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  1. Oskar you are the "B E S T". Thanks alot
  2. Hi Oskar, I set it up as per your instructions and I get almost the same data as on your screenshot. However, For the Altimeter reading I have "Calibration"? Any idea what that is? Again I appreciate your fast response -thanks-
  3. HI, I am trying to get EFB2 & AS16 to work together in FSX-SE (lateron in P3Dv4). I set the weather in settings>Global Settings to Active Sky and get the following display in EFB2: https://www.flickr.com/photos/141330124@N05/shares/DLj864 I have the correct wind direction and speed as well as the correct temperature (as per AS16 SKBO airport) displayed in A/C Ambient. But shouldn't the weather information be displayed under the airport column? Also there is no barometer setting displayed. Question: Is this the correct display I get when using AS16? Thanks for answer
  4. Hi Oskar, The error occurred when I was trying to copy/paste a flight plan from SKBO to SEQM. So I never checked wether this airport is available in the default scenery (I don't have an addon scenery). But now i checked in P3Dv4 and indeed the airport SEQM does not exist, so I checked SEQU and everything is well. I am sorry for the trouble, but the error pointed to the aircraft profile, so of course I didn't check the scenery. We will just be flying to SEQU instead of SEQM. Basically the way this came about is I checked for a 400 -500 mile distance from Bogota and selected Quito. Then I checked for the ICAO code of Quito and SEQM came up. But everything is good again, thanks for your help nad Happy Turkey (Thanksgiving) Day tomorrow
  5. Hi, I am trying to load a flightplan from SKBO (Bogota) to SEQM (Quito) with a A319 and get an error message that due to filter criteria of the selected model the airport is NOT available! So I looked into the aircraft profile, but can't find anything that would prevent the aircraft from landing at SEQM. Any ideas where to look Thanks for help
  6. Oskar, the strange thing is that the EFB server did NOT autodetect the FSX-SE installation in the registry. I had to manually direct the installer. Any thoughts Juergen
  7. Randy, I have 2 SSD's - Drive C with WIN 10 and drive D just formatted to hold data. So initially I wanted to have the 2 simulators on the same drive [FSX-SE & P3Dv4]). I installed STEAM on the C drive in a directory FS FSX-SE and tried to install FSX-SE onto the same directory. However, that's when I ran into the single default download location with STEAM. So the only chance I had was to install Steam & FSX-SE on drive D and install P3Dv4 on the C drive in it's own directory. Sofar just minor glitches and operator errors Juergen
  8. Randy, I tried that and could NOT add a second location to the default path. Supposedly it has changed that only 1 path per drive and you can not change the default path. Thanks for help
  9. Hi Oskar, I had success! After looking at the scenery path's and checking in the simulator (ALL present) i decided to un-install the server completely. After the re-install of the server - created both databases (FSX-SE and P3Dv4). Both databases created w/o errors and both connect to the display unit. So we are good to go and I know where I am when flying. Thanks Juergen
  10. Oskar, I checked and it certainly looks like everything is in the correct location. Can you give me an for instance so I can check if the scenery is there where EFB is looking. Thanks
  11. Sorry, Deleted the screenshot by mistake https://www.flickr.com/photos/141330124@N05/shares/ifr700 Juergen
  12. Oskar, Maybe it is not quite clear what I meant with the FSX-SE installation, but here is what happened: Initially I had planned to install both simulators (FSX_SE and P3D) on a 1TB SSD which I had just installed WIN10 onto. So than I installed STEAM onto that drive, went to my STEAM library and tried to change the download default location from C:Program Files (x86) to another folder which I had created on my hard drive. However, STEAM did NOT let me change the default location from C:Program Files (x86) to another location. Only 1 (ONE) path per drive. That's the reason I had to install FSX-SE to another drive and STEAM would let me install to that location. So my FSX-SE is now installed in D : FS FSX-SE > steamapps > common > FSX. The trick you mentioned i applied to P3Dv4 (create a directory and point the installer to it), but it does NOT work with FSX Steam Edition. The default installation path is given and you can NOT change it. You can only have one install path per drive. I hope I made myself understandable what happened and what I had to do. So initially I had a problem with both simulators. However after I ran P3Dv4, the missing addon directories were created and the database finished w/o errors. Not so in FSX-SE. After i ran the simulator, I tried to create a new database and almost immediately received this error: https://www.flickr.com/photos/141330124@N05/shares/7JuU15 Also the attached Server Log files in my initial post apply. So this is the state of the simulators: P3Dv4 GOOD / FSX-SE NO GOOD I hope it makes sense and thank you for help Juergen
  13. Hi, Can anyone help me with the issue I have in FSX-SE. Thanks
  14. Hi, I resolved the issue in P3D - I never opened P3D, so therefore the directory in Documents was not created. Works fine now.
  15. Hi, I have a problem getting the EFB2 to work with my simulators. Background: I tried to install FSX-SE and P3Dv4 on 1 (one) SSD. However, Steam does NOT let me select a different install directory (on 1 drive) other than the default [ C: Program Files (x86) > .....], so I installed FSX-SE on a separate SSD. I installed P3Dv4 on the C drive in it's own directory {NOT in "Program Files"}. Now when I am trying to create databases for both simulators, I get errors on both database creations. Thanks for help and suggestions Server_201811111057.txt.zip Server_201811111058.txt.zip
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