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  1. Same here, various aicrafts in msfs. Always the last digit is 0 instead of 5. I think its vatsim Data related.
  2. Good morning. I have the problem the parkings stands/gates in the efb does not match the simulator stands. Cant find the correct afcad here in the list below. is there any chance to get the correct layout? Same Problem for Latin VFR LEBLin MSFS Thanks for your help. Enjoy the sunny sunday
  3. Good Morning Aivlasoft Users. I cant setup the MSFS Installation Path of the MS Store Version in the DB Builder. The Installation Path is alway yellowed out. I tried the Community Folder Path but didnt work. Default Path showed as first ist the same. Can anyone help? Whats the default Path of the MSSTORE Version? Thanks for your support. Greets Stefan
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