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  1. Hi Peter, please see my post above. We are working on it ... and we will announce it, as soon as more reliable information is available. Thanks for being patient.
  2. Hi Robert, you can reduce the CPU consumption by reducing the active chart options. TERRain is consuming the most. Apart from that, there is not much to reduce. I guess that you computer does not fulfill the system requirements mentioned on the specifications page. That's no longer possible.
  3. Hi Robert, 1) does the currently loaded aircraft profile allow to send the route to the simulator? (Profile Editor: Options -> "Forward flight plan to default GPS") 2) The simulator has to run already (not in paused mode) before you start creating the flight plan in EFB. 3) You can also check whether the file "EFB_current_gps.pln" is available in the simulator's flight plans folder "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files", and whether this is the correct flight plan.
  4. Hi Derek, I will have a look at this as soon as possible, but currently I'm fully engaged with MFS.
  5. Hi Ron, it seems that this is a very rare bug in the TCAS system of EFB. I could not yet nail it down but it seems that under certain circumstances the TCAS is triggered by the own aircraft from the "snapshot" traffic. Thanks for reporting.
  6. Hi Greg, thank you very much for your good words. This is much appreciated.
  7. thanks Mark for letting us know the good news.
  8. Hi Filip, unfortunately FIR Boundaries are not available free of costs. That's why EFB does not depict such. When flying online (VATSIM and/or IVAO) the active FIR boundaries of these organizations will be depicted.
  9. Mark, that sounds a bit confusing because EFB supports reading weather data files from FSrealWX since version 1 of EFB which was 10 years ago. I opened the archive with the old EFB v1 source code and searched for the function which was reading FSrealWX weather data files. This function was searching for files with postfix "*.wx", sorted them by their modification date/time and took the youngest one. Maybe in the meantime the weather file(s) has(have) another ending than "*.wx", or maybe external files will not be created anymore?
  10. Hi Mark, as far as I remember from an earlier version of FSGRW, there is an option which have to be ticked in FSGRW. Without this option, FSGRW will not create the weather file. Something with "export file" or similar. See the manual of FSGRW for details.
  11. There's no correlation between them. They are handled completely different.
  12. Hi Ad, that's weird. If you create a flight plan using the built-in flight plan creator and you have entered the callsign in step 2, then the callsign will be saved after activating the flight plan. I have no idea why this is not working on your computer. But anyway, the callsign is saved in the file "globalSettings.txt" in the Server's data folder under "Settings".
  13. I know what you would like to achieve but for the process of finding a solution it would be helpful if you were follow the instructions, do a test and then answering the questions. Thanks.
  14. Hello ??? (please observe the forum rules and sign your post with your real first name. Thanks) That sounds weird! Did you try it with AntiVirus and other security appliances OFF?
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