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  1. What a great update.. many thanks for your hard works... everying working fine.. I be happy best regards Ruedi
  2. Hi Everybody and so... Also.. i found the mystery.. With the new pilot client, I only see airport traffic when the pilot sets the XPDR to active. I found that out ... then I see him on the gate. i hope this will correctet in a next version from ivao regards Ruedi
  3. Na dann muss ich wohl damit leben ;) oder auf ne neue Version vom Altitude hoffen. Thx for your help Ruedi
  4. yes-- but why.. thats my problem.. i see the traffic on the left side.. but not in the display from EFB2 br Ruedi
  5. so first response from me.... stand in LPPT.. there 1 traffic on Ground... on Traffic Monitor (Server) i see one traffic but there is on flight over Lissboa... thats what i see Screen are after landing in Frankfurt best regards Ruedi
  6. Hi Urs Yes the Pilot Client are connected with IVAO.. next Time i will check the Traffic Monitor on ground. Thx for the Input.. i will give you future infos about this. thx Ruedi
  7. Hi Everybody I have change my system from FSX to Xplane 11 and i be amuset that EFB2 works fine.. Only.... i can't see any traffic on Ground on the Display map. I fly with IVAO and i see the traffic on xplane but not on efb2.. and this only on ground.. in the air everything works fine. I forgot to activate something but I can't figure it out;) Could you help me ? best regards Ruedi Lüscher
  8. done and send to the support mail adress
  9. i don´t understud... what for a support file you mean
  10. Hi to everybody since the last update i can´t follow with the efb route in case of freezing from the server. What can i do ? EFB 2,0 Build 59 (Server) Client build 77 mfg Ruedi
  11. so now is done.. the problem i have not activate the current circle.. this do not automaticly after install. Many thx for help
  12. so Mr. ATC... da mein Englisch zu schwach ist... Ich hab das Manual gelesen und die NAVDATA so Installiert... trotzdem zeigt mir das Display die Version 1802 an... Ich lasse mir sowas nicht unterschieben.. danke Wenn Du keine Lösung weisst schreib das einfach
  13. Hi A question... I run the Display on Master (Laptop) and the server on PC (Flightsim). so update the airac on Flightsim are don and merge with the programm... when i open the Display on the laptop i see that i work with the version 1802... so in this case i download the newest airac von naphigraph and install also manualy on the master laptop.. but nothing changed.... whats the problem ? best regards Ruedi
  14. of course you have not pay a lot ^^ and the Support is anytime the best regards Ruedi
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