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  1. Hi David, I would not name it "FMC", but with the default GPS system it is possible. Whenever you change your flight plan in EFB, the GPS system will be updated and the aircraft is flying according to the flight plan. But it is not possible to control any FMCs from outside because they are all more or less 'closed systems'.
  2. Hi Rolf, as Oskar already was asking for, we need a set of Support-Files, one from the Server, one from the Client (not just the server logfile). Here you can read how to create a support file: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3046-how-to-create-a-support-file/ Thanks.
  3. Hi Claudius, from the logfiles I can see that the Server and the Client connect to each other, but there is also a 'timeout Server' logged. Obviously the connection will be interrupted by something beyond EFB. Maybe the AntiVirus software, or Windows Firewall?
  4. What means "etc"? I just did a quick test and created a flight plan on SimBrief.com. The only field which is set to 00:00 is FOB. This is because the FOB time is not provided in the section 'ICAO Flight plan' of the OFP which is parsed by EFB. If you plan with PFPX for example, the FOB field is properly filled. Could you please provide a flight plan created by SimBrief and a screenshot of the second page of the flight plan creation dialog which contains more fields than just FOB which are not properly set? Thanks.
  5. Hi Kyle, Are you talking about the data on the second screen of the flight plan creation dialog, or about the data which is provided by a flight (OFP) from SimBrief?
  6. Hi ??? (according to the forum rules, please sign your post with your real first name. Thanks) It depends on the size of the screen, on the number of options you have selected and also how deep is the current zoom. You can switch off some of the chart options on the bottom bar, you may reduce the size of the Client window. Does your computer fulfill the specifications?
  7. Hi Ron, this will be fixed with next update. Thanks again for reporting.
  8. With next update, the values will be properly forwarded to the FSUIPC offsets. However, it seems that the FSLabs A320 does not feed it, nor read it from these offsets.
  9. Hi ??? (according to the forum rules, please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks) Thank you for reporting. I have to check this and will let you know the findings.
  10. Please send an email to support@aivlasoft.com. Your email must provide: - your name - date of purchase - order no - license key - which product and version number
  11. Hi Ron, good finding, thanks ! I can reproduce it and will have a look into the code.
  12. Hi Ken, I have no idea why FsAerodata creates all these invalid navaids (see the coordinates of them). Such positions are complete nonsense, but I have to log them in case of searching for a missing localizer. Don't worry about these log file entries.
  13. Hi Ken, do you use (or did you use) FsAerodata?
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