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  1. Seeing no changes were made, I went ahead and went back to a version prior and everything is working fine again. I'll just hold up from updating again and if I see others post the same issues, I will provide more detailed information. Thanks for the link.
  2. I don't know what changed but the ARR tab has been giving me issues. Before the last update I was able to zoom, move map and even bring up DEP/ARR page to make changes. Now after a short period it stops functioning. I have to close out the program to get the function correctly. Only this page gives a problems. I run the Client on my second PC. Before the update, everything just works.
  3. I would also like to see the Vatsim traffic display like on V1. It was so useful. One of the reason I still use V1 when flying online. Note I read the manual. Can someone share their trafficAssignments.txt that is setup like V1?
  4. I look forward to version 2. As a new user I am shocked I have not used this program earlier. It is incredible and a must have.
  5. VatSpy data files are updated pretty regularly. It would be nice if the program was able to use there files instead of the older ServInfo files seeing it is no longer maintained.
  6. I did look at both log files but nothing was listed as being the problem. I have weather pointed to ActuveSky. Strange but everything still works.
  7. I'm running the Display Unit on my client and the Dataprovider on my Flight sim box. The programs are communicating perfectly and I everything works great. After about 10 minutes on the client I noticed that the green dot "Connected to DataProvider" changes to a red dot stating " The rmote server returned an error: (404) Not Found ". I checked the DataProvider display and it shows no errors, color changes or dropped connections. They still seem to be communicating as normal. Plane location is still moving on Display Unit map. Up in the top left corner of the display unit say OK, green dot. I'm also connected to Vatsim and Vatsim selected in the program. Usually when you see a 404 error its web related. I am using the most up to date version on both machines.
  8. I just purchased Aivlasoft and I see a 2.0 version has been in works since 2013. What are the chances of getting the current version to work with the Vat-Spy database? Also it was late 2017 when it was stated that 2.0 was close to complete. Any new status updates?
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