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  1. alpha117


    Cheers Jonas, Didn't see active WP....no issues thanks
  2. alpha117


    Hi All Not sure if this is correct, TOD distance greater than Distance remaining, unless I've missed a setting
  3. alpha117

    AirlineShort Setting

    Just to confirm is this for all added Airlines that are added to [AirlineShort]?
  4. alpha117

    Wrong runway description EBLG

    I only have base scenery for EBLG and I get 04 and 22 in EFB as per the Navigarph charts. Sorry , are you saying that Navigraph is not correct? As I said I can only check against base scenery and charts. Can't be much more help I'm afraid on this one
  5. alpha117

    Wrong runway description EBLG

    04 and 22 are correct ans as per the charts and EFB. What ATC program shows 05 and 23?
  6. alpha117

    Uplink Error

    Manfred Please read the 'News' on the ProATC/X forum Thanks
  7. alpha117

    Uplink Error

    Hi Manfred, This is being looked into with Urs already. Can you also make sure that when you click 'fly now' that you make sure that you do not tick include SID and STAR, the bottom tick box 😉 Thanks for the report
  8. alpha117


    Many thanks and its on Vroute already
  9. alpha117

    PMDG Flightplan Export

    Richard, post your ProATC/X flight plan issue in the ProATC/X forum and one of the support guys will look into it Thanks
  10. alpha117

    Question to the Taxi feature

    sounds like a plan
  11. alpha117

    Thoughts on v2

    Why are you doing this when ProATC/X will automatically 'uplink' the clearance flight to EFB? The same with Active sky, there is no manual intervention needed
  12. alpha117

    Question to the Taxi feature

    Jonas, Why not read the R5.csv from makerunways? Currently the above solution(Manual 4 chapter 2.7) will 'fix' the 'why does EFB display not look like the chart'. Which to be honest is good. Let's be honest, all the 'average' end user wants to see is that EFB displays the same runways as a chart, they are no bothered about the status at all. Job done, case closed. Manual 4 chapter 2.7 is the fix until EFB V2.5 or V3.0. All move on
  13. alpha117

    Question to the Taxi feature

    Jonas, you are a 'STAR' player; its in Manual 4 - Database -Chapter 2.7', by the way 😉 My first question, yes could have done 'RTFM', but why has no other staff member/BETA tester not mentioned this until now?? If they had done it would have stopped all the endless threads that have been posted over the last 36hrs. So, going back to the start of the issues about EFB not displaying AFCADs correctly, for whatever reasons(let not go there again!!). Here is LFBD placed into the folder mentioned in the manual. All runways are now displayed correctly, well nearly but for now its a start and 100% move forward after the saga of the last 36hrs. CONS 1. A user must have the skill and knowledge to edit and recompile scenery AFCADS. 2. Does not display the correct status of the runways 3. Possibility of having 1000+ duplicated AFCADs . Even though saved outside of the SIM, therefore they have no affect on the SIM at all. In my case I must have 60+ AFCADs that I have changed so they match the real world configuration. I'm sure there will be users out there have many more than I currently have. 4. Difficult to maintain if the scenery has a scenery tool that allow AFCAD changes for different weather, or different runway configurations, EHAM as an example. PROs 1. Allows EFB to display ALL the runways and will be correct if compared to the airport chart Conclusion Good idea but not that easy to implement for users who do not have the skills to make this work. Now, one of the Staff/Beta Tester maybe could put a manual together showing how to achieve this and add it to your documentation, just a thought.