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  1. Urs, thanks for prompt reply. Checked the clientsettings.txt, which had different TCP port number from Server. Corrected it and it connected to the server. Thanks for help Juergen
  2. Hi, I needed to install my Client on a new PC. I left a client on the old PC which is running with no problems. The new PC Client will not connect to the Server. I have attached logfiles of the New PC Client and the Server. Thanks for help Juergen Mader serverLogfile-5.txt clientLogfile-5.txt
  3. Hi Oskar, Good to know. Thanks for info
  4. Hi, I have v2.2.122.0 EFB and I can not see my friend at the airport or in the MvMp. He is however visible in the simulator. Thanks for help Juergen Mader
  5. Hi Jonas, Sorry, but I didn't think about this post and upgraded to the 2020 compatible version in the meantime. If this error occurs again I will make a full set of support files. Thanks
  6. Hi Jonas, I am not 100% sure what I did when the error occured, but most likely some FMC programming in the PMDG B777-300. However, I have attached the log file from yesterday and maybe it helps to determine what's going on. BTW this error is very random and occurs only occasional Thanks for help clientLogfile-1.txt
  7. Hi, I need some help correcting this error: Unhandled Exception.... Ticks must be between date time..... Thanks for help Juergen Mader
  8. Hallo Oskar, I get the identical display as you. Since the gate selection criteria occurs in P3D, I would assume -as you stated- that this information is generated by the 3rd party developer, in this case FSDT. So I will post this question in the FSDT forum. Thanks for quick response
  9. Hi, When I select my 3rd party airport KIAH from FSDreamTeam and go to the "Change Airport" selection in P3Dv4, I have all the Gates / Ramps available, but no size. It's either a "Ramp GA, Ramp Cargo, Ramp GA Large or Ramp GA Small". It usually displays the gate sizes as small, medium or heavy. Anything different in Houston? Thanks for clarification
  10. Hi Oskar, Understand - I guess I can either fly the ILS or LOC approach to runway's 06 and 24, which Jeppsen/Navigraph does not list separately. Thanks again for great help
  11. Oskar, I deleted the above screenshot by mistake: https://www.flickr.com/photos/141330124@N05/shares/Lr3M94 Thanks
  12. Hi Oskar, The message disappeared after I "CREATED A NEW DATABASE". I did not run a new database before! However, you show a LOC 06 & 24 approach with ISE & ISW localizer. I have a LOC DME 06 & 24 with the SHA VOR. I show the same data for the ILS 06 & 24 approach as you. https://www.flickr.com/photos/141330124@N05/shares/9p2R0i Do you have a different simulator than I (P3Dv4.5)? Thanks
  13. Hi again Oskar, So i went to aero.sors website and downloaded the Worldupdate, which is to correct data for Europe. I checked EINN (Shannon) again and the same message appeared (LOC outdated). Now obviously there is a discrepancy between Navigraphs 2006 AIRAC and the now updated? P3Dv4.5 data. Is there a way I can check/compare both datasets/files to determine which database produces the error/message? I don't know if this is a EFB2 issue or if I should go to aero.sors website. Thanks for reply
  14. Hi, I am getting several localizer warning messages at standard (not payware) airports, e.g. LOWG (Graz): NO LOC available EINN (Shannon): LOC outdated (ILS 24) I have the newest AIRAC (2006) cycle from Navigraph in P3Dv4.5 as well as EFB2. How can I correct these airports? Thanks for help
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