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  1. Just reinstalled X-Plane on a new PC, with Navigraph and EFB v2..... Oskar...I can't thank you enough for this post !! Thanks !!!
  2. Hello, I have created 3 new profiles for the following B744 versions: B747-400ER B747-400ERF B747-400F I would like to thank Steve Bell for providing detailed data for these B744 versions. https://aerowinx.com/board/index.php?topic=4820.0 B744F.profile.xml B744ER.profile.xml b744ERF.profile.xml
  3. Here an Airbus A350-900 profile that I created after I found some data on these sites: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/153032-a350-pfpx-profile/ https://www.airbus.com/content/dam/corporate-topics/publications/backgrounders/techdata/aircraft_characteristics/Airbus-Commercial-Aircraft-AC-A350-900-1000.pdf Don't know how "precise" it will be... Regards Aris A359.profile.xml
  4. Problem solved. EDDB was not installed correctly...my bad..🤐 All good now. Thanks ! Happy new year to all ! Aris
  5. Thank you very much Urs, I will check if there is any update for this scenery. Thanks
  6. Thank you very much Urs, forgot to add X-Plane version..😬.. here it is: 11.51r1 build 115103 Here a zip file with the two files you mentioned. apt.zip
  7. Hello, after updatting both client and server to version 2.2 build#121, I created a new database for X-Plane 11. Version of EFBv2 server and client: 2.2 build #121 on a single PC and on a custom path. Navdata provider: Navigraph, cycle 2013/R1. When finished building the new database, I received 49 warnings and 1 error. I don't know to which airport the warnings are referring to...EDDT or limesim EDDB ? Meanwhile the error is related to airport EDVM, which must be a global airport, because I don't have any custom scenery of that name... How I can solve this issues ? Thank you Aris runwayMappings_XPlane-NG.txt serverLogfile.txt dbBuilderLogfile-1.txt airportFiles_XPlane.zip
  8. Hello Urs, following your instructions the problem was solved. Thank you very much ! Best regards Aris
  9. Hello, I just updated my PC to Windows 10 (from W7 Ultimate). After reinstalling all the programs, I started the EFB2 server to build the new database for X-Plane. Version of EFBv2 server and client: 2.1 build #119 on a single PC and on a custom path. Navdata provider: Navigraph, cycle 2012 rev 1. Looking at the logfile, I don't understand to which airport ( I presume) these warnings are related and what they mean. Any help ? Thank you very much Best Regards Aris Attached the logfiles created after the creation of the new database. runwayMappings_XPlane-NG.txt serverLogfile.txt dbBuilderLogfile.txt airportFiles_XPlane.txt
  10. Hello, Yes wanted to install the whole program (server+client) on my notebook, since I planned to use it when not at home. No problem. Thanks for the explanation. Best regards. Aris
  11. Hello, a quick question.... I would like to install EFB 2 on my notebook too. Should I buy a second license, or I can use the license I already have ? Clearly only one instance of EFB 2 will be run at any time. Thanks Regards Aris
  12. Hi Husnu, Check the "earth_nav.dat" file, at really end of it... the double-lines that I deleted were all there.... not "near" the same name lines in the file... To explain it: check the pictures on my post above... I deleted the "lines" at the bottom (37300 and below) and NOT the ones at 21701... One more thing you can check is that the LAST value, at the bottom of that file is "99"...don't know if it help or not. Like this:
  13. Thanks Oskar !! That was it ! Deleted the wrong lines and successfully updated the database. So, it was an error in the NaviGraph database... have you any suggestion at this regard ? Should I email this problem to Navigraph ? Thanks a lot. Best Regards Aris
  14. Hi Oskar, thank you for the help and sorry for my late reply.. I have checked the entries of that file and indeed I have three lines of the NLC ID. Two times the NAVY LEEMORE TACAN and one time the NAVY LEEMORE TACAN DME. Here they are :
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