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  1. Hi Oskar, does it make sence to delete both, the EFB Server and Client and install it from the scratch ? Would that cause any problems, as far as Licence key is concerned ?
  2. That´s the Client log file. Aivlasoft 2.txt
  3. Hi Oskar, Win 7. Although the Win 10 PC recognizes the Win 7 PC and its drives, I have no allowance to open them from the Win 10 PC. The other way arround it is working. But all other programms, Prosim display and CDU, Topcat etc (all on the Client Win 7 PC are working). The log file from the client I have to send from there (follows()
  4. Hi Oskar, Server and Client are running on different PCs. My Client PC is still on Win 7 and there was an update this morning, what obviously did any harm to the network (?). At least as I just tryed to get the log file on the Client (writing on the Server PC) I could not open the file/drive. Means I can no longer open files on the Win 7 PC asking from the Win 10 (Server). The other way arround it works. have to check that. Question, is the client "asking" the Server PC or is the Server "sending", as far as the EFB is concerned ? Just to find out if the network causes the trouble ?
  5. Hi Oskar, both, Server and Client are build#108, and I uninstalled the Client first. But I left the Server as it was , should I have unstalled the Server as well ?
  6. Hi, after I could not built a flightplan anymore (black screen, when clicking FPL and message that no flightplan was created yet), I tried to install the client (on the same client PC as before as Admin(!)), several attempts always end with the message Fehler beim Überschreiben der Datei C:\Program Files\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\Aivlasoft.Common.dll Ignoring/ending and starting the EFB Client again ends with the message, that it is running already (?). Restarting the Client PC and starting the EFB Client again, fail with the message: Application Init: EFB Client`s data folder (taken from registry) doesn`t exist. Please re-install EFB Client bei o.o.r.w.y.ov2() bei o.o.r.oj.g() After reinstallation Client is waiting for the Server PC although active there and correct IP adress. EFB version 2.1 build'108.
  7. Hi Oskar.solved. Deleted, downloaded the version 2.76 installed and it works again. No idea, what caused the problem ? Greets Bernd
  8. Hi, was not very activ in my Sim over the summer, so not sure what causes my problem. Means I did not change anything in/with my Client PC, hosting the Display Unit of the EFB recently except Microsoft updates. When trying to create a route via Internet(Origin/Destination selected) and press Route Finder it looks as the system tries to connect, but nothing happens and the unit "hangs", can only be terminated by the Task Manager. Either Server PC nor Client have any problem to connect with the internet. Would a new Installation of the Display Unit make sense ? Or could a certain path Display Unit to Internet be looked after and if so, where to find ?
  9. Hi Pete, just made my first flight using the full funtionality of the EFB. The minor problem I had with the windows taskbar is solved, following Jonas advice. I could adjust the EFB window as I needed it. Think it works as it is. The EFB taskbar is no longer hidden by the windows task bar. Best regards Bernd
  10. Hi Nigel, I am not at all an expert. More or less the opposite. When trying to solve my network problems, I came across the following article. Unfortunatelley it is in German and I do not know the corresponding specific English Words. - Go to "Start Menue" and their "Search". Typ "Service" (or Services) - That should open a new window called something like "Services Desktop App." - Look for "Functional principel of ressources" (may be the screenshot helps). - This was set by one of the last updates to Manual and causes the network trouble. Dubble click on Manual, it should change to Automatic. If this caused your truble it should be solved now. Good luck Bernd
  11. Hi Pete, with the mentioned taskbar I ment that of windows. I am running this Lower EICAS monitor in window mode. So the window taskbar covers in my case the EFB lower taskbar to approx one half. But this realy does not matter. With the pixel size I have differently choosen from the recommendation and the font size of 125% everythind can easily be seen and handled. If my solution is of any interest (used mnitor etc), I can make somme remarks/photos later (?). best regards Bernd
  12. Hi Nigel just went briefly through your post, bacause I had a similar problem, when I first connected my new Win 10 PC in the Win 7 client, which was active with another Win 7 Derver PC in a LAN Homenetwork before. The problem with Win 10 from a certain version Nr (1803 ?) is that does not supports Home networks any more. So the Win 10 PC recognizes the Win 7 PC but the other way it does not work. The very simple solution is, to start all networking PC on the Home network basis first and as soon as they are connected among each others, start your Win 10 PC (if this is the problem in your case). Anyhow fixed IPs of all networking PCs is conditio sine qua non, but you mentioned that. If my solution work as long as the router is not connected to the internet, I have not checked, because I am always, when flying. Hope I met your problem and it helps, good luck! Best regards Bernd
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