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  1. Please never try to install any software just "over" existing if not explicitly allowed. So in short: use the standard Windows uninstaller an reinstall the program. As a normal network requirement port numbers have to be identical in any case. Otherwise no communication between Server and Client is possible. What you did is to install a Client which had not the same build numbes as the Server. In this specific case it was just a bad idea as we had to change the port number for some compatibility reasons right getween the two builds. I would strongly recommend to download both newest builds from our Server: https://www.aivlasoft.com/download.html and un- and reinstall both Server and Client. It's very quickly done and the best way to have identical builds installed. For future updates it is important that ALWAYS BOTH SERVER AND CLIENT must be updated if prompted so. Never update one component and delay updating the other. This will avoid any further conflitcs.
  2. Hi Roger, We finally found the cause of this misbehaviour. All normal Approach Procedures at URSS are temporarily suspended and replaced by so-callled TEMPO Procedures. While Jeppesen/Navigraph just withdraw the apporaches (but funny enough only for the ILS 02 & 06), LIDO/NavDataPro keeps publishing all normal procedures. The procedures are suspended as from Feb 13, 2020. So as a conclusion using Navigraph data you will not be able to see the ILS apporaches in EFB until the normal procedures are reinstalled. Only NavDataPor shows all correct procedures. Nevertheless you can of course still tune the respective ILS, as the frequencies are listed on the information page. The changes are based on Russian NOTAM A0533 and are estimated to last until Apr 29, 2020. But according to my experience these estimates are not reliable.
  3. Hi Roger, What AIRAC Cycle are you working with? Coud you please also send a complete set of support files to our support mail address?
  4. It's from AIP Switzerland. Unfortunately there is nothing specified in the AIP about the 744. Not many airports have an assignment list for each parking stand. The main reason for designing stands for large A/C is usually double jetty to allow for better passenger handling. In your case you can of course use all stands in that list for B744 too. Someone from Apron Control would be more suitable to answer your questions.
  5. Stephan, Maybe just as a heads-up here's the official list for large A/C stands at LSZH according to the current AIP Switzerland:
  6. Hi Stephan, I see what you mean, but this is beyond our influence. EFB2 just checks the wingspan from the Aircraft's CFG file against the size of the parking stand, as it is defined in the airport's AFCAD bgl. If the wingspan is bigger than the size of the parking stand, the stand is greyed out. This solely depends on the accuracy level used by the designer. Unfortunately many stands have a radius just below 30m, which will of course grey out for the B747. It would require a rework of the respective AFCAD bgl according to the officially published stand sizes. I guess it could also be done by ADE. Nevertheless you can still select a position to your liking, even if they are greyed out.
  7. For the figures in the table please check under Settings/Miscellaneous. We use a different design here. Other information is not provided by the AIRNC file.
  8. Hi Roger, That sounds a bit strange. I did the following: I used the original APX58160.bgl, which has no ILS,es at all. Then I made a dummy airport URSS Sochi in the Addon Scenery Directory, put your URSS_ADEX_ADE.BGL into the dummy scenery folder. Then I added the URSS Sochi to my scenery.cfg and reran the DbBuilder. Thereafter I see the following: All ILSes are available and correct. So I have no clue what is going on on your system. With the original APX58160.bgl and your URSS_ADEX_ADE.BGL you should be able to see all ILSes at URSS Sochi.
  9. Roger, We see an anomaly with the entry on line 2) in the airport information. In the example from your install it reads "Full" at the end whereas it shound read "Base". We therefore must assume that the regular "APX58160.bgl" was manipulated by your earlies FSAerodata experiments. I take it that you did not use SORS' regional updates for the ILS, such as the Russian Region for this BGL(see below). Using this regional update could possible restore the "APX58160.bgl" to a useful state. It would be helpful if you could post the "APX58160.bgl" from your present installation to allow us a few tests,
  10. The (entire) correct path for the Navigraph files is: "C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Server\AIRAC\Navigraph FMS Data" This should be automatically used by the update manager. I have no idea why it is not used, as I don't use Navigraph. Maybe some other users of Navigraph data can help here.
  11. Does that mean that you still don't see the ILS'es indicated as in my post above? This makes no sense at all. Have you ever checked, which BGL is used in the database? (EFB Info Page of URSS). The BGL indicated there is responsible for the ground layout. As long as there are all ILS'es correctly included in this BGL, there is no reason why the apporaches should not show up in EFB. They do in mine anyway as you can see in the above screenshot. I even made a test with the BGL you supplied above by opening an AddOn Aiport with that BGL. No surprise that all ILS'es show up correctly.
  12. Stephan, I have checked all three possible AFCAD BGLs and all are showing TWY B as in my above post. So, I'm sorry, I'm running out of ideas what could be wrong in your install. The only thig I can confirm that all is looking normal with the LSZH_AFX-OP-STD.bgl for standard settings. But as mentioned, also the two others are showing TWY B correctly. The only thing I could recommend is to completely re-install the LSZH scenery with the newest installer.
  13. Roman, It is impossible to find out what is going on in your simultor's database. All I can say is that the APX58160.bgl updated by the last SORS Navadata updates contains 2 ILS'es: - RWY 02 110.50 IAD - RWY 06 111.10 ISO and they show up exactly the way I have posed above. The date of the APX58160.bgl is 27.02.2020 Sorry, but I'm out of ideas because I see that everything is ok on my side with the default ILS'es.
  14. Hi Stefan, Do you mean this one? It shows up regularly on my install after applying the update for Aerosoft's LSZH and re-running the DbBuilder.
  15. Hi J├╝rgen, Do you use the EDDF AFCAD BGL offered here? https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3005-afcad/ As the display of several runway procedures is dependent on the selected configuration, it might usegul to give this a thought. Don't forget to re-run de DbBuilder after using this BGL.
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