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  1. Many thanks for the answer. Yes, I also use LittleNavmap. It would simply be more practical to find all the information in the EFB. Merry Christmas Stephan
  2. Hello Will there be a way to view OpenStreet or Google Map as a map in the near future? I know, the current presentation of the map is like in real life, but I miss a better orientation on the map. Otherwise I find EVB2 version almost perfect. Greeting Stephan Edit: Moved to correct forum by Admin (translate by google)
  3. Hello Oscar Thank you for the fast answer. I can not imagine that "HDG up" increases the workload so much. Especially it would be individually on or off. I had not noticed RSB correctly yet. THANK YOU Greeting Stephan
  4. Hello Congratulation to Ver. 2.0. I've been a huge fan of AivlaSoft for a long time and think you've improved again! Here are two wishes, which could simplify my life Flusi a bit: - HDG up also works on the world map - switching from Flusi-ND to EFB, which displays the flight differently, is not easy - If I come directly to the PROC in the flight plan by double-clicking on the departure or arrival, this would save a few clicks - My approach map does not show the DH altitude and distances and heights are gray (see the pictures) Thanks Stephan (translate bei google)
  5. Hello Oscar have tried many things (new installation, other airport), the problem is still there: - I start efb2 server and client (without prepar3d) - the client automatically selects lszh - the timetable is from lsgg to lfml - If I select "DEP" on the left under "RSB", I can select the runway and the SID but not activate "Set FPL". what am I doing wrong? Greetings from switzerland Stephan (translated with Google)
  6. thanks for your quick reply. and what is the solution? Stephan
  7. Hello Thank you for the good work. I have the following problem: I did not start Prepar3D. I load a flight plan via FPL and then go to DEP under RSB and can indeed select the SID but not add to the flight plan. "Set FPL" is grayed out. Only when I start Prepar3D and select the airport can I add the SID to the flight plan. Is this an error or deliberately chosen? Greeting Stephan (Translate by google)
  8. Hello Urs Thank you for the quick response. And here is the translate (by google) Hello Although I've turned on the moving map and the plane is displayed correctly, the direction of the Departure, Enroute, Approach and Arrival maps is always North and not Heading. For the departure and arrival flight tickets, the card is turned according to the heading. What did I set wrong? Thanks for the feedback Stephan Zaugg
  9. Hallo Obschon ich die Moving Map eingeschaltet hab und das Flugzeug auch richtig angezeigt wird, ist die Ausrichtung der Departure, Enroute, Approach und Arrival-Karte immer nach Norden und nicht in Richtung Heading. Bei den Abflug- und Ankunftsflughafenkarten wird die Karte gemäss dem Heading gedreht. Was habe ich falsch eingestellt? Danke für die Rückmeldung Stephan Zaugg
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