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  1. I was able to grab my saved scenario's. Here's the initial STAR ROBUC3 into 33L at KBOS. Then Changed to JFUND2 into 22L. Then plane followed correctly and flight plans are correct.
  2. Ray have to do some Honey do’s now but I’ll get back on later tonight and post screenshots. Ron
  3. Ray, I quickly launched from Bradley airport filed to KBOS, climbed to 11k. had a Robuc STAR entered and then changed to the JFUND2 Star different runway. it took it perfectly. I then did a direct to JFUND it followed that. So I then changed back to the ROBUC3 Star into 33L at Boston and it changed the plan and directed me to RUIZE with no problem. EFB did say it couldn't calculate the vertical because I was lower than STARs expected but other than that, a perfect change. I wonder if you need to reload the plane?????. Good luck BTW, I forgot how easy and nice this plan
  4. Wow, when I checked mine the changed STAR went in fine. Post or PM me what you did so I can try it.
  5. Ray Good to hear that it's working. I fly mostly in the US, but I'm sure you've flown some intricate STAR's in the EU. I know I did into Amsterdam a couple of times. IMHO, I've found that most of the FMS's (G1000, FMC,....) seem to be buggy when trying to change something on the fly. The EFB has saved me a bunch of times after a change to the plan if only to give me the correct heading to fly while I update the FMS. I now find I cant fly most planes without it up on my other monitor. Enjoy Ron
  6. True, I am using P3DV4.2. Never bothered to update any further "Aint Broke ...!" As I said I've been flying XP more of late but still crank up the Phenom 300 and Da-62 in P3D. Good luck Ron
  7. OK, I just tried you issue and found no problem with using either the EFB DIR TO or the Da-62 G1000 Direct to key. Both took the change correctly and the aircraft followed. Is this with any route/flight plan or a specific one? Can you correctly activate another way point from the flight plan? I've certainly changed STAR's when ATC (Vatsim) has issued a change en-route but I always use the sync heading hold procedure I said above. Maybe its the Da-62, I know I had sound issues with it, that eventually cleared. good luck Ron
  8. I have the aircraft but haven't flown it in a long time. Flying XP and 2020. My SOP for changing the FP while flying is, center the heading bug, go to heading, update, check the FP,select the correct waypoint and go back to GPS/Nav. But I'll give it a try soon and let you know if I duplicate the problem.
  9. Super, I see it now thanks Damn I love this EFB, I really don't think I can fly without it I'll be waiting till the MSFS2020 gets stable before going to that. Thanks again Ron
  10. I usually pull flight plans to the EFB from Simbrief, modify them for the correct rwys, SID, and Stars, then save them for P3D and ActiveSky. Is there a exporter for X-Plane's default FMS? Which like Simbriefs downloader, would put it in the X Plane \Output\FMS plans. Presently I pull the flight plan in via the Co-route EFB. Thanks Ron
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