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  1. I presume that you are using ASP3D also on EFB2, don't you? The reported issue is concerning exclusively Real Weather (NOAA) access of EFB2.
  2. If you get the same message, I presume that you are using Real Weather download? (That's the error reported in the OP). Thus the same applies for NOAA.
  3. It would be interesting to know what Simulator you are using, wouldn't it? In case it is MSFS, please refer to the limitations on the EFB-Website. Any error reported in this case refers to a connection problem with the NOAA-Server which is beyond our scope.
  4. Thank you Aris, for your contribution! We will add this profile to our collection.
  5. I'm sorry, but I have no idea about your installation setup in your simulator. I see that you use two different BGLs for LFPG, one from JetStreamDesignParis Orly and one from Taxi2Gate-LFPG. These two BGLs seem to play havoc with each other as they have the same replacement priority. You definitely need to clean up your LFPG installation. Furthermore have you ever switched off the PRFL Filter? What does it display then?
  6. Ok, this error message means that one of the parameters of the airport runways does not match the limitations of the A/C profile. Usually this can only affect the RWY length or width. What A/C profile was in use? Could you locate and post the afcad.bgl of this airport? As I do not have Taxi2Gate LFPG I don't have the possibility to check the layout of the respective BGL file. In P3DV4 it was named "LFPG_AF.bgl". Not sure whether the name of the file is the same in P3DV5.
  7. Do you use the correct FSUIPC Version (6.0.3 or higher, no Payware required, Freeware Version is sufficient) ?
  8. On the Soft Button Sidebar (light blue) on the left of the Client's Window, but only if a Flight Plan is active.
  9. Check the Add-On Mapping on the Navigraph FMS Data Manager. It should be set to automatic (if you use the default installation for EFB2 and should read: C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server
  10. Sorry Bob, Did you ever consider to have a look into the manuals? We are happy to help if you have troubles with EFB, but we also take it that a user is able to read a few lines of the manuals. The actual Cycle used in your EFB installation is displayed in the Server.. and in the lower right corner of the Client..
  11. Not sure what you are talking about. AALLE2 is the actual AALLE arrival route in AIRAC Cycle 2014. It is your task to ensure that SimBrief and EFB are using the same AIRAC cycle. There's nothing I can do with that.
  12. Scott, I have no idea why this does not work on your end. Best would be to delete all databases (just use the "delete" function in the DbBuiler, nothing else required) and rebuild all. I'm afraid that troubleshooting would be too time consuming. Rebuilding the databases is quickly done.
  13. Scott, I'm not sure whether I understand correctly what you mean. At the Server Screen you have the Button "change". Pressing this button starts the DbBuilder. Here you select the desired Database. This will activate the "Select" button. Pressing the "Select" button starts the server with the selected database. Are you telling me that this does not start the selected database? In your description I read that you start the Server separately? That't the part I dont' understand. Here's the correct order to change the database: 1.) Start Server
  14. You are talking of a series of flights, right? To be honest, I haven't tried this to the full extent. I have done it with the A320neo mod, where the MCDU flightplan is cleared after landing, but for the default GPS I haven't any experience. I'm not sure whether the old Flightplan is removed from the GPS. If it IS removend, then you could continue normally by preparing a new Flightplan in EFB and let it be transferred automatically to the A/C. Just make sure, I'm in no way a specialist in setting up MSFS A/C. This is however something that users might discuss here. It's a matter of
  15. Check here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2949-license-key-lost/
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