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  1. I think that I could fix it. We are already testing it internally. Please stay patient. Thanks.
  2. Hi Jos, yes, these are the ones requested. Thanks for uploading. It is weird, indeed. I can only see that the process of creating the airports database takes a lot of time, but since there is no error logged, I must assume that the cause for this long time is beyond EFB. I can only guess because I don't know your system. Maybe the HDD is too slow, too fragmented? Maybe too much other running processes/applications on this machine, maybe too low memory? Have you ever had a look at the Event viewer from Windows? Maybe there are some issues logged in the Windows Event Log?
  3. Hi Stefan, the default installation path for the MS Store version is as follows: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\ Below this path you should see the two folders "Official" and "Community". Just enter the path above, nothing more. To verify it, open the following file ... C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\UserCfg.opt ... scroll to the end and look for the line which starts with "InstalledPackagesPath". This sho
  4. sorry Jos, I need support files, not just individual logfiles. Thanks.
  5. It looks like an issue with either the certificate or the implemented SSL protocol version. It needs some further investigation but we are working on it.
  6. At present we have an agreement with the following Virtual Airlines: Fly UK UK Virtual Canadian Xpress Fly Virtual Open Air Virtual Redwood VA
  7. Hello ??? (According to the forum rules please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks) I don't know how big the installation of your simulator is, but 11 minutes to build a database is quite a long time. The other problems you reported are all subsequent issues because of the big database. Can you create a support file from the Server and then upload it here?
  8. Hi Andy, we have agreements with different Virtual Airlines where we provide 10% discount codes for their pilots.
  9. Hello ??? (According to the forum rules please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks) Did you update EFB Client and Server to the latest version 2.2.122? Are you running this in shared cockpit mode or similar?
  10. Hi Ad, obviously you are using a flight plan which was created when an older AIRAC-cycle was valid. Therefore all waypoints will be marked with a leading star. Comparison of the waypoint identifiers will not work this way. Since waypoints might change or even might be deleted from one cycle to the next, it is not a good practice to use saved old flight plans with newer AIRAC cycles.
  11. Hi Graham, such a function is currently not available, but we will check whether it could be technically done in a future version.
  12. Hi Jonathan, to be honest, I have no idea what's going wrong on your computer. Could you try to uninstall EFB, then download the latest installers from the website, do a fresh install and then try again whether the Client connects with the Server.
  13. Hello ??? (according to the forum rules please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks) Thank you for the detailed information. As far as I can see from the logfiles the synchronization of the database files does not start. However I cannot see any hint in the logfiles why. So one question is about the drive with letter "H:\". Is this a 'normal' built-in drive, maybe a partition on a physical drive (HDD or SSD), or is this an external drive attached to the PC or even a cloud storage? When did this behavior start?
  14. Hello Harald, according to the forum rules, please write your post in English. This is an international forum. Thank you. If I understand the question, then you see the cycle 1805 in the Database-Builders window, although you have installed a more recent cycle of NavDataPro. Most probably the installation was done into a wrong directory. Please see this post from the FAQ which deals with the target paths: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3069-navdata-installation-paths/
  15. Hi Hennes, EFB weather information is based on METAR and TAF which is always related to a certain airport but not an area. It does unfortunately not provide the information which would be required to depict rain, turbulence and more.
  16. Thank you Jean-Claude for this information. I'm glad to read that it's working now.
  17. Hi Jean-Claude, thanks for sending the files to the support. It looks like a problem with unzipping the airport database on the Client side. Because it is a big file the DbBuilder is zipping the file before sending it to the Client but the Client cannot unzip it. To be honest I have no idea what is missing or corrupted on the Client PC because it is not part of the EFB software. Do you do the required Windows Updates regularly on the Client PC?
  18. Hi David (?) according to the forum rules, please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks. The logfile contains some data path errors from the 'official'-path (fs-base, fs-base-nav). It looks like a messed up installation of MSFS.
  19. Hi Scott, No, because traffic data does not provide information about the source. Whenever you fly on VATSIM you should switch off AI-Traffic in the simulator to have only one source of traffic data.
  20. Hi Scott, EFB is designed for IFR flying and therefore no airspaces will be depicted on the map.
  21. I just tried to explain how the calculation will be done. The calculation is done upwards, therefore the FAF is the first point where the calculation starts. When you fly the route, then obviously the descent profile starts at TOD (top of descent) which always is at cruise level. The VG-system is not designed to allow manual and therefore individual input.
  22. Vertical guidance is calculated using descent angles from the A/C profile. Usually this is 3.0° below 10'000ft and 3.5° above 10'000ft. It always starts at the FAF and goes up until reaching TOD. All altitude restrictions AT, AT OR ABOVE, AT OR BELOW and BETWEEN will be considered. If you fly along the vertical path you will be safe concerning the published altitude restrictions of the procedures. When creating your FPL don't forget to integrate the procedure waypoints by pressing "Set FPL" on the procedure selection dialog.
  23. Erdal, your SimBrief account-id can be found by opening a New Flight, or editing an existing flight plan, scrolling down to the Optional Entries section, and checking the default value of the "Pilot ID" option.
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