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  1. Hello, for each simulator you have to build its own database. Whenever you run a different simulator than before, EFB either auto-selects the corresponding database (as long as there is only one database per simulator), or it prompts you to start the Database-Selector to manually select the required database. Further information can be obtained by reading the manual "4 EN Database.pdf".
  2. OK, thanks for your feedback. I agree that my suggestion is not applicable for products which are maintained by third-party-software. I will try to fix it with next update.
  3. Hello, thanks for reporting back. Good to hear that it works now. The issue with the 'Folder doesn't exist' warning seems to be from the special character 'João' in the path for [Package.107] in the add-ons.cfg in C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5. In the logfile it is logged as 'Jo?o'. Maybe you can try to uninstall this add-on and then reinstall it using a simple 'a' instead of 'ã'.
  4. Hello, 1 - MSFS: Unfortunately there is no further information in the logfile which would tell me the name of the file which is causing the error. 2 - P3Dv5: Could you please upload the file "L:\ORBX\p3dv5\LPPD Ponta Delgada - João Paulo II Airport\add-on.xml" for further investigation? Thanks.
  5. @Pablo I cannot add more to what Oskar already mentioned. It is definitely unclear to me how you managed to change the URL to the wrong (old) value. Very mysterious.
  6. Could you please create a set of support files (Server and Client) and upload them here? Thanks.
  7. The new version 2.2.128 now supports the changed IVAO data format.
  8. Today we released the update 2.2.128. It now supports the recent (unannounced) change in the IVAO data format.
  9. Hi Luis, in the meantime we have found the cause for the issue. IVAO changed their data format without notice. This will require a new update of EFB where we first have to implement these recent changes.
  10. Luis, could you please create a set of support files, one from the Client and one from the Server and then post them here? Thanks!
  11. Today we released the update 2.2.127. It consists of the following improvements and bug fixes: Changes / Improvements - MSFS database layering logic improved - Software update over https - Airport quick info popup menu: added longest runway data - Added a visual fix to the unspecified end-position of a vectors leg - [Online IVAO] Support for JSON-formatted data Bugs fixed - Runway dimensions label not properly placed
  12. Hi Konrad, this seems to be an issue with FSUIPC7. Did you install the latest version of FSUIPC7 and is it running?
  13. Hi Michael, thanks for the screenshot. Yes, this is the place to look at which files are used by EFB to depict the airport. I see that the file at position 1) is not the same file as you uploaded in your post above. I guess that the file you uploaded, should be the file at position 1). Unfortunately both files are located in the same folder and therefore EFB is reading both of them. I have no idea what the purpose of the file "LOWW_ADEP5_Exclude.bgl" is. If this file is not necessary for proper functionality in P3D then I suggest to rename it to "LOWW_ADEP5_Exclude.bgl.off" and then rebuild the EFB database ("Update Simulator"). If this file is necessary for proper functionality in P3D then I suggest to copy/paste the file "LOWW_DEICE_ADEP4_FLYTAMPA.bgl" into the EFB-Server's "AFCAD" folder. This way the file will be read with highest priority and will override the files in the scenery folder. Also in this case you have to rebuild the database using the function "Update Simulator". Hope this helps.
  14. Hi Michael, thanks for uploading the airport file. This file contains the necessary information and I can also display the COM service types here in my EFB installation. However, there are no remarks available. It seems that something is not properly installed on your side. Can you have a look at the airport information window in EFB and check whether the LOWW airport scenery from FlyTampa is at the highest priority?
  15. No, the 'old' key remains your license key. This is a perpetual license. If you want to run it on another computer you have to uninstall it from the previous computer. Only the Server computer needs a license. The Client computers don't require a license. From the license agreement: 3.1 The licensee shall receive the personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to install and use the software according to the documentation on a single computer. The use on different machines at the same time is prohibited.
  16. Switching to another PC is not allowed. For details please see the license agreement, paragraph 3.
  17. Hi Michael, - which scenery of LOWW are you using? Could you provide the respective .bgl file for further inspection? - do you fly online?
  18. https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/4273-client-will-not-connect-to-server/?do=findComment&comment=24280
  19. Hi Robert, EFBv2 requires a new license key to be purchased. Start your purchase here: https://www.aivlasoft.com/purchase.html As a recurring customer you will get a 20% discount. Details on how to get the discount see here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2843-how-to-get-a-discount-as-a-recurring-customer/
  20. Hi Ricardo, it is essential to have the same AIRAC cycle on all sides, SimBrief, EFB database, MSFS (BGL files) and aircraft FMS. If a change happened to either the AIRAC cycle data OR MSFS navaids data, the EFB database has to be maintained according to the following rules: 1) When an AIRAC Cycle (Navigraph FMS data) has been updated, you also have to update the EFB database using the "Update Navdata" function. 2) When the Navigraph MSFS navaids data has been updated (which alters the BGL files), you also have to update the EFB database using the "Update Simulator" function.
  21. Hi Ruedi, please be a bit more precisely, which Navdata provider do you use? Which SIDs and which STARs at which airports?
  22. Kevin, I don't know your server nor your other software so I cannot say whether some settings on that side could be altered. On EFB's side you can check the FSUIPC settings if you have the registered version. If you are running the free version of FSUIPC then the radius for traffic is fix (approx. 40 to 50NM). In EFB you have the settings for flying online ("5 EN Client.pdf", chapter 13 'Online with VATSIM or IVAO') as I already mentioned here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/5191-connecting-to-private-server/ In the Client settings you will find an additional filter for the vertical separation which is related to both flying offline and online. But overall I can say that visualizing traffic for a radius of 650Nm is simply not possible. Please keep in mind that this is an EFB and not any Radar Surveillance program.
  23. This is unknown to me, I can only tell you that the specification ARINC 424-21 (from which the above screenshot has been taken) was published in July 2016. This would have to be done by Jeppesen but we do not have any information about this.
  24. Additionally to what Oskar already mentioned, I would like to emphasize that providing and maintaining all these minima files is a FREE service from AivlaSoft.
  25. I suggest to use the trial period before buying. This will definitely proof whether it works or not. I myself have not yet installed P3D5.2 but I assume that there are no breaking new features in the data format.
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