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  1. I have tried that on multiple occasions. However, it would never bring the DIR TO window forward to access.
  2. Client_202106110222.txt.zip Server_202106110222.txt.zip
  3. I'll upload the support files later, but yes, it happens in-flight. I'll be moving along and suddenly, even though I cross a waypoint, it doesn't register that I passed it, therefore causing the distance to count up. If I select DIR TO to just changed the waypoint I am headed towards, it opens the window on my Windows taskbar, but when I select it, the window to go direct never comes up, thereby not allowing me to go direct. I have tried restarting both client and server when this happens, to no avail. It doesn't always bug on the waypoints, but I can never access the DIR TO window.
  4. So I seem to be having the problem where the EFB stays on the first waypoint even after I cross it, with the distance going up. When I press DIR TO, it opens the window, hidden, and when I try to click on it, it never comes up. Anyone else have this issue and/or have a fix for it?
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