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  1. Juergen, EFB2 can only display what the Add-On Developer is providing in his Ground Layout BGL file. In the case of KIAH I see the radius for each gate. See attached screenshot. As the present A/C is an A32, all parkings not suitable for this A/C are greyed out. If you see something different, then it must be another version of the airport. I have the FSDT too.
  2. Hi Kevin, This sounds like a corrupt installer. Did you download the latest installers? https://www.aivlasoft.com/download.html#a1530
  3. Hi ??? (please observe the Forum Rules and sign your posts with your real name) EFB2 is designed as a stand-alone application. An integration into a VC is not possible. It is highly recommend to use a second monitor for EFB2 display. As for the checklist request I should point to the fact that EFB2 does not include any checklists other than the one sample from the basic install. The idea is that a (living) community would spread such checklists among the users.
  4. Hi ??? (Please observe the Forum Rules and sign your post with your real name) I just did a refly of the mentioned routing and I couldn't see any of the issues you reported. Are you sure you didn't mix-up the two buttons "PROC" in the airport menu and "ARR" in the RSB (Routing Shortcut Bar)? Pressing "PROC" inflight always shows the ARR selection page of the airport in the title bar (normally "A" (Green) = closest) but also a manual selection can be used. Pressing "ARR" in the RSB always opens the ARR selection page of the destination. During the whole flight I pressed "PROC" and "ARR" several times and I never saw the issue you reported.
  5. Hi Didier, Thank you for your kind words ! Using this folder name was exactly the cause. The thing is of course that you will now see a few entries in the DbLogfile pointing to the items in ...\scenery\... and being commented "no scenery found" as the DbBilder will now look for EFB2 relevant BGLs in that folder. I hope there are not too many... In this respect it was a bad idea to use a folder name which is used by default and contains non-pertinent stuff which therefore should be filtered...
  6. Thanks for reporting. Nevertheless it sounds a bit strange as "magdec.bgl" is installed by default in P3D and can be updated by more recent data. But as a basic install the BGL must be in the mentioned path.
  7. Hi Didier, The only explanation for that is that you might use non-standard installations paths. Under "C:\Users\User\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\DbBuilder\Base" you will find a file named "BglSceneryExclude.txt", where many well known paths are collected to allow the DbBuilder a certain filtering for non-scenery paths. You might want to check whether one of the path definitions coincidentially match your installation path. Whether or not an external ORBX library is used has no influence on that behaviour, as long as you don't use your own path definition which might match one of the definition in the abovementioned Exclusion File. I do use an external ORBX Path without any problems. You might consider to send a set of Support File to allow us tracing the SbBuilding Process.
  8. Hi Didier, Can you check on the (i) page, which BGL is used to draw the ground layout?
  9. Hi ??? (please follow our Forum Rules and sign with your real name) Are you aware of these two entries in our FAQ? https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3887-fsaerodata-is-not-compatible-with-efb-v2/ https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/4264-why-are-ils-approaches-not-showing/
  10. Only missing after re-installation or also after re-running the DbBuilder?
  11. Ok, and here is the solution. 1.) Replace the original "OPIS_ADEX_ADE.bgl" with the new one below. Do not just replace the original BGL, but set it to OFF inorder to preserve it 2.) Copy the OPIS.BGL into your AFCAD folder in the Server's documents path The reason for this procedure is the following: The original "OPIS_ADEX_ADE.bgl" has RWY 10L/28R deactivated (that's how EFB2 interpretes it) by closing it or all AI traffic. This causes EFB2 to ignore the RWY, despite it being in the BGL with all necessary ILS data. The "OPIS_ADEX_ADE.bgl" below leaves the AI traffic settings unchanged. Nevertheless I corrected all misplaced ILS DMEs to give correct readings in the Approach Profile. But it would still not show the northern RWY, as for EFB2 it remains closed. I didn't want to change the AI settings inorder to not interfere with the Designers Intentions. That's why you have to copy the "OPIS.BGL" into the AFCAD path. After all changes re-run the DbBuilder and everything should show up correctly. I will add OPIS.BGL to the AFCAD list at a later stage. OPIS_ADEX_ADE.bgl OPIS.bgl
  12. Hi Faisal, "Wrong Info In, Wrong Info Out"... Exactly😀 Thank you for the BGL. I'll have a look into it and report.
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