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  1. Hi Jonas, I'm happy to report that I'm getting traffic in Traffic Monitor now and understand the new limitation, but it isn't bad. The new version is a major upgrade (kudos), and it is no big deal to start EFB before the sim. I sincerely appreciate your help, sir. Regards, Mark Glassman
  2. Thanks, Jonas. I thought I tried this before as mentioned in the first post, but I will try again in a couple of hours. I will give it a couple of minutes, also as I read that it may take time to get the vatsim update. Thanks again, and I'll update as soon as I can. Mark Glassman
  3. Jonas, Thanks for the quick reply, and reminder about not signing my name. My apologies. I should have been clearer in my post. The issue is with Traffic Monitor on the server side - I have no issue with colors in EFB ore with seeing traffic in EFB as long as Traffic Monitor is picking it up. The Traffic Monitor will not detect vatsim traffic until vpilot connects. As soon as I connect traffic appears, and as soon as I disconnect, it disappears from Traffic Monitor (and EFB, of course). Is it no longer possible to detect traffic before spawning? From what I've read I thought we should still be able to see it. The AI traffic worked flawlessly in version 1 - I could see traffic on the ground before I connected in vpilot which prevented me from spawning on other aircraft. I can still use v1 for this purpose, or just not worry about spawning on other aircraft, but wanted to see if I've missed something in my configuration or if there is a bug. Kint Regards, Mark Glassman
  4. I know there is another thread about traffic issues, but this is different than what I see on that thread. My issue is that I never see any traffic until I connect with vpilot. I thought the traffic should be available on the ground before spawning on vatsim (pressing the connect button in vpilot). More Info: I have the latest versions of Aivlasoft server and client I have ensured that all software (Aivlasoft, vpilot, sim (P3D 4.3) are running as administrator The online setting in the server is pointing to http://status.vatsim.net/status.txt and I can reach that file from a browser I read in another thread that starting vpilot and EFB server before starting sim may fix issue with no ground traffic, but this has not worked for me I am using EFB 1 in conjunction with EFB 2 now as it still displays ground traffic before connecting in vpilot so I have an easy workaround, but any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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