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  1. The paths in the scenery.cfg are 'relative' paths which have to be appended to the 'installation folder' of the simulator. If your simulator would be installed in "C:\Simulator" then the following relative path "Local = Scenery\World" would result in the full path "C:\Simulator\Scenery\World". Finally you have to append the folder name "Scenery", if not yet available and then you have the entire path to the BGL-Files. e.g. "C:\Simulator\Scenery\World\Scenery" You can randomly check some of the folders, like "0602" or similar. There you should see a lot of files beginning with "APX....bgl". Please also check whether there are some leftovers from the fsAerodata Installation. Maybe you can take a screenshot of the content of such a folder and post it here.
  2. Hi Andreas, in one of the files included in the Server-Support-File I have seen some leftovers from an fsAerodata installation. Is this installation still active or did you run the fsAerodata uninstaller or did you uninstall it manually? Could you please also check whether the paths in the scenery.cfg really point to a folder with the stock scenery files (*.bgl files).
  3. Hi Ruedi, thanks for your information. Let's hope they will fix it.
  4. Dear EFB users we are planning to release build #119 of version 2.1 on Wednesday, 08 July 2020. Apart from a few minor bugfixes this update is mainly dedicated to the ONLINE pilots with VATSIM and/or IVAO. Several new features have been developed in the last few weeks which will assist you and give you additional and detailed information when flying online. Those features were developed in close cooperation with dedicated Online-Pilots and -Controllers to ensure optimum use. Most likely the most awaited feature is the so called "ATC-Ribbon" which automatically lists all the active COM-frequencies along your route from the departure airport to the destination airport. Along with all the new, updated and enhanced functionality of EFB, also the Client manual has been updated. It is highly recommended to carefully read "Chapter 13" of the manual "5 EN Client.pdf" (English) or "5 DE Client.pdf" (German), which covers the entire topic "Flying ONLINE". All new features are described in detail in this chapter. Further improvements: Traffic label assignments, additional arguments for field 'Altitude'. Detailed description see the "Client" manual, chapter "Map options > 7.1.5 Traffic", then "Configuration of the Altitude value". Default transponder codes can now be re-assigned in file 'xpndr.txt' Map option buttons: grouping improved Procedure selection, grid heights optimized Added GLS reference path identifier for GLS approaches Added callsign from FPL to the sidebar
  5. It's not that I did not understand it, I just don't know why ... EFB can only display what it receives, if there is no traffic data provided by X-Plane (not listed on the Traffic monitor), it cannot be displayed. I know that this answer does not help you much, but on the other hand, I cannot "see" inside X-Plane ... AI-Traffic handling in X-Plane is not comparable with FSX or P3D, it is quite different. Please also see the "X-Plane limitations" on our website: https://www.aivlasoft.com/x-plane-limitations.html
  6. Hi Ruedi, at EDDF EFB is obviously not receiving any ground traffic data from X-Plane. The only ground traffic provided in the monitor is at N49.57 E009.39.
  7. Hi Ray, the answer is simple ... the update of these times is only triggered at the following moments: - when the airport in EFB changes - when you switch the tab (e.g. from "Overview" to "Nearby navaids" and back) If you change the time in the simulator, while your airport in EFB remains unchanged and this dialog remains open, the times will not be updated automatically. To update these times, select one of the above mentioned methods.
  8. Hi Ray, thanks for clarification. I have to check this and will let you know.
  9. Hi Spencer, it seems that the Server cannot read the aircraft backup file. Try to delete the following file, then start the Server. C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\Backup\aircraftState.bin
  10. Hi Ruedi, I guess you are talking about the "blue" traffic which is depicted when the Pilot-Client program is connected with IVAO? Can you see traffic on the "Traffic monitor" when your aircraft is on the ground? Don't forget, traffic is always depicted in relation to your aircraft's altitude. To see traffic on the ground, you have to be on the ground too. And also check the altitude filter in the Client settings, then "Aircraft".
  11. Hi Matteo, Kai Tak is out of service since many years. EFB navdata is provided by real world ARINC-424 based data which obviously does not cover decommissioned airports.
  12. Hi Ray, that seems to be correct. EFB is calculating the civil sunset/sunrise times, not nautical times. It is the NEXT sunset that is meant (at 27/6/ 19:41), not the one the just happened a few minutes ago (26/6/20 19:42 local time).
  13. Hi Tim, thanks for the support files. I guess I could catch the bug ... Should be fixed with next update. Unfortunately there is no workaround for this because it is a system logic error which happens randomly.
  14. Hi Ray, thanks for the report. I have to check this. At a first glance I'm with you, it should be just the difference between departure and arrival. I'll let you know.
  15. Matthias, thank you for the suggestion. I will put it onto the list of possible features in the future. Currently there are no plans for such.
  16. Thank you very much for your kind words on EFB. This is much appreciated. Enjoy SimpleCam!
  17. Hi Mark, indeed, that sounds weird. The only 'automatic' function which closes the flight plan, is triggered ~10 seconds after touch down has been detected. Do you experience the same behavior in another aircraft than the DC3?
  18. and again ... additional information, see the manual "5 EN Client.pdf", chapter "Basic concepts"
  19. Hi John, Unfortunately not, sorry. The simplicity of this program implies that the number pad keys are elusively used by SimpleCam. Therefore the button "delete key assignments" removes all other (simulator-) assignments to these keys, which most probably conflicts with steering the simulator by "dinosaur control".
  20. ... additional information, see the manual "5 EN Client.pdf", chapter "Basic concepts"
  21. ... and if you need the coordinates as decimal value, you can set this in the Client settings (Misc). However, setting to decimal values will display all coordinates as decimal values.
  22. Hello ??? (According to the forum rules, please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks) EFB is reading AI traffic data from the simulator and does not know which tool created the traffic. So far it seems to be an issue beyond EFB if you say that you get traffic with the current pilot client software but not with the new beta version. Did you already open the Traffic monitor from the Server's menu?
  23. The first error is due an illegal path character in Area.328, see the lines which start with Title= and Local= The second error is a subsequent error because the DB was not built before.
  24. Hi Chris, could you please provide the following file: C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\scenery.cfg
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