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  1. Hello Harald, according to the forum rules, please write your post in English. This is an international forum. Thank you. If I understand the question, then you see the cycle 1805 in the Database-Builders window, although you have installed a more recent cycle of NavDataPro. Most probably the installation was done into a wrong directory. Please see this post from the FAQ which deals with the target paths: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3069-navdata-installation-paths/
  2. Hi Hennes, EFB weather information is based on METAR and TAF which is always related to a certain airport but not an area. It does unfortunately not provide the information which would be required to depict rain, turbulence and more.
  3. Thank you Jean-Claude for this information. I'm glad to read that it's working now.
  4. Hi Jean-Claude, thanks for sending the files to the support. It looks like a problem with unzipping the airport database on the Client side. Because it is a big file the DbBuilder is zipping the file before sending it to the Client but the Client cannot unzip it. To be honest I have no idea what is missing or corrupted on the Client PC because it is not part of the EFB software. Do you do the required Windows Updates regularly on the Client PC?
  5. Hi David (?) according to the forum rules, please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks. The logfile contains some data path errors from the 'official'-path (fs-base, fs-base-nav). It looks like a messed up installation of MSFS.
  6. Hi Scott, No, because traffic data does not provide information about the source. Whenever you fly on VATSIM you should switch off AI-Traffic in the simulator to have only one source of traffic data.
  7. Hi Scott, EFB is designed for IFR flying and therefore no airspaces will be depicted on the map.
  8. I just tried to explain how the calculation will be done. The calculation is done upwards, therefore the FAF is the first point where the calculation starts. When you fly the route, then obviously the descent profile starts at TOD (top of descent) which always is at cruise level. The VG-system is not designed to allow manual and therefore individual input.
  9. Vertical guidance is calculated using descent angles from the A/C profile. Usually this is 3.0° below 10'000ft and 3.5° above 10'000ft. It always starts at the FAF and goes up until reaching TOD. All altitude restrictions AT, AT OR ABOVE, AT OR BELOW and BETWEEN will be considered. If you fly along the vertical path you will be safe concerning the published altitude restrictions of the procedures. When creating your FPL don't forget to integrate the procedure waypoints by pressing "Set FPL" on the procedure selection dialog.
  10. Erdal, your SimBrief account-id can be found by opening a New Flight, or editing an existing flight plan, scrolling down to the Optional Entries section, and checking the default value of the "Pilot ID" option.
  11. Erdal, there are two possibilities for this error: 1) the pilot id entered in the textbox: 42624262 is not a valid pilot id 2) the latest flight plan (created as an OFP) was built against an older AIRAC cycle. From my experience I know that a flight plan built at the time when AIRAC cycle 2013 was valid, cannot be downloaded anymore as soon as cycle 2014 becomes valid.
  12. Scott, if you are not connected to VATSIM then your aircraft/callsign is not part of the data downloaded from VATSIM and EFB cannot apply any filter on it. Nevertheless I have checked the VATSIM data download for other traffic in this area but to no avail. Maybe the echo was from AI-Traffic in MSFS? I really don't know where it is from. It is also weird that the symbol which is depicted below your aircraft is a white 'approximation' symbol. Usually an approximation cannot be so close to the own aircraft without changing either to yellow or even red. I can also see on your screenshot that MRENE is listed as your next waypoint on the sidebar, but actually your aircraft is on the way to WYNDM. For some unknown reason MRENE was not recognized as 'passed' and now the distance from MRENE is increasing. You should open the 'Direct-to' dialog and select WYNDM as your direct-to waypoint to synchronize EFB with your flightplan. So all in all the screenshot raises more questions as it will give answers.
  13. Hi Alex, Are the two installers started automatically after the download and did both installers run without errors?
  14. Scott, traffic filter has an impact on the display only but not on TCAS for obvious reason. I cannot see the support files, neither from the Client nor from the Server. Where did you send them? This is a bit confusing to me because on the Status panel of EFB I can clearly read "VATSIM".
  15. Hello ??? (According to the forum rules, please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks) Can you please provide a set of support files, one from the Server and one from the Client, and upload here.
  16. Hi Thomas, try restarting the computer. If the error persists check the Windows Firewall whether EFB Server has permission to access the Private network. Sometimes when updating a binary file, the Windows Firewall is resetting the permissions.
  17. Today a small update has been released so latest version is now v2.2 #122. This update fixes the following bugs which have been reported in the last few days: Messagebox "Please restart the Server to check for updates ..." is hidden behind splash screen Soft-buttons are not available on ground chart Tuning navaids and ILS via popup menu does not work Sidebar does not indicate ISA temperature deviation if it is < 5° and > -5° Fix cannot be added to FPL via right-mouse-click We hope you enjoy this update and we wish you all a Happy New Year 2021.
  18. Great! I'm glad to read that it's working now as expected. Happy New Year.
  19. Hi Ben, on your screenshot I can see that the callsign is missing in EFB. It should be displayed where the red arrow points to: So the question is how do you transfer the flight plan from SimBrief to EFB? Steps that I take when creating a flight plan with SimBrief are as follows: Create flight plan (New Flight, or Edit Flight) Check Callsign and Pilot-ID Press 'Generate OFP' on top of the Dispatch Options That's all I'm doing at SimBrief, now switching to EFB: Press 'FPL' to start importing your flight plan from SimBrief Select tab 'Internet', then 'SimBrief' Check/Enter your SimBrief Pilot-ID Press 'Start' and your latest flight plan from SimBrief will be downloaded (see note *1 at the end of this post) Press 'Next' and review the flight plan details, especially the callsign When all is OK, press 'Finish' to activate the FPL in EFB Check your callsign on the EFB sidebar (routing panel) *1) Downloading flight plan from SimBrief using their API (app programming interface): If you have created your flight plan with a certain AIRAC cycle, you can only download this flight plan as long as this cycle is valid. If you try to download such a flight plan when the cycle is no longer valid, it will result in an error. I have to say that I don't know what happens if one is using the outdated and free cycle of SimBrief, because I'm only using the latest cycles.
  20. Default installation path for Steam Edition is as follows: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\ It has to be the folder which has the following two subfolders: Community Official
  21. ETA on the TAF screen comes from the flight plan. Because this is not a calculated field it depends on what you enter in step 2 of the flight plan creation.
  22. Hi Ray, I had a look at the source code and can see that I changed it as described above (flight time = arrival time - departure time). At that time I must have overlooked that this correction does only fix a bug which occurred when using simulator time instead of computer time. Now, after a deeper insight, I realize more and more that considering 'Pause ON' and 'Pause OFF' would lead to a rewrite of major parts of EFB, because there are a zillion of calculations in EFB based on computer time. So all of these calculations would have to be rewritten to consider Pause ON and OFF. This would require hundreds of hours of programming and testing. That's simply not possible. However, I will change the indication of the ISA temperature.
  23. Charles, on my computer in the installation folder of FSUIPC7 I can see two different ways to start: FSUIPC7.exe which only starts FSUIPC7 MSFSwithFSUIPC.bat which is a batch file to start FSUIPC7 and MSFS Try number 1.
  24. Hi Don, I have to apologize 😟 for not realizing that the soft-buttons are no longer available on the ground chart in v2.2.121. I will fix it asap. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you very much for reporting.
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