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  1. Hello Oskar, thanks for your info, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for me. I have deleted all flight plans, but I cannot delete the last airport I flew to, which is still in the >FPL< window under >Copy / Paste<. The KBOS is there and cannot be deleted. I assume that because it is there it is always reloaded. I have deleted all flight plans, but I cannot delete the airports that are under "Airports" (top left in the client window). I think I have to do a reinstallation. Now I have another idea: could you tell me the location and the file where this copy/paste file
  2. Unfortunately I do not know how to make a "clean EFB". Whenever I load EFB I always have the last airport loaded even if the simulator (Prepar3D v. 4.5) is not loaded. Do I have to reinstall the whole program? Translated with Internet Translator. Greetings Lothar
  3. Hello Oskar, Thanks for the info, but as already written I can't activate in the global setting nor on the route map. see picture. Greeting Lothar
  4. Hello together I have a problem when creating a flight plan with NATs. In the german manual "Creating a flight plan" it says on page 19: Important A note on the worldwide "Organised Track Systems" NAT...... These can of course be used in EFBv2 and also displayed at any time (User Settings/Global OTS must be activated)....... Unfortunately I cannot activate this field, what can I do. Thanks in advance.
  5. I create the profile of my PMDG 737-800 in the profile editor (it is listed in the profile editor). Under "Properties" I enter *Show as B737-800 under Equipment Air Berlin (Liverie) and under Airfile names pmdg boeing 737-800 wl. Although I confirm with "Apply" the following message appears when I load the flight simulator with the PMDG: There is no profile available yet for the currently running aircraft "Boeing 737-800NGX" Please create a profil for this aircraft using the profil editor Using the default profile now What am I doing wrong or what have I forgotte
  6. This text was translated by a translator. Hello, Flusianer, Here, unfortunately, I have found in the forum no answer. My question: How I am able to do in Frankfurt EDDF the roads 36L-18R and 36R-18L place in EFB 2 actively, so that these can be used by the landing planning in the EFB 2. Greetings from EDDH Lothar
  7. Hallo Flusianer, nachdem ich meine Hardware (Board; Prozessor und Grafikkarte) gewechselt habe kam nach dem Neustart des FS X die Fehlermeldung "Das Lizenzzertifikat ist nicht gültig auf diesem Computer". Nachdem ich den Lizenzschlüssel neu eingegeben habe klappte alles wie gewohnt. Doch jetzt nach ca. 10 Tage bekomme ich diese Meldung wieder. Was kann ich tun? Danke im vorraus, laser31 Mit Translator übersetzt: Hello, Flusianer, after I my hardware (Board; processor and graphics map) has changed the error message "The licence certificate came after the new start of
  8. Hello, I'm having the same problem, however, not only for route finder also VATroute. mfg. Lothar
  9. Hello Aivlasoft team which is my last attempt to get the distributed installation but still. Now that I have installed the full program with the new version 1.3.2 I get still unable to connect the display unit using the data provider. The settings have been checked several times and no one can find an explanation. :: I would ask you the log files of the Data Provider and the display unit to check. Please enter me for an Internet address. Greetings from EDDH Lothar Hallo Aivlasoft-Team, die ist mein letzter Versuch die verteilte Installation doch noch hinzubekommen. Nachdem
  10. Hi Urs, I've just again the File> Settings DataProvider_UserSetting.bin as VLC media file is run, and has recognition as the pylons of the VLC Media Player. Is that correct? If not how do I change them? Greetings from EDDH Lothar ich habe mir gerade nochmal die Datei >Settings< im DataProvider angesehen udn mir fiel auf das die Datei >DataProvider_UserSetting.bin als VLC media file geführt wird und hat als Erkennung die Pylone des VLC-Media-Players. Ist das richtig? Wenn nicht wie ändere ich sie um? Grüsse aus EDDH Lothar
  11. Hi Urs, whether the data provider is running or not, the status LED stays red and the display unit, it can not connect. I know very well that the correct server name in the display unit and also agrees the Remoteinstellung. The dataProvider is the server mode to Any and the TCP port is identical. Before I reinstall everything again (the third Währe times), are there other options? Greetings from EDDH Lothar Hi Urs, egal ob der Data-Provider läuft oder nicht, die Status-LED bei der DisplayUnit bleibt rot und es kommt keine Verbindung zustande. Ich weiss aber genau das der Serverna
  12. Hi Peter, Both PC's with Windows 7 prof. and also the settings in the AppData file match. Unfortunately, I can with me in the display unit is no longer 'in the folder> system, because the program is infinitely> Initializing'. I have the manual up and down reading, now two people were busy, with no result. Also, the firewall's on both PC's off. No idea what went wrong. I can stop just close the display unit via Task Manager. Hi Peter, beide PC´s mit Win7-prof. und auch die Einstellungen in der AppData-Datei stimmen überein. Leider kann ich bei mir in der Display-Unit nicht me
  13. Hello Aivlasoft team I am desperate, I just go get a distributed installation. Although network connection and the shares are set, the display unit is not the data provider. In a normal installation, everything works fine. Any information you need from me please give me the location. With kind regards Lothar Hallo Aivlasoft Team, bin am verzweifeln, ich bekomme einfach keine verteilte Installation hin. Obwohl Netzwerkverbindung besteht und auch die Freigaben gesetzt sind findet die Display Unit nicht den Data-Provider. Bei einer normalen Installation funktioniert alles einwandfrei. Soll
  14. Hallo AivlaSoft-Team, 2 Fragen: 1. Ich habe die Aerosoftscenery German Airports 2. Leider fehlen die Start- und Landebahnen 26L bzw. 8R des Flughafens Leipzig-Halle in der Unit-Display. Ich habe den DataProvider mehrfach das FSX Scenery Data Update laufen lassen. Was kann ich machen damit die beiden Bahnen implementiert werden? 2. Wie kann ich einen neuen Navigraph Airac-Cycle einbinden? Ein frohes Weihnachtsfest wünscht Lothar aus EDDH Google Translator: Hello AivlaSoft team 2 questions: 1. I have the second Aerosoftscenery Deutsch Airports Unfortunately, the lack of
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