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  1. And for what ever reason after I opened the radio panel and adjusted a freq the area's now show correctly. Regards
  2. Hello I am on Airac cycle 2003 first picture Second pic are my settings as per the manual The concern is on the last pict as I cannot switch on O/BDN as it is greyed out Any advice please
  3. Good day In the past I was able to see on the maps which area was covered by ATC. The specific area was lightly coloured in pink. I do not see this anymore. Where do i set this or what has gone wrong? Regards Robert
  4. Good day Certainly EHGG is Eelde and not Kuala Lumpur?
  5. Perfect and please pardon the stupidity­čś│ but I ALWAYS start AIvlasoft and o FP before I even open up my sim. THe problem might well be in the sim.\\I will investigate this and provide feedback. Thanks so far
  6. Hello it seems that FAGG is no longer in the db. I do regular updates but when evr I try to do a FP to or from FAGG it does not return anyting? Regards
  7. Good Morning Thanks but that does not help me...
  8. Hello I am sure that in V1 there was a fuelflow indication of sort. I cannot seem to find this on V2? Is this no longer there or am I stupid? Regards
  9. Good Morning It would really be great if adding of the holding patterns is included. Regards
  10. Hello And I have the exact same issue as mention by RRVyper above I was prompted by MS to do an update and reboot on windows 10. This morning an update on EFB. Server part went ok Client is now waiting for server
  11. Same here. I just purchased was not aware of the discount.. Refund?
  12. Good day Not too sure if the question has been asked yet but will EFB v2 work with P3D v4.3?
  13. Data provider is not working DispayUnit is fine. The above mentioned solution would work if the display unit would not work. I have now deleted the DataProvider user settings and the associated backup file. Rebooted and all is fine. Just have to add the user settings again. Thanks for the prompt response.
  14. Hello It seems that after a windows 10Update I got error. See attached file. I have rebooted but problem the same. Display unit starts to the point where it is waiting for data provider. Please advice
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