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  1. Hi Volker, Please check your firewall settings. See this thread.: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3586-cant-start-server/
  2. Hi Jay, We do not display the Airline Codes in the Taxi Selection page but on the Information Page, Tab "Parking".
  3. Hi Erdal, Not sure what you are referring to. The procedures are not dependent on the scenery but on the database used. That's why we require the Support Files.Taxiway depiction OTOH is DIRECTLY dependent on the scenery used. There are AFAIK two sceneries for LSGG, one Payware (actually for XP10) by PilotPlus and the Gateway scenery. Both have taxiways, however the Gateway Scenery is more accurate and complete. the Payware is very basic.
  4. Hi ??? (please observe the forum rules: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2522-forum-rules-read-before-post/ ) Those are two separate issues. I do have all relevant procedures in LSGG displayed as you can see in dthe screenshot attachend The issue about the "Sync Pos" we might need to investigate. It would be very helpful if you could supply more information. Please make a set of Support Files and attach them to your next post.
  5. George, We still do not know your exact configuration and installation. Please submit the Support Files, so we can at least try to figure this out.
  6. No update on Client?? Please submit Support Files.
  7. Sorry George, You did not even answer ONE of my above questions. I am unable to help you this way. Please uninstall EFB v2 (using the standard Uninstallers) and make a complete re-install using the default installation paths. Then proceed to the setup as per Manual and when finished provide all necessary information as per Forum Rules, section 3. https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2522-forum-rules-read-before-post/
  8. Hi George, Sorry, I have no explanation for that as I have never seen it. To me it sounds as if the Client Window is larger than the display screen. What is the size of the screen you are using for EFB display? Is it a scond screen? Does it fulfill the size requirements of minimum 1280 x 960Pixels? It would be really helpful if you could provide a bit more details on your installation. This way we have to go back and forth to find out basics on the what's and whereabouts of your installation... A question though: why did you not use the default installation paths for EFB v2?
  9. Do you have the standard window symbols in the top right corner? What installation path did you use for EFB v2? Did you try the Windows Standard Resizing Command by double-clicking the top bar?
  10. Hello ??? Please read this carefully: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2522-forum-rules-read-before-post/ Without accurate and thorough information it is virtually impossible to give any advice. Just as a sidenote: no changes in the respect you are mentioning were incorporated in the last update.
  11. Hi Manuel, Ok, I need Urs to step in here as I'm unable to produce an AutoZoom "Level undefined". No idea what is triggering this. I have never seen it so far.
  12. Hi Manuel, have you checked the checkmark in the Settings Dialog:
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