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  1. aivlasoft


    Hi J├╝rgen, I just had a look into the Server's logfile. The path to the scenery.cfg is "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Fsx\scenery.cfg". Like Oskar already mentioned, therein you have to find and remove the lines which point to this scenery which obviously is no longer available.
  2. aivlasoft

    BUG: "filter" inoperable

    Hi Oliver, I tried to fix it but it had too many unwanted side effects, so for the time being there will be no quick fix.
  3. aivlasoft

    AIRAC cycle in Status on Client PC

    Hi Matze, It seems that the database files on this tablet are not in accordance with the data files on your laptop. Will the database files be updated when the Client is starting? You may force this by removing all files from the "Database" folder in the Client's data folder, before you start the Client. That's correct. AIRAC cycles must only be installed on the Server's computer.
  4. aivlasoft

    No labels on IVAO coverage

    Hi Lukas, unfortunately I was not successful in trying to reproduce this behavior. However I can see from the logfile that there happened some exceptions which finally led to the map no longer being depicted, but I honestly have no idea why. Most likely it is due to some inconsistency of the underlying online data. Very very hard to reproduce after some days.
  5. aivlasoft

    Downloaded EFB V2

    If the license option is greyed out means that the license key is not correct. This can be because of non-visible but unwanted characters at the end of the license key when you copy/paste it. If you copy/paste the key please make sure the key has a length of exactly 31. If it's a correct version 2 key then I'm quite sure it will allow to install the license.
  6. aivlasoft

    Decision Height / decision altitude

    Hi Roy, EFB v2 is basically using default values for DH/DA. However this can be customized for each approach on each airport. Please see the manual "5 EN Client.pdf".
  7. aivlasoft

    Downloaded EFB V2

    Hi Richard, did you install a version 2 license key?
  8. aivlasoft

    No labels on IVAO coverage

    Hi Lukas, seems that an error happens when you press the "O/BND" button. Can you upload the Client logfile here?
  9. aivlasoft

    Problem downloading

    It's a hosted forum so I have no influence on hardware or any other related network settings. AFAIK the files are hosted on "Amazon S3" servers so I guess there is enough bandwidth available.
  10. aivlasoft

    Track of flown route

    Hi Garry, kind of a flight data recorder is currently not planned.
  11. aivlasoft

    Problem downloading

    No, is not available. Maybe you give it a try using another browser type as you already did. Sometimes it helps.
  12. aivlasoft

    Impossible to throw(launch) EFB Aivlasoft.

    Hi Jean Gabriel, Please see the FAQs. This question has been answered already.
  13. aivlasoft


    Hi Clive, The list represents the outcome from FSUIPC. EFB does not know "who" is generating the AI traffic (FSX/P3D, or Traffic Global, or VATSIM/IVAO, or ...). So your question on how many aircraft should be listed cannot be answered by myself. It depends on how many AI aircraft are generated by Traffic Global. As already answered before, the Traffic Monitor is displaying the outcome of FSUIPC. I don't know whether it is possible to move the traffic sliders in P3D (to generate AI traffic internally from P3D) while AI traffic is (additionally) generated by an external tool. Basically same answer as before. But did you also check the settings in EFB? Maybe there is a vertical limit in the Client settings (Aircraft tab), or a horizontal limit by FSUIPC. The later can be changed if you have the paid version, where the free version has a limit of 40 or 50NM (AFAIK).
  14. aivlasoft

    A Question about UPLINK

    Hi Glen, I will consider it to allow .pln files to be loaded as company routes. But always bear in mind that .pln files allow to include waypoints from procedures (SID, STAR, APPR) while EFB v2 does not allow to include such waypoints in a flight plan. This can result in error messages when loading such a file as a company route.