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  1. Hi Dane, thank you for the support files. The only error which is logged therein is the error when EFB is trying to read/analyze the already running simulator process in order to load the appropriate database. As you already reported, no error happens when the simulator is not yet running when the EFB Server starts. Usually the error only happens when the EFB Server was started without admin rights. I doubt whether it has to do with the A2A C172 but on the other hand I also don't have a proof that it has no impact. Can you try the following: - Start P3D and load any other aircraft than the A2A C172 - When the simulator is running, start EFB Server (right mouse click, then 'run as administrator') Does the error also happen?
  2. aivlasoft

    How to set OBS

    Because the Radio panel is designed to allow selecting radio frequencies in a comfortable way. It is not the idea to create a replacement for any navigation instruments. As Jonas already said, selecting an OBS is a task that must be done in the cockpit for obvious reasons. No. This will not be implemented in EFB.
  3. aivlasoft

    Flightplan from FS

    Hi Stephan, of course, there is an option 3, but this is only related to a file-watch for file changes in the respective flight plans folder. As far as I know there is no possibility to recognize a flight plan change in the sim, without a write of the flight plan to the folder. I can check for a flight plan load event, but not for a flight plan change. The latter would also require to read the flight plan details out of the memory. If I'm wrong please let me know. It's all a question of 'having enough time' and also of 'finding the right information' in the file.
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    Flightplan from FS

    I think we have to clearly distinguish between 1) writing (or copy/paste) a flight plan *.pln file into the Flight Simulators flight plans folder, and 2) manual loading of a flight plan from within the Flight Simulators flight planning tool For 1) you could also use your own 'little program' to write a copy of the flight plan not only into the Flight Simulators flight plans folder, but also into the uplink folder from EFB? For 2) I would have to update/enhance the code of the EFB Server to observe the loading of a flight plan and then take some action.
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    Flightplan from FS

    Hi Matthias, This can be done already using the 'uplink' function. Please see the manual "6 DE Flugplan.pdf", chapter 2.3 for a detailed description of this feature.
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    EFB Client not showing airport map

    Hi Mario, it looks like the 'elevation' part of the airport has the higher priority than the airport itself. You have to adjust the 'scenery.cfg' in order to give the real airport a higher priority. Another idea would be to add an 'exclude-definition' for \world\ to the BGL-exclude file. Then these elements will no longer be considered when the database will be built. The exclude-file is located as follows: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\DbBuilder\Base\BglSceneryExclude.txt. Please read the instructions in that file carefully. After altering the file you have to rebuild the EFB database using the function "Update Simulator".
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    EFB v2 SERVER Complete installer 2.0.61 / 2018-12-05
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    Are you talking about EFB v2?
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    EFB v2 CLIENT Complete installation 2.0.78 / 2018-12-03
  10. Hi Florin, I guess it's an erroneous minima file which came with the latest complete installer. Sorry, if that is the case. Here you can download a working file: EHAM.txt Just replace the current file in "<EFB Client data folder>\Minima", which is in a default installation: "C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\Minima" BTW, I have slightly altered the title of your post so other users who will be faced with the same problem can better find it. BTW2, I have also replaced the complete installer. It now includes the minima file for EHAM without the troubles mentioned herein.
  11. Hi Wayne, It seems that something has removed the EFB logfile. Usually such is only done by AV software when it 'thinks' that this is malware or any other suspicious things. Did you install (or uninstall) any software since yesterday? Maybe there were AV signature updates? Did you change some configuration on your system?
  12. Hi Dirk, They are still on the approach chart. See next screenshot: As described on page 35 (chapter 5.3.4 Minimums) EFB v2 does not only allow to display 'Standard Values', but also (manually configured) real world values. The 'Standard Values' (bright yellow background) are the values that you mentioned in your post. EFB v1 always displayed standard 'DH/DA' and did not distinguish between them for different approach types and different approach categories for ILS approaches. EFB v2 now clearly distinguish between them. For precision approaches, CAT 3 and CAT 2, it's a DH, whereas for CAT 1 approaches it's a DA. Non-precision approaches do not have a 'Decision Height/Altitude' but a Minimum Descent Altitude and a Missed Approach Point.
  13. aivlasoft

    AI Traffic Not Seen

    This update is not yet released. We are still testing.
  14. aivlasoft

    AI Traffic Not Seen

    Hi Derek, sorry for not answering earlier, but I was busy programming an update for EFB which now includes an improvement in this regard. The internal (implicit) filter is now off and traffic is visible in a wider range than before. See next screenshot below which shows flight SAS7451 in a distance of almost 100NM. A very important finding regarding the FSUIPC settings (registered version) was made by Oskar. He discovered that not the distance for "AI Traffic Limit" is the limitation, but the distance for "Limit TCAS range". On the next screenshot below you can see that we have set a limit of 40NM for AI Traffic while the limit for TCAS was 0 (unlimited). The setting for AI Traffic had no effect.
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    EFB Server error

    Hi William, thanks for the support files. I have had a look into them and can only confirm what Oskar already said. There seems to be a problem (only from time to time) where the connection to the server unfortunately brakes. I fear that this is beyond our scope. Just as a test, does it also happen when you connect with VATSIM? If so, it might point to a general problem with connections.
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    EFB v2 German manuals

    Version 2.0


    Version 2018-11-22
  17. aivlasoft

    EFB v2 English manuals

    Version 2.0


    Version 2018-11-22
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    AI Traffic Not Seen

    It might be that I found a way to disengage this filter. It's not yet tested but I will do so in the next few days.
  19. Hi, the speed cannot be changed, it's hard coded in the program.
  20. aivlasoft

    AI Traffic Not Seen

    EFB v2 does not set a limitation by itself. But EFB v2 is using a third party DLL to access the FSUIPC variables. I guess that this DLL is filtering the aircraft which are out of a certain range due to performance reasons. I you would like to see traffic outside of this approx. 40NM range then I suggest that you use a specific program for traffic display.
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    EFB Holdings vs r/w Holdings

    You won't believe it, but this is indeed my first name. Don't blame me for that, it was the idea of my parents to give this short, but typical Swiss first name.
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    EFB Holdings vs r/w Holdings

    Each forum has its own rules. Go and have a look at others. I doubt that you are allowed to post there if you neglect their rules. The GDPR (DSGVO) does not prohibit that you sign your post with your real first name, and to be honest, what is the problem if you sign your post with your real first name? We do not request your family name, but just your first name. We don't do this just to keep you busy, we like to talk to humans and not just to unknown and virtual beings. You want us to support you, so it's just a matter of respect to comply with our rules. Thank you.
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    EFB v2 installation?

    Please observe the forum rules and write your post in English. Thank you.
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    No traffic with IVAO

    Hi Tim, if the Traffic Monitor is empty then nothing comes out of the simulator. If you have the registered version of FSUIPC, please check the settings regarding traffic (the unregistered version does not offer settings for traffic, the range is set to 40NM by default). Also check the settings in your Pilot Client software (IvAp?).
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    No traffic with IVAO

    Hi Tim, From the logfiles I cannot see any warning or error so I must assume that the data is properly downloaded. Did you already check the "Traffic Monitor" on the Server's side? It displays all the data which is provided by FSUIPC/FSUIPCClient.dll. Is there any traffic listed which corresponds with the current position and altitude filter settings of your aircraft?