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  1. lonewulf47

    Server Location for P3D pc

    Ok, that's something completely different then. A CLIENT can only connect to ONE SERVER at a time. If you have two Computers with a Server each then these two Computers have of course different IP addresses. To make the CLIENT working with both systems is only possible if you change the Server's IP address on the CLIENT to the one you want to connect. An alternative could possibly be that you make a second CLIENT Installation with different installation- AND documents path. I must admit however that I have never tried that as this is a completely non-standard use of EFB and not warranted by AivlaSoft. Therefore I'm not sure at all whether the installer allows this.
  2. lonewulf47

    Server Location for P3D pc

    Jason, you need ONE Server and ONE Client also to to work with multiple Simulators. As already mentioned in my eralier response, the SERVER must be on the Computer with the Simualtor(s) whereas the CLIENT can be at any (networked) Computer, of course also on the same Computer if you are running everything on the same machine. There's not much more I can say. Everythine else is written in the Manuals.
  3. Hi Richard, Please read the FAQ to this subject: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/2882-why-is-there-no-flight-plan-export-anymore/
  4. lonewulf47


    Sounds great, Jürgen! Happy Simming!😃
  5. lonewulf47

    GoArround function

    Yes, that's the way it is. After Touchdown the Flightplan is cleared and thus no longer available. That's why we named this Feature "GoAround" and noch "TouchAndGo"...😀 The reason for this is that EFB does not know how long your ground contact is intended to last. Therefore at first Ground Contact the timer for the Flight Plan removal sequence is started.
  6. lonewulf47


    Hi Jürgen, The scenery.cfg you attached is the default FSX scenery.cfg without any Add-ons. If you are not sure about the path of the scenery.cfg for your Simulator, start the DatabaseBuilder, select the "Update Simulator" tab and select the Simulator in question. There you will see the path to the actually used scenery.cfg. About scenery entries for aircraft: some Add-On developer also install some add-on sceneries with their aircraft. I have seen that with other Aerosoft products like the Catalina. So this is no surprise.
  7. lonewulf47

    Runway 17/35 Missing at LPPT

    I'm sorry but you didn't read everything that was written in the abovementioned AFCAD link. Programmwise we cannot decide whether an Add-On designers has used a runway as "fake" runway or "just" as a "closed" runway for his very own reasons. Furthermore there are designers who do not have runways in AFCADs or even do not provide AFCADS at all. To overcome this situation once and for all we have decided to introduce this AFCAD folder structure into EFB v2. This way we are able to ALWAYS provide a ground layout, no matter what the restriction may be. This is something that was NOT possible in EFB v1. So you have the option for a correct arport layout, just use what EFB v2 offers!
  8. lonewulf47

    Server Location for P3D pc

    Jason, The Server needs to be on the same Computer as the Simulator. You can of course have more than one Simulator on this computer without the need to install another Server. The server is designed to handle all Simulators as long as they are on the same computer. You will then have to create a separate Database for each Simulator. Of course networking the Client is always possible and does not need any special setup. Networking is only done between the Server and the Client. This is independent of the Simulator in use.
  9. lonewulf47

    TFDi 717 EFB profile

    In this Forum! https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3002-profiles/ It can't be so difficult to find this, can it? 😀
  10. lonewulf47

    Runway 17/35 Missing at LPPT

    While it is of course not forbidden to express an opinion, it should nevertheless be avoided to "tell stories" so to say, like "it could be so easy" and similar. It might even be advidseable to READ why we created the AFCAD section and what the reason is that "it could not be so easy" to avoid wrong runway depcictions or even missing runwy depictions. You might also trust that we at AivlaSoft are not just a bunch of stupid lads that has no idea what the requirements for an EFB are, and so on and so on... PLEASE READ THIS PROPERLY AND THOROUGHLY before complaining about the what's and whereabouts of the AFCAD section: https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3005-afcad/ It could be so easy...
  11. lonewulf47


    Hi Edwin, There's not much to see in that screen shot. Please create support files and post it here. https://forum.aivlasoft.com/topic/3046-how-to-create-a-support-file/
  12. lonewulf47

    Metar from Active Sky

    Yes, I do exactly the same here, even one via the LAN and one via WLAN. Both connecting to the same Server's PC without problems using the same IP address of course. When you connect the remote Client, do you use the IP address or the Computer-Name? You should in any case use the IP address rather than the PC name, as since Win10 Build #1803 problems may sometimes arise when using the PC name. IP address is the better way.
  13. lonewulf47


    Hi Jürgen, No, the layer entries are by far not in numeric order anymore as soon as you have added and deleted Add-On sceneries. Do a search in your scenery.cfg for FSX:SE for a distinctive keyword of the questioned path, e.g. "Falcon X" or even "Falcon" would most probably be sufficient. If the Database builder finds such a path, it must be from the scenery.cfg! There's no other list that the DatabaseBuilder reads sceneries from for FSX:SE.
  14. lonewulf47

    AIRAC cycle in Status on Client PC

    The transferred data are also where they belong in the documents section of the Client: C:\Users\User\Documents\AivlaSoft\EFB2\Client\Database
  15. lonewulf47

    Metar from Active Sky

    My guess would be that you dont' have the same IP address on the WLAN and on the LAN. You might want to check this.