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  1. HI Admin, Indeed, the problem has been solved! My great thanks for your wonderfull support. Re Jos de Hart
  2. Hi, I hope this will be ok now. Re Jos Server_202005191458.txt.zip Client_202005191458.txt.zip
  3. Hi Admin, Herewith the two uploaded logfiles you asked for. Re Jos clientLogfile.txt serverLogfile.txt
  4. Hi Admin, Where can I send the both log files, re Client and Server to? Re Jos
  5. Hi, Normally means here, that from the installation of EFB2 (Long time ago) till two days ago all worked perfect. When started at that time a flight, I could chose my flight plan. To watch the first waypoint, to find out the relevant SiD, I was not able to open the plan again. I only saw a flash at the moment I pushed the FLP knob. I did not change anything during that particular flight two days ago. It look like a spontanious action of the PC (maybe)?! Hope you have a solution, as I’m using EFB2 very frequently and very satisfying.
  6. Some additional info! I'm using EFBv2, in a single PC, default path and it's a licenced version. It's apllied in FSX, Windows 10/64. Regards, Jos de Hart
  7. During flying in FSX (in W10/64), suddenly I could not open my flightplan for the second time (normally I had no problems at all). I only see a flash in my screen ,that"s all. After having used the databuilder, I then can only open my FLP once, but it is not possible to open it again as mentioned above!? Shuting down the Server and the Client does not help. Also shuting down the PC does not help. All other knobs like DEP/ARR etc works normal. What's going wrong here?
  8. Hi, thanks very much for your info. It’s clear now!
  9. Hi lonewulf47, Filling in the ”code;IFR;personel code” in the xpndr.txt file, it then it is mentioned in the list, but after “clear” it and “set” it, only the code is indicated and no “IFR”. What is going wrong? Jos de Hart
  10. Lonewulf47, sorry for my late reaction. Indeed it is LIPE. I’ m going to check it at Herve Sors’ site.
  11. In the radio part of client EFB2, I would like to add a transponder code such as 2000, IFR. Now I can only make a choice for 2000, VFR. How can I add this code? Moved to proper forum by Admin
  12. Regularly I see differences between the Aivlasoft arrival procedures and the arrival procedures as mentioned in the FMC of PMDG NGX. E.g. flying to LIPV (Bologna) acc. to Aivlasoft Arr. there is no ILS available, but in the PMDG 373-800 there is an ILS present. There are more situations like this. It is very confusing. What is the reason for this discrepancy?
  13. At version 1 there was a sound as soon as I passed the transition altitude. That remembered me the set the pressure to standard (1013). I miss this sound in v2. Is it possible to apply this again?
  14. What kind of specifications do you want? I'm not so familiar with the IVAO specs, but as you have a link in the displayunit to IVAO (and Vatsim), I thought you know about this .fpl extension. Normally these flight plans are stored in: C:\users\owner\appdata\roaming\IVAO\flights Maybe this helps you. If not I (or yourself) can ask it at IVAO on their forum.
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