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  1. to 1): It seems that the XML-Reader does not like the "ç" in the downloaded file. I will fix it with next build #114. to 2): There is additionally an option in FSGRW similar to "Create export data" which you have to tick, otherwise no data output will be created (at least this was available in the past when I was using this weather engine).
  2. It seems that build #113 contains a bug which does not assign the ILS in all situations. I'm working on a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience. Workarounds These workarounds are only required until build #114 will be available, and only if you have to run the "Update Navdata" only. Running the "Update Simulator" function, after you have installed or uninstalled scenery data, does NOT require a workaround. You don't have to run both workarounds, only 1) OR 2): 1) Always run "Update Simulator" after you had to run "Update Navdata". or 2) Delete the database and create a new one. This includes the internal call of the above mentioned function.
  3. it seems that build #113 contains a bug which does not assign the ILS in all situations. I'm working on a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience. Workaround (only until build #114 will be available, and only if you have to run the "Update Navdata" only): 1) Always run "Update Simulator" after you had to run "Update Navdata" or 2) Delete the database and create a new one. This includes the internal call of the above mentioned function. You don't have to run both workarounds, only 1) OR 2).
  4. Hi Robert, it seems that build #113 contains a bug which does not assign the ILS in all situations. I'm working on a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Hi Erick, from what I can read in the logfiles, it seems that the 'scenery.cfg' file is either corrupted, or the path to this file is somehow corrupt. The scanning process only lists 13 layers of scenery, which is definitely not correct. The default installation has around 120 layers. I don't know your installation but I see that sometimes the drive letter is given as X:\ (in capital letters) and sometimes as x:\. Are you working with virtual drives or similar, maybe so called 'junctions' ? What also is an indication of a non-usual operating system installation is that the path "\Program Files (x86)" is located at drive X:\ and not (as usually) on drive C:\. It's almost impossible to give you the right advice in this situation. First what I were checking is the file 'scenery.cfg'. It seems that this file is corrupted. If this does not help, I don't know what else could help, except to do a fresh and clean installation of at least the flight simulator, but maybe also the operating system.
  6. Hi Roberto (?) Could you please provide a set of support files? ("Set" means one from the Client and one from the Server, both of them should cover the same time period). Thanks.
  7. As @KiloJuliett already answered, EFB is based on .NET framework which is a product by Microsoft. We currently do not have plans to bring an EFB to the market which is either based on iOS or Android.
  8. Hi Michael, Scanning FS9-type airports has been disabled in the DbBuilder long time ago when we realized that some of the FS9-type airports contain undocumented features which EFB could not cope with. We decided then to no longer support FS9-based airport BGLs and with the next build the DbBuilder did no longer scan such files. For almost a year now such airports have been ignored when the DbBuilder was scanning the airport BGL files, and obviously no one ever missed such an airport in EFB. Unfortunately (my mistake, sorry) with build #113 this feature has unintentionally been reactivated and therefore the DbBuilder now is scanning these old FS9-based airports again. As a result of this, the logfile now contains some 'old' error entries again. It will be removed again with next build #114.
  9. Hi Erick, please provide a set of support files, one from the Server and one from the Client. They should cover the same time. Thanks.
  10. Hi Michael, did you update the database ("Update Navdata")? Did you also update to build #113 already? I can see the PARQ3R arrival with Navigraph 1912.
  11. Hi Jean-Luc, I don't think that this has to do with the update. When VATSIM FIRs are not displayed then it is usually the problem that the data download from VATSIM does not match with the local data definitions. This is a problem which I cannot solve unfortunately.
  12. Hi Michael, I'm sorry, but I also have no other possibilities than using ADE. Because EFB v2 is not compatible with FS9 airports I recommend to exclude these airports from the scanning process.
  13. Hi Erik, please try to restart both computers, Client and Server side. Then try again. It the problem still occurs, please create a set of support files and upload it here. Thanks.
  14. Hi John, I don't know who or which label offers the latest version of EDDF, but I recommend to ask this question at avsim.com or maybe VATSIM has its own recommendations?
