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  1. Hi Chaps, I have the Aerosoft Mega Airport Barcelona from sim-wings installed into P3D v4 and I am not able to see RWY 02/20 within the airport map for EFB v2. Can you help me in getting this sorted please? If I view the BGL, it is clearly depicted as being there. This is the default and sim-wings BGL I also have FTX City Scene Barcelona installed so I'm not sure if this would cause any issues, although I have no problem seeing all of the runways in the sim. I have the airport only selected within the sim-wings configurator. RWY 02/20 Threshold starts about midpoint of taxiway E1 and crosses the 07L/25R RWY in the sim.
  2. Hi Bernd, That seems to have done the trick mate!! Thanks Nigel
  3. Thanks Bernd, I will give that a try. I seem to be having a whole host of connection problems through the wired LAN if I disable my wi-fi NIC. This is such a pain in the proverbial!! You would think you could create a simple two/three system wired network, give it a name, set the IP addresses and subnet, and then save it. When you want to use it again, double click the saved network, accept the prompts for security and bobs your uncle!! What could be easier? But this disjointed convoluted setup, is just so annoying!! ☹️?
  4. Hi Bernd, Yes I would gather most users who adopt a small network for EFB2 will suffer using Windows 10, especially after the last upgrade and 'homegroup' now not an option! Both my computers are Windows 10 so I am slightly different from your setup. In fact, I would imagine you have a better chance of securing your network if like you say, you start the connection a certain way. I have a similar problem with Windows 10, in as much as I have to see both PC's in my client explorer window and not the other way around!! Why is that do you think? Why is it with Windows 10, I can only see the devices in one explorer window only? This is my server network explorer winodw And this is my client explorer window As you can see, my devices appear in this window but not the server window. If I see these in the server window, I cannot get EFB2 to connect at all. yet if I have it seen in this window, it connects okay. I would have thought you should see both devices in both windows wouldn't you? I'm no expert on this so I'm probably doing something wrong here, perhaps you can help me with this Bernd? Kind Regards Nigel
  5. Mr ATC, I am having great difficulty in accessing the client over a secure LAN with my Wi-Fi connected. My route files are automatically sent to my user\onedrive folder which is something I like although I have to disable my wi-fi when I boot my two computers so I can set up my LAN connection first, run the client and server so they connect over this LAN and then enable the wi-fi on both my laptop and surface pro. It is recommended to use a wired LAN for the client\server comms but it is not made very easy as most of us utilise a wireless system these days for an internet connection. When I am working away, which is most of my life, using a wireless connection for this link is not secure which is why I like to use a wired LAN. Using EFB1 was quite easy to connect using the above method, but EFB2 is not playing ball all of the time and can be quite frustrating when using this method. I use dedicated IP addresses for each machine but continually have issues with my client not able to see the server, yet I can open up explorer and expand my connected computer all the way to the server folder. I must admit though that Windows 10 is continually difficult to create a small two system network, when I only have a two hour window to connect and fly. I find that, if I don't start my two systems in order, and open up the network in explorer and create the secured network in order, it doesn't work properly. If I see both of my machines in my client explorer window, I can connect. If they appear in my server explorer window, I can't connect. It's a pain in the proverbial!! and I'm not even sure if what I'm doing is correct. Windows 10 doesn't support 'homegroup' anymore so that makes setting up a two system network even trickier! Like the OP had written, if there was a simple way to latch the wired LAN so it doesn't continually try to connect through the wi-fi link, that would be a lot easier to manage. I am using the purchased version by the way. Regards Nigel
  6. Well guys, Both my server and client updated today and after connecting with P3D, I can now see my AI aircraft on the ground as well as in flight. I'm not saying it was anything to do with this latest update, but you cannot rule it out. Anyway, everything is working as it should, so I'm quite happy!! Regards Nigel
  7. Hi aivlasoft, This is my shot of the traffic monitor I did however already change the above and below altitude to see if it would make any difference. Above to 10000 Feet and Below to 20000 Feet but it didn't make any difference. I know I really liked the AI mapping in your version 1 of the EFB. I've yet to see it in v2 so I'm curious as to how it looks. Perhaps you can share a screen shot here so I can see what to expect? Regards Nigel
  8. Mr ATC, I may have been a little presumptuous in my earlier quote! After a few more flights, I can confirm that I am only seeing AI aircraft on the ground and NOT in the air, the same as the other chap. I am not however flying on-line. I fly off-line and use UTLive. The AI monitor shows traffic on the ground but as soon as I lift off, they disappear. If I go to the dropdown for viewing AI aircraft, there is a long list of them so I know the sim is picking them up. Any thought? Regards Nigel
  9. Mr ATC, I can confirm that my AI traffic is now functioning correctly, the traffic monitor sees them on the ground and in flight. This is the first time I have run it since it was updated yesterday. Thanks for you assistance Regards Nigel
  10. Mr ATC, I'm away from my computer at the moment but I will double check the EFB server rights, I usually always set my flight sim stuff to run as admin, but I will check this tomorrow. I am running UT Live set at 50% in P3Dv4.3, and I will check to see what the server for traffic monitoring. Thanks for getting back to me. Nigel
  11. Mr ATC, Yes I have, I always allow both the client and server to auto update and install. It did this update when I ran it today. Nigel
  12. Hi Chaps, Can anyone tell me why I'm not seeing any AI traffic in v2? I have it set in the MISC radio tab and I can see AI traffic around the airport and in flight, yet I cannot see it on EFB 2! I must be doing something different to v1, anyone help? Regards Nigel
  13. Well lonewulf47, That explains everything. At least I now know what the situation is and how to remedy it! Thanks for your help mate, it is much appreciated ? Kind Regards Nigel
  14. Well in my case, this is not true. I have used PFPX to create my flightplans as I always have and have them exported to the folder I have set up in the client route folder on my networked PC. I can see the routes are sent there because I can see them there from the client PC and server PC in Windows explorer. When I start EFB2 and select the FPL radio tab all I see is this; When I start P3D and only after I've loaded the aircraft and positioned it at the departure airport I then have this available; Again, this is only after the sim is running and the aircraft is loaded. What I was also pointing out was, I could always load a flightplan in v1 before the simulator was running. Perhaps you now see what I am driving at? Kind Regards Nigel
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