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  1. Yes - piohib take a screenshot and we seem to be the same problem. Rolf
  2. A new problem: I dowloaded a few "private" AFCAD-BGL's and put them to ...server\AFDAD folder. After that I followed order and open Data Base Builder -> Update Simulator and check that those two paths are correct and simulataor is Dovetail Games FSX SE. The problem is that Start Scanning button is gray - no function so I can't Update Simulator. Rolf
  3. Hi again! It was Panda Dome that blocked documents of the EFB2 client installation. Too tight settings. I think that was reason to slow installation, too. Thank You Rolf
  4. Hi! I changed port of the client software and it's work now. BTW - the installation was very slow. It's took about half hour and never happened before.I can download those manual from Yours Download site and see if the manual problem still continue. I have Panda Dome Anti Virus program that I use. Rolf
  5. Ok - I got EFB2 Client installed using the complete installer but I had still a problem. I couldn't install any pdf manual. I must skip them as installer got to me posibility abort, retry or skip installation. Very odd IMO, isn't it? Rolf
  6. Hi - it was automatic update but I can try to use the complete installer. Rolf
  7. I updated EFB2 Server without problem but as I try to to do same to EFB Client (Laptop PC) I get information like this: Error opening file for writing: C:\User\Name\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\Licence\Software LicecenseAgreement.pdf Click Abort to stop installation retry to try again or Ignore to skip this file. Only Ignore works and Installation stop. Windows 10 Home 64 bit FSX Steam Regards Rolf
  8. EFB v2 isn't flight plan program but v1 was? Well - I tryed make a flight plan with EFB v2 and send it to a PMDG NGX folder. It gone but .pln format. Ok - then I tryed use the PFPX planner and send flight plan to NGX folder but some reasons without succesess. After that I'm start to getting to be a little bit angry. Then I remember that I have a good and free nice flight plan program called LittleNavmap. I copied a flight plan from Route Finder (same as I made with EFB2) and copy/paste it to LNM and after that I exported the plan to NGX Flight plan folder without pain. This is my way to use this new program. Other could be use those both EFB1 and EFB2 side by side.
  9. I had the same problem and found that my IP was changed. You will see a correct ip from Data Provider window...
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