contact between Data Provider PC and Display unit Laptop is gone. I tried to use folder release but anyway even the basic Connection is not there. Remote check does not work and I'm off. Any experience? Thank you Best regards Andreas Hövel
  6. Hi Andreas, it's not an Intention that "Dokumente" folder is below "Music". It'happens by accident when I setup Win10 with my Mircosoft account. I'm not sure what will happen with all other working connections to this folder if I disconnect OneDrive. It's a pitty. On the other hand all documents are save as my system blow off 2 weeks ago. If you think this might be the rootcause I will go for disconneting OneDrive and see whats happen then. If this exceed some Major issue I can connect again. Thank you KR Andreas
  7. Hello Urs, I tried several times with reinstallation. But the Installation routine install the logfile into this specific directory. Even when I try to redirect only manual and license agreement copied into different path. Is there an issue because EFB is stored in the same place. Thanks again. BR Andreas
  8. Hi Urs, thank you for reply and advisory to solve. I will try and see if it works. Thank you. BR Andreas
  9. Hello, SimpleCam crash during position adjustment and save with the message shown on the screenshot attached. No idea of the rootcause. Can anyone help?. Thanks in advance. KR Andreas Hövel
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