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  1. Three questions come into my mind: 1. Do you have databases created for all simulators? 2. Do you use the proper version of FSUIPC for each simulator? 3. Did you start the simulator PRIOR to starting EFB2? Automatic recognition does only occur if the simulator is already running
  2. Hi Michael, Unfortunately this is one of the mysteries Asobo/MSFS still keeps for themselves and so far we haven't found a definitive answer. MSFS draws the Parking Stands/Taxiways names despite the Developer missing the appropriate entry in the "delete section" (as Gaya did for this airport), EFB for obvious reasons has to consider it. So in the present BGL of this gaya installation the default names are depicted in the EFB ground map. Whenever an airport BGL is missing this entry in the "delete section", the default names and numbers are decoded. As a remedy you can replace the following BGL in your installation: Loww-scene - static.bgl It is to be found in "\Community\gaya-simulations-airport-loww-vienna\scenery\Gaya\Vienna". Make a safety copy of the old BGL and re-run the DbBuilder with this new BGL. All TWYs and Gates will be correct thereafter.
  3. There were absolutely NO changes within that field of the database building process in update #128. I build a new database almost daily on two different installations, one of them containing almost 500 airports and I do not see any problems with procedures. You might waht to check your installed database. Do you use Navigraph?
  4. Luis, It llooks to me as if you did not insert any departure RWY in your routing. So the A/C was not properly positioned to overfly tne necessary waypoints. Your active waypoimt is still "PTS". Even if there are no SID's, you still must insert the departure RWY with a convenient RWY extension. This is not a specific problem with Simbrief but with routing application. You did not overfly the first waypoint "PTS". Edit: To overcome this situation simply select "DIR TO" to the next waypoint.
  5. Thanks for reporting, Michael. great to hear that it works now.
  6. Hi Michael, I see that you are using P3DV5, right? Maybe the Add-On used on this simulator has an outdated ILS? I can't say because I'm only using default data for this airport on P3DV5 and there is no such error showing up.
  7. Sorry, it is simply not possible for me to find out what you are doing with your profiles. I was talking about removing the old filename ynd you are talkin about removing the profile. Furthermore I was pointing to the *.air filenames from the FSL buses that seem to look strange to me. Nevertheless I can't really say whether they are correct or not. If the profile that you forwarded in your previous post is used WITHOUT the "A320" filename, I don't see anything that would prevent the profile from loading - except that the filenames need to be verified - which I can't do as I do not have this installation. So again: Please verify the *.air filenames for proper writing - character by character. If only one of these characteres is wrong, it can't be recognized. Maybe someone else using this FSL Bus can step in here? I'm out of ideas...
  8. Hi Michel, To avoid a conflict with the existing A320 profile, it is important to delete the old filename "A320" or "a320", otherwise two profiles with the same key exist. Once you have removed the unnecessary airfile name, don't forget to close and restart the Client inorder to allow reindexing the profiles. As for the filenames: "A320-232 (sl-iae)" and "A320-214 (sl-cfm)" I have to rely on your information as I don't have this FSL installation.
  9. No, definitely not. I wonder how you managed to update without replacing this URL. Do you have any Restore/Datasave or similar Apps running? The proper URL should be: https://api.ivao.aero/v2/tracker/whazzup and it is being replaced during the regular update.
  10. Hi Michel, Please post the newly created profile(s) here so we can check.
  11. Tobias, Have you ever tried to use the offered A320neo profile in our \Contributions\Profiles section? Dowload and unzip into the Client's Profiles path. Always when adding a new profile don't forget to restart the client.
  12. please post you newly created profile here and please also post a screenshot of the PMDG aircraft folder containing the *.air file.
  13. There is a profile for the B777-200. However as I do not use the PMDG 777 fleet anymore, I cannot say what airfile name the 777-200ER has. My guess is that it might be "b777-200er". As a test you could enter this into the existing profile and check whether it will be called up. But first you will need to check in the PMDG installation path for the proper airfile name for this aircraft.
  14. Sorry Bernd, you report three different issues: Taxiways not indicated, no manual input, "Taxi" field does not react.... Have you tried to restart EFB (Server AND Client)?
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