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  1. Yes, I agree, however this depends on the scenery which has been unsed to create the database. Could you please check on the (i) Information page, which BGL is being used to display this scenery? And then of course please also submit the Support File of the Server. There must be a mismatch in your scenery build up.
  2. Hi Jacques, It seems that you are not completely familiar with the way EFB2 works. Airports are depicted according to the data available from AF (AFCAD) BGLs in your Simulator. It your airport, be it default or AddOn does not incorporate the required RWY, EFB cannot use it. The default variant of CYYC does not incorporate the requested RWY 17L/35R. See the attached screenshot. A remedy would be if someonce could create a AF BGL that incoprorates the missing RWY or if any AddOn with all RWYs avaiable would be installed.. As soon as EFB2 recognizes the RWY in question, all procedures are available also for this RWY, provided of course that this AF BGL also contains - in this case - both ILSs for RWY 35R and 17L. BTW, were you able to find RWY 17L/35R in your Simulator Installation??
  3. Hi Michel, Thank you for your offer. We will soon reorganize our contributions section for Profiles and will include your profiles into our collection. Anyway thank you very much for your contributions.
  4. Hi John, To add to what Urs has written, so far I have only seen a Freeware Add-On published in AVSIM: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=208350 but only for FSX and without any information on neither quality nor usefulness. Once a AFCAD BGL with basic ground layout is available, at least all procedures could be flown. Maybe someone frem the community can help?
  5. Hi Michel, I must admit that I have no idea what is going on on your system. Inorder to trace an error we of course need to be able to reproduce the error on our side. Unfortunately this is not the case. Whatever aircraft I load in X-Plane, its profile is properly identified and loaded. As I understand your problem description you are saying that every other A/C in X-Plane loads its profile properly, just not these two, right? This is something I have never seen before and I'm definitively out of ideas what is causing this. Just as an idea about any programs running under Windows, it is heavily recommended to run every program as admin. I personally have activated the respective checkmark in the compatibility tab of every *.exe file. No idea whether this could be of any help, just one more shot in the dark... And one more thing, just to confirm: we are talking about X-Plane 11.30 and higher and Windows 10, right?
  6. Hi Michel, Well that's very strange indeed. I quickly installed the Fokker 50 into my X-Plane and copied your F50 profile into my EFB2's profiles folder. It shows up normally as you can see in the screenshot attached. I have no explanation as to why the profile is not showing up in your installation. Just one hint: Could it be that you are also using a FSX/P3D database and you have selected the wrong database?
  7. Hi Ray, Great to hear that is worked as predicted. Airport elevations are - despite all possible means to avoid - always a problem and cannot be sorted out all the time. My personal "handling" of such anomalities is to check out a newly installed airport whether anything is wrong with airport elevation. In most cases the elevation correction tool from ORBX vectors will do. Sometimes even the developers of an AddOn offer elevation correction BGLs. Nevertheless my guess is that this is a neverending task, if you chose to have 500+ aiports installed worldwide...😉
  8. Hi Michel ?? are you aware that the Client needs to be restarted after a new profile is entered? The indexfiles have to be rewritten. If it doesn't work after restarting the Client, please attach the failing Profiles in your next post. There's nothing else required than opening the .acf files in PlaneMaker, exactly as you did.
  9. Hi Michel, What do you mean by that? Are you unable to open the respective *.ACF files or do they not provide the necessary information?
  10. Ray, I have a temporary solution for you, to make at least the default airport available as SPJC. Make a distinctive Directory for SPJC. I still have the good old "Addon Scenery" in use and within that I created an "airport" SPJC, and within that the normal "Scenery" folder. This finally looks like that: D:\Prepar3D v4\Addon Scenery\SPJC Lima\Scenery. just like a common AddOn Scenery setup. Put the two BGLs below into that folder, add the new Airport SPJC to the scenery.cfg and re-run the DbBuilder. SPJC_ADEP4_ow.bgl SPIM_ADEP4_ow.bgl It is absolutely necessary to also put the slightly modified SPIM BGL into that folder to allow EFB2 to recognize the proper airport. Both those BGLs are derived from the default BGL, but slightly modified to allow SPJC to be displayed. The second SPJM BGL has a slightly diesplaced ARP to allow SPJC to "take over". Please give it a try😀 As far as I have seen, it sems to work in my P3DV4 install...
  11. Hi Ray, The problem is, that for the old ICAO SPIM there are no more procedures available. IF there were any kind of AF BGL for SPJC, all ARINC procedures would of course be available in EFB2. I'm not even sure whether the default ICAO code can be changed in the stock file. This would require a complete redesign. So in fact if nobody in the community has produced a dedicated AF file for SPJC, there is no way procedures can be made available. A very uncomfortable situation, I agree and much simpler to handle in X-Plane...😀. There of course the community has produced a basic Global Airport file long ago.... In this respect the X-Plane community is far ahead of the "Rest of the World", but only in this respect...😀
  12. Hi Ray, Yes, this is one of the rare changes when a new airport was set up close to the old one or at the same location, but vastly enlarged. The new ICAO ID is now SPJC, but of course this one is not included in any of the default databases. Inorder to gain access within EFB (and the sim...) you need to either: 1) Produce your own AFCAD file for SPJC - or - 2) install and Add-on, but I'm afraid there is none so far...🤔
  13. Well, no, it does not require the Sim to be started inorder to look at an airport. The above screenshot was taken without the Sim running. It it does not show up with the Sim off, there is indeed a problem with the database. But from our side it is virtually impossible to find the cause as we have no insight into your installation. As far as Prepar3D V4.5 is concerned, I can confirm that FAGG is included in the default scenery and therefore should show up when selected. The default FAGG is included in default scenery file "APX53440.bgl", to found in the default scenery path "\Prepar3D v4\Scenery\0605\scenery". This is valid for any P3DV4 installation.
  14. Without additional information it is impossible to discuss this. I can however not confirm your issue in P3DV4. It is still available as default airport. See below:
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