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  1. Hi Urs! Thanks for your help, now I have it. Maybe other users can benefit from it. Many greetings Reinhold I hope my English is ok, very hard for me.
  2. Hello Urs! is that the error I have installed the server on C and client on a laptop. Because I do not find the folder Routes. Or must be installed on the laptop. regards Reinhold
  3. Hello to all Save location PFPX to EFB Where do I have the error here when saving the file. PFPX reports an error while saving. regards Reinhold
  4. Hi Urs, • Flightplan in PLN Format Any Flightplan created in FS9, FSX or P3D My question was can EFB read the following format, .route from PFPX is no PLN Format .rte from Prepar3D v 4.5 PMDG is no PLN Format
  5. Hello to everyone,what routes can you save in the EFB2 UpLink. FS Commander _ .pln PFPX _ .route Prepar3D v 4.5 PMDG _ .rte regards Reinhold Tholen
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