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  1. lonewulf47

    2 Simulator Installation

    Hi Jürgen, That sounds great! Congratulations! So - for all future users of both FSX:SE and P3D v4 with problems in the setup you will be able to provide some good advice..😃 as we here at AivlaSoft do not use FSX:SE.
  2. lonewulf47

    destenation Ai trafic

    Hi ??? (please check the Forum Rules) Of course it is. Please see the Manual "5 Client", Chapter 7.1.4 Miscellaneous ff. the Traffic Labels can be configured to you personal liking.
  3. lonewulf47

    EFB Holdings vs r/w Holdings

    Hi ??? (please observe the Forum Rules) Sorry, your inquiry got somehow "lost" as we were busy at the traditional FlightSim Weekend in Hergiswil/Switzerland. The depiction of a holding is dependent on the information that we can derive from the respective ARINC data. If it is clearly defined as a HOLDING PATTERN, we depict it with the information provided. If it is marked with an "ENROUTE HOLDING" flag only, we can only depict it as a standard Right Holding Pattern on the last inbound leg. Many of the holdings at the end of aMAPt are unfortunately coded this way. For the specific holding you mentioned here we will have to check with the ARINC database, which of the two cases is used. Nevertheless of course there is always also the possibility that something went wrong. We will check and be back in due time. Thanks for your understanding forthe delayed answer.
  4. lonewulf47

    2 Simulator Installation

    Difficult to say but it looks as if EFB doesn't find any default scenery. Did you check the FSX-SE install to be complete with everything at its proper location?
  5. lonewulf47

    2 Simulator Installation

    Juergen, I'm not really knowledgeable on FSX:SE, but frankly, I don't understand what you wrote about the FSX:SE installation. On one hand you explain that Steam doesn't let you install FSX-SE in another directory than the default, on the other hand you explain that you have installed FSX-SE on a separate SSD. If Steam insists on installing a program into a specific (system) directory and drive, I doubt that any redirection of the install will do any good. You could do it on the FSX, if you knew exactly how to do it. Same applies to Prepar3D. Whenever you want to install Prepar3D into another place than default, you first need to create a basic directory and point the installer to it. That's how I did it many times, also with FSX and all on the same drive. Whether this "trick" is possible with FSX-SE is beyond my knowledge. There is really no reason th install these simulators on different drives. Of course you need to run any of the simulators at least ONCE, because many system files are written only after an initial run has been completed.
  6. lonewulf47

    ILS Approach Missing [SOLVED]

    Hi MR??? (please observe the forum rules) I'm afraid there is nothing to fix as it is exactly the case in EDDF 😄! You might check this with the latest AIP Germany AD2 EDDF 4 ff RWY 07L: ILS Z Cat III, AA 3.0°, 111.75 MHz, IFEL RWY 07L: ILS Y Cat I, AA 3.2°, 110.30 MHz, IFNE RWY 25R: ILS Z Cat III, AA 3.0°, 111.35 MHz, IFWR RWY 25R: ILS Y Cat I, AA 3.2°, 109.75 MHz, IFNW ATM we cannot distinguish between two ILS' on the same RWY. Therefore whenever you select one of the 4 ILS' check for the proper IDENT and then select the corresponding "Y" or "Z" ILS. "Y" ILS should have an Apporach Angle of 3.2° iso 3.0°. This is wrongly modelled from the Addon Developer. If using our EDDF AFCAD (see here:https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3005-afcad/) the GS angles are corrected for display in EFB v2, it must however be noted that the approach angle in the SIMULATOR is still at 3° for all ILS', as it is derived as a tuneable Navaid solely from the Sim (AddOn) BGL. To have the real 3.2° approach angles the corresponding AFCAS of the AddOn needs to be changed.
  7. lonewulf47

    Opening the Impossible Client on V2

    Hi ??? (please observe the forum rules) I see from your partial logfiles that you are using EFB v2 on a Win10 machine with a single Server/Client setup on the same machine. Please use the windows start menu function "AivlaSoft - EFB 2 create Support Files". See also here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3046-how-to-create-a-support-file/ This will create two zipped files on your desktop screen. Please post them here or alternatively send them to support(at)aivlasoft.com. BTW Port 13 is not involved in any case with opening the Client. This is solely required for Server Verification during the Trial Phase.
  8. lonewulf47

    LEBL Missing Runway

    Hi Nigel, This has been discussed previously already, see here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2719-missing-runway-0220-on-barcelona-airport-lebl-aerosoft/?tab=comments#comment-15677 The solution is to be found here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3005-afcad/
  9. lonewulf47

    runway designators

    Sorry, you are wrong. See a cutout of the latest AIP Ground Chart of BIKF. The valid Runway designators as of today are 01/19 and 10/28. I have no idea where you get your information from. The official source is the AIP and the ARINC database. Both are depicting the Runways as mentioned above.
  10. Just to make sure: you are talking about a Virus Threat Warning during Server Download and not during Server Install? On the download side there's nothing else that we can do than checking the downloads on our machines and see if we can reproduce. So far I'm unable.See the most recent screenshot:
  11. Hi Joe, Sounds strange! I just downloaded both Server and Client with McAfee and Windows Defender active without problems. Could you reboot your system and try again?
  12. lonewulf47

    runway designators

    Can you please post a screenshot of the Client Ground Map of BIKF with the wrong designators? Can you select procedures?
  13. lonewulf47

    Flytampa Copenhagen

    Hmm, extracting the *.zip should not create a folder. It is a single zipped BGL file. It may depend on the way you unzip the file. In any case just copy the BGL file into the AFCAD folder and re-re-run the database updater as mentioned in the description. Great to hear that you have found your way. Enjoy!
  14. lonewulf47

    FSX Addon Library priorities

    Thanks a lot, Michel!
  15. lonewulf47

    FSX Addon Library priorities

    I see. Thanky ou very much! There is one "suspicious" file named "ZHBP_ADEX_ADE.bgl". It looks as if this file were created to "overrule" another BGL with the original ICAO-code LHBP. Unfortunately I can't see the size of the individual files. Could you please submit the two BGLs "ZHBP_ADEX_ADE.bgl" and "LHBP_ADE_FSX.bgl" to Urs on support(at)aivlasoft.com? We need to analyze those files. It could easily be that they play a bit havoc to EFB v2...