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  1. Hi René,

    I cannot find any error in the log files related to flight planning. The only error which is logged was due to a problem when EFB was trying to get external weather data. Although this is unusual, it might happen. But I guess that this is not the problem which you are talking of ... Sorry, but I cannot advise if I can't see the cause for a problem.

  2. Hi Reinhold,


    the 'Routes' folder is a sub-folder below the Client data folder, not Server.

    For a default installation this is:    C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\Routes


    In your PFPX configuration the target folder is set to:  <Documents>\AivlaSoft\EFB\UserData\Routes  which is the old version 1 data path.


    The 'Routes' folder accepts only EFB routes (*.efbr).  If you would like to use the 'Uplink' folder, you have to chose another way to get the route out of PFPX. Please see the document "6 DE Flugplan.pdf", chapter 2.3 "Flugplanung über Uplink".


  3. Hello ??? (according to the forum rules, please write your post in English and please sign your post with your real first name. Thanks.)


    I have had a look into the support files, but there is no error logged. Can you please describe in detail what you are doing and what does not happen according to your expectations. Thanks.

  4. Hi Reinhold,

    If you put a path into the text box 'Document folder' you will override the default 'Documents' path for all add-ons using '<Documents>' in the list below. Leave this text box empty.


    Select the line below for 'AivlaSoft EFB', then click on "Browse" on top of the dialog.  Then select the proper path to the EFBv2 Routes folder.

  5. On 4/3/2021 at 8:58 AM, reitho said:

    My question was can EFB read the following format,


    .route from PFPX is no PLN Format

    .rte from Prepar3D v 4.5 PMDG is no PLN Format

    No, otherwise it would have been listed in the manual.


    Plans from PFPX can be read as OFP. Third party flight plans cannot be read in other formats than ".pln".

  6. Hi Michael,

    the error means that EFB could not stop the connection with VATSIM for unknown reason. Maybe it has the same cause like the second error where DNS could not resolve the IP address for 'data.vatsim.net'. I guess it has to do with the local network configuration, which seems to be different than a usual configuration.

  7. Hi Ralf,

    thanks for uploading the files. It looks like the installation of the data path into "C:\Users\ralfr\OneDrive\Dokumente\AivlaSoft\EFB2\..." is the cause for the problems. This is a path which will be synchronized with the 'OneDrive' cloud storage.  EFB (and other real-time programs) are not designed to cope with such a data folder.


    Solution: Uninstall EFB, then re-install it and select a data folder outside of 'OneDrive'.

  8. Today we released a new update 2.2.125 with the following change log:


    Changes / Improvements


    •  [Online VATSIM] Support for JSON-formatted data
      VATSIM has changed its data format of the download data (snapshot data) to JSON. The latest EFB version 2.2.125 now supports this data format.
    •  [Online VATSIM] Refresh rate for active ATC and snapshot traffic increased
      As a result of the new server infrastructure the download interval of the snapshot data could have been increased to 30".
    •  New search function on World Map (search for fix, navaid, airport)
      On the world map do a right-mouse-click into a free area and you will get a popup menu which has a new item at the bottom: "Search fix, navaid or airport". This will open a dialog where you can define your search. If the fix, navaid or airport can be found in the database, the map will move to that location.
    •  POIs remain visible at higher zoom levels
      POIs now remain visible on the map when you zoom out to have a greater area of view.
    •  POIs: different symbols for summit, pass, crater, wreck
      Added new symbols to better distinguish between different types of POIs.
    •  Flightplan progress dialog: Passed waypoint is on top, active waypoint is number two in list
      When a waypoint has been passed, the list will be rearranged in a way that the previous waypoint (which has been passed) is always on top of the list, followed by the active/next waypoint. This way it is possible to keep the window as small as possible while still have the information in sight. NOTE: as long as a waypoint is selected, the list will not be rearranged for obvious reason. To unselect any waypoint, just close and reopen the window.
    •  When opening the Profile Editor the currently selected profile is made visible in the list
      In the past it might have been that the currently selected profile was not visible in the list on the left side after opening the dialog. One had to scroll up or down to find the current profile (marked with the green dot).
    •  When manually selecting a profile (settings dialog) the default profile is now on top of the list
    • New option: Automatically select 'Heading UP' when aircraft starts moving on ground
      To activate this function you have to select it in the Client settings.


    Bugs fixed

    • Topcat Performance Calculation for Departures throws exception when temp is below 10°
    • Sector for 'best viewed from' was not properly depicted for POIs if the sector was defined with an angle > 180°
    • [Online] Removed 'n.a.' as caption from UNICOM Frequency box on ATC Ribbon



  9. Hi Waldo,


    thanks for your suggestions. It's like Oskar already answered:

    1. This could be an idea for a future version. Maybe as a KMZ-file (Google Maps).
    2. EFB offers round about 120 profiles. These profiles are kind of 'presets' for the EFB configuration in order to reflect the needs for the currently active aircraft in the simulator. The profile (or 'preset') will be automatically loaded as soon as EFB detects a running simulator and recognizes the A/C type you have loaded in the simulator. You always have to select the aircraft in the simulator. 
      There's one exception: You only have to manually select a proper aircraft profile in EFB if the A/C type in the simulator was not recognized and therefore could not have been assigned to one of these 120 profiles.
    3. For a Windows Desktop Application like EFB v2 the SimBrief API only offers the already implemented interface to download a flight plan.
    4. Connect to Navigraph charts? I'm sorry but I don't understand why. What kind of information do you miss on the EFB charts to properly perform your flight in the simulator?
  10. Hello (according to the forum rules, please sign your posts with your real first name. thanks)

    Visibility of airports in EFB is mostly depending on the current aircraft profile. Another reason for not seeing certain airports is that the database is not properly built after changing scenery in the simulator. After each change (add/remove) of scenery you should run the "Update Simulator" function of the Database-Builder.

  11. Hi Jean-Claude,

    I'm sorry but there is no APPX file for EFB. What kind of file should this be?


    I suggest that you first solve the issue with the too long paths because this is a Windows problem. Having a look at the logfile in your first post I see that this path was logged as too long, it has 275 characters:


    C:\Users\Simulateur\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\community\Asobo_A320_NEO_Austrian Airlines 1978_V1.0_8K\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_A320_NEO-Austrian Airlines 1978 8K\TEXTURE.Austrian Airlines 1978 8K\Without mask texture


    Maybe a clean and new installation of MSFS into a separate partition would be a good idea, e.g. "D:\MSFS". This way the subsequent paths below "Community" will have more characters free without running into the problem with the too long paths.

    The other suggestion would be to uninstall add-ons with such long path names.

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