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  1. Hi Roman, unfortunately you would not be able to operate it properly because some of the buttons would not be available (visible).
  2. Yes, any official update will automatically pop-up. Next official update (#121) is not yet defined. We are currently working on the integration of MSFS which is available as a pre-release #120 (kind of a public 'beta').
  3. New update is available. Please read here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/4655-microsoft-flight-simulator-mfs-integration/?do=findComment&comment=25745 Don't forget to update your installation!
  4. A new update is available. Timestamp of the binaries is 2020-10-15 11:28 Client, Server and DbBuilder will add the following information line into the logfile: "This is pre-release version 2020-10-15 / 4". This update fixes the issue with the Installation path for the Steam Edition. This update fixes the issue with the too long path names. Although the error is still raised from the .NET-Framework, it will now be caught so the process of creating the database can continue (without processing these folders with the too long names). This update does als
  5. In the first place EFBv2 is an IFR tool. Therefore you don't need to see terrain information unless you are going to land into the active airport. Depicting terrain data is using a lot of CPU time and therefore it is restricted to this 50 NM radius.
  6. @DuvalM Did you download and install the latest pre-release for both Client and Server?
  7. As a first question, do you have the latest FSUIPC7 running? Latest version seems to be from 2020-10-06. Download here: https://fsuipc.simflight.com/beta/FSUIPC7.zip
  8. I guess that the installation folder was not properly set. The installation folder is the folder 'above' the folder "Official" and the folder "Community". e.g. D:\MSFS <--- this would be the installation folder Official Steam Community
  9. Hello, could you please upload the DbBuilder logfile from the last run of the database creation? Thanks.
  10. Hi Charles, thanks for the file. I will try to find a solution. Would you give it a try then? If so please let me know your email address at support@aivlasoft.com.
  11. Hi Ron, please check the active aircraft profile (using the Profile Editor) whether it has the option "Forward flight plan to default GPS" set. If this option is set, the flight plan is automatically saved to the "..\Output\FMS plans" folder. After each change of the flight plan, it will be saved again into this folder. Therefore you always have the most recent flight plan in this folder. The file is named "EFB_current_gps.fms". You have to manually load it into the default GPS because EFB cannot automatically load it.
  12. Heading up is only supported on ground charts, not on the world map. World map is always north oriented.
  13. A new update is available. Timestamp of the installers is 2020-10-11 17:02 This update now allows to create the database for the Steam-version and the boxed version. This update does not fix the problem with the too long paths. We are investigating whether there is a fix for this at all. This update does also not yet support reading the Navigraph navdata updates for MSFS. Download links intentionally removed. New links see next post. Please report any troubles in the following thread: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/4676-mfs-
  14. Hi Charles, Could you please upload the Database-Builder's logfile which contains the errors mentioned earlier in one of your posts. To locate this in the source code I need the entire message. Thanks.
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