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  1. I don't think these are a fsAeroData issue as my DB build is now 'clean' with 1808. 'If' they are then let Jose know over on the fsAeroData forum, he will then get it sorted. The DB log file will give you the path to the error??
  2. OK, if not upload the AFCAD and I will have a look
  3. Hi, It is the same AFCAD, so something is not correct your end. Can you open the AFCAD in ADE and check to make sure that ALL runways are 'open'? Another check is to place the Scenery at the very TOP of your scenery and rebuild the DB again and then check. Is this scenery on a networked drive?
  4. It must be either your AFCAD or scenery order, as it is OK here
  5. In fsAerodata Config tool, disable and then enable DB. Rebuild EFB Database. Any errors now, which point to fsAerodata?
  6. Cheers Jonas, Didn't see active WP....no issues thanks
  7. Hi All Not sure if this is correct, TOD distance greater than Distance remaining, unless I've missed a setting
  8. Just to confirm is this for all added Airlines that are added to [AirlineShort]?
  9. I only have base scenery for EBLG and I get 04 and 22 in EFB as per the Navigarph charts. Sorry , are you saying that Navigraph is not correct? As I said I can only check against base scenery and charts. Can't be much more help I'm afraid on this one
  10. 04 and 22 are correct ans as per the charts and EFB. What ATC program shows 05 and 23?
  11. Manfred Please read the 'News' on the ProATC/X forum Thanks
  12. Hi Manfred, This is being looked into with Urs already. Can you also make sure that when you click 'fly now' that you make sure that you do not tick include SID and STAR, the bottom tick box ? Thanks for the report
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