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  1. Hello! I made a fresh installation both Server and Client (un-installed both first) but same problem occured so I desided to change my start order - > 1. Active Sky next 2. FSX SE 3. EFB2 Server 4. EFB2 Client and this solved the problem. I have no idea about what cause this but before I haven't any problem although I started FSX SE last. Never mind - main thing is that EFB2 works. It's very, very good addon! Rolf
  2. Ok - thanks! i'll check updates but I updated the latest version to #112 both client and server. Mayby I should be re- install the server. AVG (a virus program) is sometimes too exact... I am going to Faro now but check this after I landing and report back tomorrow. Rolf
  3. Problem solved I think. I updated the EFB2 yestarday to version 2.1 (build #112) and tested it today and everything seems to be Ok now. Thank You for this update. Rolf I spoke too early. The same problem continue. Here is those files You asked Client_201909161419.txt.zip Server_201909161421.txt.zip
  4. Problem solved I think. I updated the EFB2 yestarday to version 2.1 (build #112) and tested it today and everything seems to be Ok now. Thank You for this update. Rolf
  5. Hi! The problems continue. I haven't any problems after I re-start EFB2 Server but I need to it every time I start my flight session. I try to add couple log file and picture to show about what I mean: First picture as I run EFB first time and second after re-start EFB. Aircraft is PARK 11. serverLogfile.txt serverLogfile.txt
  6. Hello! As I start first Active Sky Next and then EFB2 Server (Desktop PC) -> EFB2 Client (Laptop PC). After that I start FSX SE. After that I check the EFB2 Client screen and I find that I can't see my aircraft on to position I selected as I started the simulator. I must re-start the EFB2 Server and after that everything is OK. Very odd and I would like to know about what caused this? Today I updated the latest version of the EFB2 but this happened an the earlier version, too. Windows 10 1903 FSX SE Rolf
  7. Hi Oskar! Thank You! I got a right EFB2.0 path to the Navigraph FMS Data Manager and tested that it works as it should be. It seems to be working and everything is ok again.
  8. Hi Oskar and thank You for help/reply! What i did was that first I manual downloaded a correct EFB2 AIRAC from Navigraph site and after that I unpacked .zip file with 7zip and ran setup file using admistration rights. Setup file offered a correct path to install the AIRAC. This procedure has been worked every time before without any problem. After updating the EFB2 database using the "Update Navdata" tab - I done it. OK - I will delete those NavData folder & SidStars folder Next time try to use the Navigraph FMS Data Manager with correct path... Rolf
  9. Hello again! Yes - ofcourse every user is self-responsible for correct AIRAC - no problem but the question was that why same AIRAC is different date and why I ask this from You is simple thatif You have some information. Sorry my bad english - a picture mayby tell You about what I mean:
  10. Hello! There is some odd I found yestarday: AIvlaSoft/EFB2/Server/AIRAC/Navigrapf FMS Data: -NavData folder -> date are Aprill 19.2019 - SidStars folder -> date are April 19.2019 FSX (SE)/PMDG: NavData folder: date are July 12.2019 SidStars folder: date are July12. 2019 I have been some troubles with approaches. I got a nice approach route to LEBB with EFB2 but NGX 737-800WL FMC made it totally wrong approach route. I built route up using RouteFinder. What I want to know is are those dates correct or are the EFB AIRAC some reason old? Thank You! Rolf
  11. Yes - piohib take a screenshot and we seem to be the same problem. Rolf
  12. A new problem: I dowloaded a few "private" AFCAD-BGL's and put them to ...server\AFDAD folder. After that I followed order and open Data Base Builder -> Update Simulator and check that those two paths are correct and simulataor is Dovetail Games FSX SE. The problem is that Start Scanning button is gray - no function so I can't Update Simulator. Rolf
  13. Hi again! It was Panda Dome that blocked documents of the EFB2 client installation. Too tight settings. I think that was reason to slow installation, too. Thank You Rolf
  14. Hi! I changed port of the client software and it's work now. BTW - the installation was very slow. It's took about half hour and never happened before.I can download those manual from Yours Download site and see if the manual problem still continue. I have Panda Dome Anti Virus program that I use. Rolf
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