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  1. AivlaSoft EFB ALWAYS needs its own database. No matter whether you use the default (outdated) database supplied upon purchase or a regularly updated database (Navigraph or NavDataPro). It does not work without. This is for EFB. MSFS uses its own database, more or less regularly updated by MSFS updates (next to come with Update 6 next week) or Navigraph, which overrides MSFS Default database. You cannot override EFB database by any simlator's database.
  2. Hi Terblanche, I'll try to answer your questions in the same order: NZQN Final approaches are simply not contained in the database for EFB2, neither in NavDataPro nor in Navigraph. The problem here is the designation convention used. There is e.g. an RNAV Final Approach "y" but not assigned to a specific RWY in the ARINC dataset. Therefore it cannot be assigned to a RWY and is considerd a "circling approach". At a leater stage we still hope that hose will be included in the dataset, but for the time being we have to stand put with the present situation. Generally SID's and STARs are not dependent on the installed Add-On. Only ground layouts are derived from there (if available). Why e.g. KORD does not show any procedures in your installation is unknown to me. In my installation (I use the NavDataPro database for EFB) all procedures are available, however only ONE single SID, the KORD6, which is quite common in the US. All data visible in EFB are derived from the AIRAC Database installed FOR EFB. Some Add-On A/C from Asobo (especially the ones with FMGCs and AFAIK also the FBW A320neo) use the (default) ARINC database from MSFS. This one is to be found in "..\official\OneStore\fs-base-nav" and is updated in irregular intervals. All other A/C also use the (default) ARINC database, AS LONG AS NO NAVIGRAPH database is installed. Installing the latter deactivates the mentioned (default) ARINC Database for A/C with G1000/g3000 and similar navigation systems. Concerning the missing Green Banana there is a known issue with the FBW A320neo which uses a non-standard altitude output. ATM we are not able to display the Green Banana for this A/C. Our means for digging into the secrets of Add-On A/C are somewhat limited, especially when it comes to MSFS A/C...
  3. Hi Bill, The only weights that are checked/observed by EFB2 are to be found under the "cautions" tab, see attached screenshot:
  4. Hi Stephan, To alter existing or create new profiles, please use the Profile Editor as described in manual "5 Client, Chapter 12.2"
  5. Concerning interaction between MSFS and EFB2 (and A320neo) you may check here: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/5162-synchronize-efb-flight-plan-w-msfs-2020/?tab=comments#comment-27360 There are no new findings to-date.
  6. Hi Chris, The solution to this "problem" is simple: The Ground Layout BGL of Gaya's LOWW does not depict parking position F37. See picture below: The only parking stand in this region is F35. F37 would be an intermediate stand which can only be used if F35 is not occupied. See AIP excerpt below: it is however not included in the ground BGL, neither with Statics nor without.
  7. No, P3D is different. If a parking stand does not show up in-game, it means that it is not present in the respective BGL. Nevertheless in any case we need more information about the add-on concerned. For proper error tracing we need the BGL in question.
  8. Sure, no problem๐Ÿ˜€. Just check whether the mentioned path in the start command is correct for the FSUIPC location in your installation. I guess this part of the batch file is generated during installation of FSUIPC, but nevertheless it may be worth checking.
  9. Jaap, This is a problem with the "MSFS.bat" file provided with the newest FSUIPC7 update. This .bat file does NOT start FSUIPC as the respective line in the batch file is reading "::start "" "D:\FSUIPC7\FSUIPC7.exe"". The two colons (:) at the beginning of the line are commenting this line out, thus it is not recognized as a batch command. So the complaints should go the the Dowsons..๐Ÿ˜„ I have tested the same file in my installation and it does not start FSUIPC either. Make a backup copy of the file and remove the two colons at the beginning of the mentioned line (last line before the "exit" command). Be careful not to remove anything else!
  10. You might not completely be aware of the what's and whereabouts of a commercial product Forum. We therefore take the liberty to delete non-pertinent entries.
  11. Ever considered checking the settings?๐Ÿ˜‰ or Manual 5. Client, Chapter Aircraft.... Airbus = A/C symbol Boeing = Triangle Crosshairs = Crosshairs
  12. Just as a piece of additional information: The Navigraph installer should find the proper installation path for EFB2's AIRAC data. It should be: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\ for a default installation. Once they are installed, just use the "Update Navdata" tab on the EFB-DatabaseBuilder.
  13. George, Could it be that your stored Flight Plans were created with an earlier, outdated Nav-Database? To ensure Flight Plan Compatibility it is of utmost importance that the stored Flight Plan uses the same Nav-Database (AIRAC-Cycle) installed in EFB, which was used for Flight Plan creation.
  14. EFB depiction and naming of the taxiways is defined by the ground layout bgl. if the latter is not correct, the taxiway naming can't be correct either. Just putting new taxiway names into the visible part of the scenery does not change a thing. How could it anyway? EFB does not read taxiway signs...
  15. Hi Geroge, Not sure what you refer to by stating about flight plans. I am presently on a flight from LSZR to LSGG with the TBM930 without any problems and I have done a few flights with the A320neo before, all with no different handling compared to the pre-WU6 MSFS version. We might need to know more details about your use of flightplans within MSFS and the NAV databases used.
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