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  1. When I have to abort going to the planned airport and divert to the nearest, Can you layout the procedure on how I clear the current flight plan and get a PPos flight plan to the selected nearest airport with all the approaches available. I had a cabin pressure problem, the other night and had to go online to get the approach charts for the nearest airport. Thanks Ron Wilson ExecJet 210 WestWinds 185
  2. Yes I have the New York AirportsV2 Demo installed. I'll deactivate it, rebuild the database and check. Thanks for the quick respone Ron
  3. I just updated both my AIRAC and Navaids to the database but missing the ILS for Runway 19 at KTEB. This is a hub for one of my VA's so recently when I was vectored by New York Center for the ILS 19, I had to pull the Navigraph chart up and use it. I absolutely find EFB2 a must fly with add on. Thanks Ron Wilson ExecJet210 Westwind 185 Phenom 300 N142RW
  4. I've update my AIRAC but haven't gone back to KATL.
  5. THANKS, I really appreciate your quick reply. Unfortunately, I haven't updated my AIRAC I'm at 1912, will do that shortly. Once I update, I re-verify the approach. Thanks Ron Wilson
  6. On approach to ILS 8L at KATL the profile view did not have the FAF or the IAF located on the profile at the right distance from the runway.
  7. Glad I'm not the only one to have reported this. I switched back to a previous frequency once because I wasn't getting a respondance. I then looked at vpilot and saw the third digit. So, I used the ".com1 133.775" command to force my com to change. Hope Vatsim and/or Aiviasoft resolves the issue.
  8. I noticed that on some STAR's the vertical guidance does not match the STAR altitude setting. I have AIRAC 1908. Example, I was just on a LuckI1 into KSAN. The STAR has HEELX to be between 15000 and 12000 but vertical guidance was asking for 11000. I always try to follow the STAR (especially over any mountains) or ATC guidance when available (VATSIM) I've attached a screenshot. Thanks Ron
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