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  1. Hi ??? (according to the forum rules, you have to sign your posts with your first name). if you can tell me your email address and your name which you have used when you installed the demo license I can have a look in the database to see why you are getting this message.
  2. No, it is not possible, and it would lead to unpredictable issues.
  3. Hi Manuel, is there any error or warning in the logfile? It's unusual that no airport is set in the sidepanel. Maybe the missing auto-zoom is a problem due to the missing airport.
  4. Hi Manuel, From the manual ("basic concepts"): If the map is in "Ground" mode, Autozoom is dependent on taxi speed. Keeping the taxi speed within a defined range, the map is zoomed in to have a more detailed sight of the taxiway arrangement. As soon as the aircraft is coming to a standstill, the map zoom changes to a total overview range, in order to give a better overview of the whole airport layout. Autozoom does only work if the simulator is running.
  5. Hi Randy, what you describe is exactly the situation which Lonewulf47 explained some posts before. When you ran the complete Installer on the Server side, it was setting a new port number. But you did not run the complete installer for the Client, instead of just ran the automatic update which does not change the port number. Therefore you had to manually adjust the port number.
  6. Hi Laurie, EFB itself does not limit the lateral range (it does only limit the vertical range. See the Client settings, tab "Aircraft"). However the lateral range might be limited by the settings of the IVAO software, or - if you run P3D/FSX - by FSUIPC.
  7. Hello ??? (according to the forum rules you have to sign your posts with your real first name) Just use the mouse wheel to zoom out and you see more than a range of 10nm, or you can click onto the zoom button at the bottom of the screen. For more details please see the user manual.
  8. You're welcome. I'm glad you could have solved it.
  9. Hi Ken, unfortunately there is no information about FL, or barometric altitude. The only reliable information which is given in the same unit is the true altitude. Therefore we decided to show the difference between the AI traffic and the own aircraft.
  10. Hi David, please see the FAQs:
  11. Just re-selecting one of the folders should enable the button. At least it does on my system. Of course I will fix it.
  12. Hi Tom, please do a search using "EKCH" as a term. I guess that this question has been answered already.
  13. Hi ??? (according to the forum rules, please sign your posts with your read first name) Could you please create a set of support files and upload them here? Thanks.
  14. if you once switch to any other simulator and then back to 'Dovetail ...'? Does it change?
  15. Hi ??? (please observer the forum rules) Which program versions? Does it run on a 64-bit OS or 32-bit?
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