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  1. Talking about trial of EFB2? https://www.aivlasoft.com/download.html#a1530 You need to download both Server And Client
  2. Hi ??? (Please sign your post with your real name according to our Forum Rules) ...and under Airfile names pmdg boeing 737-800 wl... What did you enter EXACTLY as File Name ??? As far as I know the AIR file is named: "b737-800wl.air", so your entry should be ""b737-800wl". Make sure that there are neither any additional empty spaces nor any other letters. As per description the File Name entry must consist of the AIR file name without the extension ".air"
  3. Hi Kenneth, Yes, this is possible. There is always a - remote - chance, that a waypoint passage is becoming missing if the passage is outside of EFB2's passage detection criteria, especially in procedures with large track changes. In this specific case It may well be that the A/C accelerated to a somewhat higher speed after LUKEP, which may cause too much "shortening" when climbing out via BLV towards AMTOS. If the "shortening" during the left turn causes passage of the waypoint (in this case BLV) too far away (not sure anymore about the required minimum distance), EFB2 will be stuck (and
  4. Alternatively you could post the AFCAD bgl of your airport and I will do the changes for you. I do not know however the name of this specific bgl as I do not have this airport installed. Must be something around 10-100 KB in size with the code LMML in its name.
  5. Hi ??? (please refer to our Forum Rules 2.4) The reason fo this is that there is a discrepancy between the LOC data in the airport BGL versus the LOC data in the IARAC cycle used. If it concerns a default airport, we recommend to apply the (free) navdata update tool from HervΓ© SORS: https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html , in this case it would require to apply the World Navid Package and the world (except Europe) ILS regional updates. This brings all ILS' worldwide to the present state. This however only works for P3DV4. If the Airport concerned is an Add-On, then the
  6. Hi Ray, Please try this one. Should be working. AFX_EBBR.bgl
  7. Yes, ILS 01 & 19 are still in use. Please post the BGL here and I'll see what I can do...πŸ˜€ There is almost always a solution...πŸ˜‰
  8. No, as long as the correct figures are used for the ILS, nothing needs to be changed there.
  9. Yep, that's what I was afraid, because there are two developers for that airport. Are you familiar with ADE? Otherwise you could post the bgl affectd and I'll do the changes for you.
  10. Hi Ray, I'm not current on GSX, which AFCAD it uses and so on. IF GSX uses the AFCAD of the airport installation (which would then be the one above that I converted), then of course it could also be renamend and used instead of the original AFX_EBBR.bgl. The reason why wo do not recommend it at first hand is the negative influence on the AI Traffic (which is then - at least partly - allowed, where it shouldn't be). The second reason of course also being eventual copyright claims from the developer. Neverhteless if you do such things on a private basis, I bet noone will harm you...πŸ˜€
  11. Hi Bernd, I'm sorry to hear that. Nevertheless I must point to the fact that your conclusion is wrong. EFB works very nicely with X-Plane. I have the proof on my two systems. The reason for this misbehaviour is unknown to me and most probably will remain so. I cannot do troubleshooting on your system at a distance. The sheer number of AddOns is not an issue. I have on one of my systems over 570 entries of AddOns in the "\X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery" path. They all work without any problems. Regarding the number of RWY mappings my only conclusion is that one (or both) of the def
  12. Xavier, I'm sorry, I can't explain what is going wrong on your system. I do not have GOBD on my system, but for LTFM everything works normally.
  13. No, METARs and TAFs are only called up with the corresponding ICAO Code. But as already mentioned, the airport must also be available in EFB.
  14. You ca easily check whether a metreport is available for a specific airport. Check the ActiveSky page as in the attached screenshot. Whether the metreport is available in your simulator is dependent on the availability of a specific airport in your simulator and the proper setup of your ActiveSky within EFB2.
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