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  1. Hello ??? (according to the forum rules, please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks). Did you already search the forum for "ReadProcessMemory"? Here are the results: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/search/?q=readprocessmemory EDIT: Possible workaround: Start EFB Server BEFORE you start the simulator.
  2. Hi Stephe(n?) The logfile contains a lot of 'Windows Event Log' entries. That means that something is not (or no longer) properly installed/configured on your system, but it's beyond EFB. I have no idea what all these Windows messages mean, but it looks not as this would be a very stable system. I can only recommend to do a clean installation of the .NET-Framework, or even better, a clean installation of the OS. Because Win 7 is no longer supported by MS , maybe this is the right moment to upgrade to Win 10.
  3. Hello ??? (according to the forum rules, pleas sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks) EFB has basically no limitation regarding the number of AI aircraft. However there is a filter in the Client settings which allows for filtering vertically (aircraft which are too low or too high regarding the current altitude of the own aircraft). Did you already have a look into the logfile from the Client and/or Server? Maybe there is something logged which helps. Generally it can be said, the more AI aircraft are created (by the simulator or any external software) the more time is required until the data is listed in the Traffic Monitor. I don't know whether there is a limitation from FSUIPC, or FSUIPCClient.dll which is used by EFB. I recommend to reduce the number of AI aircraft until they are properly listed and depicted on the map.
  4. Hi John, as you might have read, the database in EFB is built from two sources: 1) Scenery data from your current installation 2) AIRAC Data provided either by Aerosoft, or Navigraph If a new airport exists in real world, you have to install a corresponding scenery (aka AFCAD file, aka BGL file), but I doubt that there will be one already.
  5. Hi Leo, why so angry? It's not EFB that creates the mess ... Did you check that there are really no more unwanted files on the hard disk which could have an impact? I'm pretty sure EFB will work as expected on a properly cleaned system.
  6. Basically it is not a problem to install it on any partition (or drive), just try to use the default paths (e.g. "..\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4"). If you have other simulators on the same computer, try to separate them by using a dedicated partition (or drive) for each of them. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi Jean Gabriel, Open the Task Manager and kill the running process. For the other problem I cannot see the reason for. The only thing that attracts my attention is the very uncommon path for the installation of Prepar3D v4: "H:\LockheedMartin\". Maybe a clean reinstall of the simulator (using the default paths) might help.
  8. Hi Jean Gabriel, thank you for uploading the support file. Unfortunately I cannot see the reason for the troubles on your system because the logfile from the DbBuilder ends at the scenery "H:\LockheedMartin\Scenery\Cities\Sharurah". There is also nothing logged in the Windows Event Log. The error "EFB Server cannot run when the DbBuilder is running" might indicate that the DbBuilder was not properly terminated and the process is still running. Therefore the Server cannot start.
  9. Hi Jean-Gabriel, Could you please create and upload a support file from the EFB Server? Here you can read how to create a support file. Thanks.
  10. Hi ??? (according to the forum rules, please sign your posts with your real first name.Thanks) I'm not sure whether you run the simulator in full screen mode, or in windowed mode. But if the simulator runs in full screen mode, no other window is available. That's a limitation of Windows.
  11. Hi Gary, when you will switch to the new system, please make sure you uninstall it from the old system (according to the license agreement). Thanks.
  12. Hi Jean Gabriel, I can see that the wrong function was used to create the database. Because you have installed a new version of the simulator, you have to run the function 'Update Simulator' and not 'Update Navdata'. The function 'Update Navdata' can only run, if a previously created database is already available.
  13. Hi Andy, I did a search on this forum and found:
  14. Hi Bob, I guess, I know what happened. Just open the settings file from the Client ('clientSettings.txt') and also open the settings file from the Server ('serverSettings.txt'). In both files you will find a section called [Network]. In both sections you see a line 'TcpPortNumber = nnnnn'. While on the Server's side, the port number most probably is 57892, it is a different number on the Client's side. That's why the Client will not connect with the Server. The port number must be equal on both sides. Solution: Just set the Client's port number to the same number as on the Server's side, then save the clientSettings.txt and start the Client. Most probably it will now connect with the Server.
  15. Hello Mav ??? (Is this your first name?) Are you talking about the LOCalizer, or VOR, or VOR/DME (see screenshot) Yes, you can change almost all colors to your liking. See the manual "5 EN Client.pdf", page 88, "12.1 Colors". Too early to ask such a question. I'm unfortunately not part of the Alpha-Testers and therefore I don't know more than you. Of course I do hope that it will still be possible.
  16. Hi Ray, no worries, just open the Client settings, then tab 'Miscellaneous'. At the bottom of the dialog you see a check box ...
  17. Hi Ray, sorry for the misunderstanding, but I didn't say that GE can read a CSV file, I just wanted to say that basically the data required for a KMZ file is available as CSV file. Of course there is some manual transfer into a KMZ file required. I will have a look at the KMZ file format, maybe it's easy to convert ...
  18. Hi Ray, a good starting point would be the flight log which can be saved as CSV file. But because I don't know the KMZ file specifications I might be wrong. Happy Christmas to you - and of course, to all other users too.
  19. Hi Bob, Good question, indeed. I forgot to mention that you may save the license file so you can copy/paste it back after installation. But no problem if you wouldn't. As long as the installation is on the same machine than before, no record on the activation server will be touched. Ok, so far the background info. The file you can save is "<EFB Server Datapath>\License\AivlaSoft_Efb_V2_0.dlsc". This is the license file for your computer. Save it to another place BEFORE you run the uninstaller. After successful installation of the Server, you can copy/paste it back to the same location and then the Server will not ask you for the license details. Profiles: If you have altered one or more profiles, yes, save them to another location so you can put them back after the new installation. Library: dito License: see above Routes: dito Settings: dito Hope this helps.
  20. Hello ??? (according to the forum rules, please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks) It might be that an update from #108 to #114 cannot be done using the auto-update function. I suggest to uninstall the software (both the Client and the Server), then download the latest complete installers from the website and run these installers to have Client and Server updated to the latest version #114. This will hopefully solve the problem. It is recommended to always apply the updates when they are available and indicated by the auto-update. Running different versions of Client and Server will always lead to troubles.
  21. Peter, a new database (consisting of a Simulator type AND a navdata type) can only exist ONCE. A new database has to be built, if there is NOT YET a database available. As soon as a database is available, you only have to UPDATE this database, either forced by changes in the simulator (then use 'Update Simulator'), or by changes of the navdata (then use 'Update Navdata'). Building a database several times will not increase the quality of the outcome.
  22. Hi Clive, As far as I know there is no function to save an EFB flight plan into PMDG flight plan format. Are you talking about EFB v1 or v2? No, because SID and STAR will NEVER be part of a flight plan. As you might have experienced, also PMDG flight plans do not consist of SID and STAR, and also not of approach waypoints, they always have to be added manually using the FMC.
  23. Hi Scott, I will put it on the list of possible features for a future version. Thanks.
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