  15. Hi Vadim, We had to tighten some checks in the BGL-parser.
  16. Hi John, on the Client user interface you will find a button with the 'i' (for information) on top left. This opens the airport information dialog on which you can see the hierarchical structure of the different airport files in use for the currently active airport. The airport file with the highest number is usually the airport from the stock scenery and has the lowest priority. The airport with the number 1 (highest priority) usually is the significant airport.
  17. Hi ??? (according to the forum rules, please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks) Thank you for the logfile. We had to tighten some checks in the BGL-parser and therefore some airports will be listed as "Airport with code 0x0003". It seems that these 4 airports are not compiled against a newer compiler. They still have this old code 0x0003 in their header which points to the older FS9 data specifications. H:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\USCitiesX-SanFrancisco\scenery\AF2_22CA.bgl H:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Aerosoft\Dutch Airports - Lelystad\scenery\AF2_EHLF.bgl H:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Addon Scenery\Roshchino USTR\scenery\AF2_USTL.bgl H:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimMarket\OOMS-Muscat Intl P3Dv4\data\scenery\AFX_OOMSP3D.bgl If you are familiar with the Airport Design Editor (ADE) you can recompile these files using the latest P3D SDK.
  18. Hi John, EFB always shows what you have installed in your simulator. The charts are based on the airport scenery files of your simulator. If they are outdated then the charts are also. I don't know on which data the charts of VATSIM are based, but if they are up-to-date then you have to install up-to-date scenery files to match the charts.
  19. This information is ONLY for the BGL-based simulators P3D and FSX, FSX-SE. It is not relevant for X-Plane. EFB v2 is not compatible with fsAerodata. Due to the technology used by fsAerodata to update landing systems in the BGL files, we must come to the finding that EFB v2 is not compatible with fsAerodata.
  20. Hi Jean-Luc, it's because of not matching TCP port numbers. From the logfiles I can see that the Client is using port 57892 whereas the Server is listening on port 51748. I suggest that you change the port number on the Server's side to 57892 (equal to the number as it is used on the Client side). You can change the port number in the settings, tab "System" (See screenshot)
  21. Hi Renato, For further analysis I would need the respective BGL file from the airport. Would it be possible that you provide this BGL file? You may send it to 'support@aivlasoft.com'.
  22. Thank you for the quick introduction and also for the link. Unfortunately my French is too bad to understand all the details, but I guess that the software which you have to install on your computer, is feeding the simulator with the FFS2Play network data. Once it is visible in the simulator, it should also be visible in EFB. If you don't see other aircraft in EFB then check the following items: 1) Can you see other aircraft in the simulator? 2) Can you see other aircraft in the EFB Server "Traffic monitor" 3) Check the settings in FSUIPC regarding Traffic and TCAS. If you have the registered version set both values to 0 (unlimited). 4) Check the settings for the vertical filtering in EFB Client (Settings > Aircraft)
  23. Hi Jacques, I'm not familiar with "FFS2Play". Can you shed some light on me? Thanks.
  24. I have just downloaded an update of xPilot (now and I can see traffic on EFB. Did you check that no other multiplayer plugin is active while you're running xPilot? From xPilot manual: It’s important to note that you cannot have another multiplayer plugin installed (e.g. XSB, XSwiftBus, LifeTraffic etc.). You will need to remove or disable these plugins prior to using xPilot otherwise you will not be able to see other aircraft.
  25. The cause for this is a behavior of P3D. Sometimes it recreates the "Standard.xml" (*1) file and therefore all the default number pad assignments are back. These number pad assignments must be removed because otherwise any key press on the number pad will interfere with the SimpleCam command from the same key. Removing these assignments can easily be done using the SimpleCam Configurator. On the lower left side you can see a button named "Delete key assignments". Pressing this button will remove the default number pad assignments and they no longer can interfere with the camera commands from SimpleCam. Important to know: Do this only when P3D is NOT running. *1: The file "Standard.xml" contains all the keyboard and joystick assignments for P3D.
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