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  1. Hi Alex, Do you mean that the download and depiction of the FIRs is also working now?
  2. Alex, Could you please report timestamp and size of the "downloadVatsim.tmp" file, or even better, can you upload it here?
  3. Hi Alex, Just some more things to check: 1) Please start the Server and start the Client 2) In the Client settings (tab 'Global') select VATSIM as your Online Data Network, then press 'OK' and wait some seconds. 3) Now could you please check whether the file "VatsimStatus.txt" file can be located in the following folder and whether its timestamp is current: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\Downloads 4) Same for the file named 'downloadVatsim.tmp' in the following folder: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp
  4. Hi Roger, sorry for the late reply. For the time being we do not have any plans to change/enhance this function. It might be that this will become a feature with the next major release (v3) but nothing is promised.
  5. It's all said. Just read the posts before.
  6. Yes, another Client PC. That's what I meant with "Do you have another computer running a Windows 10 64 bit OS, just to install the Client for a test?"
  7. Hi Edwin, no problems at all. Thanks for the good words on EFB!
  8. Hi Frank, I don't believe that re-installing of neither Server nor Client will help. It has something to do with one of the zillion DLLs of the underlying operating system. Maybe it has to do with the fact that on the remote computer "Windows 7 Home 32 bit" is installed whereas the Server's computer is "Windows 10 64 bit". Do you have another computer running a Windows 10 64 bit OS, just to install the Client for a test?
  9. Hi Jeff, I guess that some text of the error message is missing. Could you please provide a support-file from the Client and the Server?
  10. If we are done, it will be announced here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/forum/18-announcements/ Please stay patient, thank you.
  11. Hi Edwin, this 'green' arrow downwards (or upwards, on top of the window) indicates that there are more items below/above. You can either enlarge the window, or you can scroll down/up the content of the window using the mouse wheel. Just place the mouse pointer somewhere within the dialog window and scroll up/down. The same 'arrow down' and/or 'arrow up' might be visible on the sidebar of the Client.
  12. Hi Steve, thanks a lot for this information. The database builder only searches in the official paths, so it would be a good idea if ImagineSim would place their add-on.xml files therein.
  13. Hello ???, Please comply with the forum rules. Thank you! From the FAQs: Which weather source is selected in the Client's settings? Did you properly configure the weather engine settings on the Server's side?
  14. Hi Alex, No, basically you can install it wherever you like, as long as it is on the same computer than the flight simulator is installed. However, best practice is using the default paths as suggested by the installer. You may try to create a so called 'support file' which contains some more information for troubleshooting.
  15. Hi Steve, When WSSS is the active airport and you press the "i" (Information) button on top left of the EFB Client, you will see the origin of this airport. Could you provide a screenshot from this dialog? Could you also provide a support-file from the Server? Maybe there is a trace about the cause in the logfile. Thanks!
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