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  1. Yes, I see that the DBuilder does not complete its task. For any reason the scenery.cfg is not completed. I will have Urs looking into this.
  2. BTW, I see that you use an outdated version of EFB v2. Please download the newest release from our server and un- und reinstall EFB v2. We cannot give any support on outdated versions.
  3. Please check the following path: C:\Users\<yourname>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\DbBuilder\Ready\P3Dv4AS for the presence of the follwing files: If not all files are present, then something went wrong with the database bild.
  4. First thing is: when the DatabaseBuilder was finished, did you the select the database? (the button "select" at the lower right corner is active). So, after the database builder has finished the firs time, you need to select the required database. I propose to run the DatabaseBuilder again and then not just close it but SELECT the required database. This will automatically start the EFB Server.
  5. Hi Emanuel, Please create a set of support files according to the procedure here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3046-how-to-create-a-support-file/ and post it here or alternatively to support@aivlasoft.com.
  6. lonewulf47

    Göteborg Landvetter

    What Simulator do you use? Did you try to rebuld the database? ESGG is a well known airport which is included als as default. I can see it without problems.
  7. lonewulf47

    LEBL AFCAD issue with EFB 2

    Hi Darren, Actually, you can't do anything wrong. EFB displays what is contained in the AFCAD of the respective airport. Please check on the (i) window (example below) what file is indicated under position 1). This is the file used for ground depiction. I have no idea what Latin VFR is supplying with its AddOn as I don't use this for LEBL.
  8. lonewulf47

    Can we still purchase EFBV1

    No, while the latest EFB v1 installer can still be downloaded on our server, it is not marketed anymore. Sorry, we thought that this was clear as it is not supported anymore.
  9. lonewulf47

    Map not corrected after deleting WPT

    Hi Dirk, A screenshot would be appreciated, however I assume that I know what you mean. This is not a bug but a feature...😉 The reason is that IRL you would not erase the line on the procedure chart either. Even after getting a DCT clearance to a wayoint, the procedure chart still shows the original procedure. In your FMS you have deleted the waypoints and it shows a straight line to the DCT waypoint. The same happens in EFB v2. The original procedure is always retained on the map display. JFK in your example is the Clearance Limit. If you got an Approach Clearance with the corresponding Approach Procedure and experience a COM failure, you will continue to the clearance limit and thereafter comply with either ICAO rules or special rules for this specific airport, whichever applies. In the SIM - thanks God - you don't care too much about such mishaps, in contrary to Real Life...😄
  10. lonewulf47

    Flight plan Export from PFPX to EFB2

    No. Don't use this! Just set the correct export path in PFPX. This is of course possible! Alternatively use the uplink feature with a released Flight Plane from PFPX.
  11. lonewulf47

    Göteborg Landvetter

    Sounds strange. I can see it without problems here. What exactly is the issue when you say "is not found" ? Do you have a payware airport installed? Do you see it when called up by the airport list?
  12. lonewulf47

    Not Connecting to Sim

    EFB has no connection to the Sim. Do you have the correct version of FSUIPC installed?
  13. lonewulf47

    Profiles Editor

    Never mind, Peter. The same happened to me at first instance...😉 VERTEX seems to be a copyrighted term, so they needed to "divert" to VERTX.
  14. lonewulf47

    Problem with OOMS (Missing Runway Mappings)

    Hi Ross, This is - unfortunately - a problem, that EFB v2 cannot solve with his own algorithms. If you look at the screenshot below it is easily recognizeable (use Crl & Alt & A to show the ARINC runways). The only runway with active procedures is 08L/26R. The different designators (08L/26R iso 08/26) would be something that EFB could overcome, if not another limit were exceeded. in this case it is the limit of 1 km between the old (existing in FSX(P3D) and the actual Thresholds. We cannot match a procedure to a completely displaced threshold. That would - especially in the case of an ILS - lead to completely iregular results, but also any SID would be irregular. The only remedy is a new AFCAD. If you or someone else are able to make one with the help of ADE, it will also depict the correct (missing) runway. That's the only workaround.
  15. lonewulf47

    Profiles Editor

    Hi Peter, Small typo! You should note that the correct name of the *.air file is "Vertx_DA62". -> VERTX not VERTEX