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  1. Hi Steve, The buttons are greyed out, if the zoom level is beyond the setting in the "Setting/Miscellaneous" tab.
  2. For conditions to see and use the Vertical Profile see Manual "5 Client, Chapter 8.3 Vertical Guidance" or Manual "6 Flightplan Chapter 7 Vertical Guidance"
  3. It seems that there is a misunderstanding. You cannot and must not delete the last airport. There is no necessity to do that. Whenever you start at a new location, EFB will automatically change to that location. What I was referring to was another issue: In the screenshot you have poste above it is clearly shown that a Flight Plan is active I have no idea how you managed that. Check in the Flight Plan window whether there is a Flight plan active and clear it. This has nothing to with your stored Flight Plans.
  4. Lothar, The screenshot you are showing indicates that a Flight Plan is loaded. When I'm referring to a "clean" EFB it simply means that just Server and Client is started and no Flightplan loaded. EFB always loads the last A/C position, even without a Simulator running. The onyl exception is after an update. Then the default location at LSZH is loaded. If you have shut down EFB with a Flight Plan still active, you need to open the FPL window and delete the active Flight Plan. Otherwise the existing Flight Plan will be loaded whenever you start EFB. This is however an uncommon s
  5. You have an active Flight Plan. Such changes should always be made on a "clean" EFB. That's why it is grayed out.
  6. Hi ???? (please use your real name according to our Forum Rules) There are two places, where you need to activate OTS access. 1.) Settings page: And 2.) on the server map:
  7. Thanks for info. Do you run the Server as Admin? If not, you should always do so as mentioned in the Manuals. This could also result in similar issues.
  8. As I Don't use Navigraph, I can only veryify with NavDataPro (LIDO Data) and this one is performing properly. We need to have a look into Jeppesen Data which might contain a different setup. See example below using KIMT1R STAR, RNAV/RNP02 via RATAN:
  9. Acording to the LogFile there are 2 Errors reported. One of them points to the path of the scenery.cfg which cannot be read. please check your installation. Generally, if a database run contains errors, first these errors must be resolved before the simulator can be run.
  10. To be honest I have never cared too much about exact typography of such minor issues. Nevertheless it seems that even specific aeronautical publications do not handle this in an uniform manner. See here and search for "octas" as well as "oktas": 249.pdf (skybrary.aero) So my proposal would be to leave it as it is.
  11. According to the LogFile the Server does not receive any airfile name from the Simulator. It therefore loads the last recent Profile. The reason for the missing airfile name is unknown to me. Maybe you check other user's contributions in this thread. There was a similar problem reported.
  12. The EFB Server must be installed on the same Computer as the Simulator. There's not much more to say. See manual "2 Installation", para 1.3.2.
  13. Not sure whether I understand this correctly. Please confirm that the Server is NOT installed on the same Computer as X-Plane? This would not be possible as the basic requirement for the Server is, that is it running on the same Computer as the Simulator.
  14. Well, the hint with zooming was only meant to get a better overview to what you are looking for. Zomm settings are not saved anyway. Standard zoom setting for VC is used anyway. The part that I don't understand is, why you can't move and save the cam to the desired position. This should allow you every possible view to each desired component in the VC. I'm sorry that I can't be more specific but I fail to understand what you are trying to explain. I know the pictures in the manual, as I have done them myself at times. But those are just examples to show a few possible view angles, nothing else
  15. Ever tried to zoom out inorder to increase the view angle?
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