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  1. aivlasoft

    data for v4.2

    Please read the manuals. This post from the FAQ might help too.
  2. aivlasoft

    Move EFB to a new PC

    Hi Bernd, I don't know this message. Can you provide a screenshot? Thanks.
  3. aivlasoft

    help with reactivation

    Please see your email.
  4. Orientation "HDG up" is only available on the ground chart. On all other charts (Departure, Enroute, Arrival, Approach) is always "North". Please also read the forum rules, especially rule #1.
  5. Please update to the latest version 1.6.16 first, then try again.
  6. aivlasoft

    Activating STAR

    Where did you select the STAR? - via RouteSetup, then Modify - on the Arrival segment (selected from the top of the map), then select the STAR from the 'blue' button 'EGGP Arrival' on the left I created a new route via the RouteSetup page, as follows: - Press Select - Enter the ATS route into the text box "EGGW OLNEY T420 WELIN UN57 SAPCO Y53 PEDIG EGGP" - Press OK - Back on the RouteSetup page, enter the cruise altitude 190 and press Activate - Then select (from the top of the map) "Departure" and click the blue button "EGGW Departure" - Select the SID and press OK - On the map, press Activate - Select Arrival (from the top of the map), then click on the blue button "EGGP Arrival" - Select the STAR and press OK - On the map, press Activate - Select Approach (from the top of the map), then click on the blue button "EGGP Approach" - Select the approach procedure, the press OK - On the map, press Activate Can you create a route this way? As for the proper installation of the AIRAC cycle please read this post from the FAQs:
  7. aivlasoft

    Activating STAR

    Hi Robert, could you please describe in more detail: - which airport - which STAR - navdata provider (Aerosoft or Navigraph) - which cycle - flight plan which you have created Thanks.
  8. aivlasoft

    Carenado Extension Pack and EFB

    Hello Amauri, I guess, the plan is still sent to the simulator, but EFB can only support the default GPS system, not any add-on GPS system.
  9. aivlasoft

    Problem with activation

    Server is up and running again. Thanks for the info.
  10. Please see the manual, section 7 page 13, "moving map"
  11. aivlasoft

    New and mysterious network behaviour

    Thanks for your information.
  12. aivlasoft

    Problem in Settings>Folders and Links

    Hi Neal, I guess it's a matter of the Windows display zoom factor. Did you set it to a value higher than 100%?. If so, you have to decrease the height of the settings dialog. Move the mouse cursor to the top border of the window until a double-headed arrow appears. When this arrow appears, click and drag it to make the window vertically smaller. Then click and hold onto the title bar of the window and move the window up until you can see the Save button. Hope this helps.
  13. Hi Bill, there should be no confusion. As in the post (which was linked from Patrick) mentioned, XPlane is still on the plan, but first we have to finish v2 which is currently only for FS9, FSX, P3D v2 - v4. Once v2 will support XPlane, there will be no additional cost, or in other words, it will be the same license key.
  14. No, it's all the same license.
  15. aivlasoft

    EFB version 2.0 status

    Internal beta tests are slowly getting to the end. If nothing unwanted happens anymore, EFB v2 should be available in Q3/2018.