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  1. Switching to another PC is not allowed. For details please see the license agreement, paragraph 3.
  2. Hi Michael, - which scenery of LOWW are you using? Could you provide the respective .bgl file for further inspection? - do you fly online?
  3. https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/4273-client-will-not-connect-to-server/?do=findComment&comment=24280
  4. Hi Robert, EFBv2 requires a new license key to be purchased. Start your purchase here: https://www.aivlasoft.com/purchase.html As a recurring customer you will get a 20% discount. Details on how to get the discount see here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2843-how-to-get-a-discount-as-a-recurring-customer/
  5. Hi Ricardo, it is essential to have the same AIRAC cycle on all sides, SimBrief, EFB database, MSFS (BGL files) and aircraft FMS. If a change happened to either the AIRAC cycle data OR MSFS navaids data, the EFB database has to be maintained according to the following rules: 1) When an AIRAC Cycle (Navigraph FMS data) has been updated, you also have to update the EFB database using the "Update Navdata" function. 2) When the Navigraph MSFS navaids data has been updated (which alters the BGL files), you also have to update the EFB database using the "Update Simulator" function.
  6. Hi Ruedi, please be a bit more precisely, which Navdata provider do you use? Which SIDs and which STARs at which airports?
  7. Kevin, I don't know your server nor your other software so I cannot say whether some settings on that side could be altered. On EFB's side you can check the FSUIPC settings if you have the registered version. If you are running the free version of FSUIPC then the radius for traffic is fix (approx. 40 to 50NM). In EFB you have the settings for flying online ("5 EN Client.pdf", chapter 13 'Online with VATSIM or IVAO') as I already mentioned here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/5191-connecting-to-private-server/ In the Client settings you will find an additional filter for the vertical separation which is related to both flying offline and online. But overall I can say that visualizing traffic for a radius of 650Nm is simply not possible. Please keep in mind that this is an EFB and not any Radar Surveillance program.
  8. This is unknown to me, I can only tell you that the specification ARINC 424-21 (from which the above screenshot has been taken) was published in July 2016. This would have to be done by Jeppesen but we do not have any information about this.
  9. Additionally to what Oskar already mentioned, I would like to emphasize that providing and maintaining all these minima files is a FREE service from AivlaSoft.
  10. I suggest to use the trial period before buying. This will definitely proof whether it works or not. I myself have not yet installed P3D5.2 but I assume that there are no breaking new features in the data format.
  11. Unfortunately this folder cannot be changed.
  12. In short, no. EFB is using the so called Dijkstra-algorithm which is an algorithm to find the shortest path between two points in a given 'network' of nodes and edges. Any other algorithm which would consider AI-traffic would be too complex to realize.
  13. Hi Kevin, thanks for your reply and good to 'hear' that it's OK. Thanks also for your good words on EFB and thanks for recommending it to your friends. This is much appreciated.
  14. Hi Kevin, is this 'private server' running the same software as on the VATSIM servers? If it is the same software as on the regular VATSIM servers then you just have to consult the manual "5 EN Client.pdf", chapter 13 'Online with VATSIM or IVAO'. There you can find all the details about seeing traffic.
  15. Hello, thanks for uploading the files. It seems that two issues happened together. The first issue has to do with the 'Vector' path terminator for the SIDs in CYHM. Because a vector has not a specified end position, it's handled as a virtual waypoint in EFB. Virtual waypoints are not visible. This would require to explicitly select a DIR-TO to SIKBO after passing ZHM, but this is not obvious as long as SIKBO is already displayed as the next waypoint on the sidebar and in the flightlog. The second issue is the not opening or not being visible window for selecting the DIR-TO waypoint. Both should be fixed with next update which should take place within the next two weeks.
  16. Hello, could you please create a set of support files, one from the Server and one from the Client and then upload them here. Thanks. Apart from the question above (Does this happen in an inflight (Zulu-) Flightpan? ), did you restart the Client inflight, before this happened?
  17. Hi Manfred, thank you for uploading the support files. Unfortunately there is nothing logged in these files which is related to the situation described in your opening post. From my point of view this is not abnormal because when Windows crashes (as you described) then the application itself will not be able anymore to properly write any logfile entries. Usually a blue screen is not caused by any .NET application like EFB but from hardware drivers or similar.
  18. Hi Tanveer Currently we do not have plans to introduce this functionality in the near future, but we will keep it on our radar and probably reconsider our decision if we get more requests regarding this functionality.
  19. Hi Manfred, can you please create a set of support files, one from the Client and one from the Server and then upload them here?
  20. As to my knowledge the 'Navigraph toolbar integration' is done using a different technical approach than EFB is using.
  21. Hi BR (according to the forum rules, please sign your post with your real first name. Thanks) Depending on the data which is received by EFB the content of the labels can be defined by the user. Please see the respective chapter in the Client's manual. You also might want to see the received data by opening the "Traffic Monitor" from the Server's menu.
  22. Hi Jakob, See the results when using the search function in this forum: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/search/?q=steam%20installation%20folder&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=17&search_and_or=and
  23. The airport elevation is taken from two sources: either from the airport scenery, or from the AIRAC cycle in the Server's AIRAC folder, depending on the situation. For procedure based data (SID, APP) the elevation from the AIRAC cycle is used, for all other situations the elevation from the BGL-file is used. The elevation is not taken from the Navigraph Navdata in the community folder. Navigraph navdata from the community folder is only used for navaids such as VOR, NDB, ILS. Which AIRAC cycle do you use and which airport scenery? To which place in EFB Client do you refer in your post above?
  24. Hi Enrik Thank you for the good words on EFB. I don't know the CRJ but I can confirm that EFB only supports the default GPS from MSFS. Any external implementation of an autopilot cannot be supported by EFB.
  25. Hi Geir Could you please describe in more details what exactly you mean with "brought up"? Are you talking about bringing the Client to front, or are you talking about the feature to make EFB visible in VR?
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