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  1. Additionally to what Oskar already mentioned, It also might be that an error occurred while EFB is depicting the map. In such a situation not all items will be depicted on the map. When it happens next time, could you please create a set of support files and upload them here. Thanks.
  2. Hi Daniel, when it happens next time, could you please create a set of support files, one from the Client and one from the Server and upload them here.
  3. Hi Marc, yes, with LIDO the procedure will be depicted properly, as you might have seen in the screenshot above.
  4. Hi George, The short answer is 'no'. EFB has a built-in 'flight phase recognition' to automatically detect takeoff, climb, cruise, descent and landing. After landing a flight plan is considered as complete and the flight log will be created. There is no way to circumvent this logic.
  5. In the meantime we got a reply from Navigraph according to our inquiry related to this topic. The issue is caused due to missing data in the Jeppesen source. Navigraph will try to fix it but it cannot be promised.
  6. Hi Jean-Claude, EFB does NOT read the MSFS internal AIRAC cycle data. You will still need either NavDataPro from Aerosoft, or Navigraph FMS data.
  7. Hi Pascal, I assume you are talking about different 'Windows users' when you login to Windows. If you install EFB into the default location, it will be installed into the current user's documents folder. If you later login to Windows with a different user, EFB cannot access the documents folder of the user who has installed EFB. The solution would be to uninstall EFB and then re-install it using a data folder which can be accessed by both users (e.g. 'D:\Data\AivlaSoft\EFB2 ...).
  8. Hello ??? (according to the forum rules, please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks) What do you mean with 'exclusion files'? Are you referring to the file 'BglSceneryExclude.txt'? When you run the DbBuilder with the exclusion files and the airport does not show up correctly, did you already have a look at the airport's info dialog to see the priority list of the BGL-files in use for this airport? You may also create a support-file from the Server and upload it here. Maybe then we can see what happens.
  9. Screen Resolution: Minimum 1280 x 960 is required from: https://www.aivlasoft.com/specifications.html
  10. Hi Michael, If you mean any VFR related patterns, then the answer is 'no'. EFBv2 is mainly an IFR related software. EFBv2 shows a vertical profile from any approach procedure where you can see the check altitudes but without a 'side-view' from the underlying terrain. Again, it's mainly an IFR related tool. However terrain is depicted on the lateral view as contour lines in two different modes. When MSFS (or any other supported simulator) crashes, the aircraft symbol and all flight plan related information remains visible, so you can see your last position. You can try this by simply quit your simulator while EFB Server and Client keep running.
  11. Hi Don, I can confirm that these error messages appear from time to time. I have no idea why it happens but I will try to suppress these error messages.
  12. Hi Mike, I will try to answer your questions from the point of view of the manufacturer. Basically this is possible. EFB is designed to work in a LAN environment. Of course, and as always, only a test installation will finally answer whether it works in your environment with the plethora of individual network settings and configuration possibilities. I suggest to try the 30-day trial license, which allows you to test the fully functional software. There is no limitation compared to a purchased license except that the test license is only valid for the 30 days. The documentation does NOT say that FSUIPC must be installed on BOTH Server and Client. It must only be installed on the Servers computer, but not on each Client computer. FSUIPC is the interface to the simulator and therefore it is only required on the Servers computer. EFB Server always has to be installed on the computer where the simulator is installed. An EFB Client can be installed on the same computer as the Server, but it has not to be. Any Client can be installed on a separate computer within the same logical network. The communication between the EFB Server and its Clients is done without any third-party-software, just Windows TCP stuff.
  13. Hi Nate, you can't fix this. It's built in. Only Laminar Research could change this.
  14. Hello ??? (according to the forum rules, please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks) This cannot be solved as long as X-Plane does not properly provide the callsign of an aircraft (in this case the blue ones). On your screenshot you will see that the 'callsign' of the blue A/C icon on the left side is 'AC03' which unfortunately does not match the callsign 'UAL494' of the red A/C. Without matching callsigns EFB cannot eliminate the duplicates. Please also see here: https://www.aivlasoft.com/x-plane-limitations.html
  15. Hi Marc, I'm investigating ... but it will take some time.
  16. After re-installation everything is working now.
  17. Hi Michael, I fear that this cannot be fixed other than switching to manual mode. When in automatic mode, EFB determines the active airport by the shortest distance between the aircraft and the ARP (Airport Reference Point) of all airports. The closest airport is taken as the active airport. If two airports are located so close to each other, EFB most probably will switch between these two airports when you taxi around. When starting up at another parking or gate it might be that the other airport is taken as the active airport.
  18. Hi Cor, Did you run the installer to apply the update? Did the installer finish successfully? Do you always run the update installers, or only frequently (do you sometimes postpone the updates)?
  19. Hi Don, it seems that the VATSIM data download contained some erroneous data. If this error persists, please let us know. Thanks.
  20. Development has been ceased one year ago. Therefore we now also stopped purchasing. For the time being it remains payware. Maybe in the future it might be that it will be turned into freeware, but nothing is promised.
  21. Hi Dieter, delete the following file BEFORE you start the Server: C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\Backup\aircraftState.bin
  22. Today we released the update 2.2.126. It mainly consists of bug fixes which have been reported since the implementation of the new JSON data format for the VATSIM data stream download.
  23. Hi Umberto, I'm really sorry for not properly reading your question. Of course my suggestion above will not help ... What you are looking for is in the Server settings, where you can suppress the WebAPI calls to ActiveSky. This does not affect reading weather data from ActiveSky, it does only suppress loading the flight plan into ActiveSky, but also getting interpolated METARs for airports which are not listed in the data file "current_wx_snapshot.txt". Please give it a try and let me know whether it helps to solve the issue on your system.
  24. Hello ??? (according to the forum rules, please sign your post with your real first name. Thanks) There are two parts to distinguish: 1) automatically saving of the flight plan to <X-plane>\Output\FMS plans\EFB_current_gps.fms 2) automatically load this flight plan into the default GPS #1 can be activated/deactivated in the A/C profile (see Profile Editor, tab "Options") #2 this function is NOT available for X-Plane (the flight plan must be loaded manually from within the cockpit)
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