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  1. in the cleint if you select thte on/off button bottom left it brings up a panel and above the two swich off options is a server location button. My suggestion is on pressing this it gives you the option to change the port number to match that of the client if it has changed, stopping communications , as in my case Derek
  2. Yes you are right, what happen was I started up my system to do anonline flight with 10 others, so when the message came up on server starting I said no, then the message came up again on starting the client on my laptop , again I said no to the update, as my golden rule dont change anythink before an online flight. After the flight shut down and then restarted the EFB server expecting it to ask me again it didnt , but went into setting and select check for update and it then updated. Then started the client, its said it was checking for updates , but it didint find it , so stopped and did a manual download from your website and installed, thats how I ended up with different ports you offer in tne client the option to reset the ip address why not add the option to check and change the port to that of the Server? hope these notes help you develope the product , which I recommend to lots of simmers regards Derek
  3. After updating both to build 106 version 2.1 server on pc , client on laptop, the client and server would not communicate with each other, other my network the problem I eventually found the port number was different on both halves, the fix for me was to look in the client folder and in setting i found out the port number, then set this in the server app in settings and restart and it then worked. I hope this helps others. regards Derek
  4. I think its IVAO problem as they are working on improving their systems, yesterday I was using EFB v1 as my trial has ended with V2 and I am waiting payday to upgrade, and it happened on that too, had to stop and close the EFB IVAO connection and then restart it an then all the controllers and aircraft were back
  5. tested it today on the last day of my trial and I now see traffic as I wished for , brilliant, I will buy the upgrade after next payday Thanks
  6. how do I get this update, my EFB says uptodate build 59 and 77 I am still on trial period with 12 days left
  7. if you want me to try it please feel free to email me at derek,butterworth@flyuk.aero
  8. roger that, I just wanted to make sure I t was working as intended, yes I can use the other programs for traffic, something for aiviasoft to consider may be
  9. I fly online VATSIM and IVAO and the aircraft are all listed in the sim view AI, but only the ones 40nm or less are shown in the list in EFB Traffic monitor in the efb server, so its EFBv2 that is editing
  10. Checked my FSUIPC is set to 0 for AI, so unlimited range set in EFB version 1 all is fine, is EFB limited to 40nm range? by default and can this be
  11. I have the payware version of FSUIPC , I am sure its set to 100, will recheckit tomorrow, the traffic beyond the 40nm was showing n view AI traffic in P3d, but on the EFB traffic monitor it only showed the traffic in 40nm and thats what was displayed on EFB display Unit
  12. In an earllier post you say the range is limited to about 40nm in V1 this was adjustable can we increase it in V2 please, I see all trafffic on ground and when airbourne but not further than 40nm. When flying online with my VA in events I like to see about 100nm the limit of Vpilot and IVap. Can this be done ?
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