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  1. Hello ??? (Please observe the forum rules) Please see the manual "5 EN Client.pdf", page 23 "Weather".
  2. You don't have to do this manually. It will not work. If the system works properly you don't have to fiddle with it. BTW, please observer the forum rules.
  3. Hi Lloyd, thank you for the logfiles. You have not yet updated the Server. Please restart the Server so it can detect the latest update. It must also be v2.1 build #106.
  4. Could be. I don't have had a look at this. Of course I would have to ask the people at FSRealtime first. Usually all works automatically. But here it obviously went something wrong which I have never seen before. I can see on the sidebar that most probably the sequencing of the waypoints did not properly work or something else happened (e.g. Active WPT is empty, Dist=2.0km, Time 23:54) These values are completely wrong. Did you use time compression? Was it a regular flight with a duration of 10h:29m without any interruption. Did you experience any other 'anomalies' while in flight?
  5. Hello ??? (according to the forum rules please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks) Thank you for the support files. I can see that the Server cannot connect with X-Plane using UDP. This might be due to different port numbers. EFB is using port 49000 for sending data, and 49001 for receiving data. Please start X-Plane, then select "Settings", "Network". On the lower right you see the port-numbers which are used by X-Plane. Do they agree with the numbers which are used by EFB? Another reason could be the Windows Firewall which might not allow the connection between them.
  6. Hi Derek, changing the port number must be done manually (it's kind of a "chicken-or-egg" dilemma) : - If the port numbers are not identical, the communication cannot be established and therefore the port number cannot be automatically changed/synchronized on both sides (Client/Server). - if the port numbers are identical and the communication works, there is no reason to change it
  7. Hi John, thanks for the files. EFB allows to select from different weather data providers. The preferences (e.g. ActiveSky file name) must be set in the Server's settings. See the manual "3 EN Server.pdf", page 13 "Weather" The selection must be done on the Client side in the settings, first tab 'Global'. See the manual "5 EN Client.pdf", page 23 "Weather" Joerg, could it be that this is also the solution on your system?
  8. Hi John, could you please create a set of support files, one from the Client and one from the Server. The files should cover the same time period so the content is in relation to each other. You may upload the files here, or if you prefer, you may also send them to support@aivlasoft.com. Hopefully I can find the cause for the problem in the logfiles. Thanks.
  9. I guess that the database in P3D is smaller than the database from X-Plane. Timeout means that the Client doesn't reply to the Server within 5 seconds. This points either to a bottleneck of the network or maybe the overall performance of the Client is too low.
  10. Hi Adam, If you select IVAO as the online data provider and EFB is not yet connected with the simulator, it shows traffic data from the IVAO data stream. Traffic is then depicted in red color. As soon as the Server connects with the simulator, traffic data is received from the simulator, better said, from the program which injects traffic data into the simulator. Traffic then changes its color to blue. Can you see the online traffic from IVAO in X-Plane? If not yet done, please also read about the traffic limitations. I'm not sure whether this is applicable here.
  11. Edwin, it seems that you have mixed 'Updates' and 'Complete installations'. Please do not mix these. Either run the automatic update on both systems, or run the complete installer on both systems. If you run the automatic 'Update', your self created checklists remain untouched. The 'Complete installer' is built to be used on a clean system, or if not used on a clean system, the installer will cleanup any old installation to make sure that no old data is used. Also intentionally running the uninstaller will remove any data.
  12. Hi Derek, I'm not sure what you mean with "offering the option to reset the IP address"? What did you mean with this?
  13. I think that Joerg unintentionally pointed to a possible cause for not updating weather data in EFB: if the weather file written by ASXP is located on a shared network drive, then EFB will not be informed about the changes. Would it be possible to test this with the ASXP data file in a folder on a local drive (not 'one drive')? Thanks. And please always make sure that 1) the weather data file 'current_wx_snapshot.txt' from ActiveSky is properly referenced in the EFB Server's settings, and that 2) ActiveSky is also selected as the weather provider in the Client's settings.
  14. Hi Matthew, Hi Carlos, It seems that both of you experience the same problem. In the logfiles folder from the Server (usually: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\Logfiles) you will find a file called 'airportFiles_XPlane.txt'. This file contains the origin path for each of the airports used in the database. The warning in the logfile points to KSEA which seems to have an invalid ARP (airport reference point). Please locate the file 'apt.dat' in the respective folder and open it using a text editor like notepad.exe (I assume you are familiar with editing text files). Then search for the lines which start with a row code '1302'. These are the lines with the airport meta data. They should contain the latitude and longitude for the ARP, like the following two lines: ... 1302 datum_lat 47.449888889 1302 datum_lon -122.311777778 ... ... Can you find these lines? Do they contain valid values?
  15. Hello ??? (please observer the forum rules) Thank you for this detailed report. Did you verify that the Active Sky weather file is properly set for the corresponding simulator type? Weather data from file will only read after the file has been altered. It will also be read after the weather provider has been changed (what you already did and reported). So the question is whether the file will really be updated. Could you please verify whether the current_wx_snapshot.txt in the given path is really updated? This is by design. The button "Refresh" does not trigger a new download, but a new transmission of the already downloaded or read data. It is meant for the purpose when a client has been restarted recently but did not receive the weather data.
  16. Hi Alfredo, what kind of network do you use. Cable or wireless? The file airports.bin.zip takes a little longer to transmit and it could be that then the timeout happens.
  17. Hi Derek, obviously you didn't update both components in the same way. It seems that you run the update for the Client but the complete install for the Server, or vice versa. If you run the UPDATE, the port number remains the same as before, if you run the COMPLETE installer, the port number will be set to a new, higher number. In other words, either you run the UPDATE for both, or your run the COMPLETE installer for both, but not a mixed strategy.
  18. Hi Craig, Sorry, but I don't understand the meaning of this. Can you explain ?
  19. Thanks Michael for your good words on EFB. This is much appreciated.
  20. Just as an additional information, don't forget, both programs (Client and Server) do their checks for updates only upon startup, not while they are running.
  21. No, because all simulators are included in this version.
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