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  1. lonewulf47

    Lots of Missing Procedures

    EFB v2 can solely and exclusively depict standard ARINC data. Tailoring in the mentioned respect is unfortunately not possible. Anyway no filtering in any way is done for EFB v2.
  2. lonewulf47

    xplane 11 Beta testing

    No, this is a wrong piece of information. A future expansion of EFB v2 for X-Plane is PLANNED, but no betatesting yet at all.
  3. lonewulf47


    No, in any case you need to execute a DCT TO operation inorder to get the proper waypoint sequencing working again. Just deleting a waypoint does not help in any way.
  4. lonewulf47

    Complete Flight Data

    Ther is no such display in EFB v2 on purpose. We should not forget that this is an Add-On to a Flight Simulator. AFAIK a Simulator SIMULATES AN A/C. In the Cockpit you have all parameters of your A/C.. For the same reason we do not display IAS...😃
  5. lonewulf47

    Double VOR Entries

    I must leave this to Urs, as he has dealt once with a fsAerodata installation and double entries. At first glace I would presume that this is exactly the case what he told me about those double entries. Anyway not too dangerous as operation of EFB v2 is normally not hampered by this. Just looking a bit odd with twice the same navaid 😃
  6. lonewulf47

    Block times missing from flightlog.

    No, there is no block time logging anymore for apparent reasons: there is no specific action within the simulator that can be RELIABLY used as Block-off/Block on trigger. We therefore decided to drop this.
  7. lonewulf47

    illogical and unlikely routing

    Whatever you like. RouteFinder is not always correct. You can edit the route to your liking or use alternative route planners. I personally mainly use PFPX which comes up with the following routing for this airport pair: REXAM UN864 WAL M146 ERDUV
  8. lonewulf47

    Double VOR Entries

    The worlwide database lists 1 navaid with the identifier RDS: RDS, Rodos, VORDME, 115.800, LG (VOR & DME colocated) and 4 navaids with the identifier DAL: DAL, Dalaman, NDB, 346.000, LT DAL, Dalaman, VORDME, 114.700, LT (VOR & DME colocated) DAL, Aateibe, NDB, 342.000, OS DAL, Dali, VORDME, 112.600, ZP (VOR & DME colocated)
  9. lonewulf47

    Importing latest AIRAC

    Ah ok, I see now that the installer of Navigraph obviously produces a wrong (doubled) installation path. This of course will lead to the effect you described.
  10. lonewulf47

    Double VOR Entries

    Yes, fsAerodata is known to produce double entries. I use Hervé Sors' Navigation Updates. This works without porblems. And with EFB v2 we don't need any default procedures being updated...
  11. lonewulf47

    Importing latest AIRAC

    I doubt that. The screenshot clearly shows that the proper database files for the 1807 cycle are installed. To be honest, I have no clue why this happens. I have also never seen this before. I have installed several Navdata updates without any problems. Urs will have to step in here. Just one hint that comes into my mind. Have you ever rebooted your computer after having installed the database? Don't get me wrong, there is no requirement to do so, but sometimes computers are like human beings: they need to be set back on firm grounds...😃
  12. lonewulf47

    Continuing frustrations of Port 13

    When reading through this and similar threads, I feel that there is a mixup between the initial problem on opening Port 13 and a subsequent problem of getting in contact with the timeserver. Many of you describe that once they were able to connect and thereafter ran into problems reconnecting. I would like to point to the following: If you were ONCE able to make contact with the Timeserver and therefore could login as a Demo User, each subsequent (failed) login attempt has usually not to do with the Port 13 access problem, but ONLY with the accessibility of the Timeserver. If the latter cannot be reached, the Login Screen will be presented. There is NO REASON to try to login again! Just cancel the login window and start the Server again. My experience shows that usually after 3-4 attempts the login will be successful. I have tried this several times on different computers and it worked all the time. Reaching the timeserver is obviously something that is not possible all the time every second and unrestricted. Given the fact that a few billion computers do this daily more than once, it is pretty understandable that there might be problems.
  13. lonewulf47

    AirlineShort Setting

    Yes, whenever it is showing up instead of being replaced by [AirlineShort] you need to insert it into the list exactly whe way it is used by the respective tool.
  14. lonewulf47

    Time to Destination

    Well, there is a rough estimate of EET/ETA in the route summary, but only when airborne and in the Enroute Segment, based on actual speed. The accuracy is of course best if on Cruise Level and on Cruise Speed.
  15. lonewulf47

    Organized Tracks

    No, I guess you're not doing anything wrong. I had the very same issue also showing up. After deactivating/activating the OTS on the Client Settings however the OTS came back and show now normally. Nevertheless I also see something else on the OTS "behaviour" that seems a bit off. We have to investigate what has happened. Thank for reporting.