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  1. Today we released the update 2.2.124. With this update: - Back course approach procedures can now be selected (e.g. KSNA LOC 02L). - the outer, middle, and inner markers will be depicted on the procedures map. - A new feature "Play sound 'n' minutes before reaching top of descent (T/D)" has been added. The availability of the function is depending on the currently active aircraft profile. The option "Use vertical guidance" has to be selected in this profile. ONLINE: - New IVAO and VATSIM data definitions have been added.
  2. Hi Laurent, EFB can only show the scenery which is installed in your simulator. For details please see the manual "5 EN Client.pdf", chapter 1, "Basic concepts". If you see an outdated chart in LFPO you have to install a newer scenery, then run the DbBuilder, function "Update Simulator".
  3. Hi Franklin, To prevent the own aircraft symbol from being depicted twice, you have to enter your callsign when you create the EFB flight plan (step 2, see next picture).
  4. Hi Florian, No. Reading weather data from the simulator is not possible with MSFS. See the limitations here. Workaround: As long as REX WF2020 is providing weather data from real world you may switch the weather provider in EFB to 'Real World' too. I assume that REX also gets its weather data from NOAA.
  5. Thank you for the link. It is a very seldom situation where the add-on does not define a so called 'Delete Section' and also does only provide one additional runway instead of a complete runway layout with two runways. This means that this additional runway should be added to the base layout. Such is currently not possible with EFB. I have now changed the code to allow adding runways to an already existing layout. This will be available with next update.
  6. Hello, Your installed version 2.1.108 is completely outdated. Please uninstall your outdated version by running the uninstaller from the Windows Control Panel (aka Apps and Features), then download the latest complete installers for the Client AND the Server from here: https://www.aivlasoft.com/download.html Run both installers to have an up-to-date installation of v2.2.123 for the Client and the Server. May I ask you why you didn't run the auto-updates in the past?
  7. Hi Bob, With next version I will add a log entry which shows the required name. This way it should become easier to know what one have to enter in the profile editor.
  8. Hi Don, xEnviro is not a supported product by EFB. However, if you use 'real weather' in xEnviro then you might change the weather source in EFB to 'Real World Weather' which takes its weather data (METARs and TAFs) also from NOAA. This way there should be no difference. The only short time difference may happen due to different intervals when they download the latest data.
  9. Hi Andrew, it seems that the file "<Client-Data-Folder>\Settings\optionButtons.bin" is somehow corrupted. Try to delete this file before the Client starts, then start the Client.
  10. Points of interest (POI) Many thanks to user 'DLH560' who makes this list longer and longer ... pointsOfInterest.txt This file does not claim to be complete or error-free. Use it at your own discretion. Last update: 2021-09-20 Installation: Download file and copy/paste it into the folder: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\Globe
  11. And where do you have the Client? The Client is the program where you have to plan the flights and many more. I don't know why you post a screenshot from the old EFB v1 DataProvider, support for EFB v1 has been ceased almost three years ago.
  12. Thanks Damian, for pointing me in the direction of the limitations page. I have updated the page.
  13. Damian, thank you for the information about this project. I can see that they are utilizing 'SimConnect' as the interface to MSFS. EFB is using 'FSUIPC7' as interface to MSFS. Therefore EFB is dependent from FSUIPC7. However, setting and switching COM-Frequencies is working properly. Did you update to the latest version of FSUIPC7 ?
  14. Hi Marc, the license from 2017 must be a version 1 license. Version 2 requires a new license to be purchased. As a recurring customer you will get a discount of 20%. Details please see here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2843-how-to-get-a-discount-as-a-recurring-customer/ Start your purchase here: https://www.aivlasoft.com/purchase.html What means doesn't start? Does the program not start in Windows, or does it not connect with the Server? If the Client doesn't connect with the Server, you may try to manually allow the Client to connect with the 'private network' in the Windows Firewall settings. If the Server does not connect with the MSFS please make sure you have the proper version of FSUIPC7 installed.
  15. Hi Ray, thanks for uploading the support files. It was just a tiny hick-up when it was depicting a tower circle on the map. Just once. Did you experience any troubles when this happened?
  16. I'm afraid that I don't properly understand what you mean. Could you please try to explain it in more details?
  17. Currently we do not have plans to introduce this functionality in the near future I'm afraid.
  18. Could you please provide a set of support files and upload them here. Thanks.
  19. Hi Damian, I guess what you refer to is depending on the content of the underlying BGL file. EFB ground charts are based on the BGL file for a certain airport. The BGL data format specifies two holding points, 'hold short' and 'hold short ILS'. If the designer takes the time to add this information to the BGL file then EFB can depict it, otherwise unfortunately not.
  20. Hi Ray, unfortunately this excerpt from the logfile does not help much because it does not tell whether it is from the Client or from the Server. Does this error happen regularly or only from time to time? Does it prevent the Client? or the Server? from running properly? When does it happen? Could you please provide a set of support files and upload them here. Thanks.
  21. Hi Dan, the exception in the logfile was thrown because of an unknown date format in the downloaded SIGMET data but this should not stop the Server from properly running. It might happen that SIGMET data is erroneous in this regard because it seems that all participating providers have to fill in this data manually as plain text. I see in the other post that you have managed to fix it.
  22. I guess you are talking about online traffic from VATSIM and/or IVAO, and "real" means the AI-traffic generated by the simulator? If you can see "real" traffic but not "online" traffic means that basically the function works. Most probably it has to do with the current settings or with the current zoom. - try zoom-in and out - check the vertical filter for AI traffic in the Client settings, tab 'Aircraft' - check the filter settings for online traffic as explained in the Client manual, chapter 13.6 According to the forum rules, please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks.
  23. Hi Bob, No, I don't think so. The only thing which "connects" MSFS and EFB is FSUIPC. Did you install the latest and proper version of FSUIPC7? Maybe FSUIPC will be automatically started when MSFS is starting?
  24. Hi Renato, Which Navdata provider do you use, Navigraph or Aerosoft? Which AIRAC cycle is installed on this computer?
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