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  1. No, there's no other behavior on a networked PC. It's all locally handled.
  2. With the next update #129 many of the error messages caused by inconsistent data downloaded from either VATSIM or IVAO will no longer be categorized as 'error'. They will be logged as 'debug' messages and therefore the Server will then no longer pop up.
  3. I have renamed the profile B772 to B77L. Thanks for the hint.
  4. Hi Ray, I'm sorry but I cannot reproduce the behavior as described by your post above. Whenever I switch off the option "MvMp" (Moving Map), the map does no longer move. Please also check the settings for the Moving Map as there are some situation where an automatic start of the moving map might be triggered.
  5. Hi Henri when this error happens again, please create a support file and upload it here. The support file contains required information to track the error. Thanks.
  6. Hi Bob, the COM frequencies in the Radio Panel list are taken from the airport BGL. Can you please tell me which airport you are using? You will find the information about the BGL file in question on the airports information window. I assume the simulator is MSFS? Are you using Navigraph MSFS Navdata?
  7. Hi Andrea, I could reproduce it and it will be fixed with next update.
  8. Hi Bob, are you talking about VATSIM frequencies or MSFS-ATC? Which aircraft in use?
  9. Hi Andrea (?) Thank you for this detailed report. I will have a in depth look at this and then will report back.
  10. Jean-Marie please create a set of support files and upload them here.
  11. Hi Jaap most likely this is just a timing-issue. If you start EFB Client soon after you have started MSFS then it might be that FSUIPC has not yet been loaded but EFB already 'knows' that FSUIPC should be available but isn't. Therefore it reminds you about it. Just wait a little bit longer after you have started MSFS until you start EFB and the 'warning' will not appear.
  12. Hi Dave I fear that whatever file you will find, the file will be outdated. Development and maintenance has been ceased for v1 many years ago. I have no more such files myself.
  13. Hi Lothar Please read this topic from the FAQ: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2949-license-key-lost/
  14. @ToniGsxr600 Please create a set of support files and upload them here. Thanks.
  15. Hi J. Louis welcome back to flight simulation. The AIRAC cycle you have asked for is 1802.
  16. Hi Don, I will have a look at this file and report back. It will take some time because of other work which has to be done first.
  17. Hi Don, when an error happens it pops up by design to not oversee any important information from the Server. It is assumed that the Server runs without errors so If an error is logged it is treated as abnormal situation which has to be managed. So let's focus on the error which seems to be raised due to a data inconsistency in the VATSIM download. When it happens next time please create a support file from the Server and upload it here. The support file will contain the latest data download from VATSIM and I can check it. Thanks.
  18. Hi Arkadiusz These values are the Minimum Off-Route Altitudes (MORA) which gives you an altitude clearance when not flying along your predefined route. 20 means 2000 feet and is the minimum value over sea. These values cannot be removed.
  19. Hi Claus, on the Server's computer please check the file WC:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\Settings\serverSettings.txt". Therein you can find the following two lines in the group "[Online]": VatsimCallsignColumnNumber = n IvaoCallsignColumnNumber = n Please make sure these two values (here given as n) are set to 3. If you have to change the file 'serverSettings.txt' please don't forget to quit the Server before you start editing the file.
  20. I will have a look at this, but I fear that this will not solve the time-consuming part of calculating the contour lines. Elevation data is usually given as points lat/lng with an elevation value. This data I already have in much more details (LOD) but the time consuming part is the calculation of the contour lines.
  21. Hi Klaus, please create a set of support files (one from the Server and one from the Client) and send them to support@aivlasoft.com.
  22. Hi Phil, SimpleCam does not offer joystick mappings, it does only listen to keyboard commands.
  23. Hello, for each simulator you have to build its own database. Whenever you run a different simulator than before, EFB either auto-selects the corresponding database (as long as there is only one database per simulator), or it prompts you to start the Database-Selector to manually select the required database. Further information can be obtained by reading the manual "4 EN Database.pdf".
  24. OK, thanks for your feedback. I agree that my suggestion is not applicable for products which are maintained by third-party-software. I will try to fix it with next update.
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