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  1. Hi Rolf, Thank you for the update. Most important thing is that it works for you now. It must be said that - unfortunately - with FSX:SE we sometimes encounter problems that are not present on other basic FSX Installations. the reason for that is completely unknown for us and it is very difficult to trace such problems, as I personally do not have Steam on my Computer and I do not have any plans to change this as Steam has quite a "life of its own", so to speak. Thanks again!
  2. Hi Wayne, I'm sorry to hear this. To make sure our installers are working as designed I did the following on one of my Test Systems: - downloaded the original installers from our website (Build #112) - uninstalled both EFB2 Server and Client using regular uninstaller - checked for remaining files, no files found - rebooted computer - installed Server and Client as per instructions - rebuilt 2 databases, 1 for P3DV4 and 1 for X-Plane11 - started EFB2, P3Dv4 and ActiveSky Everything worked as normal. The whole process including database building and starting the Simlator took less than 20 min. I'm simply not able to understand what happens on your system. In any case the installes are working as designed and no flaw in the whole installing process could be detected.
  3. Hi Wayne, Well, this is very strange. It's about the same warning(s) that appear if your try to install when EFB2 is already running... I have never seen that and I also have never heard about such behaviour on a new system. Just to make sure I understood everything right: according to the first screenshots you seem to have installed the DbBuilder, but neither Server nor Client? Have you tried re-downloading the installers?
  4. Jerry, No need to be annoyed. You don't need to backup your profiles and minima folders. This is done automatically. You might have missed the fact that after each install/update a copy of the folders \profiles and \minima with the extension *.bak is made. Just copy the contents of the *.bak folder into your original folder and everything is as before. For the profiles folder you may also delete the new "profiles" folder and rename the "profles.bak" folder to "profiles". No harm done.
  5. Rolf, Sorry, the only such error I can locate in your logfiles is from serverLogfile-5, which contains data produced with the old builds #111.
  6. Hi ??? (please observe our Forum Ruls and sign your post with your real name) As this is obviously a brand new computer, it looks as if there are problems with proper access rights. In any case do not run the installers by doubleclicking, but by right.clicking and using the tab "run as administrator". Use his on both installers. Later on you need need to tun EFB Server as Admin too. See here how to do that: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3621-how-to-run-efb-server-as-admin/ This is just one hint ot overcome your installations problems. Another might be that you deactivate your AntiVirus Software for the installations process. It is very dificult do do a proper diagnosis on a new system from a distance.
  7. Gentlemen, please check this thread: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3806-loud-buzz-when-starting-client/ It's all about the same issue, which will be corrected soon.
  8. Bob, Please, open a new thread on this issue. We don't want to mix different items in one specific thread.
  9. To ALL: We are tracing this misbehaviour at present and we are positive that an update can be released soon. It is not dependent on the way of installation (remote or common), but only on certain specific installation configurations. Apart from this it must also be said that EFB2 is functioning normally despite this false Warning Trigger.
  10. Bob, Can you confirm that EFB2 is working normally despite this warning? (That's at least what we expect as it looks that the client has finally registered normally).
  11. Hi Michael, Please check this thread about the same error: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3806-loud-buzz-when-starting-client/ I presume that after this Error and Status Message have popped up, EFB2 is working normally. Therefore for the time being you can ingore it. We are investigating on the issue but for the time being as long as EFB2 continues working normally, you can disregard it. There is something going on that must be machine specific as it switches back and forth between various IP numbers and finally registers the client with what we assume to be the correct IP number. We might also need to investigate to what extent third party AddOns have an influence on registering.
  12. Hi Bob, Nothing easier than thatπŸ˜€. Go to the Settings Page, Tab "Sounds", and mark the "Caution/Warning on Status Panel" line. The presently selected sound will most probably be "buzzer". Browse to the sound selection and select a suitable sound. I personally use "doorbell" for warnings. Sounds a bit less frightening...😁 Whatever sound you have selected, you can play immediately to check. What is more important for us to know is whether EFB2 continues to work normally (as it usually does) after this warning.
  13. Hi Bob, The LogFile shows an error: 2019-09-10 20:06:33.149 Error : Could not add TCP client due to: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. This is a mysterious error, that we have seen at very rare occasions. Normally EFB2 continues to work without any problems, so you can disregard it. I recommend to replace the Buzzer Sound to something more gentle like the Ding-Dong...πŸ˜€ We will have te investigate what in particular causes this error on only a few machines. So far we haven't seen it in the combo Win10/Build #111, only with Win7/Build #111. TCP errors are very hard to trace, especially if they are kinda "self-sealing", i.e.the application continues to work normally. Sometimes it even disappears after rebooting.
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