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  1. The first error is due an illegal path character in Area.328, see the lines which start with Title= and Local= The second error is a subsequent error because the DB was not built before.
  2. Hi Chris, could you please provide the following file: C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\scenery.cfg
  3. In EFBv2 a new feature called 'Measure' was introduced which is much more flexible and therefore the v1-option is no longer required.
  4. Thanks Marc, for this additional information/explanation.
  5. Jeff, it is the way how fsAerodata is doing it which is not compatible with the logic in EFB. From a higher point of view it's the 'old problem' that the BGL files contain both airport data and navdata. Tools like fsAerodata and Hervé Sors Updates have to cope with this but they do it in different ways. While Hervé Sors' is compatible, fsAerodata unfortunately isn't.
  6. Hi Alex, the ILS category is not read from the BGL it is read from the ARINC-424 file. Regarding the "missing" LOC, please also read this one from the FAQs: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/4264-why-are-ils-approaches-not-showing/
  7. Hi Dirk, first of all, it has nothing to do with the demo build. The demo build is the same code as the licensed version, in fact there is no different code, it's the license that makes the difference. What you describe is a problem with the automatic runway assignment which obviously failed at LTBY due to the different positions of the simulator runway(s) and the real world runway(s). You can check this in the Client window by using the key "Ctrl + Alt + A° (default assignment) and it will depict the r/w runway in red. Please also see the manual "5 EN Client.pdf", chapter 15 "Troubleshooting".
  8. That's good to hear, thanks Rolf.
  9. Hi Dirk, the call to the WebAPI of ActiveSky allows to receive interpolated METAR for airports which do not provide regular METAR in r/w. When you right-click on an airport, or when you fly to a destination airport which has no regular METAR available, EFB is calling the WebAPI to get the interpolated METAR. It's also used to get SIGMETs along the route. I will add a new option in #119 to suppress such calls.
  10. Hi Jos, it seems that the FPL window is currently set to "Minimized". That's why you see just a "flash". When you press the FPL button the window is opened but minimized and you can bring it back if you click on the icon on the Windows Task bar.
  11. Hi Dirk, "http Web Request" and "Weather radar" are different things, please don't change anything! It seems that there is no "http Web Request" with ASNext, only with ASP4 and ASXP so I have to implement an option to suppress the calls to the WebAPI for the older versions of ActiveSky. Apart from the logfile entries, there is no further impact on EFB.
  12. Hi Dirk, thank you for these files. Could you please check whether in the ActiveSky settings the port number for the "http web request" is set to 19285? If you cannot find this setting then I fear that the WebAPI is not yet available through ASNext. Maybe only from ASP4 or ASXP. In this case I would have to implement an option to turn-off this feature.
  13. Hi Marc, thank you for sending this file. I did a test with this file and it worked without any problems, already with the current version 2.1 #118 of EFB. To remember, on the Server side you have to select the folder where the file "OpusWeather.txt" is located. You just have to select the folder, not a filename, because the file name is already defined as a fixed name "OpusWeather.txt". On the Client side you have to select "OpusFSX" as your weather provider. Don't be confused about the text "OpusFSX", it's just from earlier times when only OpusFSX was on the market. But they have not changed the file format so you can also use the new OpusFSI.
  14. Hello ??? (Please observe the forum rules and sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks.) If there is only one database per simulator (one for P3Dv4 and one for P3Dv5) and you start the EFB Server while the respective simulator is already running, then it will be detected and selected automatically. If EFB Server is already running before the simulator is running, then the last used database will be loaded and you might have to select the proper database manually.
  15. Hi Dirk, maybe this has to be checked with the AS developers. Could you please create a set of support files which covers the time and error discussed above and upload them here. Thanks.
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