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  1. and im also missing the panel with atc and everything else but it comes back when i remove my flightplan
  2. Im having same issue and fsuipc is installed and running
  3. For the ones having issues making the data base i found out you need to look for the Packages folder and select that but dont open it.
  4. Tried the trick with the addon organizer to no avail and now i am missing 90% of the gates at ATL please help
  5. All i have to say to Microsoft is Stay out of my life lol Windows Defender Blocked access to the folder
  6. I cannot seem to be able to install V2 after it not working after last night
  7. Pretty much all of them and hang on ill check, most of them are in the addons folder and the rest into the main p3d folder
  8. Cant seem to get my paid airports to show up just like they do in p3d v4. Taxiways are wrong and i didnt it exactly like i did in V1 and cant seem to understand what im doing wrong
  9. Captainsim Doesnt have one for the 757
  10. How do i change to a different profile?
  11. Is someone going to help me or am i going to just have to get rid of the program
  12. Still getting this error and not sure how to fix it. having a hard time uploading the screenshot of the error
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