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  1. Mirko,


    Open the DataProviders settings. On the second tab (called 'Folders') you may select the option 'Create FSX flight plans ...' and then enter or select the folder which contains the FSX flightplans.


    Whenever you press the 'Activate' button in the 'RouteSetup' module, EFB is writing an FSX flightplan into the folder which you might have set as described above.


    If your aircraft is still on the ground, the flightplan will also be loaded into the Garmin 500 GPS. If you want the flightplan to be loaded also if the aircraft is airborne, then you must set the option 'Load flightplan to Garmin ... aircraft is airborne'.


    Please have look into the document 'Installation and Configuration Manual', section 'Configuration' on page 4 of 20.

  2. Sabine,


    If you enter the DataProvider's path in the DisplayUnit settings the program verifies whether the data is already available in a correct manner.

    If this happen at a time where the DataProvider has not yet analyzed the FSX data you always get this red cross because the data obviously is not yet available.


    This is just to explain the circumstances.

  3. Norbert,


    I assume that LDS means Level-D ?

    Is the FMC of the Level-D 767 able to read FSX flightplans?


    If so, EFB writes an FSX flightplan whenever you press the 'Activate' button in the 'RouteSetup' module. Just navigate to your FSX-flightplan folder an load it into the FMS.


    You may also create a *.rt2 file which is known by PMDGs FMC. Maybe this can also be read by the Level-D FMC? In the 'RouteSetup' press 'Save as *.rt2' file and then load it into the FMC.


    Hope this helps.

  4. ahaka,


    I'm sorry for the inconvenience. The problem seems to be with the Com-Assignments. Did you change these assignments? Could you please send me the following file:



    Another thing that attracts my attention is the missing city name at the top of the chart. It must be 'EFHK - Vantaa, Helsinki (Finland). The city name is also missing in all the COM-Frequency groups. It's quite interesting how did you manage this?

  5. Cyrano,



    You're right. After the insert of the values into the runway.txt file the ILS-32 approach should appear in the procedure selection window. I found that lousy bug :evil: ...


    Note: The Navigraph data for transition SLT into ILS-32 is wrong. Transition LANAS is ok.




    I copied and pasted the values out of this topic into the runway.txt file on my computer. Then I saved the file and set the option "Always request airport data ...". I also set the option "Show Navigraph data identifiers ..." from the 'Charts-/Ground-Settings".

    Then I opened the Airport-Database and I selected the airport EDDK again. After getting the aiport data, I opened the 'Airport-Information-Window' from every chart-type (Arrival, Approach, Ground, Departure). On every window I can see all six runways (14L/32R, 06/24, 14R/32L).

  6. Cyrano,


    will have a look on that today, just a question before: Did you install any add-on scenery for these two airports or is it still FSX-standard-scenery?


    Apart from that, the ground chart is still showing the old runway numbers - it would be nice if these were updated as well to avoid confusion.

    Please have a look at > DisplayUnit > Settings > ChartSettings > Ground > "Show Navigraph data ...". Did you mean this?

  7. Cyrano,


    I think this is the known problem that the data in FSX (which is the world you are flying in) is something about 5 years old whereas the Navigraph data is from today. The world is changing 8-)


    Please have a look into the 'Operations Manual', section 2, page 3, 'Messages on the DataProvider window'. You will find a detailed explanation how to solve such problems.

  8. Xin,


    1) is this already version 1.0.1?


    2) could you please send all logfiles to 'support@aivlasoft.com'. The logfiles can be found as follows: Windows-Start-Menu > All Programs > AivlaSoft > EFB > Logfiles. Please send all files which can be found in that folder.


    3) can you send me also the 'scenery.cfg', which can be found as follows:

    (Vista/Win7) C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX\scenery.cfg

    (XP) C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\scenery.cfg


    Thank you

  9. Dave,


    when 'Connecting' appears, the data already has been read successfully. That means the problem is not the share you use but something with the TCP settings.


    Can you tell me whether the settings are as follows:



    - ServerMode must be set to 'Any'



    - ServerMode must be set to 'Remote'

    - ServerName must contain the name of your host computer, press 'Check Name' to verify the name in the text box.


    On both computers the port number must be set to the same value.

  10. Hi,


    meanwhile the problem could be analyzed and fixed. Herein I can give you a workaround, a hotfix will be release in the next few days.


    1) Open the Windows-ControlPanel and go to the Regional- and Language Settings,

    select the first tab (Format) and select English (United States).


    2) On the DataProvider's menu bar select 'Data' and then 'FSX scenery data update'. This will create the index files from scratch.


    3) After the Restart of the DataProvider, go back to the Windows-ControlPanel and reset the language format to your preferred language.


    4) On the DisplayUnit, select 'RouteSetup' and get your route from VATroute.

  11. Hi Cyrano, Bug738, JET 1,


    I'm still trying to reproduce the problem ... but it runs without error :?

    I did it on XP, Vista and Win7 with no problems.


    Some questions which might help me the get closer to the problem:

    - what is the language of the operating system on the several computers

    - what is the language settings in 'Control Panel'

    - which AIRAC cycle is installed (already 0912?)

    - could you send me the logfiles, which might be found as follows:'Windows-Start-Menu' > All Programs > AivlaSoft > EFB > Logfiles


    Thank you for cooperation and a big SORRY for the inconvenience.

  12. Hi,


    I just tried to share the AppData folder on my Win7 system and it works fine.




    But this could be due to the Ultimate edition which runs on my computer? What edition of Windows7 is installed on your computers?


    As a workaround you may do the following:

    - copy all the eleven files (a-k.efb) from the DataProviders machine to a local folder on the DisplayUnit machine.

    - open the settings of the DisplayUnit and goto 'Folders and Links'. Insert the path of the local folder into the textbox called 'Provider data folder'. It should work then.


    Attention: This is a workaround and is not intended for long term use. After a scenery update on the FSX computer and after the mandatory 'FSX scenery data update', these files on the DisplayUnit machine are out of date which might crash the DisplayUnit.

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