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  1. aivlasoft

    Double VOR Entries

    After some investigation it seems that some of the fsAerodata BGL files contain erroneous runway identifiers. I'm already in touch with the developer so no further action on your side is currently required. I will let you know about the required proceeding.
  2. aivlasoft

    Continuing frustrations of Port 13

    Reaching time servers can be difficult. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. That's a fact. If you 'google' for 'time servers' or 'ntp servers' you will see what I mean Try to change the name of the server and most probably the result becomes worse. I guess that accessing time.windows.com from a Windows operating system is most probably privileged.
  3. aivlasoft

    Setting Departure in flight plan

    Sorry, that was me misreading your post. Of course, the DEP button on the RSB opens the PROCedure window too. You're right.
  4. aivlasoft

    X-Plane next please

    It's too early to say how long it takes. We just have released EFB v2 and we are still working on bug fixes and minor improvements. It will be announced when we can reliably say how long it will take.
  5. aivlasoft

    Double VOR Entries

    I will need some time to investigate.
  6. aivlasoft

    Lost license key EFB1

    It's named AivlaSoft, not Aviasoft. Thanks. Please try again using the correct email address as displayed here: https://www.aivlasoft.com/support/index.html and/or here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/1719-license-key-lost/
  7. aivlasoft

    Double VOR Entries

    Some additional information: It might be that the one is a VOR and the other is just a DME. You won't see it on the screen because the symbols are at the same position superimposed by each other. From the label you can't distinguish it because both have the same content. The two navaids "RODOS" are also not at the same position. There is a slight difference. The other navaids "DALAMAN" seems to be at the same position but you could verify it better when selecting the option "Show navaid position as decimal value" in the Client's settings ("Miscellaneous tab"). As long as two (or more) navaids at the "same" position are not really different in type, name, identifier, frequency, EFB will always display all of them.
  8. aivlasoft

    Error on building DATABASE

    Very good, thanks.
  9. aivlasoft

    Error on building DATABASE

    On the Database-Builder window, press the button on the right side of the yellow text box and then navigate to the installation folder of FSX-SE ( C:>Program Files (x86)>Steam>steamapps>common>FSX ). Before pressing the "Next" button, please make another screenshot, then press Next. Select your navdata provider, then press "Finish". Now the building process for a new database will start. It still might be that a lot of errors will be generated, because that's what Jonas already pointed out, maybe many of the paths in the file "scenery.cfg" could be wrong. But first, please try creating a new database and then let us know the result. And please don't forget to upload the screenshot before pressing "Next". Thanks.
  10. aivlasoft

    Error on building DATABASE

    First of all, It seems that the path to the installation folder of your FSX-SE is not correct. This path initially comes from the registry database, or (very seldom, when not found therein) it has to be selected by the user. Can you please do the following: 1) Quit EFB Client, quit EFB Server, quit EFB Database Builder 2) Delete the following file C:\Users\Juergen\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\Settings\serverSettings.txt 3) Start the "Database-Builder" 4) Select the first (most left) tab named "Create / Select EFB Database" 5) In the list of databases, select (if any) the database and press "Delete". When no database is available anymore, the "Create new database" dialog will open automatically. 6) On the dialog "Create new database", "Step 1: ..." select the simulator type "FSX-SE" and then EFB is trying to read the installation folder from the registry. Can you provide a screenshot from this dialog?
  11. Basically the button "Set FPL" is greyed out if the aircraft in the simulator (or the latest know state of it when the simulator is not running or paused) is not at the currently active airport where you want to insert the selected SID into the FPL. The button is also not available when the aircraft (or the latest known state of it) is airborne. If you only change your aircraft's location in the simulator when the PROC dialog is already open, then you have to close and reopen the dialog once, otherwise the button does not become enabled. There is no constantly check of it due to performance considerations.
  12. aivlasoft

    Vatsim Traffic

    After many tests yesterday we could find one situation which prevents the traffic to be displayed. This bug is not only related to online traffic (VATSIM/IVAO), but also for the simulator's internally generated AI traffic, and/or externally generated traffic by other add-ons. Situation, where traffic is not displayed: If the EFB Server once has been connected successfully with the simulator and traffic was provided already (even if this was only for a few seconds) and you then restart the simulator only, while the Server is continuously running, then the Server will not get back in the state where it provides traffic, although it reconnects with the simulator and own aircraft data is provided properly. Workaround (until next update of the Server will be available): If you restart your simulator, while your EFB is already running, you also have to restart EFB.
  13. aivlasoft

    License Key

    Can you please send me your key to 'support@aivlasoft.com' so I can check whether it is not accepted. Do not provide it herein!
  14. aivlasoft

    License Key

    Hi Gary, is your v1 key not accepted as a discount code while purchasing a v2 key, or did you try to install v2 with the v1 key?
  15. aivlasoft

    AirlineShort Setting

    Can you give it a try using SOUTHWEST instead of Southwest. I guess it's case sensitive.