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  1. Hi Gert, Yes, good idea 😀 Maybe this might wake them up from lethargy...
  2. Hi Ray, Well, it might even be a good idea to wake Aerosoft up to provide a few more datasets to the community, like the one you mentioned for ActiveSky. Apart from that Aeosoft's NavDataPro is still lacking support for SimBrief, something we were telling them more than a year ago. IMHO this one is the most important. It would be nice if our community could ask Aerosoft for a bit more activity in that respect. Of course it needs some programming effort by Aerosoft's people, but of course it is possible to provide the same service as for Navigraph subscribers.
  3. Well, that's what I'm using all the time, because - as you mentioned - I do not need any charts other than EFB2's.
  4. Hi Jean-Francois, Great to hear that all works now as it should! Enjoy EFB2!
  5. Jean-Francois, In the meantime I have reinstalled FSGRW and checked against X-Plane and EFB2. Regarding the option for data output Urs was referring to in his answer, this it the box that you need to tick to enable weather data being transferred for 3rd party users (like EFB2). With this setting I have identical weather readings on EFB and X-Plane. Also "current_weather.txt" and "METAR.rwx" are regularly updated. Be sure you have the correct path for "current_weather.txt" set in the Server Settings.
  6. It sounds a bit strange to me that this file does not represent the current weather (hence the name). Unfortunately I'm no longer familiar with this weather engine as a few years ago I switched to another competing westher engine, there must however be a means to create a properly timed "current_weather.txt". Maybe someone more familiar with FSGRW can help?
  7. Hi ??? (please always sign your posts with your real name according to our Forum Rules) to 1) According to the warning issued it seems that the connection to SimBrief works normally, however there seems to be a problem reading the Flightplan. It would be useful if you could forward us a copy ot the Flightplan for analyzing purposes. to 2) did you select the respective file + path in the Server's Settings? (see below)
  8. Hi Klaus, Did you re-run the DbBuilder (not only the "Update Navdata" tab, but also the "Update Simulator" tab)? I have the very same airport and no problems with the ILSes.
  9. Hi Manfred, Counterquestion: Why? As long as SimpleCam is active, it works with the correct data. If not, it will not work at all. We have no intention to display this additional information because we feel that there is no gain for the user.
  10. For creating/correcting AFDs? No, I simply stick to ScruffyDuck's ADE and use a set of AIPs to retrieve data. For the beginning this one is a good start, however it needs (free) registration: https://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/cms-eadbasic/opencms/en/login/ead-basic/ Other AIPs can be found on the Net. It's of course all a matter of using actual data.
  11. Yes, that's indeed how it looks. There are a few airports with lousy AFD files, so to speak... That's exactly why I quite quickly do my own AFDs to make sure it looks like in RW, because in their Support Forum you're simply left alone. In fact there's sooooo much information available, but they simply do not care. As for Nick's answer: as a moderator/administrator I would never publish something that I don't have a clue of. It's also about responsability towards the customers.
  12. Ray, I refer to the BGLs published by Nick on ORBX' website. In the meantime I also added some comments to this thread and Nick's reply was far beyond of what I would expect from a professional developer's website...😱 The published BGLs are simply not useable as they got almost everything wrong that could be wrong. Not easy though either...
  13. Just for the sake of correctness to all users of LYBE: the BGLs published in this ORBX Thread are not correct ! GPs are misplaced, DMEs are misplaced and even "newly invented" on ILS 30 as this one does NOT have a DME anymore. So all in all not a very professional handling of the matter and not really useful.
  14. Hi Heinz, I think I know what you mean but this is not possible. The routing needs to be sequenced properly and previous waypoints need to be cleared. So all in all - it would be exactly the same as using the DIR TO function to select the waypoint you want to fly to -> which then becomes the ACTIVE WAYPOINT. BTW, also in real life if you pass a waypoint too far off route - e.g. due to circumnavigating weather - you need to clean up your flightplan by selecting DCT TO to the next waypoint. Just re-engaging NAV mode does not resume the correct routing in all cases. It only works as long as you resume to the active leg. Otherwise the A/C may as well turn towards the last (ACTIVE) waypoint.
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