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  1. Regularly I see differences between the Aivlasoft arrival procedures and the arrival procedures as mentioned in the FMC of PMDG NGX. E.g. flying to LIPV (Bologna) acc. to Aivlasoft Arr. there is no ILS available, but in the PMDG 373-800 there is an ILS present. There are more situations like this. It is very confusing. What is the reason for this discrepancy?
  2. At version 1 there was a sound as soon as I passed the transition altitude. That remembered me the set the pressure to standard (1013). I miss this sound in v2. Is it possible to apply this again?
  3. What kind of specifications do you want? I'm not so familiar with the IVAO specs, but as you have a link in the displayunit to IVAO (and Vatsim), I thought you know about this .fpl extension. Normally these flight plans are stored in: C:\users\owner\appdata\roaming\IVAO\flights Maybe this helps you. If not I (or yourself) can ask it at IVAO on their forum.
  4. That’s a pity. Maybe in next version? Thanks for your respons.
  5. Hi Urs, Indeed, it is the extension of flights of IVAO
  6. I regularly fly at IVAO. How can I save my flights direct to the IVAO folder, with extension .fpl? I tried to use e.g. the Sim-Avonics part to change this, but is not accepted the flightpan name and returns back to .cfp!
  7. I loaded a flightplan in Aivlasoft. Is it possible to download this plan direcly in the FMC from PMDG via Aivlasoft?
  8. Urs, I did know this answer more or less, as I was putting this question also to Vroute of Vatsim some time ago. It looks not that easy with the Q400 as stated also in the above link. Let's have patience.
  9. Is it possible to "Save" the Majestic 8 Q400 plane format in the EFB v2.0? Jos
  10. Hi Urs, Maybe I do not quite understand the problem you mentioned. As all Trans. Alt. (fixed per country) are mentioned in the EFB plates (so available for calculation) and when the QNH is known, via the Moduls/Metar, then it should be easy to calculate for all airports the Trans. Level and in my opinion this has nothing to do with airacs. For myself now I use a simple little programm to calculate the Trans. Level by filling in the Trans. Alt. and the QNH. But it is more convenient when this is automatically done in the EFB and indicated at the arrivals plates in EFB. Jos
  11. Is it possible to integrate the Flight Level of the destination into the v2.0 EFB? Flight altitude of an airport is known and when the QNH is also known, see in the "modules -> Metar", it should be possible to calculate the FL for the arrival airport. Regards, Jos
  12. Indeed FSCloud has solved the problem. All planes have now the right label. Thanks!
  13. Urs, Thanks very much for your support. I guess you are right. I'm gonna take contact with FSCloud. When it comes to a solution, I let you know via the forum. Regards, Jos
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