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  1. Hello. I've got an error message when trying to update and update terminated. Any idea? Thanks Best Regards Andreas
  2. Hi Urs, thank's for help. Now it works. Best Regards. Andreas
  3. Dear All, since yesterday I got an error message when EFB2 Client starts up. Do you have an idea. Screenshot of message is attached. Thanks for help BR Andreas
  4. Hello Guys, having the same issue but the list of aircraft doesn't show as above. EFB2 1.14. As well as I have some profiles in the folder that are not shown up in the list at all e.g. B748F and 748i. Thanks for help. Best Regards Andreas
  5. Hi Urs, You are right. In this case the firewall was the roadblock. It was wrongly adjusted in terms of the different types of network options in the Windows firewall setup. Now it works. Thanks again for your support. Best Regards Andreas
  6. Hi Urs, thank you having analyzed the files. On the server computer the firewall is off. I'm using windows defender. The latest update was done direct after creating the support files but the result is the same. BR Andreas
  7. Hi Oskar, It's me again. The issue is back and client on remote didn't connect to Server. Same situation as before. TCP Port is okay on Server as discussed earlier. No changes done anyway. I have created support files but it is to big to upload. Please let me know where to send. Thank you Andreas
  8. Change of TCP port and communication is established. Thanks Andreas
  9. Hello, the client starts and in the background I can see the user interface of the client and in the small startup window I can see that client is trying to connect server on respective IP address that is fully correct. But no progress out of this status.
  10. Hello, I've just setup my Laptop that has worked as remote computer for EFB2 client with a new operating system after changing to SSD harddrive. Everything seems to be okay with the network. I can get access to the folders on the respective network clients. I've checked IP-address. Starting server works fine. Starting client works fine up to connection attempt to server computer. I can see correct IP address but no connection anyway. Both machines running on WIN10 pro 64 bit. Newest version of EFB2 installed. Network settings are aligned on both machines. Using Windows defender. Private Network. Firewall exeptions done. Any ideas? Thanks Andreas
  11. Firewall causes the issue. Problem solved for this Moment as Firewall turned off. Will see how to handle finally. Thank you guys for helping to solve it. Have a great day.
  12. Don't get me wrong I'm wondering myself how to understand what is mentioned in the EFB2 Installation handbook regarding Network and IP adress. I will try your recommendations and see how it comes to work.
  13. Hello, I raise this topic here as I also send support ticket yesterday, but anyway maybe some expertise is within the forum to help. I'm a former user of EFB1 and when Microsoft came with spring creator update onto build 1803 I had huge issues to setup the network (no homegroup anymore) to work again properly. But I succeed and EFB1 has worked fine without any issue. I installed EFB2 according to instructions and server works as it should be. When I start the client on the other PC, there is no connection to the Server PC. I checked the IP adress and it is OK. Client never come up to work without connection to server. In the instructions I can read somthing like all PC's in privat network should have same IP adress, but from my understanding each machine is with it's own IP adress. I know from discussion that within MS Win 10 network the folders must be seperatly approved for access by another network computer. But I have no idea which certain folder EFB2 client is aiming to connect. Any ideas? Thank you. BR Andreas Hövel
  14. Guys, thanks for watching. Avast was the rootcause. Now connection works as before. Problem solved. BR Andreas
  15. Hello, after release of Win 10 1803 the homenetwork function is deleted. Now the remote contact between Data Provider PC and Display unit Laptop is gone. I tried to use folder release but anyway even the basic Connection is not there. Remote check does not work and I'm off. Any experience? Thank you Best regards Andreas Hövel
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