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  1. Hello Oski I like to reply about my Sochi problem. I took the APX58160.bgl from a copied P3D from a older installation and replaced this layout on my working P3D. (newer PC ) So for still a negative result with missing the ILS frequencies. I also installed a fresh downloaded Sochi scenery into my older PC which was not in use for 3 month. I opened EFB client and there I have also no ILS available. regardes Roger
  2. Hello Oski Thanks for reply. After observing problems with fsaerodata I revert back to Aerosors and I deleted manipulated files visible in the 702 folder. (They were inactive) I also can confirm that I installed all files again from Aerosors incl. Russia. I have several older copies of APX58160.bgl on a older PC system and I have older copies of stored standard scenery folders. I will try copies from there. I will replay next Wednesday. Have a good Sunday Roger
  3. Hello Oski Thanks for your reply. On my side there is still the same problem existing. I really don't see the ILS with their frequencies. What I see on the APP select button are the VOR which are not existing within the AFCAD. The URSS layout ( URSS_ADEX_ADE.BGL ) is absolutely correct. I checked it several times and I also downloaded and installed this addon ones again without any changes. I also installed the complet EFB software again. As you can see on my screenshot I have the same layout bgl's loaded to be confirmed within the overwiev window. Its really a complicated issue. Don't spend to much time. It takes to much work. Thanks again Roger
  4. Hello Oski The same for me. Out of any further ideas. I also made a re-install of the whole EFB. I also re-installed P3D v4 scenery and SORS again. I checked again the stock and the addon URSS and both ILS and their frequencies are perfect implemented. Anyway this is not a big issue because they have RNAV approches ( same as in the EFB ) and the ILS are working within the aircrafts. Thanks for support and have a nice weekend. regards Roger
  5. Good morning Oski Have many thanks for fast reply. I have installed Hervé Sors' Navaid already for long time. I checked the stock airport where the 2 ILS were missing. I implemented both according to the addon layout and a real URSS approach chart and compiled them using ADE176. For trial I also made a copy of the modified URSS stock layout and renamed it to URSS.bgl and moved it into your private layout folder. After those actions I always applied a new database rebuild. Still the ILS of URSS are not visible on EFB client. Just for your reference all neigbour airports such as URKK and URKA having ILS can be selected on EFB client. Further I have to inform that I several weeks ago tried to work with fsaerodata but soon after I recognized that fsaerodata can not be used with your EFB I revert back to Hervé Sors' Navaid software. I attached here a screenshot with the implemented URSS ILS and a copy of the airportFiles_P3D4.txt. I appreciate your response with regards Roger airportFiles_P3D4.txt
  6. Good morning EFB support. If I want to select Sochi USSR O2 or O6 RWY arrival on the EFB ARR button I am missing the ILS frequencies for URSS. There are only RNAV app available. On the URSS addon and on the stock airport the correct ILS are implementend according to the approach charts. On your own AFCAD layouts (https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3005-afcad/) Sochi URSS is not yet available. May I ask you to provide such a corrected AFCAD to be implemented to your privat AFCAD folder ? I attached here the newest URSS layout for your reference. Thanks in advance fore help. Roger URSS_ADEX_ADE.BGL
  7. My respect to the Aivlasoft gentlemens what they have developed for us how they support us. For me one of the best addon I ever used for my sim planning. Would never miss it. Roger
  8. I also downloaded the ENHF.bgl from your list and it also works well in the EFB2 client. Nick from ORBX closed this topic already. Nick's last comment: There is a perfectly simple solution to the posted problem. Yes this is a simple solution if you know it or if you a programmer or if you have a deep knowledge about layout design. It is not always easy for a simmer to know whats going on with addons what is different between the various addon desgin technics etc. Roger
  9. Hello Oski Have many thanks for this (for me fresh) information. According to your link into your specfic thread which gives a clear information how to handle this so called privat designer specialities I have now the correct mapping of ENHF. It was not nessesary to download this specific AFCAD. It is included in the FTX_EU_NOR_05_SCENERY folder. I recognized on your list that mainly ORBX is taking this way of layout design. According to your list I also have to take care about the other Norwegion airports provided by ORBX. Again thanks for fast support and best regards Roger
  10. Dear Support EFB2 cannot map the ORBX Hammerfest layout file (ENHF_ADEP2_FKH_P3D.bgl) located in the folder FTX_EU. I asked ORBX for support and they informed that there is an other layout.bgl (ADE_FTX_NOR_ENHF.bgl) located at FTX_AA_ENHF within the FTX_EU. which might be the right layout file to have the necessary dates for the EFB2 airport mapping. I asked the ORBX support forum for help. The thread is called : Aivlasoft EFB2 missing runway mappings at Hammerfest ENHF with screenshot included. Can you pls. have a look into this thread and provide a solution to solve this specific ORBX Norway/Hammerfest problem. thanks in advance Roger
  11. Good morning Oski I just had the same problem with missing ILS frequencies at Fiuminicino LIRF. I just found your investigation and help within this threads here. I also corrected the airport layout .bgl as instructed here and it works now perfect. Thanks for your outstanding help and support. regards Roger
  12. Hello Peter Can you pls. provide a link to the 8 pages of complaints ? Roger
  13. Hello Oski Thanks for your fast support. I deleted the scenery which was placed into P3D v4 using Add-on.xml manually. (To be seen on the screenshot on the first message) I restarted the DbBuilder and the ORBX entry in the DB disappered and the DbBuilder worked again as usual. I noticed the existing problem made by the central4 and I will wait to use central4 until we have better messages concerning the Add-on use. regards Roger
  14. Hello Experts I just installed ORBX Lilydale YLiL Airport using their Add-on.xml. DbBuilder stops to work at C:\Users\User\Orbx Library\p3dv4\YLIL Lilydale Airport\ORBX\FTX_AU\FTXAA_YLIL DbBuilder can no more closed and must be shut down by using Task Manager function. I could not find any faults in their path structure. Need help Thanks Roger
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