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    Client does'n show radio freq and no O/DNB

    No. All required data is in the file vatsim.dat in the 'C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\Online\Vatsim' folder.
  2. aivlasoft

    Client does'n show radio freq and no O/DNB

    ... and no errors or warnings are logged in the log file. Everything looks like usual. One idea that came to my mind this afternoon: Have you already checked the colors? Maybe they are all 'transparent'? I know this is vague but worth to check.
  3. Hi ... (please comply with the forum rules. Thanks) Thank you for the good words on EFB v2. One of the basic principles of EFB is to not display information which is usually already available on the main instruments panel of the aircraft. Therefore the altitude is not displayed anymore. However I understand that it is not handy if you have to zoom in just to read the altitude (BTW which aircraft is providing only such tiny instruments?). Maybe in a future version of EFB, a more configurable side panel could help to circumvent such a situation.
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    Taskbar on Top of the Desktop

    Just some further information about 'when' and 'if' the size/position will be saved: - The position and size of a window within EFB Client will only be saved when this window is closing. - After changing the position and/or the size of a window, the window has to be closed, before the Client exits. e.g.: 1) Open a window - move its position/change its size - then exit Client. This will NOT save the windows position 2) Open a window - move its position/change its size - close the window, then exit Client. This will save the windows position
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    EFB and XP11

    Please see the "Announcements" sub-forum.
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    @ZUMBIEHL Please comply with the forum rules. If you want us to help you, it would be extremely helpful if you were providing more information. We cannot read your mind ...
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    Beta tests for X-Plane 11.30

    After some months of developing and internal testing we have started beta testing today.
  8. aivlasoft

    Identifying Gates with Jetways

    Hi Ray, this feature is not (yet) available in v2. Will have to think about it.
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    X-Plane next please

    Development is almost finished. Soon we will start beta testing.
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    Göteborg Landvetter

    Could you please upload the currently selected aircraft profile? I assume that the filter criteria do not allow ESGG to be displayed.
  11. I don't know. Maybe you are using any third party tool to maintain the scenery.cfg? Apart from that, another question: The scenery.cfg which is listed in the latest server logfile does not agree with the scenery.cfg which you sent in your last post? I don't believe so. The path contains illegal characters and therefore the program aborts. If it worked before, then only without this erroneous path.
  12. Hello, thank you for the file. Please have a look at the entry "Area.516": The path contains illegal characters such as [ ], { }. Please also check for further invalid paths. [Area.516] Active=FALSE Title=(MMMD) Marida Local=L:\Addon-Szenerien\[MMMD] Marida [FSX]\{simroot}\Addon Scenery\(MMMD) Marida Required=FALSE Layer=516
  13. If you don't mind, please send me the scenery.cfg to 'support@aivlasoft.com'. Maybe I can see something therein. The file can be located here: C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\scenery.cfg
  14. Hi Emanuel, it's very strange ... The Database-Builder suddenly quits without any error message, neither in the EFB log nor in the Windows Event log. So I'm just guessing ... In the logfile I can see that the database builder has not yet started to analyze the content of the BGL files. It was still listing the content of the scenery.cfg. In your first post you mentioned the error message when you tried to start the EFB Server. That means that the Database-Builder was unexpectedly aborted but still available in memory. Is it possible that the Database-Builder was aborted by an external program? Maybe the Antivirus program? Are you running many more programs on that computer when you are trying to build a database? Have you already tried to build the database while no other programs on that computer are running?
  15. aivlasoft

    efb server unable to start!!

    Hi Soren, thank you for sending in the support files. It's not that the Server does not start, it seems that it sometimes cannot verify the license. Sometimes it can, sometimes it cannot. I have no idea why this happens. However, I don't understand why in the logfile two different "user document paths" can be found (both locally on C:\Users\...\Documents). It's definitely not usual that two different user document paths are available. Then there is also an unusual IP-address used for that computer, so all in all I have to assume that the configuration of that computer is not reliable.
  16. aivlasoft

    Transfer Flight Plan

    Hello, please read this from the FAQs: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2882-why-is-there-no-flight-plan-export-anymore/ btw, please comply with the forum rules and sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks.
  17. Hello, There are no PROs and CONs in a general regard, because this depends on each one's personal preferences and needs. The best way to find out your own PROs and CONs, just take the chance and try it for 30 days. Free, fully functional and without any obligation. P.S. Please comply with the forum rules and sign your posts with your real first name.
  18. Hi Gino, no, this is not implemented. Maybe in a future version.
  19. aivlasoft

    efb server unable to start!!

    Hello, I bet the code of EFB has also not changed, so the reason for the problem must be outside of EFB. Can you please create a set of support files (Client and Server) and send them to 'support@aivlasoft.com'? And please comply with the forum rules and sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks.
  20. aivlasoft

    Databses keep on loading

  21. aivlasoft

    Very Confusing error messaging

    Hi Jirka, thank you for this video. It's very strange because in the logfile I can see that FSUIPC is telling that the connected simulator is not FSX but ESP (which is not the same). I guess that this is the problem. Which version of FSUIPC have you installed on your computer?
  22. aivlasoft

    Databses keep on loading

    Hi Henk, thank you for these tests. It shows that basically all works, except unzipping the file on your second PC. If it has worked before, maybe you can figure out what has changed on your second computer? Any new software installed or uninstalled? Any system configurations changed? Maybe an update of the .Net framework. I don't have a clue why it is not working anymore on this computer.
  23. aivlasoft

    Databses keep on loading

    Hi Henk, Is there any possibility to do a test with wired network? This is all OK. Maybe you could install a Client on the flight simulator computer? Just to do the test as mentioned above? After the test you may uninstall it again.
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    Database Error

    Hi, please comply with the forum rules and sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks. This morning you sent me an email to support@aivlasoft.com and I replied to you. Why do you post now herein instead of sending me the scenery.cfg as mentioned in my email?
  25. aivlasoft

    Very Confusing error messaging

    Hi Jiří, thank you for the support files. Unfortunately there is no trace from the database creation. Could you please do the following: 1) Start Database-Builder 2) Select first tab "Create / Select EFB Database" 3) If you have multiple databases, do the following for each of them: Select the database then press the button "Delete" on the lower right corner of the dialog. 4) as soon as all databases are deleted, the DbBuilder will automatically open the dialog to create a new database 5) Now select the simulator "Dovetail Games FSX-SE" and create a new database. 6) After the database has been created successfully, exit the DatabaseBuilder and start the EFB Server. 7) Now start your simulator If the problem still exists, please create a new set of support files and upload it here. Thanks.