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  1. Urs, Understood. Thank you very much for the explanation. Since this is solved may I recommend locking the topic. Great support as always!
  2. Again, I apologize for the delayed response (real life at work). I re-tested by assigning the keys back to their original settings and the issue returned. I also did another test by assigning new number keys (6,7,8,9,) to the Zoom Auto and User settings. Well, 1,2 3, and 0 now work, however 6,7,8, and 9 does not. Again, this is all using the keyboard. When I use the Keypad on the keyboard, all is well. Regards Nat
  3. As a follow up, I uninstalled and reinstalled the client. Unfortunately the issue still persists...however... On a whim, I went into settings and removed the default zoom key settings (D0, D1,D2,D3) and then tried again. Everything worked! So it seems, at least in my case, that there is a conflict between the default zoom keypress settings and the ability to enter the numbers to Adj CRUZ ALT using a keypress instead of the keypad. Regards.
  4. I tried the test editor. No issues..typed just fine. i have no other issues with any other add-ons or applications. I can live with using the keypad. I will try a reinstall, however, and see if it clears up. Thank you again! I will let you know what happens.
  5. I apologize for the long delay. I have checked through everything. All hardware disconnected, no applications running. Just the server and client and it flat refuses to accept keyboard entry of the numbers 1-3 and 0. And as stated earlier, when entering numbers using the numeric keypad instead, no issues at all.
  6. Thank you Lonewulf. Yes, I will probably continue to use the keypad, however, that does not address the issue. Maybe mine is an isolated case as no one else seems to have this issue.
  7. Thank you for the response. Nope, no changes to any of the shortcut settings. The Flight Plan Window is the Active Window (Black border around the window). I tried again this evening wiht nothing loaded simulator-related and I had the same issue. Steps I took: 1. Start the Server then the Client...no issues. 2. Clicked on FPL and loaded a Company Route. All ok. 3. The Flight Plan Window opens with the route legs shown. 4. I click on "Adj CRZ ALT" and I cannot type in the numbers 1, 2,3 or 0 using the top of the keyboard. However, I can enter the numbers using the numeric keypad. Again this is the strangest thing I have ever seen and I am no stranger to the flight sim word and add-ons. Just to make sure I cover all items, while flying, climbing to my cruise altitude and then clicking on "Adj CRZ ALT" via the RSB works as advertised (page 36 of the Flight Plan Doc). Regards
  8. It appears that there may be a bug related to adjusting the cruise altitude. If I try to use the normal keyboard numbers to adjust the altitude, I can only use numbers 4-9 as the numbers 1-3 try to zoom or reset the map display in the map window. Zero (0) works intermittently. However, If I use the keypad, everything works fine. Using FSX. Regards, Nat
  9. Big supporter since v1. Very happy with version 2. Geat work and well done! Nat
  10. Thanks guys. However, Navigraph Charts, both the current version and the current Cloud Beta that is being tested both show SIDS. So that seems odd why Navigraph would show that when the actual NATS AIS for UK does not.
  11. Ahh... I see. That is strange as the airport does have an actual SID.....hmmm Thank you for clarifying tho.
  12. Have come across a peculiar problem. When trying to use EGHI as the departure and access the SID, the runways screen is greyed out. The default runways in FSX are 02/20, EFB shows 02/20. Using Navigraph's cycle 1706, it shows EGHI as part of its SIDSTARS folder. When I set up EGHI as the arrival airport, I have access to all of the STARS for both runways. Any ideas? Regards, Todd
  13. Ahhh...that was it....AS soon as I hit moving map, it came up. Thanks!
  14. For some reason, the wind display is missing. The Wind Box on the screen where you can enable and disable the display is enabled on all screens, yet there is no display. I even toggled the box to make sure there was a yellow outline surrounding the box. This is very puzzling. Regards, Todd
  15. Hey guys.... Let's do one more check..... I went and checked the UK2000 website just to make sure there wasn't anything odd. If the default FSX scenery is working fine then it means that there is something within the UK2000 scenery that is not being recognized by EFD. Double check the following: 1. Shut down FSX, then start the EFB DataProvider. Under the Data menu, select the and run the Simulator Scenery Data Update. When done....then start the EFB DisplayUnit. Go to Settings/Miscellaneous/Reset Airport Data Cache 2. If this doesn't work again then the issue may be how the scenery itself is being read. If the EFB it is showing the runways using the default FSX scenery then EFB is working fine as well as Navigraph information. This would mean, however, that there may be something in the EGKK scenery that is causing a conflict. I can only guess.
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