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  1. Hello,

    it most likely depends on the callsign that they are using when they are online. According the the definition file KDCA and KRIC belong to Washington KZDC which has two different callsigns: DC and/or WAS (e.g. DC_APP, WAS_APP, etc). If it happens next time please check the callsign that they are using.

  2. Hi Andrew

    EFB is trying to filter your own aircraft data from the VATSIM feed by comparing each aircraft's callsign against your own callsign. If it doesn't match the aircraft from the feed will be depicted on the map. Maybe there's a difference between the callsign in EFB's flight plan and the callsign from the data feed.


    When it happens next time, please create a support file from the Server and upload it here. Maybe it will help to find the difference.

  3. If you are connected with the JoinFS servers then you have a piece of software running on your computer which is sending your aircraft data to these servers and, vice versa, it receives your friends data which is then injected into MSFS as AI-Traffic. AI-Traffic is and always was visible in EFB via FSUIPC, be it AI-Traffic which is simulator internally generated or injected from outside (e.g. VATSIM, IVAO etc.) But to say it again, Multiplayer is another kind of data, it's treated in another way internally in MSFS. Multiplayer is not AI-Traffic. To make the whole story short: No, Multiplayer traffic is currently not possible to display in EFB because - see my post above - it is not possible because it cannot be read from MSFS. If you doubt my answer, please get in touch with Asobo/MS and ask them why.

  4. 5 hours ago, Sparrawk said:

    also know that multiplay traffic of MSFS2020 is not visible on the map because it is one of the limitations.
    But..... may I ask, is there any possibility to show it up? Or..... are you intent to implement this 
    function into EFB2?

    I'm not sure whether you are kidding ... You write that you know that this is a limitation but you also ask whether we could implement this functionality?


    Multiplayer traffic cannot be read from MSFS. This is a limitation from MSFS and we cannot change it on our side, sorry.

  5. 17 hours ago, mirabeau said:

    I don’t login with admin account.

    From a security point of view this makes sense, but especially in the flight simulation environment and the many add-ons it is sometimes helpful to log in with an administrator account.


    17 hours ago, mirabeau said:

    the problem started after uninstalling P3d5

    I don't have an idea what the uninstall process of P3Dv5 changed on your system.

  6. Today we released the update 2.2.129. Among a few bug fixes we introduced a somewhat cleaner and smaller version of the Vertical Guidance Display. This new display is activated by default. You can however switch between the new and the old version by a simple mouse click onto the display itself. For details about this new display please see the manual "5 EN Client.pdf", chapter 8.3 Vertical guidance".

  7. 10 hours ago, mirabeau said:

    not sure if that will cause problem later.?

    No, it should not be a problem. The path which you select when running the installation will be saved in the settings.


    What is the difference between the two paths in terms of the user rights, or access rights? Are they different? Are there different user accounts on this computer? Do you login with an administrator account?

  8. Hi Jaap

    most likely this is just a timing-issue. If you start EFB Client soon after you have started MSFS then it might be that FSUIPC has not yet been loaded but EFB already 'knows' that FSUIPC should be available but isn't. Therefore it reminds you about it.


    Just wait a little bit longer after you have started MSFS until you start EFB and the 'warning' will not appear.

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