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I have my views all set up using the number keys 1-9 and all works well.  When I select those views I receive a red "virtual cockpit" message in the upper right corner, and that is fine.  When I apply a view however to the Num 0 key, it says "cockpit" (not virtual) and is competing with the 2D view in my planes.  I removed any shortcut keys I could find pertaining to 2D views, but the problem persists.  I'm using primarily A2A aircraft, and maybe the issue is with the planes and not SimpleCam.  I don't know if this post makes sense, but any advice would be appreciated.    

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Well, I do use SimpleCam with all my A2A planes and I haven't come across the observation you mentioned. In all my installs all 10 assignments work within the VC without exception - and yes, you are corret, the "0" (Zero) key of the numeric keypad can be used as a stored view just like all the others. A2A does not use specific key commands other than the standard SHIFT-(numeric) calls for the 2D-panels, but these are for the numeric keys on top of the keyboard, not the separate keypad.


Difficult to say what happens on your machine when you press the "0" key... As Urs suggested, maybe some old and forgotten settings in FSUIPC?

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I posted an identical problem and the staff here found the solution.

It is the Snap_To_Panel view that FSX sets by default to Shift+Numpad 0.

Even though this is not a numpad 0 key specified , but instead a 'shift Numpad+0' key specified,

nevertheless it produced the exact problem you mentioned on my installation of FSX.

The cure was Options:Controls:View in FSX menu.

Find anything keyed to Shift+Numpad 0 or Cntrl+Numpad 0 and delete that assignment.

I don't think Shift+Numpad 1, or Shift+Numpad 2, etc. FSX assignments need to be deleted.

But I had to delete the Shift+Numpad 0 key assignment using the FSX menus to stop the exact symptoms you mentioned.


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