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  1. Hi jonas, is it possible to have the same as EFB 1, so when connected to sim won't cause live traffic to disappear (while vpilot is off). Thanks James.
  2. Thanks. Before I purchased this add on I had FS flight control, not once did I have any of the above problems. I was able to see who was on stand before I would go there. I still think EFB has a few teething problems.
  3. Ok, my understanding was start sim and EFB, I would see vatsim traffic( if any at that time on stand )before I would select my A/C to a stand as not take someone stand. The only way for me to do this Is start up EFB check red A/C see who on stand. Then start up sim and position my A/C on a vacant Stand.(at this point red A/C gone) what I don't understand is why I can not have the sim running in order to see vatsim red traffic. If I want to go to another airport within the sim I have no idea who might be on stand as the only way to achieve this is shut down sim check EFB map to see first. I wonder if other have this problem. regards.
  4. No problem with AI traffic (blue) when connected to sim and showing within Traffic Monitor.
  5. Hi, Yes I have now the same problem. Vatsim sim traffic no issues when connected to vpilot and sim. However vpilot off no vatsim traffic on the ground. If I then disconnect flight sim vatsim traffic is back. Reconnect sim vatsim traffic gone. See if you have the same?
  6. Hi Mr ATC, Yes I have tried this as well and confirmed the same. Hopefully we can fixed this soon.
  7. Thanks for getting back to me. I now have discovered in order to have vatsim traffic on the ground before vpilot connection is start up EFB before and not to connect to simulator, and there it is, this gives me a chance to see if anything is on a stand before i start the sim. once I connect to simulator only then traffic goes. Now when you connect to vpilot traffic is back again working as it should. I hope this is the way should work.
  8. No! The only time this is working for me is when connected to vpilot, I then have traffic i.e. Vatsim traffic, this I am o.k with. For the life of me can not get vatsim traffic before going to vpilot. Yes I have done all the above. Correct me if I am wrong! I should be able to see vatsim traffic when i am on the ground before going to vpilot. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Down load FSUIPC this should fix for you it did for me.
  10. Thanks MR ATC. I see if someone else might have the same problem.
  11. Hi, I managed to get it working by reinstalling again. However when I select the option to display vatsim traffic within EFB 2 gives green light, still no ground vatsim traffic? The only way for me to see vatsim traffic is login to vpilot then I have vatsim ground/air traffic up to 5000ft as set. I would like to see vatsim ground traffic before login with vpilot, as not to take someone stand. I also installed in FSX Se, new problem here can't move the aircraft from default airport LSZH ? as with regards vatsim selection and green light I have vatsim traffic without vpilot on, and deselect vatsim to none vatsim traffic gone this part is working ok in fsx se. If any idea to the above would be much appreciated.?
  12. Thank you for the reply. This only shows simulator traffic, and not vatsim traffic. when on the ground or in air no vatsim traffic. i have all the above buttons checked.
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