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  1. Hi Saverio,

    thanks for the files.

    It seems that there are two problems on the Client side and one problem with the unzip, which affects both sides the Client and the Server:

    1) The Client ( has not the same network address as the the Server (, assuming the so called subnet mask is set to 

    2) The Client's datafolder ("C:\Users\saver\OneDrive\Documenti\AivlaSoft\EFB2") seems to be a cloud synchronized path. This will lead to unforeseeable problems. Synchronized folders might be good for office documents but not for data storage of a running application.

    3) The Client is not capable of unzipping the airports-database which is being sent from the Server. This cause for this issue is not known because it origins in a third-party-dll which is used by EFB. With next EFB update this DLL will no longer be in use as it has been replaced now.


  2. @Jaap

    Hi Jaap,

    I could reproduce it here, it seems that it has to do with the specific weather situation. I have to check this.



    Hi Scott,

    thanks for the screenshot. The problem is that QNH is set to zero. Try to use the other option "Get from the current weather source" and then press the 'Refresh' button. Check whether the weather data seems to be good and then press 'Calculate'.


  3. Hi Frank,

    currently I do not have plans to introduce the second ADF frequency in the current Radio Panel of EFB. I have some ideas to improve the Radio Panel in general. Should the time come when I revise the radio panel, I will include the second ADF frequency. However, I cannot provide you with an estimate right now.

  4. *.efbr is the file format for EFB flight plans, not for MSFS flight plans. MSFS cannot read these plans.

    As long as the currently loaded aircraft profile allows to forward the flight plan to the default GPS, the flight plan is automatically forwarded to the aircraft and available in MSFS.


    For more details on how to handle flight plans please read this one:


    Flight plan handling is similar to the well known default GPS Flight Plans in FSX/P3D. A flight plan can still be created externally by PFPX, SimBrief or similar. A flight plan can also be created using the EFBv2 functionality.  Once an EFBv2 flight plan has been created  DO NOT LOAD THIS FLIGHT PLAN FROM THE MSFS START SCREEN! The Flight Plan is created within EFB2 and then automatically transferred to the default GPS of the MSFS aircraft. Editing of the Flight Plan and adding SIDs, STARs and APPROACHES is possible in the usual way.  it must however be noted that the Flight Plan Display in the default NAV Displays of the MSFS aircraft is rather incomplete. At present no custom waypoints are displayed, as well as no procedures. However the ROUTING AS DISPLAYED IN THE EFB2 CLIENT WILL PROPERLY BE FOLLOWED IN GPS/NAV MODE.


  5. You don't have to click on the report tab, after calculation has been done the report tab will be opened automatically.

    Are you trying to calculate the TAKEOFF or the LANDING data? When do you try to calculate it, when the aircraft is on ground or airborne?

    Please also check whether the installed program version of TOPCAT is at least version 2.6.1.

  6. HI Peter,

    the callsign on the sidebar is only displayed if it's an ICAO flight plan (e.g. created by SimBrief).



    I create the flightplan, then input the cruise level, then callsign and then finish.

    Same as I'm doing.


    Do I have to save the flightplan to get rid off the mirrored aircraft?

    No, the FPL has not to be saved.


    You can check as follows:

    When flying online, go to the folder "Downloads" in the Server's data folder. There you will find a file named "downloadIvao.tmp". This is a text file containing the latest data download from the IVAO server. Open this file using Notepad.exe (or any other text editor) and then search for your callsign. If you have found your callsign, open the file "globalSettings.txt" in the Server's "Settings" folder and look there for the line "Callsign = xxx". Do both callsigns match?

  7. 11 hours ago, Petermuc3 said:

    My call sign is definitely the same as on the IVAO flightplan.

    Negative, there is no callsign visible on the route panel on the sidebar. It seems that your EFB-flightplan does not have the callsign entered.

  8. Hi Christian,

    I'm currently trying to reproduce it but it seems to be OK now. Can you reproduce it? If it still happens, please take a screenshot from the ATC ribbon and from the Client window. Please also create a set of support files, one from the Client, one from the Server. You may send all these files to support@aivlasoft.com.



    According to the forum rules, please sign your posts with your real first name. Thanks.

    What do you mean with "the active ATC doesn't show green anymore". Which ATC do you mean? I'm sorry but I don't understand this report.

  9. As for the 11 errors:

    Somehow the DbBuilder struggles when trying to read the Symbolic Links in the FSL engine specific directories (C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\FSLabs\SimObjects\Airplanes\FSLabs A319 CFM   ... \FSLabs A320 CFM   ... and  \FSLabs A321 CFM  ... as well as for the IAE engines).

    Because I don't know your system I can not give more precise information.


    The 2 warnings:

    The following XML-File  C:\Users\Duncan\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\NMGFALEZA\add-on.xml  contains a path to the folder  Path 'C:\Users\Duncan\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\NMGFALEZA\Scenery\World'  which does not (or no longer) exist.


    If this is from an add-on which is no longer used on this system, you may carefully remove the add-on.xml. If this add-on is still in use I suggest to uninstall and reinstall it, in order to get the paths properly set.


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