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  1. Hello Oski Thanks a lot for your fast response and help. I will follow your suggestion. with kind regards Roger
  2. Dear Support I prefer to fly on Norway airports. ( many promoted by ORBX ) Some airports are missing in the EFB airport selection menue. Hammerfest ENHF Narvik ENNK Sandane ENSD Sognal ENSG all other known Norwegian local and international airport are working. What can be the reason that they can not be selected within the EFB ? regards Roger Moved to proper Forum by Admin
  3. Hello Urs Thanks for reply. I do hope that this could be implemented on a next update. I am not the only simmer having this wish. It would be extremly helpful. You may know that I am supporting many simmers up to the north of Germany and I have been introduce AivlaSoft EFB almost to all clients if working with P3D. An outstanding addon for the simmers. regards Roger
  4. Hello Urs and Oski I do hope to get your response concerning save .pln into different folders. with regards Roger
  5. Hello Experts I have a wish for the flightplans saved with .pln format. With the menue "Save route" you can save into the AivlaSoft - routes folder with EFB flightplan format .efbr (good for working on fligfhtplans) and we can safe under FSX/P3D .pln into any flightplan folder who serves FSX/P3D .pln or flightplan folders within addon aircrafts where .pln can be used with their FMC. If you want to save .pln into an other than FSX/P3D folder (example: F:\Prepar3D v4\QualityWings\FlightPlans) you must change the route to the resp. flightplan folder. May I ask you to create some more selectable fields where we can write .pln in different flightplan folder. (similar than in SimBrief downloader ? Would be helpful. regards Roger
  6. Hello Support I have installed Gibraltar LXGB from Aerosoft into the P3D v4.4 folder Ecosystem\Aerosoft as usual. The airport is recognized by the P3D and working so far. After building a a new EFB database still LXGB can't be selected into a new flightplan. What could be the reason ? regards Roger
  7. Hello Oski Thanks for your fast comment and advise. I have now read Chaper 8.1 where its clearly mentioned about the display on the moving map. The problem was caused by the button ARPT which was switch to off instead of on. with kind regards Roger
  8. Good morning EFB experts Ones again, have many thanks for this outstanding EFBv2. No more headache planning SID and STARS. I have a suggestion for the airports displayed on the moving map. So far I recognized that the airports are displayed with a black dot and MIL airports have a black circle with a black dot inside. The airport used on a flightplan have black and a green circle and the ICAO code is in red text. Would it be possible display the black dot airports similar to the design like the MIL airports but with an other colour and would it possible the display the ICAO code if you move the mouse over. A very small aircraft icon would also be more helpful to recognize other airport. with regards Roger
  9. Hallo Urs Thanks a lot for your response. I am happy to hear that all layout.bgl will be read from the P3D Sim if handled with the add.on.xml file and the older scenery.cfg. Sorry I did not read the former post releated to EFB. But I understand well that EFB is not real planner. There is no problem to manage the flight planning from a other source and using them in the EFB. EFB now is my prefered tool for all IFR flights. regards Roger
  10. Good morning Oski Sorry, I did not made an DB update because I thought that this will be done automaticly after there was an online server update which I had just yesterday. I made a DB update right now and of course your advise became correct and the LOC frequency is now 109.95. Many thanks. I have to say many thanks to Urs - you and all experts who made this new EFB V2.0 which give us perfect dates for correct IFR flights with all necessary information on the EFB main screen. I like this kind of planning very much and your SID and STAR planning is excellent to handle. In addition I have several questionaries: 1. Your DB reads all airport layouts.bgl from the older FSX-P3D system which is C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\scenery.cfg How is the DB update collecting airport layout.bgl if they are in other folder outside of the P3D V4 ? Example: F:\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons Can the DB update read such new installed sceneries (according to the new LM) not available within the scenery.cfg. I think not! Do we need to install them according to the older scenery.cfg system ? Would cause much more work. Its confusing in the scenery designer market. Their installers goes on different places in and outside of the P3D and they uses their own folder. (Simmarket - AS etc) 2. Saving EFB made flightplans can be stored with .efbr for EFB and .pln for FSX/P3D into their standard flight plan folders. How about other flightplan format such Majestic Dash8 which is .fpr or QW with their .rte and others aircraft addons which have their specific format and flightplan folders. Have a look to the SIMBRIEF downloader where we can select most available flight format to be stored into the specific folders. Is it in your pipeline to offer the specific FPL formats to be saved directly into their specific FPL folders ?? If this can be realised in future I can keep the Simbrief planning and/or the Route Finder. I do not prefer Route Finder because they planner very often can not provide short flights. I would be happy to recieve your comment. Thanks and regards Roger
  11. Hello Oski You just confirmed to me what I wrote in my post. I have updated the LIPZ_ADEP4_ADE.bgl having incorporated the new frequency of 109.95 as announced in the Jeppesen. I checked with ADE175. I made already 2 localizer APP with this new frequency. So far its working well. My concern is that EFB still shows the old 110.30 for the 04R and there I asked Aivlasoft to give a comment. Today morning Aivlasoft made a Server and Client update and I expected that there will be the new frequency. regards Roger
  12. Hello Experts P3D V4.3 the new Scenery of Venice - Marco Polo made by RFSCENERYBUILDING received an updated ILS frequeny 109.95 (same in Jeppesen) In the EFB there is still the older Frequency 110.30 Can you investigate pls. Thanks and regards Roger
  13. Hello Jonas Thanks for your fast reply. I will follow your suggestions. regards Roger
  14. Hello Urs Hello Oski First of all I have to say thank you very much to Aivlasoft and all their experts who made this excellent tool for the P3D V4 Versions. I prefer to store Simbrief flightplans direkt to the EFB routes folder and there I will modify the route according to SID and STARS provided by your EFB. If I select a waypoint or VOR/ADF on your flightplan windows I wish to have a small colored sign such as a circle or crossmark to easily recognized the position of the map. Is this in a future update possible ? Is it in planning that your flightplan can be directly copied into the specific flightplans such as .pln .rte .routes . flpln and others corresponding to the various well know aircraft addons ? Is it in planning to add a satellite background such as Google Earth and others similar to the VFRFlight Tool ? Thanks for response and regards Roger Edit: Moved by Admin into General Discussion
  15. Hello Experts Problem already solved. I did not add the departure and arrival airport to the Simbrief route therefore the routes could not be validated. regards Roger
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