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  1. Hi Oskar.solved. Deleted, downloaded the version 2.76 installed and it works again. No idea, what caused the problem ? Greets Bernd
  2. Hi, was not very activ in my Sim over the summer, so not sure what causes my problem. Means I did not change anything in/with my Client PC, hosting the Display Unit of the EFB recently except Microsoft updates. When trying to create a route via Internet(Origin/Destination selected) and press Route Finder it looks as the system tries to connect, but nothing happens and the unit "hangs", can only be terminated by the Task Manager. Either Server PC nor Client have any problem to connect with the internet. Would a new Installation of the Display Unit make sense ? Or could a certain path Display Unit to Internet be looked after and if so, where to find ?
  3. Hi Pete, just made my first flight using the full funtionality of the EFB. The minor problem I had with the windows taskbar is solved, following Jonas advice. I could adjust the EFB window as I needed it. Think it works as it is. The EFB taskbar is no longer hidden by the windows task bar. Best regards Bernd
  4. Hi Nigel, I am not at all an expert. More or less the opposite. When trying to solve my network problems, I came across the following article. Unfortunatelley it is in German and I do not know the corresponding specific English Words. - Go to "Start Menue" and their "Search". Typ "Service" (or Services) - That should open a new window called something like "Services Desktop App." - Look for "Functional principel of ressources" (may be the screenshot helps). - This was set by one of the last updates to Manual and causes the network trouble. Dubble click on Manual, it should change to Automatic. If this caused your truble it should be solved now. Good luck Bernd
  5. Hi Pete, with the mentioned taskbar I ment that of windows. I am running this Lower EICAS monitor in window mode. So the window taskbar covers in my case the EFB lower taskbar to approx one half. But this realy does not matter. With the pixel size I have differently choosen from the recommendation and the font size of 125% everythind can easily be seen and handled. If my solution is of any interest (used mnitor etc), I can make somme remarks/photos later (?). best regards Bernd
  6. Hi Nigel just went briefly through your post, bacause I had a similar problem, when I first connected my new Win 10 PC in the Win 7 client, which was active with another Win 7 Derver PC in a LAN Homenetwork before. The problem with Win 10 from a certain version Nr (1803 ?) is that does not supports Home networks any more. So the Win 10 PC recognizes the Win 7 PC but the other way it does not work. The very simple solution is, to start all networking PC on the Home network basis first and as soon as they are connected among each others, start your Win 10 PC (if this is the problem in your case). Anyhow fixed IPs of all networking PCs is conditio sine qua non, but you mentioned that. If my solution work as long as the router is not connected to the internet, I have not checked, because I am always, when flying. Hope I met your problem and it helps, good luck! Best regards Bernd
  7. Hi Pete, that´s what I did as well. ith the effect, that the EFB screen is a bit to wide und the lower push buttons are partly hidden beneath the taskbar. But that´s no problem, snce you still can see, what they are used for. As far as the virtuell keyboard is concened I just found (did not know that), there is one integrated. Am not in the cockpit but think it could work (?). https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/10762/windows-use-on-screen-keyboard
  8. Hello, short look through all windows, no time to plan and fly right now. First impression, great work, real improvement and worth the money. One minor remark. Missing the keyboard, although it is only missing, when no dropdown menues available, which mostly are. Missed it, when entering the Airport Codes. Or did I have overlooked it? there are keys for the Radios f.e.. Have not set up everything, just tried to create a route. So at least for the airport codes a keyboard has to be used. And one of the major goals when constructing my cockpit was, ban keyboards! Background: I have improved my cdu bay, using only one cdu but using the rest for a stripped touchscreen monitorfrom where I make my planning, (EFB, topcat, instructore station and the lower EICAS - all on the taskbar and can select it from there. I introduced my solution to Boeing, asking for 1mio, no answer so far ! ). Seriously, at least since most flights are performed solo, this is a real recommendable solution. A second CDU if so could always be placed in the pedastal, reorganizing that. (That#s probably what I forgot to tell Boeing !) So it follows the inevitable question, will there be a keyboard with a later update? Otherwise I would have to look for an other source, able to function on my touchscreen. There was one once, but I deleted it unwillingly and since I did not really need it .... Best regards Bernd ... and if you evver contact Boeing ......
  9. Thks Jonas, message disappeared. Proceed with testing. Regards Bernd
  10. I did not chande anything, It s a brand new PC, windows 10 was installed. And because the only purpose of this pc is to serve as ProSim client, no other Windows Programms are installed. And if I do understand the following explenation correctly, Arial narrow is not installed, unless you have one of the following programms installed also (?) https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/typography/font-list/arial-narrow means this will be a ever lasting problem, as long as people use their PCs like I do ? Somebody in your Linked threads mentionad, that this was repaired after one of the last windows updates ? I have so far one installed, but no change. So again, since Microsoft has not answered so far, and the link out of the fonts file, where you can download single further fonts is not supprted anymore (at least from the lap top I am just wrinting on), would it be possible, to send this single font ? Do not know if there are license problems if it is done in public ? But there should be a way to Rome ?
  11. Stupig question just checked on my new Win 10 PC, there also the Arial Narrow Font is missing. Does that mean, if I would have installed the client there , would end in the same message ? Is this font used in the client ? In this case others should have this problem ? Checked it on three different PCs meanwhile, Win 7 and 10, none has this font !? Can someone provide it - Windows has answered thexy will sent something by mail, do not how long this will take.
  12. Habe (wahrscheinlich) was gefunden. Es gibt bei Windows einen update von 2013. Versuche das, melde mich falls nicht erfolgreich.
  13. It´s Win 7 on this machine. Would not know that I ever changed anything there. It is an older i7-930 PC, serving as client for Years, so you never know. But question (am not an expert in this respect) how could it be repaired ? Run the repair function, put the Win 7 disc inside ? Or better find the Font and install it manualy ? The repair function as such might change something else ? Advice appriciated, thanks.
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