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  1. Still doing basic research ... It's too early to say anything. Please be patient, we will announce any news concerning FS2020 here in this forum (-> Announcements).
  2. Hi Michael, as soon as an ATC region (aka FIR) becomes active, it will be depicted on the map in EFB v2. Inactive FIR boundaries will not be depicted. "Active" means, a controller has logged in to one of the ATC services assigned to this region, the region is properly defined in the definitions file and the controller is using a callsign which is also properly defined in the definitions file, and the region has a boundary assigned. You see, a lot of points which must be fulfilled and unfortunately this is not always given. If such happens again, immediately take a copy of the file "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\downloadVatsim.tmp" (which is the latest downloaded data). Then upload this file here and let me know which ATC region / FIR was not active. Please also check whether your EFB installation is up-to-date (build #114).
  3. Hi David, on the screenshot I see the IP-number of the Server is whereas the Client seems to have an IP-address of They are not in the same logical network. According to the manual, the Client and the Server must be in the same logical network. Try to change the Clients IP-address to an address like 192.168.1.nnn where nnn is the number within the logical network. Be aware of that this is only valid if the subnet-mask on both Server and Client is This subnet mask means that the first three groups of numbers (192.168.1) are the network address, and the fourth number (nnn) is the number within the network.
  4. Hello ??? (according to the Forum Rules, please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks) Maybe one of the latest Windows Updates has changed your system. Maybe its something with the UAC, or permissions in general?
  5. SocketException: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted Please read this article: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3464-error-tcplistener/?do=findComment&comment=23704
  6. This all looks like a port-number conflict between EFB and other programs. Unfortunately this cannot be prevented in all situations, as long as port-numbers can be used by each software at its own discretion. If you experience such a conflict you can try to change the port-numbers. Most programs will allow for such. In EFB you can change it as follows: Quit EFB Server and EFB Client(s) Locate the file "serverSettings.txt" which is in (standard installation) "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFBv2\Server\Settings". Open this file using Notepad.exe (or any other text editor). Search for "[Network]" Change "TcpPortNumber" to a value between 49152 and 65535. Save the file. Now do the same (points 2 to 6) for each of the Clients. The file "clientSettings.txt" is usually located in "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFBv2\Client\Settings". Important: 1) It is important to set the port-number to the identical number for the Server and for each of the Clients. If the numbers are not identical, there will be NO connection possible between the Server and the Client(s). 2) Changing a port-number might lead into new troubles with other programs. Sometimes it's kind of 'trial and error' to find a port-number which does not result in a conflict with other running programs. As mentioned above, it is not specified WHICH port-number a program shall use, except from the range between 49152 and 65535 (which are "free" numbers according to RFC6335). A helpful program to get an overview about port-numbers in use (and by which program) is TCPView from Microsoft/Sysinternals.
  7. Hi Reinhard, there is no explicitly key for "recording". Just move the camera to the position you want, using the keys according to the manual, then press "Ctrl" + one of the numeric pad number keys to assign this position to the selected camera number.
  8. Salut Jean Gabriel, it might be that the AntiVirus program on your computer somehow blocks the access to the EFB logfiles. Best practise in this case would be to make an exclusion for the Servers and the Clients data path.
  9. Hi Ruben, Just click on the button "FPL" on the left side of EFB. This opens the flight log where you find all the necessary buttons to maintain your flight plan. Please also read the manual "6 EN Flightplan.pdf".
  10. Hi Robert, these lines are already depicted, but because the map is kind of an IFR map, such information is not so important than aeronautical information. Therefore the state lines and country borders are depicted using an unobtrusive color. You may change this color any time by creating your own color schema. Please see the manual "5 EN Client.pdf", chapter 12.1 "Colors". On the screenshot below I have changed the colors to make the borders more dominant.
  11. Because the DEP/ARR Window is (as so many other things) related to the ACTIVE airport. If you want to direct access the Arrivals of the destination airport of your route, try use the RSB-Buttons, that's why they have been introduced.
  12. 'Uplink' is a folder within the data structure of the Client itself. It is being monitored by the Client. The Client has access to its own data folders. Only one Client (or the Server) has to receive a flight plan via uplink. As soon as the flight plan has been received, it will be forwarded to the other Clients automatically. For more details about the uplink function, please see the manual "6 DE Flugplan.pdf".
  13. Hi Matthias, if you want to export from PFPX to anywhere, you have to change the target path in PFPX. This has absolutely nothing to do with EFB.
  14. Hi Ray, the AIRAC caution on the Status-Panel is visible as long as the EFB date and the AIRAC-cycle used in your currently loaded database does not agree. e.g. If the database was created using the 1912 cycle and the date in EFB (real world OR simulator) is before or after the 4 weeks where 1912 was valid, then the caution is visible.
  15. Hi Cody, sorry for not seeing your signature and also for not properly reading your question (seems that I need more coffee in the morning). To answer your question, no, there is no option which would allow to automatically engage the HDG UP when you start moving the aircraft.
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