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  1. lonewulf47

    Can't get it working in P3DV4.2

    Did you store some camera positions to the respective keys? If yes, please look into the folder: "C:\Users\<yourname>\Documents\AivlaSoft\SimpleCam". There must be - along with others - a file named "XXXXXXX.SimpleCam", which holds the stored camera positions attached to the respective keys for a specific A/C. If not then you didn't properly follow the procedures laid down in the manual. You need to store each camera position assigned to one of the numeric keys 0 - 9 (remember, only the keys of the keypad can be used) by pressing CTRL + <keynumber>. This way a file is created in the mentioned folder and the camera position is memorized for this specific key. Another hint: don't move the camera with any other means than the keys mentioned in the configurator - especially do not try to "move" the camera using the HatSwitch. It is specific to FSX/P3D that there are 3 things to be distinguished for a specific view: 1. The Camera position (keys as per configurator) 2. The Camera View (HatSwitch) 3. The Zoom Factor (set by specific keys) Only the Camera Position can be stored ! (which is what SimpleCam does...)
  2. lonewulf47

    Can't get it working in P3DV4.2

    It might be very helpful to read the manual, provided in the respective path: "C:\Users\<yourname>\Documents\AivlaSoft\SimpleCam\Manual" A configurator icon should have been created on the desktop. If not, access it here: "C:\Program Files\AivlaSoft\SimpleCam-P4\AivlaSoft.SimpleCam.Configurator.exe" As a short explanation: you need to create a file containing the stored camera positions to your liking. As every Virtual cockpit has different dimensions, a file containing the Camera Positons for each cockpit need to be created. Without this file SimpleCam can of course not work.
  3. lonewulf47

    Can't get it working in P3DV4.2

    Did you use SimpleCam before? Did you run the Configurator? What do you mean by "nothing happens" in your initial post? it's not really much information that you provide...
  4. lonewulf47

    Can't get it working in P3DV4.2

    First of all: Did you download version 1.1.14 of SimpleCam?
  5. lonewulf47

    Prepar3D 4.2

    New version 1.1.14 is out. http://www.aivlasoft.com/download/index.html Please read release notes carefully !
  6. lonewulf47

    Prepar3D 4.2

    Same happened to me .. apart from the fact that ATM also an update patch for Active Sky is necessary. As usual it takes its time to cope with all new issues.
  7. lonewulf47

    Prepar3D 4.2

    Yes, we just noticed that too. Please be patient while we have to find the remedy. Obviously LM changed something on the camera side.
  8. lonewulf47

    Wrong Taxiways and Stands at EGKK

    Not an extremely good idea to uninstall and deactivate any sceneries without knowing what causes the problem. EFB can only draw a ground map on what it get's from the corresponding BGL. Whatever is installed it needs a rebuild of the database to properly show the layout. Moreover it will also help troubleshooting to indicate the simulator type. So - whenever something is wrong, it stems from a wrong BGL. Whenever the correct GBL is read, it will draw the correct layout. It's as simple as that
  9. lonewulf47


    Yes, but that's only true if the "original" FSX ist not installed anymore or was not installed at the time FSX:SE was installed. Otherwise it is: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX-SE\
  10. lonewulf47

    Issue after installation

    Have you installed SimConnect?
  11. lonewulf47

    Connection with GPS500

    Well, to make things clearer I would propose to refer to "default GPS" rather than to a specific type. it can be of many "types" such as GNS 530, GNS 400 etc. But basically they are all the same - but definitely "default GPS". EFB of course works with the default GPS. Check the necessary settings in the manual.
  12. lonewulf47

    LIMC not showing in EFB

    That's correct. Aerosoft does not install using the package technique favoured by LM. They still install into <P3D>Ecosystem\Aerosoft.
  13. Oh well, THIS is the important piece of information that was missing ! There have recently been a number of reports with that Fall 2017 (build #1709) update causing several problems. We will have to wait until MS comes up with a solution or - the second possibility - revert to the former build (#1703 I believe).
  14. Same here, no issues at all. Running P3D V4.1 from the beginning and never had any issues with SimpleCam - also no issues in that respect during Betatest in FSL where I used SimpleCam all the time.
  15. Hi Dean, Have you also reinstalled SimConnect? On P3D installs this is usually missing. SimpleCam will not work without that. Another issue could be missing access rights. You need to run (and also install) P3D AND SimpleCam with full admin rights.