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  1. thanks! I know. I will stop for now then oh, I see.. will fix, cheers
  2. Yeah, I also contacted the dutch ATC. and they gave me about the same info. It depends on th cockpit, and would be between 0 and 600 RVR for CAT III. there. Except for RWY 36R and 22/04 they are all CAT III. What would be the best values to put in then? because it is very dependent on cockpit. For cat II they indicated 2200 M (based on DH)
  3. OKay, I found my mistakes, corrected! It works now. I contacted the dutch ATC for some information about their RVR and CAT III minima, because I wan't sure, but for now it uses the default values for CAT III! If you could check it again sir? @lonewulf47 EHAM.txt
  4. There are more? i used yours as a basic but thanks, I'll look into them edit: Fixed: @lonewulf47 EHEH.txt
  5. Working on them here as well
  6. SO, next one (did you kow I'm dutch? :P) This is almost completely done EHEH.txt
  7. same issue, I will upload them once I'm home (tonight/tomoz)
  8. HI all SO, my first a(it is harder then I thought ;).. but if anyone wants, I can look into it because it is fun somehow) the EHAM minimums file. it is basic, CIrcling is basically not allowed at EHAM so I disabled that, but both cats (cat 3 has the same as cat 2) and LOC's are done for all the active landing RWY! Hope I did it right, if not tell me! cheers vic EHAM.txt
  9. hi all i tried the efb v2 for the first time yesterday online, after spending time creating a bat file who copies file to the uplink folder. It works all perfectly! however. The vatsim frequencies are all pulled with everything before the decimal. i tried heathrow and eham (schiphol).. Both showed that behaviour in their frequency radio panel. any tips? vkr victor
  10. hello all My demo just finished, and I already realise how much I miss it. It was epic during the CTP! But seeing as I'ma poor student , I have 2 questions: 1: is there, maybe like last year, a discount coming up in november? . 2: Or would it make more sense to wait for v2.. or not? vkr victor
  11. -.- HAHAH, thanks ! I feel a little stupid now
  12. hello Sure, for example EHAM, from aerosoft, with teh screenshot below. I would expect it to be here somewhere, right?
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