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  1. aivlasoft

    EFB Holdings vs r/w Holdings

    You won't believe it, but this is indeed my first name. Don't blame me for that, it was the idea of my parents to give this short, but typical Swiss first name.
  2. aivlasoft

    EFB Holdings vs r/w Holdings

    Each forum has its own rules. Go and have a look at others. I doubt that you are allowed to post there if you neglect their rules. The GDPR (DSGVO) does not prohibit that you sign your post with your real first name, and to be honest, what is the problem if you sign your post with your real first name? We do not request your family name, but just your first name. We don't do this just to keep you busy, we like to talk to humans and not just to unknown and virtual beings. You want us to support you, so it's just a matter of respect to comply with our rules. Thank you.
  3. aivlasoft

    EFB v2 installation?

    Please observe the forum rules and write your post in English. Thank you.
  4. aivlasoft

    No traffic with IVAO

    Hi Tim, if the Traffic Monitor is empty then nothing comes out of the simulator. If you have the registered version of FSUIPC, please check the settings regarding traffic (the unregistered version does not offer settings for traffic, the range is set to 40NM by default). Also check the settings in your Pilot Client software (IvAp?).
  5. aivlasoft

    No traffic with IVAO

    Hi Tim, From the logfiles I cannot see any warning or error so I must assume that the data is properly downloaded. Did you already check the "Traffic Monitor" on the Server's side? It displays all the data which is provided by FSUIPC/FSUIPCClient.dll. Is there any traffic listed which corresponds with the current position and altitude filter settings of your aircraft?
  6. Hi Detlef, I don't think that this will be solved, because FS9 is definitely too old.
  7. Hi Detlef, it seems that in some regards the BGL files from FS9 are different to the FSX/P3D files which unfortunately is not supported by EFB v2.
  8. aivlasoft

    No traffic with IVAO

    Hi Tim, could you please create a Support File from the Server AND the Client and then upload here? Thanks.
  9. I downloaded the file again, then uploaded it to 'VirusTotal' which analyzes the file using more or less all known AV software. Here's the result page: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/4a4fd3467ac120083150ea824ec8b3c404bf3af2d85a6a4466dfc97e959d0a8a/analysis/1541397589/ So I don't know what's going on on your computers, maybe the AV definitions are not up-to-date?
  10. aivlasoft

    Client Error

    Hi Michael, I'm glad to read that it works now. Also a thank you for your good words on EFB. I'm not sure whether I really understand what you mean with 'sometimes'. I suggest to proceed according to the database manual, e.g. running the "Update Simulator" function after any changes to the simulator configuration, and the "Update Navdata" function after installing/updating an AIRAC cycle. There is no need to manually manipulating the database files.
  11. aivlasoft

    Client Error

    Hi Michael, from the logfiles I can see that you must have missed some updates of the Client in the past. At 2018-11-02 the build number "jumps" from #70 to #77 and therefore I assume that some files might be in an undefined state. Please, ALWAYS run the automatic updates in order to have the corresponding build numbers on both sides, the Server side and the Client side.- I suggest to uninstall the Client and Server (using the Uninstallers), reboot the computer(s), then run the latest full-installers from here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/files Hope this helps.
  12. I just have downloaded the file, using Firefox on Windows 10. Antivirus is Defender and additionally Norton Internet Security. No complaints at all (see screenshot). The files are stored on Amazon S3 servers, so I assume that they are secure. I suggest to download it on a computer with another AntiVirus software.
  13. aivlasoft

    Client Error

    Hi Michael, please read this one: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3278-networked-client-not-loading-map/?do=findComment&comment=20565 I think it will solve the problem on your Client computer.
  14. aivlasoft

    Client Error

    Hi Michel, please provide the support file from the Client and the Server so the same time frame is covered. Thanks.
  15. aivlasoft

    Few suggestions for updates

    Hi William, I have put it onto the list of possible future enhancements.