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  1. Okay, I looked at the log. It worked fine. It was 975 indeed. sorry. Aka, I kept troubleshooting, (I always want to do it self ;)). I updated FSUIPC to v6 (I was still running 5), and that worked like a charm. Apparently was that FSUIPC specifically an error. Thanks for the fast reply. Sorry for bothering
  2. HI all, I love the v2 app. And it's udpates. However, I have one question. I wanted to tune EHAM delivery 121.970. However, when I do that, my radio stack shows 980 and when I try to switch it to 970 it jumps to 950 (skipping the 970 it should show). This can only be fixed when I tune a frequency that is a "round" frequency (eham has enough luckily) and then tune it by hand. is anyone else experiencing these problems. it is..really weird. I tested it in the NGXU with the latest EFB update. cheers victor
  3. thanks! I know. I will stop for now then oh, I see.. will fix, cheers
  4. Yeah, I also contacted the dutch ATC. and they gave me about the same info. It depends on th cockpit, and would be between 0 and 600 RVR for CAT III. there. Except for RWY 36R and 22/04 they are all CAT III. What would be the best values to put in then? because it is very dependent on cockpit. For cat II they indicated 2200 M (based on DH)
  5. OKay, I found my mistakes, corrected! It works now. I contacted the dutch ATC for some information about their RVR and CAT III minima, because I wan't sure, but for now it uses the default values for CAT III! If you could check it again sir? @lonewulf47 EHAM.txt
  6. There are more? i used yours as a basic but thanks, I'll look into them edit: Fixed: @lonewulf47 EHEH.txt
  7. Working on them here as well
  8. SO, next one (did you kow I'm dutch? :P) This is almost completely done EHEH.txt
  9. same issue, I will upload them once I'm home (tonight/tomoz)
  10. HI all SO, my first a(it is harder then I thought ;).. but if anyone wants, I can look into it because it is fun somehow) the EHAM minimums file. it is basic, CIrcling is basically not allowed at EHAM so I disabled that, but both cats (cat 3 has the same as cat 2) and LOC's are done for all the active landing RWY! Hope I did it right, if not tell me! cheers vic EHAM.txt
  11. hi all i tried the efb v2 for the first time yesterday online, after spending time creating a bat file who copies file to the uplink folder. It works all perfectly! however. The vatsim frequencies are all pulled with everything before the decimal. i tried heathrow and eham (schiphol).. Both showed that behaviour in their frequency radio panel. any tips? vkr victor
  12. Can happen, thanks for being so responsive!
  13. hello all My demo just finished, and I already realise how much I miss it. It was epic during the CTP! But seeing as I'ma poor student , I have 2 questions: 1: is there, maybe like last year, a discount coming up in november? . 2: Or would it make more sense to wait for v2.. or not? vkr victor
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